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Whispers Through The Night: Based on a True Story

by Kaitlyn Robicheaux

To a child the instinct to trust comes as naturally as the need to breathe. To a child, trust is a given, offered unconditionally, a gift to which no strings are attached.

WHISPERS THROUGH THE NIGHT is based on a true story, one too often repeated yet not often enough told, a story of ritual abuse, suicide and murder occurring in a small North Eastern community most would describe as idyllic and picturesque, the perfect place to raise a family. A community where local government, clergy and law enforcement officials not only looked the other way but devised a calculated cover-up of crimes against children spanning a period of more than forty years, crimes in which they, themselves, were complicit. Though many of the perpetrators have passed on, many have enjoyed the blessing of living well into old age. With the assistance of family and friends and no-holds-barred legal representation they continue both to evade justice, avoid paying compensation and to shame their many victims into silence. And after years of police investigation and a public inquiry costing over fifty million dollars, both resolve and recollection fades, leaving only the whispers to persist.

WHISPERS THROUGH THE NIGHT is a story of the ultimate abuse of power and the betrayal of trust, too horrific to believe but for the fact it is true. Sadly, anyone might have reason to harm a child…or no reason at all.

The Hilarious Book Of Vladimir Putin Memes And Jokes

by Henty McGinty

Love him or hate him, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is a towering figure on the world stage, which has rightly spawned this array of comical memes for your enjoyment. While you may not agree with all of the memes and jokes contained within this book, you’ll be sure to find them funny as hell and at least a little thought provoking.

So sit back, relax and enjoy The Hilarious Book Of Vladimir Putin Memes And Jokes.

Benghazi-Bergen-Belsen: The Lost Story of the Holocaust of North African Jews

by Yossi Sucary

An epic romance retrieves from oblivion the lost story of the Holocaust of North African Jews

Silvana Haggiag is a brilliant and beautiful young woman in her early twenties, dismissive of the patriarchal norms that govern her Jewish community in the Libyan city of Benghazi. When Silvana’s family is violently uprooted from its home and homeland, she is taken along with other Libyan Jews through the blazing Sahara Desert and war driven Italy to freezing Germany. In the long and tumultuous journey from her birth town to the German concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, Silvana’s, navigating her family through horror and distress, she is confronted with dire dilemmas and retrieves hidden strengths. Away from her language, detached from any familiar ground, she is forced to cope with the terrors of a cruel and arbitrary humanity, and prevail.

A breathtaking novel based on profoundly detailed historical research

Benghazi-Bergen-Belzen, the first novel about the Holocaust of Libyan Jews, brilliantly depicts the transformations and tribulations this intriguing community has undergone during the Second World War. Violently uprooted from their autonomic lifestyle and thrown into a language, culture and geography completely foreign to their own, Libyan Jews, Like other Jews living among Arabic speaking Muslims, were doomed to profound detachment, cut off even from the new ways of life formed among the camps’ prisoners. Placed at the bottom of the Nazi race-hierarchy for their oriental origin, they were incomprehensible to the European eye and perceived as intimidating, even by their fellow European Jewish prisoners. The novel was chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Education to be included in the Holocaust studies program for high school students.

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The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby

by John S. Mosby

John Singleton Mosby, the â??Gray Ghost’, was one of the most effective military leaders of the American Civil War.

In his memoirs, first published in 1917, he gives a thrilling account of his tactics.

This book is a fascinating account that covers Mosby’s entry into the Confederate army, daily life within it and major battles including Manassas and Gettysburg.

Sins of the Mother – Death & Healing (Book 4): Finality

by M. Carling

Abuse does not always adopt familiar faces. There may be no visible outward scars. Yet raw scars can nevertheless reside deep within the psyche, to be revived at the whiff of a passing perfume or an image or a word. Amanda’s life was a series of misdeeds committed against her, and she now pushed herself to remember, to face the demons that had lurked deep within and disturbed her sleep. That may have been the only way she could survive.

