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Tainted: An Astin Fell Novel

by H.C. Cavall

Astin Fell lives the life of a struggling barista until he inexplicably sprouts wings and horns. Now he’s the last servant of an unknown power, conscripted to fight the Taint—a horrific evil devouring the world one tiny piece at a time.

He’ll have help: Nemesis, the shotgun-toting Goddess of Vengeance; Claudia Fischer, a woman with three different souls bonded inside of her; his nightmarish vampyre ex-girlfriend; and his telepathic house cat. But if Astin and his friends can’t unravel the vast conspiracy lurking in the city’s shadows, the Taint will consume everyone and everything in it… and there’ll be nothing left to stop its spread.

Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires

by Christine Church

**2016 Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards**

Praise for Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires:

“Above and beyond conventional vampire stories…The writing style is unusual and interesting…Sands of Time does not drag its way into boredom. The story is compelling enough to keep the reader turning the pages.” Lex Allen, Reader’s Favorite

“This is truly not a typical vampiric read and I wish I could give it more than five stars. I can’t wait for the release of the second book and I applaud this author’s ingenuity.” The Voluptuous Book Diva

The first book and introduction to a unique and innovative vampire series, Sands of Time is a novella written as translated scripts found throughout time and the world by archaeologists, touching on different points in history. The main character, Kesi, crosses paths with characters we will later read about in future journals.

From the sands of ancient Egypt, to the arms of a Roman soldier. From avoiding a killer in 13th century London, to faking her own death in post Jacobean Scotland and onward through Revolutionary France, this short but exciting book is packed full of adventure, history, betrayal, mayhem and mystery as the first of Kesi’s epic search for a way to share her bloodline begins.

This is a series that will delight vampire fans looking for a fresh take on an old genre. The historical aspect of the book will also thrill those looking for exploration into a past not told about in school books.

“There is some commonality with the lore of vampires [found in] Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, yet [Ms. Church’s] vampires have an alternate origin that incorporates theories of the purpose of the great pyramids and how they were
built. The story thankfully lacks the teen angst of Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight series and has much better writing than what I’ve read in those and related supernatural romance books about vampires.” Meribast Amazon

â??I found the characters in Sands of Time to be believable, real and each motivated by their own truths. I genuinely cared about them all, including Yin (wait till you meet him) and could see why they behaved in the way that they did.” Fiona Tate

The Misbegotten (An Assassin’s Blade Book 1)

by Justin DePaoli

They were supposed to have been hunted to extinction. But sometimes death is a myth.

Astul, assassin by day and purveyor of secrets at night, has agreed to hunt down a king slayer. Somewhat for the money, a little for the ego, and a bit for the adventure… but mostly for the money.

There’s just one problem. The king slayer’s trail leads to a cache of disturbing secrets involving insane kings, mad queens and kingdoms suddenly poised for a war to end all wars. People seem to be losing their minds. Or rather, forfeiting them.

Something harrowing lingers and lurks in the world of Mizridahl. And only an infamous assassin with a woeful reputation is aware.

Conjurers have returned.

Blessings of the Sun

by P.A. Thomas

When Old City is sacked by the Reds, the populace must face a time of hardships as it prepares for the oncoming winter months….

Thomas is a construction worker in New City who has been instrumental in the reconstruction efforts. After a string of accidents begin occurring around the city and he watches a young man die in front of him, he begins to question the Queen’s decisions.

Mary is the favored daughter of the Queen who left the Queen’s Guard to be with the man she loves. But when her mother calls her to perform her duty for the kingdom she has no choice but to accompany her sister, Kierkegaard, on a critical mission for supplies to last the winter.

Charles is Thomas’ best friend, who lost everything in the war. Stuck with a mutilated leg and nothing to occupy his mind but booze and books, dangerous ideas take form in his mottled brain. But are his actions provoked by a new ideology, or does he have some sort of ulterior motives?

Follow the machinations of fate as these major players rock the foundations of a country in Blessings of the Sun!

La Guerra de los Cielos (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Trujillo Sanz


La guerra más antigua y devastadora de la existencia ha encontrado el modo de continuar, de extenderse por toda la creación. El Cielo y el Infierno ya no son los únicos escenarios para este terrible conflicto.

Comenzó cuando el planeta se estremeció. Todos los habitantes perdieron la facultad de moverse, quedando resignados a contemplar impotentes cómo se desmoronaba el mundo. Al fenómeno lo llamaron la Onda y produjo cambios más allá de la comprensión humana.

Ahora tenemos que sobrevivir a las consecuencias. Los ángeles y los demonios están entre nosotros, son reales, y nos han impuesto su guerra. Una guerra en la que somos insignificantes, una guerra que no creímos posible y que cambiará nuestras vidas para siempre.


El primer párrafo:

Nueve de cada diez personas sentirían algún remordimiento al interrumpir el sermón de un cura con una ruidosa canción de un grupo de rock, cuya letra era, como mínimo, inapropiada para la ocasión. Y eso sería aún más cierto si el evento que acabaran de entorpecer de manera tan insensible fuera un funeral.

Sin embargo, Ramsey sólo sintió una ola de felicidad cuando el sacerdote levantó la vista de su Biblia y todos los asistentes giraron sus cabezas para atravesarle con una mirada de indignación. Metió la mano en el bolsillo de su americana y sacó el móvil tan rápido como pudo, al tiempo que murmuraba una disculpa y se alejaba a toda prisa por los jardines del cementerio.

El anterior título era: Juego de alas

La extensión de la novela supera las 400 páginas.

El segundo volumen ya está disponible en:

Al final se incluye una nota de los autores y capítulos de muestra de otras de sus obras.

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