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Tony Robbins: His Best Insights (tony robbins, anthony robbins, unleash the power within, unlimited power, bandler, nlp, hypnosis, success)

Tony Robbins: His best insights


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Abigail Adams and Her Times

by Laura Richards

SEVENTEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR! George the Second on the throne of England, “snuffy old drone from the German hive”; Charles Edward Stuart (“bonnie Prince Charlie”) making ready for his great coup which, the next year, was to cast down said George from the throne and set Charles Edward thereupon as “rightful, lawful princeâ??for wha’ll be king but Charlie?”, and which ended in Culloden and the final downfall and dispersion of the Scottish Stuarts.
In France, Louis XV., Lord of Misrule, shepherding his people toward the Abyss with what skill was in him; at war with England, at war with Hungary; Frederick of Prussia alone standing by him. In Europe, generally, a seething condition which is not our immediate concern. In America, seething also: discontent, indignation, rising higher and higher under British imposition (not British either, being the work of Britain’s German ruler, not of her people!), yet quelled for the moment by war with France.
I am not writing a history; far from it. I am merely throwing on the screen, in the fashion of today, a few scenes to make a background for my little pen-picture-play. What is really our immediate concern is that on November eleventh of this same year, 1744, was born to the wife of the Reverend William Smith of Weymouth, Massachusetts, a daughter, baptized Abigail…

The Runaway Snitch

by Natasha Russy

Thriller – Thirteen bullets got fired on Wee Wee. But ask anyone. They don’t know who did it.

Except Mike, or “Zolashubalula”, an illegal immigrant that should have kept his mouth shut.

Evicted while chased by the killer he ratted out, Mike has to go where he never thought he would have to go…

Will the killer get revenge?

American Dumster: Wandering and Pondering Amidst a Capitalistic Clusterf*ck… (With a Little Wine and Weed.)

by Don Cozzette

An on again/off again NYC bartender wanders around NYC, its suburbs, and Florence, Italy contemplating the world we live in and what it is to be human. “A bouncy, barking memoir/social commentary/pop culture blend of sorts that chews up the consumer culture and spits it out with a little wine and flowery weed…”, “At times scathing, other times poignant, usually philosophical, but always dripping with social sarcasm… “Buzzing with zeitgeist…”, “It’s Anthony Bourdain meets Charles Bukowski meets Descartes with a dash of Dr. Seuss for adults…”, “A Yelp review of Humanity…and modern America…”, “Raw with rhyme juice…”, “Holden Caulfield would approve…”, “An homage to NYC…and Italy”, “Written in unique machine-gun style…”, “Full of chronic contemplations…”, ”Love, life, and losing your religion…”

World War 2: Axis Generals: Famous Axis Generals that Dominated the Battlefields of WWII (World War 2, World War II, WW2, WWII, Axis Generals, Rommel, Adolf Hitler Book 1)

by Ryan Jenkins

Get to know The Infamous Axis Generals of WWII

Soldiers need strong leaders especially in times of war. They need to be led by someone who is cunning, decisive, and inspiring. During WWII there was inspiration to be found on all fronts, from the Allied to the Axis forces. This book takes a look at some of the Generals that may have turned the tide of the war, if only temporarily, through their cunning and daring. They inspired their men and maybe they will inspire you as well.

There is the Japanese Admiral that led his men to victory, challenging them to new and innovated strategies. He even opposed attacking the United States, citing that a long term war would be a disaster. Find out where he gained his knowledge of American military abilities.

Even the Germans had their share of leaders. Read about the Desert Fox that may have been our enemy but won the respect of many for his treatment of prisoners and his cunning actions on the battlefield. Had he been allowed to, he may have won the war. Find out how he met his tragic end and what he had to do with a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler himself.

Their stories are inspirational. Read about their victories, their defeats and their struggles. Each faced great personal adversity and at times even struggled to be loyal to their countries. If you ever wondered what happened on the upper levels of war, this is the perfect book for you.

Comments From Other Readers

“I was relly surprised when I read this to find that the focus was on non-Allied generals. At first it sort of made me have second thoughts about reading this but the style was done really well. I liked seeing a glimpse of the personal lives and emotions of men who probably had to put on a serious face to their own men. I really like the information about Rommel. He seemed to be a very no nonsense soldier that took his job very seriously. I found that the author did a great job with differentiating the Hollywood myth from the reality of the men. I can’t wait to read more of these books!” – Jarred D (Missouri, USA)

“I couldn’t put this book down. I don’t really like history but I grabbed this because I’m taking a history class for school right now. I’m looking for stuff that I can use to cite in my paper and stumbled across this book. I meant to skim it for information and then forget it but I couldn’t put it down. The story lines are awesome and I loved stepping to the lives of these people in the book. It was a great history lesson. I just wish all my reading assignments could be this fun” – Monica K. (Texas, USA)

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Memoirs of An Arabian Princess: An Autobiography

by Emily Ruete

Memoirs of An Arabian Princess: An Autobiography is the memoirs of Emily Ruete (born Sayyida Salme) , princess of Zanzibar and Oman. It is believed to be the first autobiography of an Arab woman.

