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Escaping from the Abyss – a Paranormal Romance (The Crossings Trilogy Book 3)

by D.L. Koontz

Grace MacKenna’s ability to talk to the dead leads her on a quest to solve a local murder, but the demonic forces that haunt Crossings threaten to destroy everything and everyone she holds dear. Will Grace choose life in the real world over the love of a ghost?

Escaping from the Abyss is a powerful conclusion to this enthralling series.” ~ Lynn Huggins Blackburn, author of Covert Justice

“D. L. Koontz’s trilogy is one page-turning supernatural mystery after another with each scene building to the dramatic conclusion in Escaping from the Abyss. Her masterful description of the West Virginia region along the banks of the Potomac river inspire a longing to wander the hills and enjoy the beautiful vistas she has described, and her compelling storytelling made me feel like an eyewitness to the action.” ~ Felicia Bridges, author of the International Mission Force series

“D. L. Koontz has once again delivered an edge of your seat story. Escaping from the Abyss is a thrilling end to Grace McKenna’s story. It’s a little sad to let the story go, but what a great ride it has been through the Crossings Trilogy.” ~ Tamara D. Fickas, contributing author to God’s Provision in Tough Times.

Romance: Blessed this Child: (A Clean Christian Inspirational Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories Contemporary)

by Nathan Adams

Will Ivey’s vow to protect her deceased brother’s child keep her from finding her true love?

As the War draws to an end and the whole country plunges into economic instability, Ivey Alwood’s parents know that the only way to provide a safe future for her is to find her a suitable husband with enough stability to support her needs.

When Ivey finally meets the wonderful and kind manored Gabe Riddell, it appears that the two are a perfect matchâ?¦ that is, until this new relationship runs into bumps in the road, when Ivey receives word of her brother’s death and his last wishes that she become the child’s legal guardian. Gabe has made it clear that he does not desire children.

Will Gabe, who is hiding a dark secret of his own, accept the newly created situation or will this be enough for him to annul the marriage to a woman he has fallen madly in love with?

Please Note: This download includes Short Stories.

Words Make a Difference: Affirmations, Visionary Statements, and Revolutionary Ideas for Transforming Ourselves, Our Culture and Our Planet

by Anne Sermons Gillis

There has never been an affirmation book that touches the heart of its readers and empowers them to create a powerful and positive change both individually and collectively. Until now, “Words make a Difference” is that book. Finally, a book of affirmations, action plans, and deep insights into the human consciousness that transforms and heals the soul, the local and global community, and the planet. Travel with Gillis on a journey through deep psychology, metaphysics, and nondualism.

We are responsible for a world that works for everyone and as a collective assembly of souls, we cannot rest until greed no longer supersedes need. We are called to plant the seeds of blessing along the path to liberation. Revolutionary words call us to a world-wide renaissance of cooperation and community.

This book calls you to:

· Heal the most basic wounds of our human condition.

· Move beyond narcissism to compassion and justice.

· Become a Global Boom-Box

Mail Order Bride: The Long, Slow Thaw (Sweet / Clean Western Historical Romance, Cowboy) (Sweet and Clean Inspirational Christian Romance Short Stories Book 2)

by Angelica Rose


A second chance at love…

Mattie has always been a romantic at heart, but tragedy has left her fragile and wondering if happy endings only happen in fairy tales.

In post-war Charleston, after a long year of upheaval and grief, Mattie musters her resolve and decides to follow in her sister’s footsteps and become a mail order bride out west. Agreeing to marry single rancher Jonas is an improvement over marrying one of her uncle’s lecherous friends, but Mattie isn’t over the pain of losing her former fiancé in the cruelest of ways.

Happy-go-lucky Jonas lives solo on a lonely stretch of plain outside Colorado Springs. When he meets Mattie, he thinks she’s perfect, but after hearing her tragic story he wonders how he can prove himself trustworthy.

During the worst storm Colorado has seen in a decade, Mattie must confront her pain and allow her heart to trust again. And the sweet man she’s trapped in the town hotel with is probably the best place to start.

A story of hope, fear, new beginnings and true love.

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story, but don’t forget to check outThe Business Arrangement, Book 1 in the Colorado Brides series, to find out how Mattie’s sister Caroline’s love story unfolds!

