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The Romantic Marquess: A Regency Romance

by Matilda Hart

Annabelle Tracy dreams of a white knight coming to sweep her off her feet with his passionate love, and carrying her off to his castle where he will shower her with love forever. But she is a poor girl. Her father is a hunter, her mother a seamstress, and she but a lowly village girl, assisting her mother in the family business. A chance meeting down by the river leads to her ravishment at the hands of the son of the Duke of Blanchester, the dashing Daniel Banner, Marquess of Aberling, with whom she falls in love. He also declares his love, but confesses that he cannot marry her as he is promised to another. She refuses to be his mistress, but when she discovers that she is with child by him, she is forced to seek his aid. She adamantly refuses to let him back into her heart, though she insists that he bear his responsibility as the father of their child, and Daniel must redeem himself completely in her eyes. Will he choose Anna this time above his duty, or will she once again have her dreams hopelessly dashed?

Warning: Contains sexually explicit content suitable only for ages 18 and over

A Daughter of the Sioux

by Charles King

The major commanding looked up from the morning report and surveyed the post adjutant with something of perturbation, if not annoyance, in his grim, gray eyes. For the fourth time that week had Lieutenant Field requested permission to be absent for several hours. The major knew just why the junior wished to go and where. The major knew just why he wished him not to go, but saw fit to name almost any other than the real reason when, with a certain awkward hesitancy he began:
“Wâ??ell, is the post return ready?”
“It will be, sir, in abundant time,” was the prompt reply.
“You know they sent it back for correction last month,” hazarded the commander.
“And you know, sir, the error was not mine,” was the instant rejoinder, so quick, sharp and positive as to carry it at a bound to the verge of disrespect, and the keen, blue eyes of the young soldier gazed, frank and fearless, into the heavily ambushed grays of the veteran in the chair. It made the latter wince and stir uneasily.
“If there’s one thing I hate, Field, it is to have my papers sent back by some whipsnapper of a clerk, inviting attention to this or that error, and I expect my adjutant to see to it that they don’t.”
“Your adjutant does see to it, sir. I’m willing to bet a month’s pay fewer errors have been found in the papers of Fort Frayne than any post in the Department of the Platte. General Williams told you as much when you were in Omaha.”
The major fairly wriggled in his cane-bottomed whirligig. What young Field said was true, and the major knew it. He knew, moreover, there wasn’t a more painstaking post adjutant from the Missouri to the mountains. He knew their monthly reportsâ??”returns” as the regulations call themâ??were referred to by a model adjutant general as model papers. He knew it was due to young Field’s care and attention, and he knew he thought all the world of that young gentleman. It was just because he thought so much of him he was beginning to feel that it was high time to put a stop to something that was going on. But, it was a delicate matter; a woman was the matter; and he hadn’t the moral courage to go at it the straightforward way. He “whip sawed” again. Thrumming on the desk with his lean, bony fingers he began:â??

Find Me

by Viva Fox

Sera was in a desperate position. After her best friend died in what the police deemed an accident, she couldn’t believe it and couldn’t help but dig a little deeper. And when she starts receiving unexplained notes warning her away from the case, Sera knows there’s more to the story. The only problem is no one will listen to her. With no one on her side, Sera sets out to find out the truth behind her friend’s death.

Dean, a police officer on leave and on a mission to find the truth, Sera is more than a little leery. The police didn’t want to help her before and she isn’t sure they can help her now. Even though Sera is defenseless when it comes to letting him into her bed, she’s not sure if she can let him in on her investigation.

But with her hope of finding her friend’s killer fading, Sera has little choice but to team up with Dean. Between the sheets, they have amazing chemistry, but outside of them Dean and Sera couldn’t be more different. When Sera starts getting too close to the truth, will their partnership be strong enough to save them both?

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Finding You is a standalone novella with a HEA plus bonus books for your reading pleasure.

WARNING: Hot and steamy adult content included. 18+ recommended.

