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ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Home at Last (A Clean Historical Cowboy Western Romance)

by Samuel Grace

Mary is desperate for a true blessing.

Her life is turned upside down when she loses her beloved husband and the father to her children. Left alone and afraid she dreads the thought of losing their one true home and finds herself responding to a mail order bride advertisement.

Little does Mary and her family know that her future husband is more motivated by financial matters than a family. Will his heart ever warm up to his new family?

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Mail Order Bride Romance: Montana Bride: (A Clean Inspirational Amish Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Rachel is young, beautiful and living an active and coveted social life. She has grown up in comfort, nestled in the bosom of a well off family and surrounded by the crème da la crème of society. Perfect as Rachel’s life appears from the outside, she cannot find meaning or happiness in it. Bored of the parties, frustrated with a fickle society and seeking out adventure in place of monotony, Rachel makes a life changing decision, one that takes her far from her stately manor home, to an almost unrecognizable place, almost half a world away.

The innocent bride is soon confronted with the harsh reality of life in Montana. Not only must she fit in with a way of life as a mother to a nine year old girl, but she must also prove herself to the handsome yet reclusive widowed rancher and widower.

Faced with unexpected relationships and trials that she never dreamed of, Rachel must rise to the challenge or face the consequences of her youthful decision.

Can she make it out in the harsh wilderness of a wild and foreign world or will her pampered upbringing be her undoing? Can she find some common ground with her brooding fiance or will their differences threaten to destroy their marriage before it has even begun?

Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY and find out!

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Kundalini:The Ultimate Guide on How to Raise Your Kundalini (Kundalini, Chakras, Third Eye, Awareness)

by Paul Kain

The word kundalini refers to an energy that everyone has within them, but that usually lies dormant. What this means is that the majority of people don’t feel this energy and, much of the time, don’t even know it exists. However, in a few rare cases, this energy can come to life, getting activated and aroused. Depending on the person and their knowledge, readiness, and viewpoint, this can be a joyous occasion of something that disturbs and frightens them a bit. People who intentionally awaken their kunalini will have a positive reaction to this phenomenon.

The word kundalini is a Sanskrit word which translates to the word “coiled”, similar to the posture a snake adopts when it lies on the ground. This energy has not been recognized or acknowledged by science in the medical field and even among meditative experts and longtime teachers, the definition is rarely ever fully understood. However, this phenomenon is thoroughly discussed and mentioned in important texts about Tantra and Yoga, including both Hindu and Buddhist sources.

Since this word has been used so widely, a lot of people think of it as the material of legends or simply a useful metaphor for personal growth or transformation. Some have even defined it as a person’s creative potential. While this may be the case for some, who can look to symbolism to gain meaning in kundalini, it’s a very real and quite literal experience for others.

Mail Order Bride Romance: A Pair of Brides: (A Clean Inspirational Historical Western Amish Romance) (New Adult Women Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

The blessings of an affluent upbringing cannot protect two beautiful sisters, Esther and Hannah, from the skeletons that haunt them in the closet. Knowing their predicament leaves no chance of marriage with the men in their hometown, they seek guidance from the good Lord and set course to becoming mail order brides out into the Wild West.

Two wealthy undertaker brothers welcome them into their home for a promise of marriageâ?¦but can these couples find true love? And with the foundation of marriage relying so heavily on honesty, will the sisters find the courage to speak truth of their past?

Amusingly, it seems that cupid has released his arrows with mischief in mind –when the two sisters find themselves attracted to the wrong brother. How will this tale of love come to pass?

Grab this new heart warming Western Mail Order Bride love story today!

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Mail Order Bride Romance: Eliza’s Baby Dilemma: (A Clean Western Inspirational Baby Cowboy Contemporary Romance) (New Adult Women Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Eliza always assumed the God Lord would magically bring her life partner her way, but after years of reality she finally realized her days as an eligible young woman are numbered.

In desperation, she decides to venture out West and and become a Mail Order Bride.

However, on her way to her new life with the man of her dreams, things go terribly wrong, and she ends up with someone else’s abandoned child!

Will her husband-to-be understand the situation, or will she be shown the door before she was even given the opportunity to have a taste of marital bliss? And, will Eliza ever find the baby’s real mother again?

Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance and find out!

Please Note: This download includes Short Stories.

