Free horror Kindle books for 23 Aug 16

The Dragon Beshrewed (Tatterwing Book 1)

by M.M. Stauffer

It’s common enough for a book of dragons to center on a young wizard harnessing his power, or a knightly lad (usually a farmhand) learning to vanquish evil. The Merlins and Arthurs, if you will. Too rarely do we get to glimpse the other side of the coin. The Madam Mims and Morgan le Fays certainly had their own humble beginnings, but those stories are seldom told. Those climbs to power are somehow neglected.

But within the pages of The Tatterwing Chronicles you’ll find such a story. A story of a young girl taking her first steps to becoming a notorious witch known as Tatterwing. A story of her rise to power, her flirtation with the darkness, and her tendency to ride the line between hero and villain as the odds stack against her.

Book one finds young Medo as a child of thirteen living deep in the bowels of the swamp, before she’s seen the outside world. Before anyone has heard her name.

Amnesia (Free Nightmares Book 11)

by Travis Mays

The eleventh short horror story in the free nightmares series. Be the victim of a tragic accident and wake up in the hospital after a six week coma, then learn how drastically things you believe to be real can suddenly change for the worse…

Five Terrifying Tales

by Samuel Brower

This collection contains only the horror stories from Samuel Brower’s previously released “Works of Short Fiction” anthology. Included in this edition are two novelettes featuring paranormal investigator H. H. Horowitz; a story about a young couple who purchase a strange antique with a terrible past; a tale surrounding the unexplained deaths of a popular hiking and camping spot; and a story of revenge from beyond the grave. This collection was put together for those who enjoy Brower’s horror and dark fiction, but not necessarily the other genres he covers in his anthology.

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