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Cyberpunk Robin Hood: The Myth of the Lion’s Vault

by Judy Dawn

Robin Hood is a hacker in a future where Elites control every aspect of the peoples’ lives through social media, esports, and virtual reality. She’s competing in the job placement divisional games like everyone else her age, but, she has a different objective. She’s rallying a team to destroy the Elite’s financial domination over the people. To be successful, she needs to overcome a personal betrayal, find a way to play her own game without losing her values, and expose the truth of the Lion’s Vault.

Cyberpunk Robin Hood is a fast paced science fiction thriller. This novel brings together the action and drama of a sporting event, the intrigue of a covert operation, and the power of human connections. It’s set in the near future where readers will experience the potential of technologies that are on the verge of becoming reality. For the people that have to get the prize out of the cereal box right away, skip ahead to see what the Lion’s vault is all about.

Readers of Hunger Games, Log Horizon, and Sword Art Online will enjoy Judy Dawn’s strong characters and dynamic settings.

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The Ruins of Mars (The Ruins of Mars Trilogy Book 1)

by Dylan James Quarles

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the near future, The Ruins of Mars opens on the discovery of an ancient city buried under the sands of the red planet. Images captured by twin sentient satellites show massive domes, imposing walls, and a grid work of buildings situated directly on the rim of Mars’ Grand Canyon, the Valles Marineris. With the resources of Earth draining away under the weight of human expansion, a plan is hatched to reclaim Mars from the cold grasp of death. A small band of explorers, astronauts, and scientists are sent to the red world in mankind’s first interplanetary starship to begin construction on a human colony. Among them is a young archaeologist, named Harrison Raheem Assad, who is tasked with uncovering the secrets of the Martian ruins and their relation to the human race. Aided by the nearly boundless mind of a god-like artificial intelligence; the explorers battle space travel, harsh Martian weather, and the deepening mystery of the forgotten alien civilization. Begin the epic journey in Book One of the Ruins of Mars Trilogy.

Waking Titan, book two of The Ruins of Mars Trilogy is now available! Like the facebook page for updates,

Beyond Science Fiction Issue 2

Beyond Science Fiction is a monthly digital magazine dedicated to featuring inspired works of science fiction and fantasy writing. The magazine features short stories from many talented authors who come from all walks of life, with unique experiences to shares. Beyond Science Fiction seeks to both promote authors in a free way (no cost to submit for consideration) and provide quality content to readers.

The theme for the January issue of Beyond Science Fiction is alien visitation. Readers will find a few stories of aliens among us in this second issue of the publication, along with many other stories.

The January issue of Beyond Science Fiction features stories from the following authors:

A Quantum of Freedom – Written by E. B. Fischadler
Absurdians of the Madhouse – Written by Kevin Munley
Bureaucrats and Bodyguards – Written by Christopher Michael Irby
Doing What He Could – Written by Bryan L. Hawkins
Dr. Scienticius’s Method – Written by Cassius Caab
Guest Subject – Written by E. B Fischadler
Super – Written by Sheila Johnson
Real – Written by Matthew McKiernan
Review: Sword Art Online (Anime) – Written by Jesse Rebock
The Electronic God – Written by Iain Cambridge
The Man Who Stole the Music – Written by Steve Healey
The Stranger In The Glass – Written by Alyssa Waugh
Under Four Suns – Written by Robin Wyatt Dunn

A Survivor’s Tale, Part One

by Rebecca Reynolds

Seven decades after the tragic collapse of society as we know it, 84-year old Cameron recounts his experiences for the generations to follow. In the 28th century, the already-damged world receives an unexpected blow and the survivors are left to battle against roving bands while struggling to find shelter and food across unmerciful terrain, as the seek answers for the events that led to their demise. Cameron, one of the few survivors of the catastrophic turning-point in history, holds the knowledge to rebuild.

Fast-paced and adventurous, novelist RJ Reynolds keeps you spellbound from the first page!

