Free fantasy Kindle books for 23 Aug 16

Mistress of Masks: Catalysts of Chaos, Book 1

by C. Greenwood

An ancient evil has awakened in Earth Realm. The dead are rising, the oracles haven fallen silent, and foul creatures are devastating the baselands. When the dark sorcerer, Rathnakar, escapes his tomb, the First Mother chooses three champions to become the saviors of their time.

The hopeful adherent, Eydis, wants nothing more than to lead a life of solitary devotion within the sheltered walls of a seclusionary. But when her pilgrimage to a sacred grove ends in a vision of the end of the world, she realizes the Mother requires a more dangerous service from her. Seeking the catalysts prophecy says can overcome chaos, she aligns herself with a notorious traitor, Orrick of Kroad, and Geveral, a dryad mage who has yet to tame his powers. Together, can the three unlikely heroes thwart Rathnakar and the wave of darkness threatening to devour their world?

The Catalysts of Chaos Series:

Book 1 ~ Mistress of Masks
Book 2 ~ Betrayer of Blood
Book 3 ~ Summoner of Storms
Book 4 ~ Clash of Catalysts *Coming Soon*

Souldancer (Soul Cycle Book 2)

by Brian Niemeier

The Dragon Award-nominated novel by the 2016 Campbell Award nominee for Best New Writer

Brian Niemeier’s highly praised debut novel Nethereal introduced a captivating, mysterious world. Book 2 of the Soul Cycle unveils its secrets.

Twenty years after the old world ended in fire, Xander Sykes travels the deserts of a drastically changed Mithgar. His fascination with the world he never knewâ??along with his strange abilitiesâ??divides him from his clan. But otherworldly forces interrupt his exile.

Pursued by enemies from above and beneath the world, Xander bands together with an ambassador from hell, his heavenly bodyguard, and a reformed guildsman seeking to right his order’s wrongs.

The search for answers leads to a vast, decaying city haunted by a presence as tormented as it is deadly. Xander finds a survivor who may give purpose to his nameless longingâ??if he can help her escape the terror that stalks them both.


by Rachel McClellan

After literally stumbling over a dead body in the high school’s locker room, Claire’s life takes a deadly turn. Not only is a creepy security guard suddenly following her from Bodian Dynamics, the town’s highly secretive medical research facility, but also a new kid in town with sinister motives has become dangerously obsessed with her. Even worse? Claire learns the boy is merely an evil alter ego of someone she cares about, and the only way she will survive is if she kills him.

Albert desperately wants to escape his abusive home life. He hopes drinking from the vial he stole from Bodian Dynamics will give him temporary solace. But instead of comfort, something else unleashes inside of him, something powerful and deadly. He tries to control it, especially when his new alter ego sets his sights on Claire, the girl he loves, but his addiction proves too strong. His only hope is for someone to kill him, a near impossible feat.

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