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MIND: The Beginning (The MIND Series Book 1)

by Jenn Nixon

After Dina Ranger loses telepathic contact with her twin brother, Duncan, she breaks into his apartment and stumbles onto a special government unit responsible for monitoring the psychic population. She’s offered a job where she can use her psionic gifts to help people.
Stranded on earth over a hundred years ago, Liam of Shria is searching for a metal needed to repair his ship when he finds Dina inside an alien escape pod and narrowly saves her after she trips the alarm.
As the mystery and their relationship deepens, Liam helps Dina learn the truth behind her abilities while uncovering a plot to rebuild an ancient weapon, exposing dangerous secrets about the alien presence on earth that may change the future forever.

The End of Secrets: Book 1: Wired In….in Too Deep (A Science Fiction Techno-thriller Series)

by L. Foster

Orion is a special commissar, a hybrid human-robot tasked with enforcing the absolute rule of the new Regime. When she and her partner investigate the mysterious death of a seemingly trivial schoolteacher, Orion discovers that there may be more to the strange death than at first glance.

Don’t miss this fascinating Techno-thriller filled with intrigue, danger and mystery at every corner

The Otherworld Rebellion (War of Alien Aggression)

by A.D. Bloom

2187 – Lt. Martin Samhain, son of the last man to ever attempt rebellion on Earth, is drafted by Staas Company Intelligence and sent to Otherworld to find fugitive war hero turned rebel, Ram Devlin. Samhain’s mission is to stop him before Earth’s largest off-world settlement, penal colony, and source of military contractors erupts in civil war.
88,000 words, 275 pages
The Otherworld Rebellion is .99 on pre-sale until 01/01/16, 2.99 after that

$2.99 box set, books 1-5 The War of Alien Aggression (550 pages), the complete war with the Squidies from the first shot to the last.
$2.99 box set, books 6-8 The Liberty Fleet Trilogy (377 pages)
$2.99 The Otherworld Rebellion (275 pages)

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Books in the War of Alien Aggression series in chronological order:
Hardway (Book 1)
Kamikaze (Book 2)
Lancer (Book 3)
Dreadnought 2165 (Book 3.5)
Taipan (Book 4)
Combat Salvage 2165 (Book 4.5)
Cozen’s War (Book 5)
2166 – Force Liberty (Book 6)
2166 – Battle of Shedir (Book 7)
2166 – Devlin’s War (Book 8)
The Otherworld Rebellion


by Chris W. Martinez

A multi-genre collection of short stories by Chris W. Martinez. Includes:

“The Lottery” (science fiction). Joseph Freeman, a low-wage airport worker, drives himself to the brink to support his family in an America that has long lost any trace of upward mobility for people like him.

“Wanted” (suspense/thriller). Natalie could really use the two hundred dollars offered in the online wanted ad, but to get it she’ll have to cut her hair in front of a total stranger, in his home.

“The Oasis” (horror). A young reporter discovers the shocking truth about a controversial assisted living facility, and the deeper he plunges into the facility’s dark secrets, the more he realizes the depths of his own capacity for evil.

“The Basement” (horror). A nefarious force lurks in the basement of a party house rented by four college friends.

“The Vigil” (science fiction). Emaciated and increasingly desperate, Sergeant Renee Burgess fears she may be one of the last human beings to survive nuclear armageddon.

Outbreak (The Solomon Experiments Book 2)

by Christine Fonseca

Dakota never thought she’d crave her old life in Boresville. Not until the Creator’s assassins came and took everything, everyone, she cared aboutâ??all except for David. He’s the only thing she has left, and he wants her to reclaim her so-called gifts once and for all, something that will force her into the very life she’s trying to avoid.

When a new secret reveals both hope and betrayal, Dakota is forced to face a destiny she no longer wants. Now she must learn how to trust her instincts without becoming the thing she fears mostâ??a killer.

He should have let her forget.


by Teresa Richardson

â??”Southern Comfort with a Twist” is a collection of twelve short stories. Most of the stories center around a typical little southern Mississippi community of It’s Home and Miss Maudine Wilcox, her neighbors, friends and aquaintences. Sometimes the most exciting thing of the day comes from reading the mail, or skipping rocks across a pond. But while life goes on in It’s Home, Mississippi; so does death, deceit, intriegue, and shear joy of being alive. The stories flow along like the lazy Mississippi River, like the seasons in the south–a few days of spring, summer, a few days of fall and a few days of winter. Y’all come on in and sit a spell. Enjoy a visit to It. As my daddy used to say when I was a child, “We’ll treat you so many ways, you bound to like one.” Would you like a glass of lemonade as you step into the lives of folks with roots in the quaint little town of It’s Home, Mississippi

Chimera (Universe Eventual Book 1)

by N.J. Tanger

BOOK III: CERES is available now on Amazon!

The fate of Earth’s first colony rests on the shoulders of a pair of misfits: Theo Puck, a rogue hacker with a gift for speaking to machines, and Selena Samuelson, a brash but talented pilot with a dark secret in her past.

Earth went silent over a decade ago. No contact, no resupply. If something doesn’t change, the colony will go extinct. The only way to restore communication with Earth is the ancient colony ship Chimera. Two centuries of disrepair have taken their toll on her–the shipboard AI that allows travel between distant stars is lost in unending sleep. She must be woken and the ship rebuilt for a desperate return journey to Earth.

The mandate to repair and crew the Chimera seems like a game to Theo–one he isn’t invited to play. Angry at having been overlooked, Theo hacks his name onto the list of those selected to crew the Chimera, a decision he soon regrets. A brutal murder changes everything: Theo must make it to the Chimera or his family will suffer terribly consequences.

Piloting an ore trawler is the only life Selena has ever known until an industrial accident strands her aboard the Hydra, the orbital station responsible for rebuilding the Chimera. A chance encounter with her AI suggests Selena might have a far larger role to play in saving the colony than she–or anyone else–ever imagined.

Theo and Selena’s futures become intertwined as they carve out places for themselves in the crew that will navigate the Chimera back to Earth. However, behind the scenes, a brilliant sociopath has set events in motion that could not only destroy their lives, but doom their colony as well.


2015 Reader’s Favorite Silver Medal Winner for Young Adult Science Fiction.

“This book grabbed me by the spine and yanked me through its pages in just a few fast days!”
–Michael Pugh, Goodreads Review”

“The plot was engaging, the characters were interesting, and the book a refreshing read. I didn’t want to put it down. Now I am looking forward to reading the next book!”
–Jessie Davenport, Goodreads Review

“Verified” Amazon Reviews:

“Reminiscent of Orson Scott Card’s early work, especially Treason and Ender’s Game, the storytelling has been well crafted – inviting the reader into a new world that is fresh and deep yet utterly recognizable.”

“It’s so tough to put down, and while categorized as YA, adult science fiction readers are missing out if they don’t give it a read. Looking forward to the next installment!”

“Loved it! Great read, ready for the next book.”

“… a strong sense of both plotting and character development.”

“To put it short and sweet: loved it, loved it, loved it!! The characters were engaging, the story itself imaginable. I can’t wait for more!”

“Chimera was an exciting, riveting, well written science fiction story that I could barely tear myself away from.”

“Can’t wait for more. I am amazed beyond words.”


I attempted to write a science fiction novel that would appeal to a wide variety of readers in the vein of Ender’s Game or Heinlein’s juveniles such as Starship Troopers.Though Chimera features young protagonists, most adult readers report enjoying the book.

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