Sail Free: Grow Yourself, Master your fears and Sail Free

by Steve Long

From humble, working-class roots in Montreal, to becoming the International businessman he is today was quite the journey for Steve Long. From college-dropout to millionaire – Steve has created his own path to success. After 15 years of coaching others in his unique, logical approach to business and life-coaching, Steve is finally ready to share his story, his way.

This isn’t your average biography. Instead, it’s a book of snapshots from Steve’s life that will make you laugh, smile or even think about your life differently. If you’ve ever wondered what it actually takes to be a success in life, in all areas of life, from family to fitness, to work – then take some time to read this book. Steve wasn’t born with any special talents. He didn’t come from a wealthy, successful family. His rise to the top was through hard work, smart, and bold choices.

Today, Steve coaches others with techniques he’s mastered over the years, and with this book he hopes to share some of the lessons and experiences that have shaped him along the way. Whether you are a CEO looking to expand your empire, or a new college grad hoping to find your place in this world, Steve’s story is for you.

The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth: Mountaineer, Scout, Pioneer, and Chief of the Crow Nation of Indians

by T.D. Bonner

The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth: Mountaineer, Scout, Pioneer, and Chief of the Crow Nation of Indians is the amazing story of an American pioneer. Beckwourth, born of mixed ancestry in Virginia around 1800, was freed in 1824 and became a mountain man and trapper. Beckwourth later lived with the Crow, rising to become Chief of the Crow Nation.

Memoir of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge

by Benjamin Tallmadge

Memoir of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge is the autobiography of the famous American politician and spy. Tallmadge is best known for leading the Culper Ring.

What Life has Taught Me The Making of a Leader: A Republication of the Autobiography of Dr. Siaka Probyn Stevens (Part II)

by Francis Stevens George

This is Part II of the republication of “What Life Has Taught Me”. In Part II we visit his childhood, upbringing and education. This work ends with the chapter, “A Study Period at Oxford and London”. We have added the Epilogue, which is also found in Part I. The original texts have been reproduced entirely without any changes. We have added extensive footnotes and endnotes where appropriate. We have also added private and official pictures of Dr. Siaka P. Stevens. What can we therefore learn from his childhood and family life that would give us insights and lessons for upcoming leaders? The republication of this second part of his autobiography is done with this in mind. To understand and appreciate the politics of Dr. Stevens one needs to know about the childhood and his upbringing. For we cannot truly appreciate some of the decisions of Dr. Stevens until we revisit his childhood. For young Sierra Leoneans, future leaders these chapters hold important lessons.
For as we know, Stevens was not born into a “ruling “family or privilege. He was a self-made man, who largely educated himself and rose to lead his people. Stevens describe his childhood with pride, something we should note. Stevens does not attempt to paint himself in a different light. He describes with pride his modest upbringing, unpretentiousness and appreciation for the simple things of life.
Sierra Leone has changed significantly since Siaka Stevens wrote his autobiography. Traditional values have been challenged by globalization. Technology has penetrated our cities, towns and even villages.
Yet these chapters offer us insights into the values that we ought to embrace. My grandfather emphasized throughout the chapters the need for a community spirit and approach to living together and solving our problems.
Dr. Stevens discusses in detail elitism and alerts us to the dangers posed by “people wh0 feel they have a right” to govern. We get an insight into the damaging effects of colonialism.
Through his story we see a man who earned everything the hard way; emphasizing hard work, discipline and respect for authority, though not blindly. We see a man who taught others, who believe that knowledge showed be shared for the greater good of one’s community and ultimately the nation.Stevens’ talks about the need for citizens through civil society to become part of the Governance of Sierra Leone.
We see a man who believed common sense; that a leader should distinguish between the problem and the symptoms, and that we should avoid quick fixes.
Though he wrote his story 29 years, many of the values and views he held and expressed are still relevant to our country.
This is also the story of a quite remarkable self-made man. Like many other rural Africans, he received his primary and secondary education away from home through the sacrifices of his family and friends and with the aid of a Creole family in Freetown. Although his formal education stopped, we also after graduation from the Albert Academy (except for a very important stay Africa- Stay at Ruskin College, Oxford in 1947) his education did not. Stevens read in the 1930s widely, taught himself to type while working at the mines, learned the techniques of broadcasting by memorizing BBC broadcasts, and most importantly learned to read, understand, and lead people. As one can see in this work, the education of Siaka Stevens continues in his late 70s.
One of the refreshing aspects of this autobiography is that Siaka Stevens does not paint himself as an heroic figure. While delighted about his success and proud of his achievements, he also talks about mistakes, errors in judgment, and weaknesses. His comments on the colonial period and nationalist responses demonstrate an openness that clarifies and instructs.

