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Pokémon Go: The Pokémon Master Handbook

by Ash Ketchum

Do You Want To Succeed With Pokemon Go? Well, in most of the books on Pokemon Go, you’ll find a lot of fluff and extra information that you’ll have to sift through to find the facts you need. In this guide, you’ll only find high quality how-to information that will help you dominate any competition in a very short period of time. Why waste your time reading through the fluff you don’t need to know about? The secrets inside will provide you with everything you need to know to become a true Pokemon master.

Inside you’ll find information on:

  • Installation
  • Making your account
  • Poke Balls
  • Items
  • Gyms
  • Teams
  • Stardust
  • Prestige
  • Different Pokemon
  • Secret trainer tips
  • Evolving
  • Battles
  • Egg hatching
  • Beginner tips
  • Expert Tips
  • Everything else there is to know about Pokemon Go!

Now, stop wasting your time and start reading this book. Pokemon might be in front of you right now!

Pokémon Go Tips You Wish You Knew: Unofficial Ultimate Guide with Pokémon Go Hints, Tricks and Game Secrets

by Donald Shaw

This Ultimate Guide is up-to-date and holds ALL Pokémon Go information available TODAY!

+ contains bright and clear add-ins and tables with secrets and tips that will help you to level up in the game and succeed in the blink of an eye!

Weeks after the launch of this game it has gone viral and millions of people are now playing it worldwide like crazy. This reality game has even beaten “p*rn” on Google, which was reported on July 13, 2016, by Independent newspaper. So you really have to play that game!

But it is not so easy to become a successful and a popular Pokémon trainer today. Most of the people out there are already more experienced players than you are! You need to catch up fast!

Well, this book will give you the RIGHT hints. Most of the other Pokémon trainers do not have this amazing Pokémon Go book and they proceed in the game the hard way! You are lucky to find this book, and you may go the EASY WAY!

Understanding that among our readers there will be both beginners and quite experienced players, we have split this book into two parts: Beginner’s Guide and Master’s Guide. So the experienced players will be also delighted to read it.

Some of the vital issues we will discuss in this Pokémon Go book:

  • Installation and Game Interface
  • How to catch your first Pokémon, including Pikachu
  • PokéStops in details
  • Poké Balls, Razz Berries, Potions, Revives, and ALL other items in details with hints
  • How and when to use Incenses and Lure Modules!
  • How Lucky Eggs may give you a breathtaking boost!
  • How to use Pokémon Eggs and Incubators efficiently!
  • How to get Candy and Stardust!
  • How to level up quickly!
  • How to find Spawn Locations and Pokémon Nests and catch rare Pokémon?
  • Throwing Poké Ball hints that make the difference!
  • How to understand Pokémon Defense Tactics and benefit from it!
  • How to inspect the Gym before the battle!
  • How to choose the most effective team of Pokémon before the battle!
  • Everything you need to know about Fast Attack and Special Attack!
  • Pokémon types Attack/Defense effectiveness chart!
  • Secret Fast attack moves rating!
  • Secret Special attack moves rating!
  • How to calculate secret Individual Values of Pokémon and find 7-10% better Pokémon than the others might have!
  • How to calculate secret Pokémon Levels!
  • How, when and why to Power Up your Pokémon!
  • Evolving Process in details!
  • Secret Evolving Pokémon tactics and real examples of Pokémon that you might want to evolve, while the others will think it’s a bad choice, but it is the best choice!
  • Egg Hatching Hints! Why you may walk 10 km, but Pokémon Go may ignore your efforts, and how to avoid it!
  • Legendary Pokémon mystery

AND dozens of other key issues that make the difference in the Pokémon Go game!

If you want to understand the concepts and get the underlying keys of Pokémon Go game�

If you want to read about the most efficient up-to-date strategies in Pokémon Go�

If you love Pokémon Go and you want to find the information about the best-kept secrets of Pokémon Go game�

If you want to become a Pokémon Go master in no time�

= you need this Pokémon Go guide

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Minecraft: Minecraft Building Guide: Ultimate Blueprint Walkthrough Handbook: Creative Guide to Building Houses, Structures, and Constructions with Building … Minecraft Houses, Minecraft Handbook)

by Drake Craft

Never Build an Ugly House Again by Using Blueprints!

Want easy to follow, image based blueprints to use when building your Minecraft houses and structures?

Limited Time Only Price of 1.99c! Discount offer ends soon… so get your blueprint guide before the price raises again.

Remember the first day in Minecraft? You are rushing to find materials, find coal, and build a shelter before you get attacked by creepers and skellies. Typically you build a house so quickly that it ends up being a hole in the dirtâ?¦ or a 5×5 cube made of dirt! Either way, it ends up looking TERRIBLE.

