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Zombies Inside

by Rebecca Besser

If zombies are what you crave, open the pages of this book for a wild ride!

The 12 zombie short stories within (equaling over 64,000 words) will make you cringe, delight your imagination, and possibly even warm your heart . . . so the undead can feast upon it!

Be brave and see if you can survive the Zombies Inside!

The Dragon Scroll (Lorebook Book 1)

by Mark Gibson

Vanlith, a novice channeler, who is sure he has already learned everything he needs to know, runs away from the magical academy his parents pulled great favors to get him into, and that he himself once held great esteem to. He runs off into the depths of the great elven forest seeking his somewhat reckless sister and some adventure. But the adventure he finds is not at all what he had always hoped for.


by Matt Ingwalson

Sometime toward the end of Leo Thomas’ junior year, the tiny college town of Epshire became home to four axe murderers, two of them serial killers. No one could say why, exactly. And no one could make the killing stop. Sever is a coming-of-age novella wrapped in a horror story wrapped in a love letter to college, a time when you’re supposed to be invincible, a time when you’re not supposed to be able to die.

Pennies: A Novella

by Cat Jackson

When Jake first spots the newest addition to Truman High’s student population, he’s intrigued and more than a little smitten. But as male students begin to disappear from the packed halls, he starts to consider the possibility of a much darker side to his pretty obsession.

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The Showing

by Will Macmillan Jones

It was a house Mister Jones knew too well, his family’s house.

Here it was, again for sale and he could not resist being shown around.

But his visit has roused that which was sleeping – how many will die before it can be laid to rest?

If you knew how much of this story is true, would you want to sleep with your light on tonight?

This is the first in the Mister Jones Mysteries collection of stand alone stories. You will find links to the next books on the Author’s Amazon page.

The Ripper has Risen

The year is 1888 and the rotting corpses of White Chapel are beginning to mount …

William Harrison gets his thrills from killing the cities women. At first it just starts off a stab or two to the stomach. But then the bloodlust becomes utterly uncontrollable. so to keep his sanity he keeps on killing…

A Dreamer’s Tales

by Lord Dunsany

I hope for this book that it may come into the hands of those that were kind to my others and that it may not disappoint them.
â??Lord Dunsany

A Witch Shall Be Born

by Robert E. Howard

The story concerns a witch replacing her twin sister as queen of a city state, which brings her into conflict with Conan who had been the captain of the queen’s guard. Themes of paranoia, and the duality of the twin sisters, are paramount in this story but it also includes elements of the conflict between barbarism and civilization that is common to the entire Conan series.

Small Town Demons: Seven Tales of Small Town Terror

by Shannon Celebi

In this companion to Celebi’s first collection of short stories, Small Town Ghosts, we meet a teenage girl on the brink of madness, a little old lady who invites two weary travelers in for some lemonade and old-fashioned religion, a young woman who risks everything for love and juju, a dying grandmother with some last minute confessions, and a lonely child whose only request to Santa is a pretty baby dolly all her own.

Seven more tales of small town terror…

Bitter Sweet Ironies
Solicitors Welcome
Opening Wounds
The Girl Who Has Everything
For My Granddaughter, Elaine, Upon My Death
Jack Fell Down and Broke His Crown
Eleven Winters in Purgatory

The Convent of the Pure

by Sara M. Harvey

“The Convent of the Pure is a compelling blend of the numinous and the creepy, with a rich, atmospheric setting. I devoured it in a single sitting!”
â??Jacqueline Carey, author of Kushiel’s Dart

Secrets and illusions abound in a decaying convent wrapped in dark magic and scented with blood. Portia came to the convent with the ghost of Imogen, the lover she failed to protect in life. Now, the spell casting caste wants to make sure that neither she nor her spirit ever leave.

Portia’s ignorance of her own power may be even more deadly than those who conspire against her as she fights to fulfill her sworn duty to protect humankind in a battle against dark illusions and painful realities.

Steeped in the legends of the Nephilim, The Convent of the Pure is the first installment of a steampunk novella trilogy by Sara M. Harvey.

“An intriguing fantasy novella that will move you to tears.”
â??Michael A. Burstein, Campbell Award-winning author of I Remember the Future

“The Convent of the Pure is a beautifully written page turner, dripping with magic and intrigue. I couldn’t put it down. A gifted writer and storyteller, Sara M. Harvey is worthy of a rocket to the top!”
â??Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Award finalist and author of Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales

“Harvey (A Year and a Day) cobbles together gothic steampunk fantasy and lesbian erotica in this romantic, necromantic tale.”
â??Publishers Weekly, February 2009

A Face At The Window: Short Stories and Poems From Out Of The Dark

by Alexander Steele Walton

A collection of short stories and poems from dark nights and empty houses. Advisable to be read at night, all alone, and with all the blinds drawn. Herein lies deep space operatics, downtown detectives and otherworldly elder gods.

At the Edge: A Short Story

by Regina Bethory

When another boy goes missing from his hometown, Joe Morton is asked to return and help with the investigation. As the events from his own horrific childhood encounter with the town phantom resurface, Joe must face his fears and confront the demon head on. However, this time his own family is at risk and he can’t shake the feeling that if he succeeds in destroying this ghoul, he’ll have to go with it.

Twisted Obsession: A Suspense Novella

by Yawatta Hosby

Baby or no baby, Finia’s determined to live life her way.

Too bad that doesn’t fit Miki’s version of a happy ending. He owns her. No leeway. If she fights back, then he’ll make her regret it.

Miki will get his perfect family by any means necessary.

Northwoods Wolfman (Monsters in the Midwest Book 2)

by Scott Burtness

When Dallas, the self-proclaimed Hero of Trappersville, is recruited by an ancient order of monster hunters, he’s more than happy to sign up. The group’s leader, Colton, is solid as an oak. Randall ain’t half bad, despite his tendency to whine. The whip-smart, beautiful, and totally badass Aletia is whip-smart, beautiful, and totally badass. Under their guidance, Dallas learns everything there is to know about hunting monsters (or close enough) and pledges to keep his friends safe.

Now there’s a werewolf in town, and Dallas and Stanley are on the case. As far as Dallas is concerned, monsters are monsters, and they have no place in Wisconsin.

Or do they? When an unexpected discovery and an unlikely reunion turn his world upside down, Dallas realizes he may not get to choose which side he’s on.

Booze, bar fights, boo hags, beer cans, Bigfoot, brujas, and a full moon. Who knew that hunting monsters would make life so exciting?

Book Two of the Monsters in the Midwest Series

Remus (Grave Dust Book 1)

by Kiersten Elder

Things had gotten a little too ordinary for a cat and his werewolf friend. Then, one day, a man halfway across the world is bitten and the past comes flooding back to haunt them.

JUGGERNAUT (Spanish Edition)

by Luigina Lamanna

“Típico” no es una palabra apropiada para describir a Kazuhiko Blair. Su siniestro trabajo nocturno dando caza a criaturas sobrenaturales descarriadas impiden que el usualmente pacífico profesor lleve una vida normal. Y ahora mucho menos, pues una elfa feroz parece estar tras sus huesos.

The Statue: A Short Story

by Regina Bethory

Being a parent has never been an easy task, especially when you have to do it alone. It can be lonely and frustrating, often times feeling like your head is barely breaking the water’s surface. It gets worse when your child starts drowning too.

Richard and his son, Michael, are alone. Or so they think. When a strange statue that once appeared only in Michael’s nightmares begins to plague the family, Richard is forced to look into mistakes from his past to try and save them.

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