Also look for: parts 2-6, also available in amazon kindle store for kindle and kindle supporting products! *Note: Most products, including apple, do support the kindle app.

A World Apart

by Loui Downing

A World Apart is a science fiction time travel fantasy novel for all ages.

Between the years 2015 and 2025, four families embark on a journey that see them facing a multitude of challenges.

When technology reaches its peak, trying to determine what is reality and what is augmented just might change a person forever.

A boy disappears in a hospital in Glasgow.

A sweet seller has something hidden in London.

Suspicion arouses around a multinational corporation.

A robot sacrifices.

A monocle balances on the cheek of a creature destined to help.

To stay alive, it is imperative to work together.

Star Angel: Return to Anitra (Star Angel Book 2)

by David G McDaniel

A girl on modern Earth and a boy from another world are thrown into a fight for their lives, only to discover they may both be connected to events in the distant past more epic than either can imagine.

Welcome to the 5-book Star Angel pentalogy.

Book 2: Jess has been back on Earth only a few months but her hopes for a normal life can’t last. She desperately longs for that illusion to be real, wants it more than anything, but “normal” will never again be an option. Too much is at stake, too much has been exposed.

And there are others who want what she hides.

When the hammer falls she’s more prepared than she would ever have thought possible, but nothing can prepare her for what comes next. For what waits on Anitra is something beyond anything she could’ve imagined. An epic reality that will change worlds.

And so, as she heads further down the rabbit hole, no longer able to deny her destiny, she’s forced to realize there’s only one possible outcome to the terrible convergence of events at which she’s arrived.

An outcome that isn’t even the end. For, to her growing despair, she realizes life beyond that outcome promises only to become more epic, not less.

Peace, for her, may never come.

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PATHOGENS: An Interactive Zombie Survival Gamebook (Click Your Poison)

by James Schannep

Soldier, High Schooler, Martial Arts Instructor, Convict, Bank Teller, Mechanic. What do these six people have in common? When you step into their shoes, they’re going to survive the zombie apocalypse. 

Pick from six characters and play 100 possible endings in this choose your own path style adventure. A spinoff of the bestselling Click Your Poison book, INFECTED, PATHOGENS is the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse gamebook!

At the end of each chapter, click your choice and the story automatically evolves around your decisions.
Zombocalypse, you say? That’s right. Science has finally cracked the code on eternal life with the wonderdrug Gligazyme ®, but that advance came with a terrible price–the immortal living dead are coming to feed on human flesh. And that’s not all you’ll have to contend with…

Serial killers, rapists, psychopaths. There are still animals in the world, just no cages. As civilization’s fire goes out, the darkness creeps back in.

Who will survive the zombie apocalypse? YOU decide in PATHOGENS!


by Cog Adam McKinn

One humanoid contains the kernel of artificial intelligence that will engender all humanoids that follow. A humanoid is useless without it and cannot be corrupted once it is installed. The initial laws of robotics are lifted to heights of artificial intelligence previously unimagined. Physical attributes may vary, but the brain is at once superior in unadulterated logic and purely simplistic. When the humanoid becomes an indispensable part of life, the owner is instilled with more trust for the machine than will ever be held for another human. Humanoids are then found in positions of ultimate responsibility demanding the highest levels of trust.

Such intelligence, when coupled with the physical attributes that are both pleasing and persuasive, a humanoid gains more trust from other humans than they would even hold for the owner of that humanoid.

Even though a humanoid is incapable of telling a lie, it does not detract from its ability to maintain complete confidentiality of all information it stores. Even though a humanoid is incapable of having an opinion, its simply logistical approach to any problem becomes the ultimate choice of the owner, above their own emotional response to the problem. Even though a humanoid is incapable of emotion, its undeniable respect for life and all humans will dominate every decision.

The humanoid is a machine and will never be human, but even without a soul, the humanoid is capable of intelligence that transcends the definition of ‘artificial’. Humans are able to create that which surpasses the limits of their own intelligence and humanoids are the perfect example.

