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Bury the Lie

by Lili Benkel-Bergman

A young woman is forced to deal with the past in order to create her future.

Yasmin, a beautiful and ambitious Tel Avivian journalist, meets Nir, a wealthy doctor who is a second generation to the Holocaust, like herself. Yasmin is very successful at her job, but at the same time feels herself entrapped in her personal life, unable to break free from the walls she has built to protect herself.

Does her past live through her, or does she live through her past?

Encouraged by her therapist, and despite her father’s eager objections, Yasmin joins Nir on a trip to Vienna, only a few miles from Mauthausen Concentration Camp, where both their parents where imprisoned. Unlike Yasmin’s father, who was always eager to talk about the Holocaust, Nir’s mother kept her memories to herself, making the Holocaust ever present in her penetrating silence. Now, she hands them a mysterious letter to be delivered on their visit. A few days later, they will board the flight home after a drama that will change their lives forever.

Remember, forget, love.

Bury the lie is a gripping and multilayered novel that questions the norms and boundaries of emotional therapy, and of our relationships with others and with ourselves. A fascinating read that will catch you from page one and linger long after.

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The 20-Somethings

by Daniel Simms

The 20-Somethings is a highly erratic exploration of the creative, transcendent, and at times oppressive authorial mind, swayed by the breezes of life, leisure, and longing. It dives willingly into what it means to create, to bring outsiders into that inner world that is so private and dark by nature.
Throughout the protagonist’s journey from pondering to pages, readers will find those things that are perhaps most common to all people: curiosity and reality. As coping with the latter via the former becomes difficult and bizarre, our character confounds and bends reality as authors so often do, struggling to mend those commonalities into one functioning existence.
Among the darkness of mental and creative exploration, the speaker’s sense of humor shines brightly and makes The 20-Somethings enjoyable and light-hearted. Similarly, the social commentary and critique, mainly that on and of mass-production, negativity, and conformity in the 21st Century, remains tame and unobtrusive, especially when received through the casual, colloquial, and humorous voice of the speaker.
The 20-Somethings will appeal to those simply looking for an enjoyable read, and may spike their curiosity for what lies beneath the ostensible thought processes of the speaker. However, it will also satisfy those readers looking for a deeper one, one with meaning and reason that is seemingly lost in an author’s panoply of thoughts.

Lea und Siegfried: Die Geschichte einer Liebe, die nicht sein durfte und doch denkbar war. Erzählung (German Edition)

by Francois Loeb

Eine deutsche Kleinstadt in den Drei�igerjahren: Die jüdische Schülerin Lea ist den Schikanen ihres antisemitischen Biologielehrers Zauss schutzlos ausgeliefert und nur die Liebe ihres Mitschülers Siegfried lindert ihre wachsende Verzweiflung: Trotz drohender Sanktionen tritt er mutig und standhaft für Lea und seine Ideale ein. Einzelne Bürger folgen seinem Beispiel und zeigen sich solidarisch mit der jüdischen Bevölkerung. Die Mehrheit reagiert jedoch mit Wegschauen und schlimmstenfalls Beteiligung am nationalsozialistischen Terror. Ein altes Bergwerk, von Siegfried liebevoll hergerichtet, dient Lea und Siegfried als Zufluchtsort. Hier trifft Siegfried einen folgenschweren Entschluss, der zu einer dramatischen Entwicklung führt.

Her Father’s Daughter (Xist Classics)

by Gene Stratton-Porter

A Fascinating Look at Anti-Asian Bias in the 1920s

While Gene Stratton-Porter is known best for her portrayals of nature in novels like The Girl of the Limberlost, Her Father’s Daughter is a departure from her heartwarming works that are still enjoyed by many readers today. In this novel, a young woman struggles to find her place in society in a story that is overwhelmed by white supremacist rhetoric. Set in California during the 1920’s, this book makes an excellent launching point for a discussion of historical racism and how a community’s views can change over time.

This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This ebook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

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Platino Blindato (Spin Off) (Italian Edition)

by Thomas Melis

Condannato al soggiorno obbligatorio nel centro nord. In una Firenze mai nominata lontana dai tesori artistici e dalla bellezza rinascimentale. Inizia così la storia di Liggio, un meridionale “amico degli amici”, pronto a ricominciare da zero grazie a un linguaggio internazionale: quello dei soldi sporchi. L’incontro con vecchie conoscenze, l’arrivo di nuovi concorrenti e di un’organizzazione sempre più potente, nello scenario della rivoluzione degli equilibri mondiali post 1989 e della mutazione del mercato criminale italiano. In una zona dell’economia preziosa e grigia come platino: come Platino Blindato.

Z. en Lemuria: Saga de Z. (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Firstater

Me salí de la ruta y viví algunas experiencias poco comunes,el paisaje cambió y el resultado fue sorprendente.Yo no pertenezco a las ciudades y me felicito de ello, se que diga lo que diga voy a pasar por loco,una voz propia es solo buena en el teatro.
No conocí a Dios en un libro ni en iglesias yo lo busco en medio de lo que me pasa.
Quieren que creamos que somos cuerpos que al final dejan de funcionar y esa es la muerte y que en la vida no había nada especial,nada ni durante ni después,que nuestra única existencia es social y económica y que la realidad está en las pantallas.
Yo tengo otra explicación.

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