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Swinger Romance: Swinger Sex Party – Swingers Romance Stories, Group Romance, Coming of Age, New Adult, Group Romance Stories Collection & XXX Asian Swinger Romance Novels Adult Short Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..Elizabeth was unsure what she was going to do, her world had just been torn upside down. Her parents were no longer there to support her and she had nowhere to turn except to put an ad in the paper. She dreaded the thought of marring someone she did not know, she feared the thought of living on the streets of Boston. It was no place for a woman and there was nowhere for her to go except the streets if she stayed. Choosing her words carefully, she put her ad in. The simple words of â??Marriage for Sale, Can cook, clean and tend to children’. It was blunt and to the point. She was not looking for love, she just wanted to live..’

This is a romantic short story collection

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ROMANCE: Western Historical Romance ***WANTED: Mail Order Bride Collection*** Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance (Women’s Fiction Short Stories Cowboy Romance)

by Angel Atkins

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>>>Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited<<< Nathan West is a rugged, handsome rancher and lonely for a good, Christian woman

Lonesome after the recent passing of his remaining family, Texas cowboy and rancher Nathan decides to take fate into his own hands, with an advert for a Mail Order Bride.

Emilia Ford lived a life of luxury, beauty and had it all; until her mother passed and her father turned to drink, treating her more like a maid than a daughter

After praying for guidance for a life of love and a good man, Emilia comes across Nathan’s â??Mail Order Bride’ ad in the paper, and the pen pals find they share the sacred values of God and Scripture, and quickly form a special bond.

But things go from bad to worse in a house of horrors, when Emilia’s father offers her up in a bet â?¦in trade for a pocket watch, and loses

Awaiting the return of his card playing partner to pick up his daughter the following week, Emilia’s father gets suspicious and puts her under house arrest, keeping her from a planned meeting with her potential fiancé.

Emilia knows there is ONLY one thing to do, and she turns to prayer for God’s assistance

Emilia must overcome the heart-break from a fathers abuse and betrayal, and find the strength to look within, when everything else appears completely hopeless.

Faith, trust, and courage form a powerful backdrop to this enchanting love story, with two people who find the deepest of union in the love of God.


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A Cowboy’s Promise

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Answered Prayers
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Western Historical Romance Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance Women’s Fiction Short Stories Contemporary Cowboy Romance

Just Kiss Me (Just Mine Book 2)

by Lisa Erler

In her arms, earth stopped, and Heaven extended its hand to him.

Throughout their engagement, Mark’s little rose captivates him and stirs all of his love and passion. He determines to keep their romance holy and innocent until the day he can claim her as his bride.

Kristine’s love for Mark fills her up. She eagerly awaits his kisses and for the day she can call him husband.

Mark has secrets to tell, but out of fear of exposure and Kristine’s pity he keeps them to himself. Kristine prays God’s and her love will tear down Mark’s walls so she can help him heal and accept God’s redemptive plan for his life.

Journey of a Sister: Year One: ‘The Truth!’

by Cezanne Taharqa

Who Am I? What is my Purpose?

If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, you have not yet begun your journey of Self discovery!

Meet Suzanne, a single woman on her journey with the Lord, embracing her faith wholeheartedly. She has one weakness: â??Sexual Sin’ – she just can’t seem to stay on the straight and narrow path! When she realizes she is still able to develop a relationship with her Creator despite her weakness, she finally understands the real meaning of Unconditional Love. However, Suzanne has reached a point where she is beginning to question what she was taught to believe. Feeling like she cannot continue walking in blind faith, she decides to write God a fearless letter asking all the questions the church couldn’t answer, and ends it by asking for â??the Truth!’ This marks a turning-point in her life; she meets Charles, who sets her on a new path of enlightenment!

Your QUEST for ‘the Truth!’ begins when you ask the QUESTIONS!

Join Suzanne on her 11-year journey from religion to spirituality, from man-made laws Spiritual Laws, from the wigs and the weaves to growing natural, and from a victim mentality to creating with her thoughts; embark on your own personal journey of Self-discovery, and discovering True Love! A book thousands of women and men can relate to:

Absolutely Fantastic!!! This book had me captivated from the first few paragraphs. There was so much that I could relate to and found myself reading anxiously wondering what was going to happen next. At the same time, it was answering a few questions I had asked myself. I am looking forward to reading the next chapter and the consecutive chapters. An amazing read” ~ Sharn, USA

Cezanne, I only downloaded your book an hour ago. Your transparency-with addressing God’s relationship with man-is unlike anything I’ve ever read, but just about EVERYTHING I ever THOUGHT! THIS is why we write! THIS is part of why we are here! To develop such a degree of openness and authenticity that would ONLY make us realize all the more that you and Iâ?¦ALL of usâ??are not â??far’ from one another. I thank you, and I honor your courage to press through and realize your gifts and the DEPTHS thereof. One Love” ~ Gary B, USA

The book was absolutely fantastic, I could not put it down. The love story was divine and I loved the way that love grew into the true meaning of love and creation rather than a typical explicit book. I found your CD fantastic. I must admit, I would not usually listen to that kind of music, but I found the essence of the words accompanied by the drumming and acoustic really powerfulâ?¦” Brenda, London

“â?¦I must confess, this is the first time I will be coming across a work challenging a lot of the childhood indoctrination I grew up with, yet written in a pleasant, indisputable, un-put-down-able, and suspense-filled manner. Talk about intellectually-stimulating and pleasurable rolled into one! All my life I’ve been reading novels and motivational/inspirational books, on Black Consciousness, but I must confess that I’ve never come across a single book combining all these genres in a single packageâ?¦ and how could I even forget to mention your wonderful collection of deep poetry? May your river of inspiration never run dryâ?¦ASE!” ~ bro A. Ibiyomi, Nigeria

Wow! What a wonderful journey! Your novel came to me at the right time in my life and I appreciate this journey. I’m an avid reader of non-fiction, and have not been this intrigued by fiction since reading all of the works of one of my favorite author, Toni Morrison. â?¦your novel was a great threshold for the gateway to the next stage of my life. I am truly inspired for a lifetime of more spiritual love!!! â?¥ I devoured every word into my soul and anticipated every moment of their love and cultural/spiritual development. You truly have a gift of inspiring us chocolate sistars! Much love and many blessings to you!” ~ Asma M, USA

Now it YOUR turn, start the journey!

Loved By The Duke: Regency Romance (Clean And Wholesome Historical Regency Romance)

by Cassandra Belle


Marriage. Now that was a subject that excited Lady Jane Buckingham immensely. It was her first London Season and the prospects of finding love both thrilled her and frightened her. Jane had promised herself she would not be swayed by a pair of fine eyes. Yet, as George Henley guided her through the dance, gliding and elegant, she couldn’t help but feel drawn in to his charm.

“Allow me to write to you for I have to see you again.” Jane had no idea how to respond. She was positive that this was not the normal course for courting but also felt the powerful desire of being wanted by a man for the first time in her life.

Panic flickered through Jane. He would be leaving and she had only just met him, only just touched his hand and felt the instant desire to know him more. Jane’s disappointment must have shown as George leaned in and whispered, “But I plan on making it a memorable season before we depart.”

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