Elite Psychopaths: Top Psychopathic Personalities Of The World Since 15th Century

by Viresh Mandal

Psychopathy is a subject of interest and thrill for many of peoples in the world. Our world has witnessed many psychopaths in its journey to 21st century.

This books contains the description and pictures of the most infamous and infernal psychopathic personalities of the world since 15th century and their misdeeds or highly brutal acts.

So go through to know the brutality and bestiality beyond your imagination.

My Big Geek Adventure (Geek Adventures Book 1)

by L-J Clements

Do you love The Force, The Fellowship and The Federation?

Have you ever wished for your very own adventure?

L-J Clements was just a normal geek until the day she wrote THE LIST. A list filled with every geeky thing she had ever wanted to do, places she wanted to visit and people she wanted to meet.

The following year was spent tracking down a Geek God in cold and windy Glasgow, nearly dying in Canada and creating her very own superhero (among other things). All the while documenting it along the way and dealing with her ‘normal’ life alongside her geek one.

For everyone who loves The Doctor more than life itself, is secretly upset that their letter from Hogwarts never arrived and thinks that they would look amazing in a cloak – join My Big Geek Adventure!

The Two Yosemites: A Travelogue

by Jeri Walker

The iconic beauty of California’s Yosemite National Park lures nearly four million visitors per year. Most flock to the seven-square miles of the valley floor. Few make it into the backcountry. Even then, it can be next to impossible to find solitude during the summer months. This travelogue recounts the highs and (mostly) lows of the author’s visit as she seeks to discover the version of Yosemite not all tourists pursue. The results raise the question: What type of tourist are you? Consider this travel memoir a cautionary tale of expectation versus reality in honor of the National Park Service Centennial.

The Guinness Kidnap

by Rachel James

Ireland is no stranger to politically-inspired kidnapping. There have been numerous cases over the years. And at first, when Jennifer Guinness was snatched, it looked like an IRA job. But was it terrorists?

The grimy rust-eaten hatchback looked completely out of place as it cruised slowly down a cul-de-sac in the exclusive Dublin suburb of Baily Howth. Most of the houses had expensive cars in their driveways, including Ceanchor House, a rambling Georgian mansion set in 12 acres of immaculate gardens overlooking Dublin Bay.

Ich ritt Gaddafis Pferde: Das Erlebnis meines Lebens (German Edition)

by Doris Luser


Pferdemagazin ” Die Reiterin”
Gefährliches Abenteuer einer Grenzgängerin: Die �sterreicherin Doris Luser lebte fünf Jahre in Libyen. Durch die Liebe zu einem Pferd, das dem damaligen Herrscher des Landes, Muammar al-Gaddafi gehörte, bekommt sie Seiten des Landes und seiner Reitkultur zu Gesicht, die Ausländern und auch Frauen normalerweise verschlossen bleiben. Dabei bringt sie sich in grö�ere Gefahr, als ihr bewusst ist. Ihre spannenden Erlebnisse hat sie in diesem Buch niedergeschrieben.

Magazin “Reiter-Revue”
Im November 1998 bricht die junge Protagonistin von �sterreich nach Libyen auf zum Abenteuer ihres Lebens. Ich ritt Gaddafis Pferde beruht auf den tatsächlichen Erlebnissen der �sterreicherin Doris Luser. Kurzweilig und sympathisch erzählt sie von ihrer Zeit in dem arabischen Diktatorland, von Begegnungen mit Stallburschen und Diplomaten, und wie sie es auf die Rücken der Grand Prix-Pferde des damaligen libyschen Staatsoberhaupts Muammar al-Gaddafi schaffte.

Die Protagonistin kommt aus �sterreich, ist jung, ungebunden und mutig genug, ihr bisheriges Leben hinter sich zu lassen. Sie kehrt �sterreich und Europa den Rücken und ein riesengro�es Abenteuer beginnt: in Libyen. In dem arabischen Diktatorland kommt sie schnell in Kontakt mit höchst konträren Facetten des Lebens.

