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Frozen Dreams: A Sexy Billionaire Romance (The Baker & the Billionaire Book 1)

by Nikki Steele

Libby lives in the shadow of her sister, a skier and Olympic contender. Her sister is younger, athletic and attractive, whereas Libby struggles with food issues, is curvy, and uncoordinated.

On a journey to the slopes, she meets a handsome mysterious stranger, and they share a single wild, hot night together. The freedom of a one night stand lets her do things she would normally be too timid to doâ??because she thinks she’ll never see him again.

But all is not as it seems on the slopes. Because the stranger is there to stayâ?¦

Frozen Dreams is a tale of sisters, food addiction, self-discoveryâ?¦ and a very sexy Billionaire. It is a short, steamy romance which includes a smoking hot scene which is for adults only.

It is book one in a four part series. It is a self-contained story, but is part of a larger storyline (so contains a minor cliffhanger). Read if you want intelligent, curvy romance with all the sexy bits left in!

Forgetting the Past (The Forgotten Trilogy Book 1)

by Brenda Kennedy

When Ava Emerson wakes up from a coma, she has no memory of the past 25 years. The only things she knows are the confusing stories told to her by her split family and her two best friends, Chase and Skylar. Learning that her husband, Connor, died in the car accident that caused her amnesia, Ava is sad and heartbroken.

When her nightmares become terrifying memories, Ava becomes determined to move on and start a new life for herself, away from the town that holds the secrets to her past.

With the encouragement of Chase, Ava and Skylar open a bed and breakfast together in the heart of Savannah, Georgia.

When a tall, dark, and handsome Xander Jamison walks into her life, will Ava feel safe enough to let him into her broken and empty life? Will Ava be able to move on and live her life free of a haunting past? Is Xander the man that Ava thinks he is? Or does he hold his own secrets?

Shield Wolf: LIULF: A Highlander Werewolf Romance (New Scotia Pack Book 1)

by Victoria Danann

“This is a must read for all fans of Shifters.” – Read Our Thoughts

When he couldn’t find his mate in this world, he went elsewhere.

For hundreds of years the Scotia werewolves have lived in the highlands and enjoyed the protection of the Fae Monarchy, but the world is changing and the straining population compels the highlander werewolves to adapt. Or die. Or MOVE. When Liulf unexpectedly becomes a reluctant pack alpha, he begins an epic exodus.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Victoria Danann, based this series as a follow up to Moonlight, Knights of Black Swan, Book 4

“â?¦a fast paced, emotional story that has you RIGHT THERE, in the melee, feeling the pain, sorrow, joy and even the throes of passion.” – Dying To Read and Weaving Tales

“This is a must read for all fans of Shifters.” – Read Our Thoughts

“Victoria Danann has done it once again. I could not put this down until I was finished. It moved along at an amazing pace that was just perfect, the characters will grab you and you cannot help but fall in love with them and the story. Wow, this is an amazing read.”– Joy Whiteside

“I got so lost in Luilf’s world I forgot mine.” – Pam James

“…fulfills that hunky shifter kilt hunger from the get go.” – Nelta Mathias Baldwin

“…this is a spin off to (Knights of Black Swan) and I have to tell you I loved it.” – LIsa High

“As always Victoria Danann hits it out of the ball park with another amazing story.” – Bobbi Kinion

Short Excerpt.

Liulf squatted on the castle parapet with his back to the sound of the ocean crashing against Girnigoe’s black craig cliffs. If he let himself think about the damp cold or the January wind that tried to penetrate flesh and bone, he’d start to shiver in a way that would rack his whole bodyâ?¦. So he’d learned to focus on other things. Looking east, over the land he loved, he felt a sense of pride and history. And memory. In his slightly less than four hundred years, he’d covered every inch of pack territory in wolf form and much of it in biped form as well. He knew he was blessed with good things, but that didn’t fill the underlying emptiness that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. Lack of purpose maybe. There wasn’t much satisfaction in guarding a border without an aggressor.