You continue to slowly gather materials, and block by block build your house to look better and better. But unfortunately, it never looks that awesome. It doesn’t turn into something that you’re proud of and want to see everyday because you didn’t start with a plan or design in mind.

This is at least what happened to me in my Minecraft worlds! If I didn’t have a well thought out plan beforehand, my house would never turn out as well as I wanted.

That’s why I have created a series of blueprints that tells you exactly how to build the house you want. Layer by layer, we clearly show where to place each block, and how many of each block you need.

Here’s how it worksâ?¦

We give you a variety of different houses to choose from all with their own unique styles and complexities. Take a moment to search through the different options (we provide completed pictures for you to choose from). You jump to the picture of the house you like the best and want to build.

Once you pick your house, we will tell you what materials you need and how many blocks of each material you need to collect. From there, start collecting materials or start building in creative. Or you can start building with what you have and collect materials along the way!

From there, the construction of the house is crazy simple. We start with layer 1. Each layer of the house is shown to you with a bird’s eye view so you can clearly see which block goes where. Each photo is complemented with a descriptive text version of what you need to do in that layer. Then, step by step, layer by layer, we will build the house to the top!

These blueprints were designed to be as clear and easy to follow as possible. Because building a well designed house is hard work. Finding all of the materials along with knowing what to use at which time can get confusing. That’s why you should start with a plan, design, and goal in mind!

This is especially relevant if you are playing multiplayer. Don’t be that player that builds the ugly house on the block. Build something amazing that other players are jealous of and compliment you for.

The days of ugly houses are OVER!

One more thing…

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It’s time to get started and get excited about your new Minecraft home.

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“This ebook is amazing. The images display what you need to construct so clearly. Building the house was so simple and it looks better than everyone else’s on our server.”

— Tim G. —

“Drake, PLEASE MAKE MORE BLUEPRINTS! I always built awful houses and could never be happy with them or figure out how to improve them. Now I’m really happy with the village I built :)”

— John S. —

“Keep it up and keep them coming Drake Craft. Another great series of houses to build. I’m super excited!”

— Whitney M. —

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Fractions and Whole Numbers Go in Different Directions

by Hensley Pink

This book effectively,efficient and attractively illustrates the inverse relation between common fractions and whole numbers (integers) through the use of 2 tables. One of the tables is the traditional times or multiples table. The other table is equivalent in terms of the size and arrangement of the values. It assumes the same function as a tool in facilitating the enhancement of numeracy, thus building a sure foundation for the development of mathematical skills.

The concepts that are presented in this book may appear strange to some persons who may even be mathematically inclined. The tradition of children being taught to count with, or sequence whole numbers, only, is as strong now as it may have been 100 years ago.

Although, this book is mainly for juniors, it can be used to as a remedial tool for non-juniors. Many adults have an aversion to Mathematics, in general, and to using these fractions, in particular. It is eagerly anticipated that these concepts will be quickly propagated throughout the English speaking world and contribute significantly to the attitude towards, and performance in Mathematics.


by Sean Cassidy

Gerry Coster, a heavy drinking, middle-aged journalist of American descent, rents a small cottage in the affluent village of Ravenswood. It is particularly significant that the cottage is conveniently close to the Kings Arms, a hostelry whose landlord, Leo Chapman, is at war with the village. Leo wants to close the business, sell the property and move with his Thai wife to pastures new.

The manor house in the centre of the village has been acquired by the government for the purposes of housing in excess of one hundred asylum seekers under a new regime of freedom of movement for those residing there. Gerry’s newspaper breaks the news to the village and the community is thrown into the national spotlight overnight.

Landlord, Leo Chapman, has decided to run his business into the ground and seeks to be crowned the most offensive barman in the south of England. He further infuriates residents by changing the pub’s name from the King’s Arms to the King’s Arse. However, when the first batch of refugees arrives, Leo spots a lucrative niche in the market and sets about transforming his quintessentially English village pub into a nightclub with rooms by the hour and hostesses hired by his wife from an agency in Thailand.

As the story unfolds, the reader learns of the developing friendship between Gerry Coster and the Rev. Melissa Bailey, part of the husband and wife team of rectors who manage three parishes in the area. Her husband, the Rev. Ellison Bailey is increasingly burdened with a cruel and disturbing form of Tourette’s syndrome which has had an adverse effect on his family and his career. The progressive condition is exacerbated by bouts of compulsive impersonation and portrayal of famous historical and religious characters in public places. Matters become complicated when his determination to share in the nocturnal gymnastics at the local pub in its new guise leads to accusations from a young female of harassment. His wife, The Rev. Melissa Bailey, can take no more and, suffering from near emotional collapse, leaves Ellison and their two children, one night, to travel to the north of France to live with a hotelier with whom she has been communicating in internet chat rooms.

