Free fiction Kindle books for 22 Aug 16

Nobody’s Killer

by Su Adams

After the mysterious deaths of three teenage girls within a ten mile radius, a hunt begins for clues to explain why they died. The police are completely baffled but Joanne, the sister of one of the girls, and her boyfriend, Matt, determined to find some answers, unearth chilling coincidences that seem to link all the cases together. Their search leads them to a strangely elusive man who appears to have a connection to all three girls. After following a labyrinth of exciting twists and turns, one disastrous event finally reveals the truth.

Corrupt Practices (The Corrupt Trilogy)

by Penelope L’Amoreaux

All she’d ever wanted was to work in politics. To make a difference. When Mariel lands her dream internship for Senator Roger Taylor, she knows life can’t get better.

The she met him. Dallas Taylor. Brother to the Senator, her boss, and a complete ass. Working for him turns Mariel’s dream into a nightmare– and her attraction to him is salt in the wound.

Then Mariel discovers a dangerous scandal in the office that could ruin the Senator, she must risk everything to prove it to Dallas… including her heart.

In Love With The Connect

by Ebony Diamonds

Bella is fed up with her abusive psychotic long-term boyfriend Drew. After he beats her and leaves her for dead, she’s finally had enough. Barely escaping from him, Bella finds herself for the first time trying to make it on her own. That is until she runs into Domo. He’s fine as hell and one of the most powerful men in Miami. Domo turns her on in ways she didn’t think she could be. He brings her into his world, and she can’t help but fall into his web, and she hasn’t stopped falling ever since. Even though she starts over and moves on, she can’t seem to get Drew to leave her alone. After he tracks her down and rapes her, she becomes pregnant, and that pushes her further into Domo’s arm and under his protection.

Domo offers her more than she could imagine, but also gives her more than she bargained for. He has a lot of secrets, and as they unravel, so will Bella. He isn’t Mr. Perfect, and she finds that out quickly and painfully. He has some bad boy ways and he wants her to step up and be the queen to his throne, and that came with sacrifices in his eyes. He loves her hard, and she can’t see herself without him no matter what or who he does.

Will Bella sacrifice who she is to be who he wants her to become? Or will she finally have enough of the way he loves her and walk away for good, while leaving a trail of blood behind her?

KENNICK: A Bad Boy Romance Novel

by Meg Jackson

From bestselling author Meg Jackson…

Kim’s breath caught in her throat as she saw the first man enter. Kennick. He was smiling distractedly as his brothers filed in after him, his strong profile making her want to squirm in her seat.

Some call them Roma, some call them Gypsies, and most people know them as no good; it’s a hard time to be a Romani. The Volanis brothers, particularly Kennick Volanis, know this better than anyone.

No one in the town of Kingdom is happy when the Romani settlement arrives in town. But the problem falls into the hands of Kimberly James. She’s the mayor’s assistant, and it’s up to her to revitalize the town.

From the moment she sees the brothers, and Kennick in particular, she feels an irresistible attraction. Then she realizes, maybe the Roma aren’t her problem. Maybe they could be her solution.

Sexy full-length bad boy novel, with a HEA.

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