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Anger Management: Ultimate Guide for Anger Management, No More Frustration, Irritability, or Losing Your Temper: Master Your Emotions, Start Your Happier and Better Life Today!

by Karen Soloman

Use These Powerful Anger Management Tips Today! Start Positive Thinking, Anger Control, Optimism and Emotion Control Now

This book has actionable information on how to manage your anger.
We all have moments when we have boiling rage when we feel we are just about to lose our cool (or probably lose our cool). Anger is a normal human emotion that we all have. But the good news is that, evolution has hardwired many of us to be able to handle our rage. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have this ability. Something small can annoy us and make us do crazy things that we regret when we cool down. Let me give you a story to make you have an idea of what rage can do and why you should do something about it.
A story is told of a middle-income earner who had just moved in to his dream house with his wife and eight-year-old son. A few weeks after they started living in their house, the man brought home a beautiful car, which he went and bragged to the eight year old how he had just purchased a wonderful â??toy’ for himself along with the family. He went and showed the son the interiors, took him for a ride then when they got back home, he went into the house and left the son outside the house to marvel at the beauty of the new car. Well, the son enjoyed the car but then he thought to himself that he could make daddy’s car a little better. So he went to the garage, picked a hammer and a few nails then he started driving nails into the car’s exterior. When he had just finished making his â??beautiful’ pattern to improve the dad’s car, he ran into the house, picked up his dad and told him â??dad, come and see how I made your car beautiful’. All excited, he ran outside with the father to where the car was. On seeing the car, the father wasn’t exactly impressed at what the son had just done. In his moment of anger, he held the son’s little hands, placed them on a hard surface, picked up the hammer and pounded on the son’s little fingers with all his might while the son was screaming to the top of his lungs for the father to stop. Then the boy passed out as the father was hammering his hands. That’s when the father stopped, picked him up and rushed him to the hospital. The son was admitted in intensive care then the father left and took the car for repair. Several days later, the son gained some consciousness then the father came to see him. The first thing that the son said is; â??did you fix your car?’ After which the father said; â??yes, they will have it fixed within a few days’. The son then replied; â??will I get my fingers and hand fixed in a few days?’ These words pierced through the father’s mind and heart. After talking to the doctors, he was told that the son may take years before he could actually start using his hands. In addition, the scars on his hands would probably never disappear. That day, the father committed suicide for letting a short moment of anger to blur his judgment.

Here is A Review of What You’ll Learn

  • Sources Of Anger
  • Positive Self-Talk Techniques
  • Identify Your Anger Triggers
  • Relaxation
  • Self-Esteem And Confidence
  • Learn To Be Assertive

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MARRIAGE: How to be Better at Marriage and Rebuild Connection, Intimacy, and Love. (Marriage help, Marriage counseling, Love, Intimacy, Marriage tips)

by Karen Solomon

Use These Powerful Marriage Tips Today! Rebuild Connection, Intimacy, and Love in Your Marriage

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to have a successful marriage, one filled with love, connection and intimacy.

The troubles married couples face day in and day out can be a bit much to handle by two people. Some couples barely manage to get things together while others thrive in challenges. What are they doing differently? This book provides an answer to this ultimate question: How do I keep my marriage intact?

There are no love potions that will keep the marriage from breaking. There is no magic spell that can keep the love strong between you and your spouse. You only have each other to count on. The best thing you can do is to make sure your spouse feels that he/she can count on you.

Learn about what makes marriages strong. Find out what problems can be avoided and how you can avoid them. Learn to solve your marital problems once and for all. You can start making the change to a happier relationship hereâ?¦ and nowâ?¦

Here is A Review of What You’ll Learn

  • Common Causes of Problems between Couples
  • The Right Questions for the Right Solutions
  • Problem Solving for Couples
  • Best Ways to Avoid Future Conflicts
  • Habits for Happy Marriage
  • Rekindling Romance and Sex Tips for Couples

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Daddy, Can You Make Me Pancakes?: When cancer took his wife, Daddy took over. A true love story of hope, love, and a father’s journey to bring healing to his family. (Audio books for Fathers)

by Kevin McAteer

It’s 6:00 a.m., and four year old Amanda shuffles into her parent’s bedroom, where she finds Daddy sleeping in what normally is Mommy’s spot. She innocently wakes him up from a deep sleep “Daddy … can you make me pancakes?” Daddy replies “Yes, sure honey.”