As the story unfolds the reader is introduced to a variety of supporting characters, including the mischievous Scottish post mistress, Celia McLean; the retired and cantankerous accountant, Sebastian; the shady Chief Planning officer, Martin Brown (whose subsequent entrapment at Ravenswood’s new nightclub leads to his blackmail.)

As the public house gains increasing notoriety a devastating fire breaks out within it one night – arson – claiming the lives of two of the central characters. Soon the sordid truth of the pub’s double life is exposed.

Finally, Melissa returns to claim her children and seeks to make a new life with Journalist Gerry Coster, through whose eyes the story is told.

Mathematics Humour: That Tickles the Intellect

by Hensley Pink

‘Mathematics Humour’ is a collection of jokes based on normal Mathematics principles. These jokes are mainly intellectual and are borne out in scenarios depicted by written dialogue, done in standard English.They are not related or connected. They should be well appreciated by Mathematicians and non-Mathematicians alike. These jokes are in no way offensive and are for everyone.

Laughter Paradigm: Having Fun & the Psychology behind: Why you no laugh???

An old lady in the streets of Vietnam once told me: “Why you no laugh?”

It’s a busy world out there and we are too occupied to laugh like a kid.

Studded with numerous jokes and limericks, on one hand, this book is targeted at tickling your funny bone, while on the other it talks about the subtle psychological nuances of humour to tweak your curious side.

While you keep giggling throughout, you will learn about your Left Brain-Right Brain coordination in detecting humour, differences between the sexes when it comes to humour and the search for the Best joke in the world!

It also encompasses the infinite benefits of laughter in a Professional environment as taken from the words of the Master of an Ocean Liner, and the biggest myths behind today’s No laugh work-environments.

All this is packed into a pleasant short-read guaranteed to make sense of a lazy afternoon at a price less than that cup of coffee!

The Beer’s Folded and the Laundry’s Cold: Mostly-True Adventures In Housewifery

by Paige Kellerman

In “The Beer’s Folded and the Laundry’s Cold: Mostly-True Adventures in Housewifery,” Paige Kellerman follows up her hilarious debut–“At Least My Belly Hides My Cankles”â??with the natural next stepâ??taking on budgeting, babies, and trying to keep the day drinking down to a minimum while staying at home.

At the core, it’s a story of a woman who worked in an office and didn’t, instead working on trying to make money stretch like a two dollar pair of panty hose, upping her fashion game to include occasionally wearing pants, and using dull childproof scissors to cut out coupons and wads of gum from her kid’s hair.

This hilarious follow-up is not a “how-to” on being the perfect parent, but rather a tale of one woman running the house like a bossâ??that is, when she’s not scraping failed Pinterest-inspired experiments out of the Crock-Pot, filling the bird feeder and waiting for rogue squirrels to stop by and steal all the food, or inhaling the smell of a laundry sheet like a Snuggle-scented sedative.

In other words, she’s got this “housewifery” business downâ??and continuing to crack readers up.

How to Play Dominoes: Mexican Train Dominoes and More

by Corey Madsten

You can learn to play Dominoes.

Easy-to-understand instructions, step-by-step – you will be playing Mexican Train Dominoes tonight!

Also included are a couple of simple games for the kiddos – BINGO is great to help them count and recognize numbers.

Start your Family Game Night tonight with Dominoes for the whole family!

Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Guide Book From Beginner to Mastery with Tips, Tricks, Hints and Game Hacks (iOs, Android, Secrets, Pokedex, Gym Strategies, Walkthrough)

by Danny Johnson

Do you want to breeze from beginner to advanced level?

Do you want to become the best Pokemon Go master?

Here is your answer:

The Ultimate Pokémon Go Guide: How to Catch â??em All is a book that provides details about Pokémon Go.

Here in this ultimate guide to Pokémon Go, you’ll learn how to play the game – and master it eventually.

  • You’ll learn about the instructions on getting started
  • tricks to catch a Pokémon
  • location of Pokéstops
  • earning Badges
  • a number of brilliant strategies
  • and more!

Pokémon Go, as one of the most popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games worldwide, is a revolutionized version of the classic game series. If Pokémon has been a childhood favorite, you’d be thrilled to see the game catching up with the modern trends in technology.


