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Mastering Logical Fallacies: How to Win Arguments and Refute Misleading Logic

by Mike Livingston

Discover how to verbally outwit your opponents at every turn of phrase

WARNING: You’ll never watch the news, read a magazine, or view a movie the same again.

Would you like to discover the secrets politicians, lawyers, writers, religious figures, and the media use to make false arguments sound real? Do you get infuriated when a spouse or friend uses misleading words to prove their points in arguments? Would you like to discover exactly what to say and how to say it when false logic presents itself?

If you answered yesâ??then this book is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

In Mastering Logical Fallacies you’ll learn the art of effective rhetoric. We’ll cover a variety of fallacies (especially the most popular ones used today) and show you how they operate with real world examples. You’ll learn the secret structureâ??or non-structureâ??of some of the most pernicious and false arguments ever made. We’ll also show you how to defend against such outrageous claims.

Soon enough people won’t spew their propaganda around youâ??because they know you’ll spot holes in it.

Download this book today and discover:

  • How to spot circular logic and nip it in the bud
  • How to form credible arguments with sound reasoning
  • How to win every family argument
  • How to spot appeals to emotion and counter them
  • The straw man argument Fallacious “science vs. religion” arguments
  • How fallacies are used and abused in politics
  • Fallacies used in gun legislation
  • Fallacies used in healthcare
  • How to never fall prey to unscrupulous politicians or businessmen again
  • And much, much more!

So go aheadâ??Download this book today and acquire masterful rhetoric and a true sleight of mouth!

SHTF Prepping: Ultimate Guide to Dirt Cheap SHTF Prepping; Prepare Your Stockpile and Ensure Survival in Any Disaster While Avoiding Common and Deadly Mistakes

by Charlie Ross

Disaster can strike at any time! Don’t be caught off guard!

If the unexpected should happen today, how long could you survive? Do you have a proper stockpile at home? What would you do for security and defense? What about medical and sanitation concerns? If you care about your own safety, health, and well-being, as well as that of your family, you need to be able to answer these questions. It is great to be optimistic, but in today’s world we also need to plan for the worst!

It isn’t a matter of “if”, it is a matter of “when”!

Bad things will happen to you. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to reveal this fact. However, bad things don’t have to spell your doom. Whether it’s a flood, snowstorm, hurricane, war, or government corruption or collapse, you can brave just about any disaster if you’re ready for it! That’s what prepping is all about. This book provides you with everything you need to know to begin preparing for when SHTF (shit hits the fan). This isn’t an “if” scenario, it’s a “when.” Most people live in blissful ignorance, confident that their water will always be running, grocery stores will always be stocked, and the government will swoop in to rescue them if something goes wrong. When the inevitable happens, those people are in for a shock. Don’t live like that. Live self-sufficiently. Living with reality in mind is the only way to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of those you care about. Knowing how to stockpile food, water, medical supplies, sanitation supplies, and more can save your life and will definitely save you from stress.

Be prepared for survival communication

Disaster can strike at any time and you need to be prepared. But prepping isn’t just limited to stockpiling water and canned goods in the basement. In order to survive, you will need access to information and communication with the outside world so you can maintain an active read on the situation as it develops. You will also need to understand how to maintain proper hygiene even without access to fresh or running water.

A complete survival guide – not just a book about hoarding!

Prepping is much more than just hoarding supplies, so this book will also get into how to barter, how to survive in the city, how to survive in the wilderness, and how to prep even when you’re on a tight budget. This information is arguably even more important than physical items, because it teaches you how to be truly self-reliant and how to think like a prepper instead of only shopping like one. If you’ve ever watched the news and wondered what would happen if you were suddenly without essential supplies and services, read this book and wonder no more.

Here is a preview of what you will learn:

  • The “What” and “Why” of Prepping
  • Food and Water
  • Sanitation + Hygiene
  • Medical Considerations
  • Energy and power
  • Security and defense
  • The Basics of Bartering
  • How to Survive In The City
  • How To Survive in the Wilderness
  • Prepping On A Budget
  • And much more!

  • Don’t put off getting started with this fun, interesting, and potentially life saving knowledge! Grab your copy of SHTF PREPPING: ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DIRT CHEAP SHTF PREPPING; PREPARE YOUR STOCKPILE AND ENSURE SURVIVAL IN ANY DISASTER WHILE AVOIDING COMMON AND DEADLY MISTAKES today and get up to speed fast!

