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Dantea’s Hell (Club Amor Book 3)

by Lee Wardlow

The game is Dantea’s Hell.

Dantea Daskala is an unwilling participant in a sadistic game of murder. Innocent people will die if she doesn’t play his game.

I was in hell. A hell of my own making I have to admit it if only to myself and being honest. A deep dark depression that was making my life this living hell. I was doing things that went beyond reason. Out of control. Things that would shock my friends.

I had no family to shock. I was part of the system. I had friends though. Friends that would be disappointed in me. Doing certain things that were dangerous to my own well being.

He was there again. As always, I couldn’t see his face. It was covered by a mask as was mine. We could only see each other’s eyes. His eyes met mine across the room. He walked over to me and took my arm in his hand. The other men knew he got to choose first. I didn’t know what was special about him. I didn’t care as long as he possessed me night after night.

It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement between us until we we removed the masks. Then the game changed.

I was forced into a game of Hell with only this man to protect me. You never know how much love someone until the thought of losing them is a real possibility. You never know who is waiting for you in Hell.

Who will win the game? Dantea or HIM who wants to punish her for her sins?

Not for reader’s under 18.
Although this books is book 3 in Club Amour – it is stand alone and can be read without reading the other novels. Characters from the other novels appear in this book. It is a who done it and a happily ever after kind of book plus some naughtiness on the side.

ROMANCE: Wed To The Monster (Bad Boy MC Biker Romance)(Alpha Male Motorcycle Club Crime Romance) (Contemporary Mystery Thriller And Suspense Romance)

by Sabrina Riley

She’s calling to God, but it’s just me here…


I love to fight and f*ck. Nothing else matters but the thrill of the chase.

Women are to be tasted and cast away, never worth a second sample.

Until I met Mia and she changed everything I thought I knew.

I was going to marry her to keep her safe.

I was going to marry her to make her mine.

She couldn’t tell me no now,

Now that she is my wife.


Leo is a dangerous man, dark, devious good looks and tattooed muscles for days.

I should stay away from men like him, but he was to be my husband.

It was the only way to save me from the mess I was in.

But more than my life was at stake, now he wanted to have my heart as well.

I couldn’t say no to his touch, the whispered words in my ear.

For better or worse, I was his for life.

This is a stand alone novel with a an ultra dominant alpha male. This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Following this MC Biker standalone, various bonus books are included! Enjoy!

Dark Indian Eclipse

by Kelvin Singleton

Only the foolish believe that the Ku Klux Klan is dead in American politics. By the mid-1990’s, under the powerful and far-reaching leadership of Ezra Theodore Krantz, the Ku Klux Klan reconstructs its hierarchy to attain loftier goals. By abandoning mere lynchings, the torching of Black churches, and burning crosses on lawns in the dead of night, these powerful men have set their sights on the near complete infiltration of American Government and the White House. Only then can they place a halt to undesirable immigration and detestable race mixing between Whites and Blacks.

Incumbent Mississippi Governor Judson Martin, the KKK’s best kept secret, prepares to enter the 1996 Presidential Race with the backing of Blacks who see him as an honorable man. However, Ezra T. Krantz is forced to reveal unsavory facts concerning the governor’s daughter. Governor Martin is overwhelmed by shock and utter revulsion when Krantz reveals that his daughter, Dr. Sabrina Martin, has taken an African American attorney as her lover in Atlanta, Georgia. While reeling in the wake of this unwelcome news, Ezra T. Krantz twists the knife on the burning hatred now raging in the governor’s heart when he attests that Dr. Sabrina Martin’s conception is the result of her missing mother’s affair with yet another Black man.

Because he is like a father to Governor Martin, and the undeniable force behind his very successful political rise in Mississippi, the seething father listens as Ezra T. Krantz declares that it is by God’s own decree that Dr. Sabrina Martin and Attorney Keith Williams are sought out and executed before the cancer-ridden patriarch of the KKK succumbs to his advancing illness. Anything less assures Krantz’s damnation, and the malignant organization’s rejection of Governor Martin’s ascension to the United States Presidency and the Supreme Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

On Big Bear Mountain, in the Rockies of Montana, with the impending lunar eclipse upon a place that seems a bit too close to the moon, adversaries will clash in mortal combat between good and evil.

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