Sie wandelt auf den Spuren von Okzident und Orient, trifft auf Stallburschen und Diplomaten, auf Gaddafis Sohn und den Geheimdienst. Es ist erstaunlich, welche Türen sich ihr öffnen. Ein â??Wiener Opernball” wird inszeniert. Dort lernt die Protagonistin Diplomaten kennen, die ihr den Weg zu Gaddafis gut behüteten Pferden ebnen. Die Hindernisse, die sich dabei auftun, überwindet sie mit einer Leichtigkeit, die ihr nur die groÃ?e Liebe zu diesen Tieren schenkt.

Eine Mischung aus Mut und einer gehörigen Portion Naivität führt sie schlieÃ?lich an ihr Ziel: auf den Rücken dieser edlen Grandprix-Pferde. Als sie dann auch noch auf Gaddafis zweitältesten Sohn trifft, erregt das Misstrauen und Verwicklungen zeichnen sich ab …

Orgy, Porgy, Puddin’ ‘N’ Pie. Bill Clinton Was There — Me Oh My!

by Dov Ivry

Here is how the book begins.

If you search for the names “Epstein” and “Starr” to-gether, the first two that come up are Brian, the manager, and Ringo, the drummer, of the Beatles, who made beautiful music, a wonderful contribution to society.

The next two in line have contributed nothing to society but grief. They are: Jeffrey, a degenerate paedophile, and Kenneth, possibly the slimiest excuse for a lawyer ever who escaped being disbarred.

Bill Clinton murdered his deputy White House counsel, Vince Foster, in 1993. Starr, asked to investigate, had two separate opportunities to expose the murder and put Clinton away for good. In one case he chose to suppress the evidence and in the other, he chose to look the other way. Instead he issued a report based entirely on lies, which he knew were lies, that Foster had committed suicide.

Epstein, a multi-millionaire, not only molested girl children himself at a prodigious pace but pimped large num-bers of victims to a wide circle of acquaintances from his so-cial class. There was enough evidence from one venue alone to lock him up, if not for good, for a minimum of 20 years. Starr insinuated himself into the case. Of course his job is to get the best result for his client. But the method he employed with his associates, trampling on the rights of the victims, was unheard of and indefensible. Epstein got a slap on the wrist, no more time than a hungry man might get for stealing a loaf of bread, and was enabled to spend much of his sentence at home and never have to mix with the general population in the county jail where he was housed.

Epstein owned an island in the inappropriately named Virgin Islands. Others referred to his property appropriately as Orgy Island. He transported his friends there or on lengthy jaunts round the world on his private jet which became known as “the Lolita Express.” One of the passengers on the Lolita Express on several occasions was Bill Clinton, after he left office.

That Starr was enabled to damage the very fibre of society in America twice is inexplicable. This sort of thing you might expect to happen in a place like Kazakhstan. If anyone wants to make a movie out of the life of Starr, they would not have to do any more than a new version of Borat.

Clinton’s disgraceful life remains relevant because his wife, the Hildabeast, is running for president. If she wins she will be taking with her into the White House not only a murderer and a rapist, but also now as it seems certain, a paedophile. That’s the message that will go out to the world, in America the rich and powerful can get away with any-thing. And we haven’t even talked about the incredible sums stolen by this couple during their lengthy criminal careers.

I knew about Epstein when I did a book on the Foster murder entitled “Vince Foster And The Hildabeast.” But since he had no relevance to the murder cover-up engineered by Clinton, I didn’t mention him. What prompted me to do this book were two reasons. Starr was involved with Epstein and so what he did with him goes to his character and strengthens the conclusion that this is a man who is unprincipled, ruthless, imprudent, and a menace to society. The second reason is that the Hildabeast crowd was not willing to leave well enough alone.

Before the book on the Foster murder was even published in digital by Amazon and I had been notified that the US page was up and current, someone came in and bought one. I asked Amazon how could that possibly be and they replied it was a matter of “latency.” They were surmising that the US page was up some time before I got the notice. Obviously the buyer was someone who worked at Amazon and or was tipped off by someone who worked at Amazon. It gave the Hildabeast operatives an opportunity to post a crushing one-star review days before I had even introduced the book to the public. The reviewer claimed that my book was “trash fiction” which is what the suicide hoax was.