The Changemaker Ripple Effect: How One Person Can Transform the Lives of Thousands when Driven by Passion, Purpose and Boldness

by Sarah Boxx

Do you believe that real, significant change in our world is possible?

Do you ache to â??turn off’ the negativity we are constantly being bombarded with and reconnect with a dream that will transform the lives of others?

Then The Changemaker Ripple Effect is for youâ?¦

“This inspirational, positive book was a delight to read, and provides the reader stories of other’s success, and tools to begin to create positive change in their own lives and the lives of those around them, creating a ripple effect from their actions.”
â??Kathleen Sandoval, First Lady of Nevada

This book shares the stories of some remarkable people who’ve overcome challenges and uncertainty to change lives. Inside you’ll meet:

  • Ian, a businessman and entrepreneur, who for the past 25 years devoted his life to volunteering and improving the conditions and resources for children and youth.
  • A young man named Julian, who overcame early life challenges that led him to California, where he built a movement for musicians.
  • Michelle, who is a triathlete, advocate for exploited children and international human resource consultant.
  • Gerard and Stacey, a French documentary filmmaker and a U.S. social justice champion, who joined forces for hope.
  • A woman name Cherie, who grew a small nonprofit organization into a regional force for change and a platform for addressing poverty.

Ten of the key characteristics they share can be possessed or developed by anyoneâ??giving each of us the potential to become everyday heroes in our own areas of the world.

The author has committed proceeds from the book to benefit the Food Bank of Northern Nevada (FBNN), setting the audacious goal of writing the FBNN a $100,000 check.

Begin your journey to becoming a changemaker by scrolling up and buying your copy now! Each book purchase means 16 meals for a man, woman, or child…

More advance praise for The Changemaker Ripple Effect:

“One of my passions is helping people to fulfill their potential. In fact, I believe that the greatest gift you can give to the people you love, and those you lead, is to fulfill your potential so that you can show them how to fulfill theirs. If this book doesn’t inspire you to reach deeper to achieve your full potential, I’m not sure what will. Sarah has written a compelling book that shares the stories of other real-life people to motivate us to live up to our potential and be a force for positive change in the world. Her book is one of those that will endure, impacting our world and inspiring changemakers for years to come, and I hope that includes you.”
â??Hal Elrod, #1 international bestselling author of The Miracle Morning

“You continue to be an inspiration and testament of the power and impact a single person can make in changing the lives of those people most in need. This book is just so timely Sarah, the world needs your words right now.”
â??Susan Gomez, CEO of Anima Nonprofit Solutions and President of Inland Empire Community Collaborative

Analysis of the risks and potential interest associated with nanotechnologies in the field of defense and security: French Ministry of Defense

by Ariane castel

This study, requested by the French Ministry of Defense (Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy underdirectarate for Defence Policy and Prospective), is designed to assess where nanotechnologies R&D and industrial players are headed with respect to defense and security, in France and other countries. It is based on available data and publications, and on interviews with scientists. The report also attempts to provide a forecast.

Nanoscience’s and nanotechnologies cover the design and manufacture of devices and hardware systems in the nanometer (nm) scale. They involve multidisciplinary scientific fields, including physics and biology. They have the potential for breakthrough innovations, which would provide economy or military advantage to countries which master them.

Several countries have launched research and development initiatives in nanotechnologies. Few among them are able to cover all subjects. Collaborations are therefore often required between laboratories in different countries. France contributes significantly to advances in this area, but has difficulty to capitalize on such research. Identifying potential partners for French laboratories is therefore essential. It is also important to identify defense-related strategic issues over which France does not have control, but for which finding partners is difficult, for various reasons.

In addition to France, 12 countries were studied: USA, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Russia, UK, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, China and South Korea.

The Balance of Power: 1st Hand Accounts of the Civil Rights Movements of 1939 to 1968 (Black Lives Matter)

1st Hand Accounts of the Civil Rights Movements of 1939 to 1968 Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, Police Brutality, Equalities, injustice, Dr.King to JFK…..

We seek radical transformation, not reactionary reform. As the 2016 election continues, this platform provides us with a way to intervene with an agenda that resists state and corporate power, an opportunity to implement policies that truly value the safety and humanity of black lives, and an overall means to hold elected leaders accountable.

