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Black Tide Rising: Dark Prophecies

by Kelvin L. Singleton

Everything you have ever known about your status as a minority or the majority may be the lie of all lies. Black Tide Rising: Dark Prophecies agitates the serene waters when hundreds of millions discover that Blacks now outnumber Whites, and the American Government is willing to kill to keep this secret.
The Lord God Damballah has grown weary with mankind’s villainy, demanding a measure of blood. While Deputy Director of the Census Bureau Evan Parker runs for his life, trying to save his pregnant wife and father from relentless assassins, the constant pounding of the Conga and the Rada will drive the Vigil of The Drum. Wailing far into the night, the voodoo drums will resurrect the Kuutaâ??the blood lust! It forces the Black race to surge as one. See what humankind is capable of when demons of genocide are unleashed in the streets of America the beautiful, land of the brave. Feel what is hidden deep within souls that are pushed one step too far. Black Tide Rising: Dark Prophecies is truly the Great American Novel.

TABOO: Stepbrother: Dark Secrets (Steamy Forbidden Taboo Romance Short Story) (Contemporary Romance Fantasy Short Reads Book 1)

by Sofia Senna

Ready to Heat Up Your Kindle with this Steamy Step Short Story?

It’s been said that love has no boundaries. But, does that justify a seemingly impossible affair?…

Dark Secretsis a stand-alone stepbrother romance that includes a happily-ever-after-for-now ending. This flirty and fun book also includes a number of stand-alone bonus stories in different genres for your continued reading pleasure. Enjoy all these stories for a limited time!

Cringe-Expect The Holy: A Suspense Thriller Short Story Collection

by Damian Fredericks

Expect The Holy

An eye-opening collection of suspense-thriller short stories. So full of twists and turns that you are sure to stay on the edge of your seat. A masterful combination of ghosts, zombies and Satan, each story is nail biting to the end. Don’t miss this one. You get…

A Deal With Satan

Upon waking up in an alley with no memory of how he got there, Father James finds that this deal with Satan has unleashed monstrosities of death upon the city. Zombies now walk the streets. The mindless corpses appear from every direction. What has Father James done? What has he agreed to…and what is the favor that Satan needed?

Marietta’s Revenge

“Father Akers had never known true fear in all his life. Not until this moment. He ran again. He ran through a house of nightmares that twisted and turned back on itself until he had lost all sense of direction or logic. He ran blindly, bumping into furniture and door frames and once into a wall that shouldn’t have been there, but was.” “There were no windows here. Nothing to help him figure out where he was in the house. He didn’t care where he was. He only knew that he had to get out.”

The Church Haunting

The reports of ghostly hauntings were just the thing Jackson Gray spends his time investigating. Just the thing he always proves as a hoax. This time it’s different. Somethings not right. Father Stefano tells him “I assure you, Mister Gray, that there is nothing for you here.” If so, why does it feel different this time? Was he going crazy? Crawl through the cellar with Jackson Gray, the ghost hunter, as he tries to escape from the ghostly apparition that is closing in around him. “He should be on the main floor of the church. But the church kept bringing him back here, to the space under the church, to the cellar.”

Another Must Read By Damian Fredericks
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Salem: Part One: Ties That Bind

by Jarvis T. Cleveland

Salem is the story of Jamie and Mike Corbett, witches born in a town with a history steeped in death. But in the town of Salem death is hardly the end…

Dark Nights

by Ryan Twohey

A man, like any other. This man had a troubled past, and one that’s still haunting him to this very day. He’s seen things, and experienced things no human ever should – but many have to. The pain of loss so cruel, it’s unbearable to any. He carries on, living day to day.

One day, this man finds a new house on the outskirts of his city. It’s built against a nice beautiful golf course. However, when the night falls, nothing is that beautiful anymore. Instead, the land takes on a menacing quality. One could even say the land has a mind of its own, and the house is its weapon. A weapon wielded against those foolish enough to live there. A weapon aimed at those are are already haunted…

MYSTERY: Bluebloody – Blueblood: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery Collection)

by Brandon Thomson



Infected with the deadly magical plague called “Blue Blood”, Max and Reyna search for the cure inn order to save each other’s lives after contacting the disease. But as they delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the Plague, and into the mysterious organization, the R.O.N., they realize that they are on the path to destroying the world themselves.

The R.O.N. was searching for a criminal. They would have never attacked Ornaki if they weren’t. The Rebel City of Ornaki was partially made up of criminals, people that had opposed the R.O.N. Whether the crime was committed six years ago or sixty, they would find you. It had been two years since Max and Reyna had made their escape from the Republic of Neutrals, two years since Reyna’s parents had been killed.