Neither Amanda nor Daddy have their normal energetic smile. Not because they were tired, but because Mommy didn’t make it home last night. Cancer unexpectedly took her.

Now “Daddy” must find a way to care for three small children while holding down a new executive position within his company.

For the moment, making pancakes is the one thing that keeps their family together.

His Lunch with Trujillo: Memoirs of a Dominican Family

by Vivian Francisca

As any Dominican, my relatives are full of peculiar stories. This one is dedicated to my father and the lives he saved.

A batalha dos poetas (Portuguese Edition)

by Marcelo Lima

Dois Jovens jornalistas e poetas disputam o amor da sobrinha do coronel de uma pequena cidade, contudo, descobriram uma trama política que envolve a jovem e sua família, sabendo disto criam um pasquim e começam a denunciar os desmandos do Coronel. Uma trama de aventura, romance , política e comédia escrita para jovens.

Unclean In White: The Wedding Night

by Esther Litchfield-Fink

This is the story of Sarah, a religious young girl getting married. Her parents arranged the marriage as was the tradition in her community.

Let Them Be Right, Let Us Be Rich!: How To Make Yourself Richer In 24 Hours (Our Minds Matter)

by Dash Trembley

My goal and end-game in life has always been to be rich. Not just fairly rich or a mediocre sort of rich. To accumulate massive wealth beyond my imagination that would knock my socks off. In other words – filthy rich. In every aspect of my life.

Rich in Knowledge. Rich in Adventure. Rich in Laughter. Rich in Health. Rich in Family. Rich in Love.

Dive in to this book for some new insights to live a fuller richer life today with the people you love most and surround yourself with nothing less than what you deserve. Sculpt a life that is enriching by learning how to identify toxic relationships and tasks that are causing you to lead a poor quality life. That is the first important step to building your foundation to create a life that is rich in ways that can be earned and yours to keep for a lifetime. Right here, right now.

You can have it all.


Sobrenome? Mulher. (Portuguese Edition)

Um conto que mostra uma história que poderia estar acontecendo em qualquer lugar do mundo. Não é a estória de uma mulher, é de todas elas.

A Princesa: Trilogia O Reino dos Guardiões (Portuguese Edition)

by R.C. Sylvesthon

Lyra e uma adolescente de 16 anos se preparando para sua formatura. só que ela não podia prever que na festa de formatura sua vida iria mudar radicalmente, a festa e invadida por espectros. Lyra não acredita no que tem por traz desta invasão, seus amigos e sua família tem um grande segredo guardado ate o dia da festa, Lyra descobre que não e uma simples adolescente, na verdade ela e uma princesa de uma dimensão paralela com a terra, nesta dimensão o tio de Lyra mantem o povo místico como escravos e só Lyra tem o poder dos quatros elementos ela e a única esperança do povo de Stron. Com a ajuda dos amigos e do seu protetor por quem vai se apaixonar, ela conseguira libertar o povo e destruir seu tio?

Oh Haley!: A bunch of You’ll never believe what happened today stories from a toddler mom

by Amy Garrett

Once a child begins to walk the fun begins! At least, for them! For parents it can be nerve wracking and stressful! Things that your child does might make you want to scream and cry, but reading what other parents have gone through can be hilarious and make you realize you are not alone. That is the point of this! Go ahead and laugh at the messes I have to clean up! Maybe you will find out yours is not that bad, or that I completely understand what you are going through!

I can see a beautiful tree.

by Robert Hamilton

This kids story is to give a positive outlook in life.

Into the Heart of a Mother

by Marita Gale

How can I describe this book to you, the reader, who is reading this right now? Are you curious by the title wondering or intrigued what the contents will be? I could describe this book to you as a masterpiece of my past 30 years of being a mother written straight from my heart to yours. I could describe it as a story full of drama of trials and tribulations of raising two daughters as a single parent and the fears of doing my “job as a mother well.” I could say this book is my surrender to God after all these years and to finally understand the gifts given to me through raising my two daughters. Yes I could describe this book, “Into the Heart of a Mother,” to you this way but I would rather you find out for yourself in your own unique way. There are truly no more words other than what I have written in this book to describe “Into the Heart of a Mother.” Please take a look into this book and you tell me what your description would be.

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