Amish Romance Boxed Set: (Contemporary Clean Love Inspired Romance) (Clean & Wholesome Second Chance Women’s Fiction Anthologies)

by Hannah Miller

Special Amish Romance Box Set

5 Beautiful Amish Romance Stories in 1 Box Set!

1) Love Endures All

2) The Greatest of These

3) Sorrow’s Song

4) The First Day of Summer

5) Outside the Familiar

1) Love Endures All

Ezekiel “Zeke” Miller, sharp blue eyes, black hair, full beard, doesn’t like war. The thoughtful Amish man hates it so much in fact that he’s willing to defect to Canada to escape the draft. When his number is called up, however, there’s no time to get away and he’s drafted into the Army. He has loved Rebekah for as long as he can remember. The summer of 1942 was to be their summer. Margaret and Benjamin Miller are his parents. Zeke is an only child.

Rebekah Beiler, honey colored eyes, mahogany colored hair, has wanted to marry Ezekiel Miller for as long as she can remember. The upcoming summer of 1942 was supposed to be their time. The war throws a wrench in their plans, however, and neither of them really knows where God wants them, let along what he expects of them. Can they trust God’s will in their lives, or will war tear apart more than two countries? Gabriel Beiler is her brother. Gideon and Adelaide Beiler are her parents. Mary Yoder is her annoying peer.

3) Sorrow’s Song

Emma and Andrew were elated when they found out that they were pregnant. Never would they have imagined their child’s life ending so soon and so tragically. Devastated by the loss of their first born, Emma and Andrew’s marriage is tested to the extreme, their love for each other unable to cover the pain and grief they both feel.

Feeling as if there is no escape from her sorrow, Emma removes herself from Andrew, and he from her. They both react selfishly and angrily, and as their last bit of patience is tried, Emma makes a drastic decision. Will she and Andrew ever be able to move past their child’s death? What will the Lord’s plan be for their lives?

5) Outside the Familiar

Elijah loved when his father would take him to visit the nearby town. Everything there was new and exciting, and he grew up loving the world outside of his little Amish community. One day, against his mother’s wishes, he is sent into town to collect some things, and there he meets a girl from the local high school. He quickly finds himself tossed into a whirlwind relationship with her, which makes him question everything that he had ever known.

When problems arise, does Elijah decide that his life in the Amish community is really what he wants? Is there something there to keep him around? Or will this girl that he barely knows make him think that his life is not what he wants it to be?

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SMALL TOWN ROMANCE: CHRISTIAN ROMANCE: Unanticipated Love (Inspirational New Adult Romance) (Sweet Contemporary Romance Short Stories)

by Sam Cassidy

This is a Sweet Small Town Christian Romance Story with a Happily Ever After Ending. On Sale For A Limited Time With A Surprise Bonus Included!

Katherine is the daughter of a Christian pastor, trying hard to live a godly life. And find a husband. She doesn’t expect her job at the Christian bookstore to come with much danger, but when a usual day takes a turn for the worst, she’s left shaken, with Samuel to thank for stepping in and saving the day.

He’s not her usual type. Samuel is quiet and calm, and he’s also Amish. When she brings him home to meet her family, she expects them to see the good in him that’s so obvious to her, but instead her father warns her away from him, saying he’s heard rumors that Samuel is no good.

Katherine is left to decide if she’ll follow her heart or her parents’ guidance. Is it possible that Samuel is not what he seems, or has her father heard wrong?

WARNING: Some bonuses contain mature themes and language and are intended for 18+ readers only.

Romance Western: A Mother’s Eternal Love: ( A Clean Mother Sweet Western Inspirational Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

I always knew how to make it through hard times, with the help of the good Lord, but I never would have imagined putting my baby through so much heart ache.

I’ve weathered the worst of situations since my husband’s death, but everyone has a breaking point. With my son’s wellbeing at risk at the hands of a cruel brother-in-law, I needed to make an escape to my only saving grace: David. A friend of my husband’s during their days in the military, David had vowed to take care of me and my son. When suddenly all contact ceased after months of letters and a budding relationship, I got worried. I was desperate, and hoped he would have me as his brideâ?¦What would I do if he decided not to?

Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY and find out!

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Romance Mail Order Bride: The Cowboy’s Heart: (A Clean Cowboy Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

Asha is blessed with the willpower of her Cherokee ancestors, which serves her well when she risks her life to go out West. When responding to an ad from a male widower seeking a wife she dreams of a warm and loving home. Michael cannot come to terms with her past and she finds herself desperate for a miracle.


I set my travels out into the wild West in the cold winter. I’ve paid my dues in life and this mail order bride ad was my ticket to a new lifeâ?¦.or so I thoughtâ?¦

Certainly I didn’t expect applause and flowers at the door step of a widower but I never imagined such a harsh embrace! Have I made the biggest mistake of my life?


