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Ketogenic Diet: The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution To Kickstart a Healthy Mind and Body in Less Than a Month

by Tim Bartlett

The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Book which is backed by SCIENCE! No Hype, Fluff or Filler!

Do you want to genuinely lose weight with the most effective fat loss solution? Then you need to discover this Ketogenic Diet Solution

This book has been expertly crafted to bring you the finest Ketogenic Diet book available. From start to finish you’ll be in the best hands as I show you the most effective way to lose weight and completely revolutionise your entire life!

Discover how you can finally shed away those unwanted pounds and feel great at the same time by utilising a science backed diet solution.

Here’s Some of the Things You’ll Discover Inside this Exciting New Ketogenic Diet Book:

  • Why you NEED to start the Ketogenic Diet right now
  • Understand the Science behind this and how to use it to your advantage
  • What YOU should do and what you should NOT do on the Ketogenic Diet (Critically important not to make the mistakes that others have with poor advice)
  • Discover how to get started in the most effective way, enabling you to succeed with your fat loss goals
  • The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet plan – This is killer information that YOU need to know
  • Delicious and EASY Ketogenic Diet recipes that you can start right away
  • Effective Ketogenic exercises to put your fat loss on high speed!
  • Plus TONS more inside this MUST HAVE book!

    Once you start to see the benefits of this then you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve with this Ketogenic Diet solution… and best of all… in less than a month!

    Not only can you lose fat but you will also create a healthy mind and body. The result of this is TONS more energy….. Improved focus…. Younger looking skin…. I could go on but I will let the book enlighten you further.

    So put this Ultimate Ketogenic Diet solution to the test and Take action today and download this book for a limited time only!

  • SURE FIRE Self Help & Knowledge of Health Care.: Cost Effective

    by Crystal Mary Lindsey


    This is not a LOVE book. Rather it’s a “HELP you Conquer” book. How can that be so? Because none of us want to be sick, hurt ourselves, contact a chronic illness, or die. What we want doesn’t matter, because bad things still happen.

    Do you crave to come out of the DARKNESS of fear and into the LIGHT of understanding about disease and sickness? To discover HOW you can HELP yourself and others? This book is for the layman to acquire knowledge about certain accidents, injuries, and illnesses. What to do when you or a loved one is struck down. How to help yourself and others, with valuable links included for further knowledge. I have completed the research for you. The chapters are short – to the point and self-explanatory. You know right from the beginning what you will find inside. There are no hidden agenda, but there is lots of money-saving knowledge. Read on to connect quickly with Links.

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    by Aristomenis Dimitrios Tourvas

    A short and accessible guide to insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), a condition that is rapidly on the rise. Written by a doctor, it is full of useful information on how to avoid or reverse the onset of insulin resistance, as well as explanations of the diagnostic tests used to identify the condition. Packed with tips on nutrition and exercise, it is a must-have for all.

    100 Days of Awe: Breathtaking Moments for a Catch-Your-Breath World

    This is a “coffee table” book for an iPad and Kindle world! Page through more than 100 gorgeous nature photographs by the award-winning author and photographer, and remember that spellbinding, soul-nourishing natural beauty is all around us…if we just slow down to look.

    Bad Cells: A collection of thought-provoking essays and witty newspaper columns.

    by Chris Geiger

    Chris Geiger is the author of the top selling book ‘The Cancer Survivors Club’ published by OneWorld Publications.

    Bad Cells is a collection of Chris Geiger’s thought-provoking and witty newspaper columns. His weekly column rapidly grew in popularity, eventually earning him the prestigious Columnist of the Year award.

    He writes about such random subjects as our attitude towards breasts, dog walkers, death, high fibre diets, cosmetic surgery, car alarms, prostate examinations, the Queen’s speech, celebrities, and assisted suicide. Other observations include Wimbledon, doctor’s waiting rooms and suggestions that smokers are “dumb or dyslexic” for ignoring the health warnings on packets.

    With an introduction and extra column written exclusively for this collection, Bad Cells is titled after a movingly reflective piece, describing his thoughts when first diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer.