Don’t Shoot! . . . I Have Another Story To Tell You

by Elen Ghulam

Four languages, an assortment of passports and no where to call home.

Don’t Shoot! … I have another story to tell you chronicles the trials and tribulations of a Czech-born Iraqi woman who walks the tightrope between the poetic East and the seductive West. Her life was already complicated when she immigrated to Canada, and then life took a bi-polar turn. She marries a dashing Palestinian professor and together they live in Scotland and Israel. In the holy city of Jerusalem, she learns Hebrew, works for an Israeli company and experiences the military occupation of Palestine first hand – albeit from a perspective within Israeli society. She takes an Israeli friend to visit a Palestinian neighborhood, and later takes a Palestinian friend to visit an Israeli area. The tourist introducing the locals to their own country. Can life get any more absurd? Living between two worlds, yet again. Ghulam writes with elegance and humor about the hardship of embodying contrary identities. Along the way, she records her intensely personal struggle to forge a sense of integrity in a world teetering on the edge of the abyss.

The Riviera Is Burning – Memoir: My True Story

by Peggy A. Edelheit

â??â??â??â??â?? This is my true story of fleeing fire as dread, fear, then panic set in. It left an indelible mark on my psyche, a dent in my usual resiliency against the unexpected and a permanent fear of fire. AMAZON TOP 500 REVIEWER: “She makes the reader see it, hear it, smell it, and FEEL it.” “Fear along with a burning sense of place was riveting.” “Kept me glued to my chair.”
“Read it with a sense of mounting dread as the unthinkable happened”
“What an awesome, fast paced, frightening adventure!” “I read it in one sitting”
The imagery was beautiful, the suspense was palpable” “I just couldn’t put it down.”
“An unimaginable experience and has the reader right there with her the whole time.”
“I was truly riveted by the real life, harrowing experience that Mrs. Edelheit and her family had.”
“One of the best real live stories I’ve ever read.”

Н. Ð?. Ð?обаÑ?евский. Ð?го жизнÑ? и наÑ?Ñ?ная деяÑ?елÑ?носÑ?Ñ? (Russian Edition)

by Ð?лизавеÑ?а ФедоÑ?овна Ð?иÑ?винова

Ð?пеÑ?вÑ?е издана в 1895 годÑ? в сеÑ?ии «Ð?изнÑ? замеÑ?аÑ?елÑ?нÑ?Ñ? лÑ?дей», вÑ?пÑ?скавÑ?ейся в 1890â??1917, а Ñ?акже в 1922, 1924 годаÑ? издаÑ?елÑ?сÑ?вом Ф. Ф. Ð?авленкова.

Ð?оголÑ?. Ð?го жизнÑ? и лиÑ?еÑ?аÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ная деяÑ?елÑ?носÑ?Ñ?. (Russian Edition)

by АлександÑ?а НикиÑ?иÑ?на Анненская

Ð?иогÑ?аÑ?ия впеÑ?вÑ?е издана в 1895 годÑ? в сеÑ?ии «Ð?изнÑ? замеÑ?аÑ?елÑ?нÑ?Ñ? лÑ?дей», вÑ?пÑ?скавÑ?ейся в 1890â??1917, а Ñ?акже в 1922, 1924 годаÑ? издаÑ?елÑ?сÑ?вом Ф. Ф. Ð?авленкова.

Ð?жÑ?зеппе Ð?аÑ?ибалÑ?ди. Ð?го жизнÑ? и Ñ?олÑ? в обÑ?единении Ð?Ñ?алии (Russian Edition)

by Анна Ð?вановна Цомакион

Ð?пеÑ?вÑ?е издана в 1892 годÑ? в сеÑ?ии «Ð?изнÑ? замеÑ?аÑ?елÑ?нÑ?Ñ? лÑ?дей», вÑ?пÑ?скавÑ?ейся в 1890â??1917, а Ñ?акже в 1922, 1924 годаÑ? издаÑ?елÑ?сÑ?вом Ф. Ф. Ð?авленкова.

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