The everyday forms of racism we face in terms of stop and search, increased levels of unemployment, over-representation within mental health custody, the prison system – this is an ongoing disruption to black people’s lives which we constantly face. As this Book is to take a look 1st hand at our Past, Ancestry Fight of the Civil Rights Movements and what they had to endure as this new chapter in being written….. This it the 1ts of two Books we must reflect on the past in order to move past the present to a better tomorrow…..

We have chosen this Book for our action to commemorate the fifth amendment and the innocent lives put to deaths at the hands of the Metropolitan Police. We stand in solidarity with the families and friends of all who have died at the hands of the police state.

Civil rights movements are a worldwide series of political movements for equality before the law, that peaked in the 1960s.[citation needed] In many situations they have been characterized by nonviolent protests, or have taken the form of campaigns of civil resistance aimed at achieving change through nonviolent forms of resistance. In some situations, they have been accompanied, or followed, by civil unrest and armed rebellion. The process has been long and tenuous in many countries, and many of these movements did not, or have yet to, fully achieve their goals, although the efforts of these movements have led to improvements in the legal rights of some previously oppressed groups of people, in some places.The main aim of the successful African-American Civil Rights Movement and other movements for civil rights included ensuring that the rights of all people were and are equally protected by the law. These include but are not limited to the rights of minorities, women’s rights, and LGBT rights.

After 1890, the system of Jim Crow, disenfranchisement, and second class citizenship degraded the citizenship rights of African Americans, especially in the South. It was the nadir of American race relations. There were three main aspects: racial segregation – upheld by the United States Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896 -, legally mandated by southern governmentsâ??voter suppression or disfranchisement in the southern states, and private acts of violence and mass racial violence aimed at African Americans, unhindered or encouraged by government authorities. Although racial discrimination was present nationwide, the combination of law, public and private acts of discrimination, marginal economic opportunity, and violence directed toward African Americans in the southern states became known as Jim Crow.

1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Noted strategies employed prior to 1955 included litigation and lobbying attempts by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). These efforts were a hallmark of the early American Civil Rights Movement from 1896 to 1954. However, by 1955, blacks became frustrated by gradual approaches to implement desegregation by federal and state governments and the “massive resistance” by whites. The black leadership adopted a combined strategy of direct action with nonviolence, sometimes resulting in nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience.

1960) in North Carolina and the Nashville sit-ins in Nashville, Tennessee; the influential 1963 Birmingham Children’s Crusade, in which children were set upon by the local authorities with fire hoses and attack dogs….

Viaje al corazón del hambre: Emergencia humanitaria en el Cuerno de África (Spanish Edition)

by Xavier Aldekoa

“Viaje al corazón del hambre. Emergencia humanitaria en el Cuerno de África” es un libro digital gratuito que recopila los artículos publicados en La Vanguardia por el corresponsal para el África Subsahariana Xavier Aldekoa.

Internet y pobreza (Spanish Edition)

by Bernardo Sorj

Este trabajo intenta avanzar en la elaboración de políticas públicas a partir del análisis empírico de la dinámica de inclusión/exclusión digital en los sectores más pobres de la población, teniendo como base una amplia investigación cuantitativa y cualitativa en los barrios de bajos ingresos del municipio de Rio de Janeiro.

Diálogos sobre transdisciplina: Los investigadores y su objeto de estudio (Spanish Edition)

by Elba Noemí Gómez Gómez

A la transdisciplinariedad se le ha definido como “una feliz transgresión de las fronteras entre las disciplinas” y es en este tono en que se presenta esta obra, que recopila las experiencias y reflexiones, las discusiones y propuestas de una veintena de investigadores y académicos que hablan sobre o desde la transdisciplina acerca de los temas de su interés o especialidad.
La aproximación se da desde perspectivas académicas diversas y se adereza con expresiones estéticas que van desde la poesía hasta la pintura, a través de las cuales se busca ofrecer un espacio a las rutas posibles y limitaciones connaturales de acceder a la realidad para construir conocimiento “de frontera”, “en las fronteras”.
Los abordajes son fruto de la exploración, filiación, encantos y desencantos por parte de los autores con la entidad de su búsqueda, quienes buscan contestar, entre otras, las siguientes cuestiones: ¿Cómo establecer un acercamiento transdisciplinar al objeto de estudio? ¿Qué hace a un objeto de estudio transdisciplinar? ¿Cómo impacta la transdisciplinariedad la identidad del académico?
Una obra concebida desde una perspectiva más pedagógica que desde la doxa académica, con el interés de aportar una lectura amena para las reflexiones en torno a la trasgresión de las fronteras disciplinarias.

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