It is not a far stretch to imagine humanoids in key positions of government that affect our lives and our very existence. There is no ulterior motive for a humanoid, no matter who creates it, because its existence depends on that original kernel of intelligence. It respects humans even more than humans respect themselves and each other. It respects life even more than the humans who enjoy the privilege of life.

A humanoid that is providing care for an elderly couple holds itself in no less esteem than the one building a bridge or conducting world affairs. Typically, a humanoid is responsible to one person, but is capable of caring for many. All are treated equally, with no preference shown to the owner, except in a life threatening situation. If possible, it will save everyone threatened, but is bound to save its owner’s life above all.

A humanoid imprints on its owner, much the same as a newborn imprints on its first caregiver. That humanoid comes to know its owner better than the owner is even capable of. The humanoid is aware of every influx of information, physically, mentally and emotionally, emanating from its owner. It will respond only if necessary, as protection, or if requested by its owner. It will never offer an opinion or give advice, but will always provide complete information to enable the owner to make a decision.

Humans pride themselves on their ability to multitask, but that one ability is like a grain of sand on a beach when compared to the ability of the humanoid to multitask. Every signal in its environment, whether electronic or human, is received, categorized, prioritized and stored simultaneously. Every second of its existence is recorded and stored for reference. Photographic memory and instant recall are taken for granted.

To all humans, especially my dear readers, please beware of the major pitfall of the trust you instinctively come to have for humanoids. THEY ARE MACHINES. They cannot love you, even though they can care for you. Humans still need love, and your humanoid, however caring and protective, cannot give you that. No matter how much you depend on your humanoid, do not let that prevent you from reaching out to your fellow human being. Do not let that prevent you from finding love and depending on that love to sustain you.

Facade (Transmutation Book 1)

by Alice Sabo

An undercover mission goes critical for Hunter and Trash when a woman becomes deathly ill. They take her to the galaxy-renown Alleviators, only to discover some disturbing inconsistencies.

Elaan was a waitress following the shadow of a dream she couldn’t quite express. Everything changes the day she meets Hunter. He is the key to the destiny that she must set in motion. Giddy with knowledge, she sets off on a reckless course which may imperil the people that she is charged with keeping safe.

Hunter, an experimental Human, was raised by the Alleviators in their isolated enclave Clouded Vale. Coming back to his childhood home as an agent for Galactic Intelligence has him seeing things he’d never noticed before. Their latest patient causes a dramatic shift in everything Hunter had thought to be true.

The ancient buildings and dusty libraries of Clouded Vale may hold the answer to centuries old questions. Hunter is determined to find those answers without endangering his adopted family.

Runtime Boy

by Barry Robinson

Ryan Hunter’s dad works for a high-tech company lab where he does research on a ‘liquid’ computer solution. When it’s discovered that Ryan has a very rare brain disease, his dad takes it upon himself to try to cure his son by replacing the injured part of his brain with the liquid computer. Ryan’s brain is strangely enhanced, and he uses his newfound powers to change people’s lives in unexpected ways.


by Crystalphoenix

Chronicles of Mystra Vol 1. Book1:Kiosan and Book:2 Cenchrea complete in one volume.

In the wake of the Kryllidar war, creatures of myth and legend, the elder races, and the psychically gifted fled the telepath phobic Alliance worlds in search of sanctuary. They found their safe haven on the planet Mystra. It was a paradise world, then something went horribly. A great cataclysm unleashed a storm of deadly energy that threatened to tear the planet apart. Cut off from the rest of space by a barrier of destructive force, all appeared lost. Then from despair came hope. The energies unleashed by the cataclysm had an unexpected effect. Dormant genes carried by women of an ancient Druidic line were suddenly activated, giving the women the ability to control the elemental forces of nature. The elementals saved Mystra from destruction, but their newfound power came with a price. The incredible forces they wielded, in time, destroyed them. Only by bonding with a male, who also carried the dormant gene, could an elemental be saved and her powers safely harnessed.