From beginner to advanced Pokemon Go player in no time?

–> Nothing is easier with this Pokemon Go guide book

It doesn’t matter if you have yet to get the slightest clue about Pokémon Go. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or pro. Because you’re about to play, you might as well be the best at it.

This book is written with simple and easy-to-understand words. It comes with pictures, too!
With the help of this guide, who knows? You just might be your town’s next gym leader.

So, what are you waiting for? As the slogan of the Pokémon franchise goes, you “gotta catch â??em all“!


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The Strict Librarian: Little BBW Red Riding Hood and the Big, BIG, Bad Wolf (Kindred Embers Book 7)

by SaraLyn Bow

When young, plump Red wants to join the big library, she gets much more than she expected. The librarian has very strict rules, and sharp punishments for those who misbehave.

What starts as a simple library fine for Red soon turns into something much naughtier, as the lusty and horny BBW is exposed to a very taboo reading of the fairy story she thought she knew so well – and she’s made to act it out, hard and without protection!

But might the night-time library group fill the plus-sized girl with even more than she expects?

Life in the Tick Box

by Alexis V

How do you imagine your future? Imagining the future helps us to prepare for problems and be more equipped to solve them but what if your entire future was totally and absolutely within the hands of the State? A State which was based on scoring and your ability for happiness, success and health, rested in those ratings! What would you do? Would you contemplate to leave or to remain? This mini-story, is a funny view of things which may possibly come to pass; with hidden truths but powerful meanings!

Are We There Yet? A Puzzling Maze Activity Book (Kids Activity Book Series)

by Jupiter Kids

IMPORTANT – EBOOK edition of this book is an PRINT BOOK and not used for activities on the device. The eBook is a provides useful content on the benefits of early learning for children and how doing simple activities that relieves stress in adults, also showing the brilliant activities available in the physical copy of the book. A BONUS link in the book lets you download books with high quality activity book PDF pages with dozens of illustrations that readers can PRINT. The download is optional, it is not the main function or purpose of this ebook – PRINT REPLICA. This book of mazes is the most puzzling yet fun of its kind. It has the right elements to encourage learning, namely fun, educational and challenging, too. Because a child would have to maneuver through thick and thin lines just to reach the end of each maze, you can expect to see an improvement in handwriting skills, too. Buy a copy now!

O Conto do Sanfoneiro Que Só Tocava Isso (Portuguese Edition)

by Adriano Artur

Você com certeza já deve ter escutado a musica “O Sanfoneiro Só Tocava Isso”, mas já parou para pensar quem era esse sanfoneiro? Pois bem, se delicie com esse conto arretado da história do sanfoneiro que só sabia tocar uma melódia de sua sanfona.

Les hommes ne sont pas tous des sauvages (French Edition)

by Sébastien FRANCHI

Un arbre est directement impliqué dans l’accident meurtrier d’un chat prénommé Chipie. L’arbre mis en cause, un épicéa commun, devra prouver son innocence à Fabrice sous peine de finir enguirlandé en sapin de noël, son pire cauchemar. Fabrice c’est le maître du chat, un homme naïf et fragilisé par la disparition de son matou adoré. Dès lors un dialogue surnaturel s’engage entre les deux protagonistes. Un arbre qui se présente rapidement en émissaire de Dame Nature et mandaté par cette dernière pour dénoncer les comportements humains abusifs. Des entretiens très animés en couleurs sur nombre de sujets épineux et qui divisent l’opinion. Un arbre impulsif et probablement bipolaire, loufoque et parfois vulgaire, mais séduit par aucun artifice de nos sociétés modernes qu’il prendra soin de déglacer à l’acide. Au final une amitié improbable, qui lie désormais ce représentant du règne végétal avec un être humain. Mais aussi un choix cornélien pour l’arbre, qui doit trancher entre planches à cercueils et sapin de noël pour terminer son existence.

Sous le couvert de Dame Nature, l’arbre nous propose une approche végétale et sans langue de bois pour dénoncer tous les abus des sociétés qui se proclament civilisées. Un témoignage sur la dérive de la nature humaine, qui entraîne dans son sillage la décrépitude de la nature tout court. La rébellion d’un arbre seul et planté au beau milieu d’une plantation de sapins, qui redoute plus que tout l’arrivée du père noël.

The Hilarious Book Of Democrat Memes And Jokes

by Henty McGinty

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying the Democrat party is a source of much laughter, folly and ridiculousness.

Here, we enjoy their many hypocrisies, idiosyncrasies and foibles. Oh, and we ridicule their leaders too.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the Hilarious Book Of Democrat Memes And Jokes.

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