That very day a wolf had said it was easy for Liulf to make reckless choices because he didn’t have a mate. Liulf had kept his face passive, but inside the words had stung. It wasn’t as if he could control destiny. What Lycan didn’t want to find his mate? Well, perhaps Conn would prefer to be a bachelor wolf forever.

It was true that Liulf could have settled for a bitch who was merely compatible, as most did. But he hadn’t because he knew there was more. There was mating that was, well, magical. He wouldn’t say so out loud because his brothers would never stop razzing him if he did. But he lived with a constant yearning that never subsided, spoken or not.

All the fucking in the world wouldn’t take the edge off his desire. And he should know. All he had to do was keep from cursing the Fates until they saw fit to gift him with the one. The one he knew was out there.

SHIFTER: Rancher Bear’s Mail Order Mate (Brides for Bear Brothers Series Book 2) (Werebear Shapeshifter Mail Order Bride Western Paranormal Fantasy Romance)

by Candace Ayers

He doesn’t want to find a mate, but what happens when his mate finds him?

Matt Long has had a hell of a six months. Hiding out like a hermit in the little cabin at the top of the mountain, fighting with his brothers, drinking himself under the table, and sleeping all day. When he isn’t roaming the woods as his bear, Matt is wallowing in misery and guilt.

Running out of time, and with a nasty ex literally nipping at her heels, Leila Harold makes a desperate move. She bribes her way into Beatrix’s Buxom Beauties, a mail-order bride service. She just needs a way out of town. But, when Leila opens the door to the small cabin deep in a pine forest in Landing, Wyoming, instead of finding her intended, she comes face to face with a giant grizzly bear. Lovely.

Matt had forgotten all about the mail order bride website. It was a drunken mistake. He tries to scare her away with his bear, but she just seems more annoyed than anything. She’s not new to the shifter game.

Both, however, are new to the magnetic pull of finding one’s true mate. They try to fight it, but it’s no use.

Not even a cranky bear like Matt can run true love away.

This book is about 50 pages long. It is book 2 in a series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It has a Happily Ever After ending with no cliffhanger. This cover also contains several FREE bonus books.


TRIGGER: A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel

by Meg Jackson

From Meg Jackson, best selling author of REIGN and ENDO…

Cass felt her cheeks flaming up, her heartbeat quickening. Don’t read too far into that, she thought. He’s just being nice.


Trigger is not a good man. He’s quick to violence. He’s arrogant. He’s a criminal. But when his club accepts a woman as repayment for a debt, that crosses the line. Standing up to his boss would be dangerous, but he can’t let them hurt her.


Cass’s dad is a piece of shit. And it becomes her problem when he sells her to criminals to settle a debt. But there’s one man in the group who she recognizes. And he seems to be on her side, until he’s torn away from her. For good.

A standalone. This is a dark romance with sex and violence.

Wildfire Hurricane (A Ryder Boys Novel Book 1)

by Amelia James

When Simone Leveque met Dash Ryder in seventh grade, she immediately fell for himâ??head over heels down the stairsâ?¦

Despite her less than graceful introduction, Simone jumped right up and yelled, “Ta-da,” drawing the attention and admiration of everyone, including Dash. The two quickly became bickering best friends, fighting about anything and everything until Dash finally kissed her, cementing their young love for a lifetime.

They fought hard and made up harder, but some things are unforgivableâ?¦

Simone knows Malcolm lied to Dash. Plain and simple. She would have never cheated on him, especially with his own brother. Dash wouldn’t believe her back then, and thirteen years later when their careers bring them back together, he still won’t.

Dash can’t believe the woman who sent his heart to an early grave is now his new bossâ?¦

Time doesn’t heal pain. Dash still can’t forgive Simone for betraying his trust all those years ago, and when old tensions combine with an undeniable attraction, a new flame takes holdâ??literally.

An out of control wildfire tests Dash’s firefighting crew, and an unprecedented hurricane threatens the city, forcing the volatile former couple to work together to survive while somehow keeping their hands off each other. But reckless passion isn’t enough to keep them together this time. Simone must fight to bring the truth to light if she wants her future with Dash to outlast thisâ?¦

Wildfire Hurricane.

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