I cant’ remember the last time I laid my head down to pray…the terrible death of my precious jewel changed my inner being….I gave up on my faith and love only to find my heart filled with hatred and remorse for those men who took my wife away.

My daughter wished for a mother so I sent for a mail order bride in hopes she could at least help fill a void in my daughter’s life.

Every time I looked at her tan skin and those long dark strands, I was reminded of the fact that she came from the same tribe of those ruthless men who murdered my wife! She should never have come.

Please Note: This download includes Short Stories.

Mail Order Bride Romance: Bronson’s Bride: (A Clean Fantasy Cowboy Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

When wealthy socialite Ruby Kelsey gets tired of her usual social soirées, she decides that there is only one way she can escape the rut she has fallen into. How? Well, simple — become a mail order bride of course! Easy as pie…or at least that’s how she thought things would come to be.

In reality, Bronson Vaughn turns out to be more than she can handle. And now that these two lost souls, as different as night and day have joined in holy matrimony they will have to do learn, listen, and maybe even love each other!

Grab this new heart warming Western Mail Order Bride love story today!

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Romance Mail Order Bride: Will’s Bride: (A Clean Sweet Contemporary Western Romance) (New Adult Amish Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Will returned home as a prosperous young man beyond his dreams, after inheriting his uncle’s ranch. Life seems perfect in every wayâ?¦except one. He feels a hole inside and a new bride is the perfect solution to his pain. He requests a mail order bride, and when his bride-to-be steps off the train, he can’t believe his luck. She’s beautiful and smart.â?¦yet full of secrets about the past she is running from.


I believe in God’s plan and I know that he wanted me here. He wants me to take over my uncle’s ranch. Will I find the perfect bride to live my new life with?


He doesn’t know I’m running. I hope he never finds out. This is my last chance to be free.

Will is the perfect man and he deserves the perfect wife. With my past, how could I ever expect to be blessed with a man like Will? I will do my best to be the wife of his dreams but I know marriage is built on the foundation of honesty. Will I be able to work up the courage to tell him about my past?

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Mail Order Bride: The Widow’s Heart: (A Clean Inspirational Cowboy Amish Historical Romance) (Clean New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

Frederick Howard Fitzpatrick is despairing,and a few months after losing his beloved wife, he realizes that apart from being a bereaved widower, he is also a father that needs to provide for his two young motherless children.

Not knowing what else to do, he puts up an ad for a mail order bride, and when the lovely and hopeless Christina Rose Hubbard shows up at his doorsteps he finds himself at odds what to do.

Led by their hearts seeking true love, Frederick and Christina will struggle to overcome the skeletons in their closets. Will they find this Christmas?

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Choose Wisely

by michele mitchell

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who had you ready to run for the hills? Meet four friends who will tell you, firsthand, why it’s best to choose wisely before giving anyone your heart.

Darius and Dontae are two handsome cousins who grew up more like brothers. Darius is an ex-drug dealer trying to get his life back on track. The only problem is his gold-digging baby mama, Trina. She wants him and will stop at nothing to get their old life back.

Dontae was raised in church, but once he loses the two women he loved most, he finds himself turning to the streets and a mysterious new woman. Will he ever find his way back to his true love and calling?

Melissa and Sandy are two beautiful sisters who are like night and day. Melissa is overweight and self-conscious and finds herself falling in love with her best friend, Darius. But will her insecurities be her downfall to happiness?

Sandy is sexy and confident. All she wants is her ex, Dontae, back. She knows they belong together, but will she have what it takes to win back his heart?

Follow these four friends in a world filled with lies, deception, and deceit. Who will choose wisely? And who will suffer the consequences of their wrong choices?

Mail Order Bride: Miracle of The Heart: (A Clean Historical Western Women Cowboy Fiction Romance) (New Adult Clean Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

I’m torn when I think about what I must do to give myself and my unborn child a sense of dignity.

Marrying a man hundreds of miles away without ever having met him is something I would never imagined myself doing but these desperate times are calling for desperate measures.

I can no longer sit by and bear the scrutiny of my hometown, and if two lonely people can come together and create happiness, why should I not try?

I long for another chance at life, where I can be with a man who loves and lives for God, a man who I can rebuild my life with once and for all.

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Romance Mail Order Bride:Josephine: (Clean Inspirational Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

There is no better time for a heart warming clean love story than Valentine’s Day. It is 1890, and a brave woman heads West to save her world from tumbling into despair.

Samuel Grace Walker cherishes everything about her Virginian life; her dearest brother, her home, her farm, and her land. But when all she loves is threatened to be taken from her, Josephine agrees to give into marrying a ruthless coal miner. But at the last second, she frees herself from his grasp. Seeking refuge and security, Josephine puts out an ad to become a mail-order bride.

