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Mail Order Bride Romance: A Pregnant Bride: (A Clean Inspirational Contemporary Western Pregnancy Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Left pregnant, widowed and alone, Lily found herself on a train ride to nowhere.

One new encounter opens up a whole new world of possibilities, of a future that might actually be a happy one, and this feeling becomes even stronger when a handsome man named Doss McKelvey enters her life. However, when his best friend decides that he wants Lily to be his and no one else’s, trouble starts brewing. And on top of it all, how will Lily reveal her sordid past to Doss and still remain in his heart?

What follows is a heart-warming story of those all too human characteristics: love, betrayal, succumbing to anger and finally, forgiveness.

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Mail Order Bride Romance: Anne And The Baby: (A Clean Historical Baby Inspirational Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

Anne is a good girl. She and Pa were the backbone of her family

But when Pa passes away, all of the responsibility is put on Anne’s shoulders. When she is challenged with caring for a stranger’s baby, her troubles become even more complex.

She does her best to keep the family above water, but it’s never enough. Her mother decides it’s time for a different solution and sells her daughter as a mail-order bride. Anne is in love with her teacher, and is devastated to leave her home and her love behind — but she agrees to go West to save her family.

The journey West is treacherous, and Anne will face gunfights, bandits and everything in between. While she loses so much along the way, a tiny gift from God (a sweet baby!) will make it all seem worth it.


I love Levi dearly, and I can’t imagine living without him. He always told me God had a plan for me, but I can’t help but wonder if this is the right path.


I should have told her I loved her. What do I do now? My only choice is to chase after her and right these wrongs. I know that God wants me to find her. I never should have let her go. Hold on, Anne! I’m coming!

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Mail Order Bride: A Bride for the Widowed Rancher with a Baby Girl (Texas Brides and Babies Book 1)

by Emily Woods

A Sweet Western Romance from #1 Best Selling Author Emily Woods

After tragedy strikes Roxie’s family in New York, she is forced to go West as a mail order bride. On the way to her betrothed, she gets stuck in Alanreed, Texas where she soon learns God may have other plans for her.

James Granger is also the victim of tragedy and is now stuck raising his baby daughter all alone. He never hoped to love again . . . until a beautiful stranger gets stranded at his ranch.

When Roxie and James get thrown together, both of their lives get turned upside down in a way they never expected. When Roxie’s best friend steps in to save the day, they both learn that God can make a happy ending even when things seem impossible.

This book is a clean, western, historical, romance short story. It is a complete story, but it is also part of the Texas Brides and Babies series. Be sure to read them all – in any order!

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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Amish Romance: Sisters of Faith (Clean Western Romance) (Historical Inspirational Romance Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a sweet/clean Amish Christian Romance with no explicit scenes, with a surprise BONUS inside!

CAUTION: While the main book is clean, some bonus stories may contain explicit scenes!

Hannah and Miriam Miller are two sisters. They do everything together, and always have.

Ever since their mother passed away when they were young, Miriam made it a point to turn Hannah into a younger version of herself, and she would have succeeded.

There is just one issue.

Hannah is her own person. She has her own skills, her own mind, and her own likesâ?¦which becomes a problem when they both like the same man!

Who is going to be the one to get the guy? The girl with all of the skills and the tricks of the trade, or the girl who has a heart of gold?

Only one of them can marry the man of their dreams, but the choice is his to make. Which of them is he going to pick?

Will their father even give his blessing on the marriage?