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XXX Adult Romance Short Stories: Mail Order Bride Romance & Western Romance, Highlander Romance, Viking History, Western Romance, Victorian Romance & Virgin Romance – Romantic Love Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘It’s Elena who makes the first move. Silently and swiftly, she steps in closer. Her light, tight little body pushes up against his bigger, stronger torso. She smells like raspberries, with an undercurrent of peppermint. He can smell that faint minty scent on her breath as she lifts up her chin and lets her mouth brush his in an airy, barely-there kiss. He can taste it when she deepens that contact, her warm, glossy lips enfolding his lower one, her tongue pressing out to graze its curve with a warm, slick swipe of its tip. She murmurs ever so softly as she reaches up and puts both hands on his chest, and when his hands seize her fragile wrists, she shivers and takes a single step back, looking up at him expectantly.’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: millionaire, short stories, shades, relationship, marriage, wedding

Landlocked Lighthouse (Locked House Hauntings Book 2)

by Mixi J Applebottom

She’d never won anything before in her life, not even a lousy two bucks from a scratch off. So winning a massive lighthouse mansion at an auction for mere pocket change seemed like the score of a lifetime. It meant a fresh start for her and her family. Who could say no to that?
Her first warning was its location. Who builds a landlocked lighthouse with no water in sight? Then came the photographs, containing mysterious red scribbling that seemed aimed at her. But that was surely impossible.
She should have known it was too good to be true. Now the demons of her past have caught up to her, and this time they’re out for blood. It’s a race against time to solve the mystery of this dream home turned nightmare because, if she fails, her children will pay the ultimate price for her sins.

Kiss and Tell Your Story: An Inspirational Study of the Christian Faith

by Billy Green

Here’s what some thrilled readers had to say – “This book is truly a treasure” (Ruth Read (Retired English Teacher). “This is a book of humor and heartache and truth – what more could anyone want?” (Gail Morgan McRae, Author). Barbara Gola (free lance writer and blogger of the Big Swamp News) wrote, “I received my copy and couldn’t put it down until the last word was read, and what a blessing…” It’s a painfully honest account of a journey of faith, filled with messages of hope, help, and encouragement; a fireside chat for the weary, struggling, or those seeking direction; and a fresh look into the pathway of finding answers designed to inspire you to reach beyond yourself. If everything is going well, it is designed to encourage and inspire you.

I was my biggest problem in life. I tried it my way, and it wasn’t working. I knew there needed to be a change. I thought I could clean up my act and get it right. Oh, how deceived I was. My efforts continually failed. Every time I tried, I’d fall flat on my face and be right back where I started. Sometimes worse! I thought “Big Bad Bill” could do it! Two steps forward, three backwards! I began to wonder what was wrong with me. Am I really that rotten? Give me another drink, so I won’t feel the pain or have to think about it. Yep, I used to live to drink. Until one day, I made the best decision in my life.

This book is my story, and more! It’s a view of things God has shown me through the years. Things I’ve seen and how they apply to us today. I’m not saying all my perceptions are absolute truths. Every body has an opinion. By sharing these thoughts, it is my hope, that it will encourage you to think too, as you find there is a power in this Universe greater than anything you can imagine.

I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t. I wonder why we go through some things in life. I sometimes wonder why there seems to be so much suffering and pain. All I know is that we live in a fallen world. God’s people of old suffered as we suffer today, and He brought them through it for the better, according to His purposes. He can do that for you too. The answers to all the issues of life can be found in the Bible.

It can generate questions as well. For example, have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes in some events you’ve heard about in the Bible? God doesn’t spell out all the details in everything. He gets to the point and gives us what we need to know. In His infinite wisdom, He kept the readings within a manageable size for us.

Now I have a very active imagination, and that’s part of what this book is about. By sharing these thoughts with you, my hope is it will inspire you, so you will dig deeper into God’s Word to see what He has to say. This study can take you on the journey of your life. An adventure, I’ve found, I have never regretted taking!

So, as you travel with me, sit back, relax, and buckle up while we wander down the road of possibilities and truths. Hope you enjoy the journey and find the ultimate destination, Christ Jesus!

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