Warren Cooper is a preacher turned Texas cattle rancher. Feeling the need to build his family, Warren responds to an ad from Josephine, when she is at her lowest point. But how will he react when he has to fight for Josephine’s hand? When Josephine’s past meets her present, battles of honesty and trust and doing the right thing become something both husband and wife must face together.

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ROMANCE: WESTERN ROMANCE: Brides of Cowboys Collection (Historical Clean Mail Order Bride Romance Box Set) (Sweet Inspirational Romance Bundle)

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 80000+ Words Of Heart-Melting Clean Mail Order Bride Romance With Happy Ever After Endings & No Cliffhangers !**

These collection includes:

Sisters of Faith

The Amish Arrangement

Rumspringa Break

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Barren Bride

Download these sweet historical romances now and treat yourself to this inspirational heart-warming collection!

ROMANCE: Regency Romance: Trusting A Scandalous Duke (Victorian Duke Romance) (Pregnancy Medieval Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

This Is A Tempting And Passionate Regency Romance With No Cliffhanger And A Happily Ever After Ending..

“The poetic beauty of the English pasture is source of great inspiration and grace, but it can also be the reason behind great drama.”

As she has been fighting against forces too big for her power in order to save her family from bankruptcy, Cecilia Wharton, a humble working woman who had refused herself the luxury of dreaming, gets enchanted by the devilish good looks of a mysterious man.

She runs into danger, and finds herself powerless in the face of cruelty. As help comes from the least expected places, the only one to become her very own white Knight in shining armor turns out to be His Grace The Duke of Stretford.

What can a woman do? Nothing else than to give into his charm and get into even more trouble for it.

When Cecilia finds herself compromised beyond salvation, she chose to tell her lover. Will he do the gentlemanly thing? Or will he leave her to save himself?

Romance Mail Order Bride: Caroline: (A Clean Historical Inspirational Cowboy Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

Caroline O’Leary is trapped in a world filled with conformity, where a marriage of love is considered impractical and foolish

She grew up in the lap of luxury in Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan. Though she has had many suitors asking for her hand in marriage, she has refused all of them. She longs for something better, something real. Her father wants her to marry well and marry a man of his choosing to take over his business. She wants true love, not a marriage of convenience!

Elliot Reynolds is a passionate and good man from South Dakota. There is something about his letters that capture Caroline’s heart beyond anything she can compare, but he hardly meets the approval of Caroline’s father. When she receives a proposal, she impulsively says yes and heads out to an unknown place to marry she only knows from words on pages.

Will her future truly turn out as God intends or will Caroline be caught up in the differences between her old life and her new one?

Choose Wisely 2

by Michele Mitchell

Choose Wisely 2

Lexi’s back in town and about to give birth to her baby. She’s excited and hoping to start a family with the father. There’s only one dilemma: she isn’t sure who the father is. She’s hoping the father is Dontae. She wants nothing more than to be with the man of her dreams. Will her desires come to pass or will her past finally catch up to her?
Sandy and Dontae are still together, despite the fact Lexi may be carrying Dontae’s baby. Sandy doesn’t believe he’s the father and Dontae has vowed to do the right thing if he is. Their love has been tested many times before. Will it be strong enough to overcome Lexi and her schemes?
Melissa’s and Darius’s friendship has fallen apart. They haven’t spoken in months. One of them is going down a dangerous path and needs their friend more than ever. Will their friendship be there for them in their time of need?
Follow these friends again and see why it’s always best to Choose Wisely before you let anyone enter your life.

Romance: Mail Order Bride: The Amish Arrangement (Clean Amish Inspirational Romance) (Contemporary Christian Romance Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a clean/sweet Amish Mail Order Bride Romance with no explicit scenes and a surprise bonus inside for a limited time!

**While Many Bonus Stories Included Are Clean, Some May Contain Explicit Scenes**

Sadie Miller stood next to the buggy waiting for Daed to come out. She was growing more and more tense since the decision had been made. Daed had arranged for her to marry to a man she knew nothing about, and needless to say, she knew it wasn’t going to end well.

To make matters worse, Sadie was going to be stripped from the community she’d grown up in her whole life. It didn’t seem fair. Why her?

Her Mamn had assured Sadie her future husband, Isaac Yoder, was a good man, and in time she would grow to love him.

As the buggy drew closer to her final destination in Shipeshewana, Indiana, her nerves raw from fear, Sadie had no other choice but to let go and live in faith.

