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Taffeta & Hotspur

by Claudy Conn

adult content

Lord Thurston Tarrant, known as Hotspur on the London social scene, thinks Lady Taffeta Grantham is too young and idealistic. Experience has taught him that love is found only in fairy tales and that very few women can be trustedâ??especially young and attractive ones.

As for Taffy, she finds the rakehell cynical and arrogantâ??definitely not the hero, the man of principles and romance, her heart longs for. Besides, as one of the Rogues Three, she is more concerned with social injustice than a man who could use his influence to right wrongs but shows no interest in doing so.

So why does Tarrant find himself enchanted by the beautiful and high-spirited Taffy? Why does Taffy’s sporadic gift of sight insist on showing her visions of Tarrant as a bold and passionate loverâ??her lover?

When the prince of flirts catches the princess of thieves in a â??Robin Hood’ encounter gone wrong, a secret is discovered, a promise is given, and two lives will be changed in ways neither could have dreamed.

Light-hearted, and comical

TENDER DECEIT: The TENDER Mysteries ~ Book 1

by H.Y. Hanna

When her estranged father is murdered, Leah Fisher is forced to return to her childhood home of Singapore and face up to the past she left behind. She’s never forgotten Toran James, the boy who had broken her heart, and now he’s back – a handsome, dangerous stranger. She knows he’s hiding secrets from her. Can she unravel the mystery surrounding her father’s death before it’s too late? But someone is out to silence Leah. And that someone might be the man she is rapidly falling in love with…again.

“Gripping, romantic and I so loved it!!! It was so suspenseful I didn’t realized I was gripping my Kindle so tight I’m surprised I didn’t crack the screen.” ~ M.D.

This fast-paced, action-packed romantic suspense thriller is Book 1 in H. Y. Hanna’s three-part TENDER series. Each book features a complete standalone mystery/suspense

storyline but the romance is open-ended and not resolved until Book 3.

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