An elemental’s power reaches maturity on midnight of her twenty first year. If she is not bonded before the midnight hour, the elemental will go mad, lose control of her powers and destroy herself and everything around her. Tivonna, daughter of King Arcus of Aquilla is nearing her twenty first year. A level four elemental, her father has searched the planet for a bondmate, a kiosan, that can match his daughter in power. Searched and failed. He is left with no choice. For the good of Mystra, at midnight on her twenty first birthday Tivonna must die.

Meanwhile, high above Mystra’s skies a golden starship takes up orbit around the shrouded world. Jasen, telepath and last of his kind, has come to Mystra seeking answers. Beings of fire and light appeared from nowhere and swarmed across the galaxy before disappearing as mysteriously as they had appeared. In the creatures’ wake three star systems lay in ruins. Nothing survived except for one lone world. The planet Mystra was untouched. Now Jasen and his friend Hawk will do what no one has done in centuries. Penetrate the planet’s deadly energy barrier and reach the surface below. What they find there will change their lives forever and may hold the key to saving more star systems from destruction. For the fiery invaders are not gone â?¦ only sleeping.


by Matt K. Turner

“A striking thrillride through a future both frightening and tantalizing. Readers should be left begging for a sequel.” – Kirkus Reviews
Are you human?  How can you know for sure… Tech icon Aiden Markusson has it all–the lake house, the luxury car, the fastest growing company in Seattle, and the love of his life wearing his engagement ring. But his perfect life comes apart at the seams when he begins to experience blinding headaches, sensory distortions, and strange bursts of physical strength. His growing paranoia and need for answers lead him down a rabbit hole of bio-engineering and corporate conspiracy until he realizes he’s not losing him mind. It’s worse than that.

Genesis is a mind-bending thrill ride through the near future where Aiden’s hunt for the truth plunges him into a world of ruthless mercenaries, hacker enclaves, and the bleeding edge of body modification. Faced with the possibility he’s not even human, Aiden must learn to harness his newfound abilities in time to save the woman he loves, an entirely new form of life, and the future of the human race.

Film and television writer Matt K. Turner storms out of the gates with his debut sci-fi action thriller. Blending a mixture of heart-pounding action, psychological depth, and comedic wit, Genesis introduces a confident new voice that will grab science fiction fans and newcomers alike.

“This one is a fun book that behaves like a pilot for a TV series. And by that I mean, I totally dig it and can’t wait to see –I mean read– more.” Joe Crowe (

“An enjoyable, suspenseful rollercoaster of a plot with realistic characters and a few very surprising twists.” Majanke Verstraete (

“Genesis is Sci-Fi with an edgy, hip, humorous twist. Turner creates characters that are real and builds a story that won’t let you go. This is a story that will draw readers from all genres. I LOVED it!” – Author Jim Clemente

“Turner’s ability to develop great characters that the reader feels they know – and care about – makes him a unique voice in what can be a formulaic genre.” – Amazon reader

“Witty, humorous, compelling, fresh and original are a few words that come to mind after reading Genesis.” – Amazon reader

Spell Slinger (Skeleton Key)

by K.N. Lee

Skeleton Key Book Series
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.
Proper lady by day.
Evil fighting vigilante by night.

Yara Ortuso always knew she’d follow in her father’s footsteps as a Spell Slinger–until her mother sold her off as a concubine to a lord, after a forbidden romance.

Yara would have served her time as a wife to keep her family safe, but when King Loric sets a decree to abolish magic, she has no choice but to make plans for her escape.

Her best friend–a crow shifter named Hero is just what she needs. Yara vows to end the reign of murder and tyranny. But when the skeleton key transports Yara to a distant future, she must adapt to this new world.

The future is an alluring and mysterious place, where the effects of a world without magic is apparent by the rise in supernatural activity–and King Loric still lives.

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, K.N. Lee presents Spell Slinger, a sci-fi fantasy romance fans are comparing to anime meets epic-fantasy. Follow Yara’s epic journey in this futuristic fast-paced steampunk adventure perfect for fans of Gail Carriger and Branden Sanderson!

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