Over time, Sadie falls in love with Issac Yoder, just as Mamn predicted. Maybe she was on the right path after all.

Then tragic befalls Sadie. Her whole world is turned upside down. Only God could help her now.

The Blood Sword (Hand of Adonai Series Book 2)

by Aaron D. Gansky

Soon after their defeat of the abomination Belphegor, the Hand must turn their attention to the Blood Sword, an ancient, cursed blade. Securing the deadly artifact is the next step in their quest to find a way back to their home in North Chester. But the task is far from easy. Erica soon sets out with Ullwen of Varuth, a staunch ally, on a quest to find her parents, leaving the others to search for the blade on their own.

The search for the Blood Sword eventually leads the Hand to Yarborugh, the Nameless Heir, a drunken half-dwarf, and Langley of Errul, a contentious half-elf politician. Together, the group of five plumb the depths of an ancient elf military post crawling with corpses to attain the cursed blade. Meanwhile, Erica and Ullwen must find a way to infiltrate Alrujah, a city that shares the paranoia of its ailing king. As animate statues wield terrifying magic, the group faces certain death.

And worse.

Mail Order Bride Romance: A Cowboy’s Bride: (A Clean Amish Inspirational Cowboy Historical Romance) (New Adult Women Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Valentines Day quickly approaches and one lonely cowboy is set to wed this new bride. Both with secrets of the past. Will they finally find happiness?

Actions have consequences – that’s what Lucy Copperfield comes to learn when she’s sold off as a bride out West. The man she is about to marry seems to be every girl’s dreamâ?¦ that is, until Lucy realizes he is colder than the Arctic itself, and it’ll take far more than her charm to win him over.

Not willing to give up, Lucy discovers her inner strength and plans to use it to help her melt Quentin’s icy heartâ?¦ but will that be enough for her happily ever after? Can she stay with this man who is winning her heart despite his cold shoulder?

Grab this new heart warming Western Mail Order Bride love story today!

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Amish Romance: The First Day of Summer (Contemporary Inspirational Pregnancy Amish Christian Romance) (Historical Women’s Religious Christian Fiction Short Stories)

by Hannah Miller

This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger!

Anna’s whole life is turned completely upside down in one afternoon. A year later, with a young daughter, she feels as if there is nothing in her life that can help her pick up the pieces. Joshua, an old friend of Anna’s, steps back into the picture after a long absence, and helps her to see that life is not maybe as dark as it once was.

As they rekindle a friendship that they both had thought was long gone, they begin to relive the history of their lives together, including what caused the shift in their relationship. Joshua reveals something about his past that greatly troubles and surprises Anna, and causes her to withdraw. Will she ever be able to face what he has told her, or will she have to end their relationship so soon after they rediscovered it?

++ 20 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++

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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: The Precious Amish Baby (Clean Christian Historical Babies Romance) (Sweet Young Adult Pregnancy Romance)

by Faith Crawford

A pregnant young widow, her daughter and an Amish farmer looking for a bride. Will they find love?

In the year 1895, Mary Ruth Stoltz is pregnant with her second child by her husband Eli. After Eli’s sudden death, she moves in with the Bishop and his wife, members of the Amish community that Eli belonged to.

When no suitable man is found in the community for Mary Ruth to marry, the Bishop informs Mary Ruth that a widower in a community a day’s journey away, is looking for a mail order bride and that she will be going to meet him. If the match is good, she will stay to have her baby and be a mother to his five children, as well as her young daughter and newborn.

The move to the new community proves to be easier than the pregnancy itself. Will Mary Ruth find the happiness and healing she needs from her new family, as well as providing what they need from her? Only time will tell.

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Theology of the Body in Simple Language

by Pope John Paul II

A combined Kindle edition of 3 books — “Body and Gift,” “Purity of Heart,” and “Heaven and Earth” — paraphrasing 86 of Pope John Paul II’s talks on the theology of the body into easy-to-understand English.

“Masterfully distills the essence of the pope’s talks.” — National Catholic Register

“An absolute ‘must have’ for Catholic Studies reference and resource shelves.” — Midwest Book Review

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Adult Romance: Forbidden Seduction – Romantic Love Story Anthology from Amish to Science Fiction XXX Bedtime Romance Novels

by Lady Aingealicia

‘She was dressed in a silk purple short night set that he picked out for her. She brought him the papers and he touched her leg. She knew that at that point, if she stood still his hand would trace up the back of her leg and he would find the soft spot between her folds and caress her to the point of shuddering..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Group, New Adult, inspirational, romance, short story, short stories

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