Romance: Seduction Romance Collection Box Set – Bad Boy Secret Babies (Contemporary Spanking Virgin Rock Star Romance) (Sports American Pregnancy Western Cowboy Firefighter Series Anthologies)



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This collection includes:
– Strike to the Heart
– Can’t Go Back
– Billionaire’s Touch
– The Live-Ins
– My Bossy Billionaire
– The Doctor’s Order
– Billionaires’ Charm
– Betsy
– My Stepbrother
– Finding Her Bear
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ROMANCE: Christian Romance *UnSEALED FATE* Religious Inspirational Bad Boy Second Chance Romance (Military Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Romance)

by A. Atkins

Clean and Wholesome BONUS Books Included

>>>Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited<<< Clint is an honorable Navy SEAL, on leave from tour of duty to say his final respects to the last remaining member of his family

Having lost his memory after a terrible car crash, Clint was cared for by the State, going from Foster home to Foster home.

Tessa is a beautiful spirit, all be it somewhat naive at times, having been fooled more than once by her philandering boyfriend Liam

But, Tessa finds herself somehow talked in to repeatedly giving him chance after chance at reconciliation. But it seems the final straw has finally come.

Liam, bad-boy billionaire and heart-breaker is devilishly handsome, yet even more devilish in his sweet talking and scheming ways

He finds he has everything to lose, should girlfriend Tessa and best bud Clint make each other acquaintance, and they do; after Clint arrives at Liam’s yacht in tears only to find Tessa rushing out in tears.

As fate would have it, life catches up with Liam. What unravels is a compelling tale of betrayal, manipulation, and injustice soon about to do a 180 in this suspense-filled, mysterious clean love story, when truth, faith and honor prevail.

Note: Mature content referred to, no explicit content included.


Bonus Stories Inside


Tags: ROMANCE Christian Romance Christian Inspirational Second Chance Romance Military Contemporary Clean Romance

Landchester Amish Love: Charlotte and Adam (Amish Romance) (Landchester Amish Love Series Book 5)

by Esther Weaver

How do you make your heart search for love when you’ve already found it?

Charlotte was lucky: she found the match to her soul without much looking. Henry was everything she could have asked for, and they were on the brink of beginning their new life together. But when tragedy strikes, she must find a way to move on. But moving on from love proves more difficult than she ever would have imagined, and she’ll need more than time and more than the love of her family to do it.

Amish Romance: A Prayer for Guidance (Wholesome Christian Inspirational Romance) (Sweet Hope and Faith Clean New Adult Short Stories)

by Hannah Springer

**This is a Sweet Clean Standalone Amish Short Story Romance**

Rachael’s mother has just died and her father is worried about his youngest daughter. At sixteen she is just about to embark on her Rumspringa. Having already formed a strong attachment to a thoughtful young man called Isaac, she is less than thrilled by her father’s belief that she should spend this time with her aunt Martha and Cousin Sarah who live in an Amish community by the Coast. But after much persuasion she agrees to the visit, despite her misgivings and feelings for Isaac. Perhaps she will enjoy her time with Sarah, who is a year older than Rachael, halfway through her own Rumspringa and more worldly wise and rebellious than herself. She guesses she will find out soon enough!

They meet a group of Englisch boys and Rachael starts to fall for one particular boy called Mike and so begins a greater inner turmoil than she has ever known. She quickly realizes that this battle between Isaac and Mike for space in her heart in so many ways is just a reflection of a much deeper questioning of her very faith, beliefs and way of life.

It is in the midst of this inner conflict at this pivotal time in her life that Rachael prays for guidance. Is her place to be in this exciting new world, experiencing it all alongside Mike? Or should she return and profess her love and admiration for Isaac, who has always been there?

Find out how Rachael’s prayers are answered in the most unlikely of ways and how her faith ultimately helps her find clarity in the midst of her heart’s greatest confusionâ?¦


Adam: The Mirror of the Almighty (The Fall of Man Series Book 0)

by Brennan McPherson

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Before nations, tribes, or families existed, there was one man: Adam. Formed from the dust of the ground and the breath of the Creator, this is the story of how he came to Life, and finally chose Death.

Based on Genesis 2 and 3, Adam is the prequel to the daring Fall of Man series of biblical fiction novels based on Genesis, and a thought-provoking and richly drawn retelling of the Creation and Fall of Man.

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