Winter’s Heat (The Seasons Series Book 1)

by Denise Domning

Her years in a nunnery taught Rowena of Benfield many things, but not how to be a wife to the powerful lord who claimed her as his bride. She vows never to submit to this aloof and ruthless man who claims her.

Rannulf of Graistan has been a woman’s fool once before and has sworn to never be again, but he cannot refuse the rich estate that this marriage brings him.

But a tide of treachery is rising around them and their only hope lays in daring to trust and to love unconditionally.

Romance: Regency Romance: In Bed With a Duke Romance (A Regency Romance)

by Lily Reed

The Duke of Devonshire is a barely acknowledged relative of the Queen; he’s in line for the throne, but his rakish attitude and taste for married women is sure to keep him safely out of favor with Her Royal Majesty. Blessed with an impressive title and a sizeable income, the Duke does what he likes, when he likes and doesn’t have to answer to anyoneâ?¦ especially now that his mother is dead.

The Napoleonic Wars rage on, and with their husbands away fighting, the Duke has opened his house and given the high-born women of the village his personal protection. Charlotte Rutledge is one of the only women who has been able to avoid the Duke’s inappropriate advances, but now that her darling husband has been sent away to the thick of the fighting, she has nowhere else to turn. Will she be able to resist his flirtations, and what will happen if she does finally submit to his handsome smile and irresistible charm?

Contains sexually explicit content suitable only for ages 18 and over

A Gentleman of France

by Stanley Weyman

The death of the Prince of Conde, which occurred in the spring of 1588, by depriving me of my only patron, reduced me to such straits that the winter of that year, which saw the King of Navarre come to spend his Christmas at St. Jean d’Angely, saw also the nadir of my fortunes. I did not know at this timeâ??I may confess it to-day without shameâ??wither to turn for a gold crown or a new scabbard, and neither had nor discerned any hope of employment. The peace lately patched up at Blois between the King of France and the League persuaded many of the Huguenots that their final ruin was at hand; but it could not fill their exhausted treasury or enable them to put fresh troops into the field.
The death of the Prince had left the King of Navarre without a rival in the affections of the Huguenots; the Vicomte de Turenne, whose turbulent; ambition already began to make itself felt, and M. de Chatillon, ranking next to him. It was my ill-fortune, however, to be equally unknown to all three leaders, and as the month of December which saw me thus miserably straitened saw me reach the age of forty, which I regard, differing in that from many, as the grand climacteric of a man’s life, it will be believed that I had need of all the courage which religion and a campaigner’s life could supply…

Romance: Regency Romance: Dominated By A Duke Romance (A Regency Romance)

by Anissa Morales

Lady Annabel Fletcher is the daughter of the wealthy, domineering Duke of Birkenhead, from Liverpool. She has longed to engage in the wonderful parties and balls of London, where she can mix with the elite of society. Upon finally getting permission from her parents, she finds herself at a ball hosted by the most notorious bachelor in all England – Lord Donovan Hayden. Not only is he the most notorious bachelor in all England, he is the most handsome. He takes an instant liking to Annabel, and she to him. But how will they overcome the obstacles of rumors, innuendo, forbidden love and an overprotective family? Annabel must come to a decision about her future – will she settle for a comfortable life, or will she choose a life of passion and love with Lord Donovan?

Warning: Contains sexually explicit content suitable only for ages 18 and over

Menage: TAKEN BY TWO MMA FIGHTERS (Alpha Male Threesome Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Threesome Short Stories)

by Astrid Lee Donovan

She felt like she was out of her league, but didn’t want to stopâ?¦

When her best friend dragged her out of a three-week post break-up hibernation period to watch an amateur MMA fight, Marla didn’t expect to find a connection to a pair of serious fighters with a bad reputation. Even though she gets plenty of warning about their questionable characters, she finds herself unable to resist their charms and attentionsâ?¦or the dreams that keep waking her up, night after night.