Garde ton derrière fermé ! : Coups de cÅ?ur du PRIX DU ROMAN GAY (French Edition)

by Jaffar

“Coups de cÅ?ur” du PRIX DU ROMAN GAY

Je remercie les 10 membres du jury et son président d’avoir attribué ce prix à mon roman.

Les premiers souvenirs de l’enfance, les petits baisers que l’on donne au camarade d’école, les jeux simples avec les petites filles… Dans la machinerie des bonheurs innocents promis aux enfants, quelque chose se grippe parfois très vite, à cause des jouets que l’on nous désigne, mais qui ne nous plaisent pas, à cause des regards sous-entendus, à cause des paroles déjà blessantes du grand frère qui craint la honte plus que tout, à cause de toute la place qu’une société peut laisser à la loi du plus fort et aux croyants exaltés – et plus ou moins hypocrites…

Article du Refuge et YAGG.

Quelques avis de lectrices ( Jenny Garp et Mina94) :

” Vrai coup de coeur pour ce livre d’un jeune auteur, qui m’est allé droit au coeur. Sans complaisance ni pathos, la vie d’un gamin jusqu’à l’âge adulte, né arabe et gay dans une cité. Je ne vais pas me lancer dans un panégyrique, car le mieux c’est de le lire ! Il est court, mais la plume légère et simple vous emporte dès les premières pages, impossible de le lâcher.
Moi l’hétéro qui me targue d’être ouverte et tolérante, j’ai pris conscience de pas mal de choses au détour d’une phrase, des vérités poignantes qui émergent ici et là. Une magnifique leçon d’humanité, et d’humilité.”

“A travers ce récit construit de manière chronologique, nous suivons la courbe de croissance de Jaffar qui grandit à vitesse grand V. Ce texte est touchant à plus d’un titre, courageux à tous égards. J’ai été émue, souvent, impressionnée aussi par la force de caractère de ce jeune homme au caractère bien trempé. Le style, sobre et percutant, est utilisé comme une arme : il s’agit d’un plaidoyer, non pas seulement pour le mariage gay, ceci est bien trop réducteur mais surtout pour l’amour avec un A majuscule, celui que l’on a pour son amoureux/se mais surtout pour son prochain. Ce récit est un manifeste anti intolérance, anti bêtise, anti ignorance, anti préjugés, c’est un récit généreux qui s’inquiète de ce que nous laisserons à nos enfants comme bagage. Pour finir, c’est un ouvrage qui met l’école au centre de la réussite de l’individu et cela devrait faire du bien à tous les enseignants.”

N’hésitez pas à lire l’extrait gratuit, avant d’effectuer votre achat.

A Preliminary Investigation of the Alleged Ancestry of George Washington: Exposing a Serious Error in the Existing Pedigree

by Joseph Chester

A Preliminary Investigation of the Alleged Ancestry of George Washington exposes a serious error in his purported pedigree at the time.

Ð?иÑ?Ñ? бÑ? жиÑ?Ñ?: Ð?еликая Ð?Ñ?еÑ?есÑ?венная война в Ñ?асÑ?нÑ?Ñ? Ñ?ассказаÑ? и Ñ?асÑ?ной памяÑ?и (Russian Edition)

by Ð?Ñ?оекÑ? «Ð?Ñ?кник»

Ð? пеÑ?вÑ?Ñ? Ñ?ислаÑ? мая 2015 года «Ð?Ñ?кник» задал своим Ñ?иÑ?аÑ?елям вопÑ?ос: «ЧÑ?о Ñ? вас дома Ñ?ассказÑ?вали о войне?». СбоÑ?ник «Ð?иÑ?Ñ? бÑ? жиÑ?Ñ?» вклÑ?Ñ?аеÑ? в себя более двÑ?Ñ?соÑ? оÑ?веÑ?ов, помогаÑ?Ñ?иÑ? Ñ?видеÑ?Ñ?, как лÑ?ди в Ñ?еÑ?ение семидесяÑ?и леÑ? говоÑ?или о войне с близкими. Ð?ли не говоÑ?или â?? молÑ?али, плакали, кÑ?иÑ?али в оÑ?веÑ? на Ñ?асспÑ?осÑ?, оÑ?веÑ?али, Ñ?Ñ?о Ñ?ассказÑ?ваÑ?Ñ? неÑ?его.

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