They had joined a place that was for the monsters of society. Technically, Ornakian Representatives were not part of a true army. They were not organized; there were no official ranks, and it was closer to a state of anarchy than anything else.

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Shifter’s Rescue: Gay MM Alpha/Omega Paranormal Shifter Romance

by Kate McCall


â?¦even if it means he works with a doctor in an unethical experiment.

Dr. Beaudry guards the true purpose of his experiment secret from everyone, including Slade. Only when the two researchers are locked away in a cave protected by the federal government does Dr. Beaudry give Slade even a hint of the endgame: to make a super soldier alpha shifter.

Slade has his reservations about the matter, not knowing how painful or damaging the experiment might be for the subject. But mere reservations grow into outright protest when the subject Dr. Beaudry chose for the first phase of the experiment shows up naked and holding a hospital gown: Corbin Hanesâ??massive and powerful chest muscles, bulking biceps, and superhuman gripâ??all the attributes Dr. Beaudry thinks will make a good werewolf.

It’s love at first sight and Slade Farris is willing to sabotage the experiment to save Corbin from the mutilation and torture Beaudry plans for him. But Slade worries about Corbin’s reaction to his confession that Slade helped lock him into this peculiar situation.

The guards on the outside of the compound, at Beaudry’s command, slam the bank vault-like door shut and lock. Slade and Corbin are captive passengers on this train, and it looks like there’s no getting off.

DOCTOR ALEJANDRO BEAUDRY puts an ad for a high-paying experiment at the local military base in San Diego, CA. The interview process is grueling and many army men are weeded out as “not good fits for the experiment.” One man, however, stands out from the crowd in every way. His name is SLADE FARRIS, a 29-year old alpha male who has no family or home to speak of. It’s like he dropped out of the sky, and because the experiment pays so well, he applies. Dr. Beaudry likes him because his body can take the pain and horror of what’s about to happen. Secretly, Dr. Beaudry plans to use a secret serum that would transform Slade into a werewolf. This is an experiment funded by the military-industrial complex to make super soldiers.

Total Page Count: ~50 pages. Please note this novella includes two complementary novels with your purchase, with links to other stories you might find interesting. If you like short stories that pack a punch with heat and sexy times, NO cliffhangers, HAPPILY EVER AFTER endings, and NO cheating, give this one a shot.


Unconscious Reality: An intense gripping crime thriller

by D. A. Fox

Transferential will take you on a journey which will lead to riches and romance but ultimately sexual abuse, rape and murder. Follow the journey with links to the places where it all happened.

Guy was a loving husband who provided for his wife.
Working as a Podiatrist he had a very good job and is well paid until a strange thing started to happen to him when he went to sleep.

Guy was able to leave his body and somehow transfer his consciousness into other people? When he left their bodies they knew nothing of what Guy had done!

A Deal With Satan

by Damian Fredericks

Living the fatal consequences of a deal with Satan gone wrong, a priest is left to survive a zombie outbreak. The undead walk executing horror, violence and death upon those in their path. Patient zero must be stopped at all costs, no matter how bad it hurts.

“In Damian Fredericks “A Deal With Satan” Father James is found holding a bedside vigil for a dying man. This vigil is different than any he’s had to sit before. This one is for his best friend. Praying that his friend lives, Father James is surprised when a man enters, offering a deal. One small favor and your friend can live.

No One Should Make Deals With The Devil

Upon waking up in an alley with no memory of how he got there, Father James finds that this deal with Satan has unleashed monstrosities of death upon the city. Zombies now walk the streets. The mindless corpses appear from every direction. What has Father James done? What has he agreed to…and what is the favor that Satan needed?


Woven Realms: (The Sentinels of Kiln, Book 1)

by Julia Shupe

The boundary between realms has torn. Magic has spilled into the lands of Kiln and infected its citizens for centuries. In an effort to claim the magic for themselves, the mountain wraiths of Drakammon have slaughtered its people by the thousands and released a plague most deadly. But the Enomai and Chenomaiâ??two foretold by historyâ??are born. One is light and the other is dark. Who will prevail and can the realm be saved?

Adkyn Pell, son of a wayward prostitute, scaler and packer of fish at the local fishery, has lived a dark and lonely life. But now he’s discovered a power he didn’t know he possessedâ??one that could change the course of everything in the lands of Kiln.

Lova Glavan, apprentice healer for the Guild of Healers, embarks on a quest to the royal city of Crowspire to seek a cure for the plague. But does the quest end in Crowspire or must she journey to the far reaches of Drakammon and beyond? Will the journey take her to the very realm itselfâ??the source where all magic originated?

Don’t miss the first installment of this exciting and heartfelt trilogy. People are often capable of more than they ever thought possible. Those who are persecuted, oppressed, and tormented, often rise up and demand justice and retribution.

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