You can be total enemies in the ring and best friends at the bar: Cage and Tanner are a testament to that. When you’re as serious as they are about going pro, you test each other’s limits as far as they’ll go. Fair-haired Cage and dark-haired Tanner might look like complete opposites, but when it comes to their taste in women, they couldn’t be more alike. And Marla is just their type. But while Cage and Tanner are used to pushing their own limits, it’s Marla’s limits that prove to be the ultimate challengeâ?¦

This is a short story with added bonus stories included.

WARNING! This ebook contains super hot and explicit scenes and is intended for adult readers only! Discretion is advised!

Romance: Regency Romance: My Duke’s Desire Romance (A Regency Romance)

by Zara Tomlinson

Her father calls her a fool for continuing to wait for him, but how can anyone forget a man like that?

Five years ago, Helena Rowe was rescued by a handsome soldier during the Napoleonic Wars. With only a small parting gift and a kiss to remember each other by, it was unsure that they would ever meet again. However, Helena never gave up on his promise to return for her.

Eventually forced to move to London to make a living as a personal seamstress, fate gives Helena another chance to see him. But Duke Nathaniel Beaumont is no longer considered to be the pure-hearted war hero he once was. And as the Earl Oliver Dillingham, the Scandal King, begins a plot to destroy him and anyone who gets in his way, Helena is sucked into the web of lies, secrecy, and manipulation of the London elite.

Can she save the love of her life from being corrupted for good? And can she even save herself?

Warning:Contains sexually explicit content suitable only for ages 18 and over

A Captain of Industry

by Upton Sinclair

I purpose in this chronicle to tell the story of A Civilized Man: casting aside all Dreams and Airy Imaginations, and dealing with that humble Reality which lies at our doorsteps.

Alexis: Book Five:The Cattleman’s Daughters

by Danni Roan

Alexis James was the first of Joshua’s daughters to put two and two together, figuring out that her father’s sudden interest in new ranch hands had less to do with work on the Broken J Ranch and more to do with his daughter’s futures. Serious and thoughtful she lives for learning and her twin sister, but when Issy quickly marries one of the brothers who arrive to help grow wheat on the Wyoming prairie she finds herself set adrift and confused by this thing called love.
Reginald Ogden is a simple farmer with quiet ways and a keen, analytical mind but will he be able to use reason to explain the strange feelings building in his heart or will he need a little help?
Sometimes a mutual loneliness and shared interest adds up to more than simple friendship.

Das Awaren-Amulett (German Edition)

by Carmen Mayer

Johannes, ein protestantischer Junge aus dem Land ob der Enns, flieht zu Beginn des DreiÃ?igjährigen Krieges aus seiner Heimat. Er hat beide Eltern bei einem brutalen Ã?berfall verloren, seine Schwester wurde verschleppt. Bei der Leiche seiner Mutter findet er ein seltsames Amulett, das angeblich aus dem sagenhaften Schatz der Awaren stammt. In den Wirren der Bauernaufstände entkommt Johannes nur knapp dem Tod. Sein Amulett wird gestohlen. Dann erfährt er von der Verhaftung einer angeblichen Hexe, die mit Hilfe genau dieses Amuletts viel Unheil angerichtet haben soll …

Trajano y Decébalo en la Rumanía del siglo XXI (Spanish Edition)

by Santiago Posteguillo

Las novelas de Santiago Posteguillo consiguen atrapar a los lectores gracias, entre otras cosas, a su exhaustiva labor de documentación. Para recrear con la mayor fidelidad posible la conquista dela Daciapor Trajano, Santiago Posteguillo realizó un viaje porla Rumaníaactual siguiendo los pasos del emperador hispano.

En este documento el lector podrá recorrer paso a paso, calzada a calzada, los movimientos que el ejército romano realizó en su guerra contra Decébalo.

Un documento de gran valor informativo, escrito con una pizca de humor y aderezado con imágenes de fotografías tomadas por el propio autor; así surge la complicidad con los lectores. 

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