    Bad Cells includes Chris Geiger’s wide-reaching Guinness World Record column, published on World Cancer Day and an excerpt of his top selling book â??The Cancer Survivors Club’.

    What You Must Know About Breast Implants

    by Ben Simpson

    ��������Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider.��������

    NCLEX: Pharmacology for Nurses: 100 Practice Questions with Rationales to help you Pass the NCLEX!: Created by a team of NCLEX Trainers

    by Nursing Aids

    Pharmacology is one of the most challenging subjects in nursing, not only because there is over a thousand drugs out there in the market to be familiar with, but also because pharmacology is a part of every aspect of patient care. In fact, it is a hefty part of medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, maternal and child, geriatrics, hospice, psychiatric nursing and even community nursing. When flipping through the pages of a 3-inch thick drug handbook, would-be nurses feel a great sense of frustration. They ask themselves, “How do I study this?”, “Which information should I focus on?”.

    A proven strategy in becoming successful in Pharmacology is familiarizing oneself with the drugs. One way of doing this is to answer as many NCLEX-style questions on Pharmacology as you can and then study their rationales. This narrows down concepts to the most significant ones. Another strategy is to look at concepts that deal with safety issues. Many questions revolve around safety. It is the primary concern in Pharmacology. Have there been new drugs introduced in the last 3-5 years? Zero-in on that, too. Do research on certain issues that actually happened in real life that greatly affected patient outcomes.

    These strategies are going to work wonders in achieving your goals in becoming a registered nurse, but to dig into books just to look for concepts that deal with safety, and doing research on true-to-life accounts are too time consuming.

    This is the main reason why you need this 100-question booklet. The reliability of this booklet is ensured because nursing instructors who are experts in the field of Pharmacology developed the questions themselves. Its purpose is to serve as a very useful tool in familiarizing aspiring nurses with the concepts. More importantly, it gives a fair head start in the NCLEX review because the instructors have done the digging and the research part for you!

    Here in this book, you will have a compilation of questions that revolve around safety and positive patient outcomes. It will also feature new approved drugs and the concerns in their use. It will also include current topics on Pharmacology, with up-to-date information that will most likely come out in the NCLEX examination. It will give you the right concepts, and it will save you time especially during the hectic days of NCLEX preparation. So get your head start now!

    Pranayama: Master the Art of Pranayama Breathing and the Ujjayi Breath (Yoga Breathing Techniques)

    by Adriana Sobi-Wilderman

    If you want to learn various Pranayama and Ujjayi breathing exercises and enjoy the numerous physical, emotional, and mental benefits of practicing breath control, then this book is for you!

    If you’ve ever taken classes in meditation or hatha yoga, then chances are you’ve heard the word “pranayama” mentioned at some point or another. Other similar terms include “breath control,” “pranic breathing,” “yoga breathing,” and “energy expansion.” Whatever the case, they’re generally referring to the same thing. Prana is the Sanskrit word for “breath” or “life force,” but it can also mean “vital energy,” as well as “spirit.” Ayama means “to extend” or “to draw out,” though it can also mean “restraint,” “control,” or even “stopping,” in some cases. There are proven mental, emotional, and physical rewards for those who practice pranayama. The relationship between breath and the autonomic nervous system has long been understood by doctors. The same applies to the breath’s relationship to digestion, respiration, heart rate, brain function, sexual arousal, and so much more. This ebook will teach you how to practice numerous specific breath control exercises on your own. Although pranayama is usually practiced together with hatha yoga, martial arts, and meditation, it can also stand on its own because of its many benefits, which will also be presented in this ebook. You can take what you learn from this ebook into your regular yoga practice, meditation exercises, or simply use these exercises for a mental pause and recovery whenever needed.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • What You Need to Know Before Beginning
    • Adham Pranayama (Abdominal Breath)
    • Nadhi Sodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breath)
    • Surya and Chandra Bedhana Pranayama (Sun and Moon Piercing Breath)
    • Ujjayi Pranayama (Victorious or Conquering Breath)
    • Kapalbhati and Bhastrika Pranayama (Shining Skull and Bellows Breath)
    • Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breath)
    • Sitali and Sitkari Pranayama (Cooling and Sipping or Hissing Breath)
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

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