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ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: The Secret Indian Daughter (Clean Christian Inspirational Historical Western Romance) ((New Adult Interracial Short Stories))

by Joyce Wright

Never againâ?¦.She will never love another man again.

Salome and her Indian husband, John Cloud Feather, were deeply in love until the East Texas floods took him from her. Young Feather needs a father, but Salome doesn’t need to fall in love. One great love in a lifetime is all the heart can hold. She’s a mail-order bride for marriage, not for love.

Kenyon Larkin, former Union soldier and his beloved Lorna, a Confederate girl, didn’t let war or the army keep them apart. Only the floods of East Texas were powerful enough to separate them. Two years later, Kenyon realizes he’s lonely. No one can replace Lorna, but a mail-order bride will suit his needs and leave his heart alone.

They meet and marry, relieved that neither wants to fall in love with the other. But neither Salome nor Kenyon understands the power of a family; when Salome’s daughter proves that love lives in the present, not the past, the two discover that a resilient heart and the love of a family can change everything.

This book is a clean, western, romance short story that includes clean bonus books.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are stand-alone stories with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers!

Living a Royal Reality: Discovering Your Identiity, Purpose, and Worth in Christ

by Crystal Daye

Living a Royal Reality is not about living a fairytale life or pretending that life is perfect. The fact is, for many of us, our reality has truly been scarred by our life’s experiences and choices. This book was written to empower and enlighten women that through the blood of Jesus Christ, we are Royalties (co heirs with Christ, Daughters of the King, Chosen by God, Living by Grace). As Royalties, we have access and dominion over everything that JESUS CHRIST has dominion over, which includes our realities. These also include strongholds, fear, sickness, depression, brokenness, poverty, rape, abuse, abandonment etc. As women, these are only a few of the â??realities’ we deal with daily. As Royalties, we have been given authority to live as more than conquerors, overcomers and true victors over these â??realities’.

This book will enlighten and inspire you to:

– Be the best you God has called you to be

– Be confident in your true identity

– Discover and know your worth

– Live a purpose-driven life

– Be set apart and adopt God’s standards

– Prepare for eternity

Psychic: Its Meaning and History. Are You Psychic Or Have ESP? How can You develop Your Abiities? (Psychic, Clairvoyant, ESP, Mind Reading)

by Alicia North

Everything you want to know about being Psychic. What does it mean? Are you Psychic and if so how do you develop your abilities. Find out about it all in this Fantastic book

This book is for the individuals who are seeking the type of books to discover their natural Clairvoyance and ESP skills. With the help of this book, you will discover the world of clairvoyance, psychic abilities, visions and how you can get to see the invisible by enhancing your innate clairvoyant abilities.

Anyone interested in learning about psychic development and discovering their own psychic abilities will be able to enjoy this book. Contrary to popular believe, everyone has some psychic ability. Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to tap into this limitless power and only certain people are lucky enough to discover it, become aware of it.

Once you have accepted that you have these special psychic abilities and begin to unearth them, you will start to enjoy life fully. The information in this book can be implemented and help you understand and master your psychic intuition better. Whether a novice or a practicing expert studying for years, this book will reveal things you never thought possible. Clearly written, the book will explain to you step-by-step exactly how to unleash your psychic abilities.

The guide is designed for all people in this new brave age of the 21st century who want to go on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. An improvement in your clairvoyance and psychic ability will have a huge helpful impact on your career, relationships, and creativity. This book can help you with all of that. Psychic gifts are safe, spiritual, ethical and essential part of you that makes you whole.

Here are some of the amazing things in this book.

  • Clairvoyance and Its History
  • ESP and Developing Your Psychic Abilities
  • Types of Psychic Ability and Living with Your Psychic Ability
  • Why There is Skepticism About Psychic Ability and Ways to Tell If a Psychic is Real
  • Government Position on ESP

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Victorian Romance: Regency: Fallen Duchess: (A Historical Murder Love Mystery Romance) (New Adult Regency Victorian Short Stories)

by Tracey D Morgan

A Victorian debutante finds herself escaping danger, and she flees to the only person she can trust — the handsome and charming fiance of her murdered cousin.

Lady Sarah Hughes, a recent debutante of 1890 London and was always in the shadow of her beautiful debutante cousin. After the tragic gruesome murder of her cousin, Sarah is forced into the limelight, and this time she cringes at the attention. Sarah can’t escape her fate in becoming the killer’s next target, especially when the killer is a mystery to everyone!

The only person who Sarah could trust her life to is the one person who was her secret untouchable romantic crush, Ross Hamilton. Ross desired one thing – justice for his fiance’s killer – whether that meant life or death or him. The one thing he didn’t count on was falling for his late fiance’s cousin, Sarah, who desperately needed his safety.

Does Ross give up his own desires to give into his heart’s tugging?

Does Lady Sarah finally find the courage to share her undying love before it’s too late?

Grab this new Victorian murder mystery love story today!

Please Note: This download includes Short Stories.

ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Cowboy’s Indian Bride (Historical Western Romantic Suspense) (Interracial Inspirational Short Stories)

by Rachel Pratt

“You’ve been cheated!! That mail order place sent a half-breed for a wife. You go on and send her backâ?¦”

Gideon Mathieson finally gets the wife he’s always wanted. But does his small town accept his new half-blood wife?

Cowboy Gideon Mathieson is tired of the lonely bachelor life. The town agrees that a mail-order bride is the answer. But when the bride who shows up is half-Indian, half-white, the town rejects her; the minister doesn’t even want to marry them. But Gideon is set on marriage and he takes Catherine Smith home. At first, everything is perfect: she’s the ideal wife. Marriage is everything he dreamed of: a pretty woman who cooks his meals, sews his clothes, and keeps his home clean; then, when the day is done, nights of breathtaking passion. He realizes that Catherine believes that being the perfect wife means hiding her Indian heritage from him, out of her fear that he’ll reject her the way the town did. He tries to convince her that he’s in love with the woman he married and he’s eager to know her. Finally, he’s able to force her, through a mixture of seduction and determination, to accept the fact that he loves her as she is. But she’s resistant when he wants to go into town again. Can he prove to her that he loves her enough to fight for her if he has to?

This is a short story that includes Sweet and Heartwarming BONUS BOOKS!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are stand-alone stories with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers!

Mail Order Bride: Western Romance – Cowboy Romance & Romantic Suspense Short Stories Collection of Romantic Thriller – Mail Order Romantic, Victorian Western Adult History Short Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..Elizabeth was unsure what she was going to do, her world had just been torn upside down. Her parents were no longer there to support her and she had nowhere to turn except to put an ad in the paper. She dreaded the thought of marring someone she did not know, she feared the thought of living on the streets of Boston. It was no place for a woman and there was nowhere for her to go except the streets if she stayed. Choosing her words carefully, she put her ad in. The simple words of â??Marriage for Sale, Can cook, clean and tend to children’. It was blunt and to the point. She was not looking for love, she just wanted to live..’

This is an erotic short story collection containing explicit content only suitable for adults.

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Mail Order Brides, Western Romance, Cowboy, Western, Cowboy Romance, Victorian Romance

ROMAMCE: Inspirational Romance ***DREAMING OF FOREVER*** Christian Second Chance Alpha Male Romance (Clean Military Christian Religious Contemporary Romance)

by A. Atkins

*Sweet Romance BONUS Books Included*

>>>Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited<<< Ted Riggen is an X-military man, runs a successful financial firm, and despite being a philanthropist has something to hide

Having being hurt in the line of duty, Ted’s forced re-entry into the work force was a blessing in disguise, finding a brilliant way to help his SEAL brothers, and military families who have lost their loved ones.

But there’s a secret that could ruin everything, as Miss Stratton is about to learn.

Kate Stratton is a financial wiz, in acquisitions, and right hand â??woman’ to the new CEO

A professional at her job, and devout Christian, Kate learns there’s more than meets the eye to the new boss and x-military man.

Something just isn’t right, and despite the feelings growing for her handsome boss, there’s a danger that lurks just behind his handsome face.

What lies below is a secret that could overshadow not only the company, but Kate’s heart.

This is a clean, inspirational Christian Romance that illuminates the benefits of kindness, truth, and most importantly, faith in God.

Additional Sweet Romance Stories Included


Note: Mature content may be referred to in bonus material. No explicit content.


Tags: ROMANCE Christian Romance Christian Inspirational Second Chance Romance Military Contemporary Clean Women’s Fiction Historical Romance

Meditation Made Easy-How to Meditate For Transcendence

by Brock Bruce

Meditation is commonly described as a training of mental attention that awakens us beyond the conditioned mind and habitual thinking, and reveals the nature of reality. In this guide, the process and the fruit of meditation practice is understood as Natural Presence. Presence is a mindful, clear recognition of what is happeningâ??here, nowâ??and the open, allowing space that includes all experience. There are many supportive strategies (called “skillful means”) that create a conducive atmosphere for the deepening of presence. The art of practice is employing these strategies with curiosity, kindness and a light touch. The wisdom of practice is remembering that Natural Presence is always and already here. It is the loving awareness that is our essence.

Chakra Series 2 (Book 8) – Chakra Growth

by Viv Rosser

To complete Chakra Series 2, this book includes the growth of an individual through the chakras. It is a chance to see the whole picture and chakra energy integrated, balanced and aligned. If you want more individual details on each chakra, go back and read series one and/ or series two.

This book includes many colourful chakra mandalas and a journey to obtain positive resolutions in each stage of your life as recommended by Erik Erikson.



by Tony Egar

Warning…this is a compilation from my other books.

I am writing about my experience with tithes and offerings over a period of nearly 40 years.

My next door neighbour is a Christian and he is very successful.

Yet he does not believe in tithing.

I believe in tithingâ?¦but I am not rich.

We all need to trust God for our finances.

We should allow everyone to act according to their conscience.

If you open your heart you will open heaven.

How you do that… is up to you.

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