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Herbal Medicine: Herbs For Your Health, Herbal Therapy For Your Skin And Hair, And Do It Yourself Herbal Remedies

by Ellen C. Ross

Herbal Medicine

If you have heard of the recent nature craze going around you might be wondering why you should try herbal medicine. Coincidentally, you might be using herbs without even knowing their benefits or how to maximize their effectiveness. You will learn that herbs have been part of our lives for years and those of our ancestors for centuries as they occur naturally in our world. Read on to get a detailed history on herbs, various herbs that will do wonders for your health and the various ways you can make your own herbal medicine at the comfort of your own home and even tips on how to grow them and much much more.
A preview of the book:

  • Herbs vs. Prescribed Medicine
  • Herbs For Your Health
  • Herbal Therapy For Your Skin And Hair
  • Ensure You Do Not Lose Those Vital Nutrients
  • Do It Yourself Herbal Remedies
  • How To Grow Your Own Herbs In Your Apartment Or Backyard
  • Identifying Edible Herbs In The Wild

Hormone Reset, DASH, Alkaline and Anti Inflammatory Diets 4 in 1 Bundle!: Book 1: Hormone Reset Diet + Book 2: DASH Diet + Book 3: Alkaline Diet + Book 4: Anti Inflammatory Diet

by Sarah Hill

Book 1 – Hormone Reset Diet

Proven Step by Step Guide to Balance Hormones, Look Younger, Boost Metabolism, and Lose Weight in 10 Days

This book “Hormone Rest diet: proven step by step guide to balance hormone, look younger, boost metabolism and lose weight in 10 days” is a comprehensive write up that presents proven steps and strategies on how to properly plan your meals for successful hormone reset. This book was made to help you sort out your meal plan.

Can you imagine you are with someone, and after you both departed, you don’t want to be with them again because of their look, body weight, and the likes? All these, of course, can be greatly traced to daily diet.

Book 2 – DASH Diet

The Ultimate Guide to DASH Diet For Hypertension and Surprisingly Effective DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution. DASH Diet for Beginners.

“The Ultimate Guide to DASH Diet For Hypertension and Surprisingly Effective DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution. DASH Diet for Beginners” is a masterpiece which directly address specific issues as it concerns a healthy living. It focuses attention on how people can maximize their life by staying absolutely free of disease called “Hypertension”. It is important to note that your health system cannot be better than what you eat. Thus, a need for you to be fully informed on how to stay healthy without threat of disease on your precious life. And if however you are struggling with high blood pressure, this book is what you need to grab to know how to keep your blood pressure normal. This book will provide you with concise and precise firsthand information on eating and physical activities patterns that are focused on consuming fewer calories, making informed formed food choices, and being physically active which can help of course will surely help you attain and maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic disease, and consequently promote your overall health.

Book 3 – Alkaline Diet

5 Super Useful Tips To Lose Weight using Alkaline Diet Plan, Alkaline Water and Alkaline Foods.

Donuts, Twinkies, French fries, soft drinks, the standard American diet is centered around processed foods. Beyond the obvious health risks that these unhealthy and fattening oils produce, these are all highly acidic foods.

Of course our body has natural counter systems in charge of neutralizing this acid, but it does put stress on the organs involved, even in healthy bodies. Excess acid is harmful in that it not only stresses organs such as our kidneys but in that it has the potential of interfering with key bodily processes critical to ensuring that the body runs normally.

Book 4 – Anti Inflammatory Diet

Quick Guide to Healing Inflammation, Heart Disease, Weight loss in 7 days (7-Day Meal Plan)

“Anti inflammatory Diet – Quick Guide to Healing Inflammation, Heart Disease, Weight loss in 7 days (7 – Day Meal Plan)”, is a book written out of passion to reach out to people suffering from inflammation of any kind, which has resulted into a chronic or rather severe disease that is currently a threat to their health. Quite a number of times, lack of information is the real cause of an unease rather than the presumed real cause. In this book, you will learn various tips that directly address your current health situation. It provides in sequence and in series, several formulas you can easily adopt to get your health going good. This masterpiece also provides you with adequate information about how what you eat can be a great threat to your health and also, how what you eat can be a great blessing to your health. All depending on what exactly you eat.

HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE: BODY LANGUAGE: At First Sight, Advanced Techniques for Reading Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication (Psychology Reading People … Social Psychology & Interaction)

by Scott Colter

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  • The basics of body language separated in 5 easy to understand categories
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  • The easiest way to make a good first impression and start your relationships in the right way
  • How to better understand smaller signals that most of the people ignore
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by Spliff Odyssey

Marijuana is currently the fastest-growing industry in the United States. That is saying a lot since it is only legal in a handful of states generating revenues already into the billions. This industry is in its infancy stages and already employs thousands in all areas of business. If the movement hasn’t affected you yet, rest assured it will in the near future.

The Hydroponic Method: An Introductory Guide to Growing Marijuana was designed with the beginner in mind. It has step-by-step instructions that will enable you to produce high quality buds in less than nine weeks. Though it is written in a manner novices will appreciate, more experienced growers will likely learn a few tips on common practices and techniques.

Whether you are interested in pursuing an exciting career in this smoking hot industry or are just looking to save money by brewing up some dank home grow, this book is for you. It has everything you need to know and more to begin growing chronic Marijuana today at a great low price.

A look at the topics covered in the book:

– Different methods of Hydroponics
– Basic equipment
– Growing Medium
– Lighting
– Nutrients
– Security
– Climate Control
– Basic Grow Room Setup
– Cannabis Life Cycle
– Harvesting & Curing

The Hydroponic Method is the first installment of bestselling publisher Gyges 3D’s new line of How-To books called the “Green Gold Series”. Author Spliff Odyssey hails from the Great Pacific Northwest and has written three books so far on how to grow marijuana, including the #1 bestseller Marijuana: The Soil Method and his latest Sweet Green Butter: How to Make Marijuana Infused Butter.

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