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Deliver Me From Negative Emotions: Controlling Negative Emotions and Finding Peace In The Midst of Storms (Negative Self Talk Book 2)

by Lynn R Davis

Many of us are stressed out. We’re bending over backwards, catering to dysfunctional relationships, navigating life’s challenges. If we want emotional peace and well-being we have to set boundaries. We have to learn to put our emotional health first. And that begins with understanding whats pushing our buttons and how to control those triggers so that we don’t allow people or circumstances to control and destroy our peace.

Negative self-talk factors greatly into your emotional health. For many of us what we say to ourselves when we are stressed either tends to be negative or working against us. Its important that we learn to think positively so that we negate the negative self talk and stop building barriers to our own success. This book will teach you to replace past mental conditioning with healthy, new life-giving thoughts, words and actions. As a result you will regain control of your emotions and begin to respond to situations and circumstances in a healthy and more positive way that can be positively life-changing. As you read this series, meditate on the word. It is truly an investment in your personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

It is possible to control negative emotions and utilize positive self talk to guide you, even when things are falling apart. You don’t have to be controlled by your environment, negative thoughts, or past programing. You can set boundaries in your thinking, your relationships, and your emotions. Its time to take back control of your life. (21260 words)

Secretos del Pasado: Una Novela de misterio y suspenso sobrenatural (El Circulo Protector nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Checko E. Martinez


Libro #1 de “El Círculo Protector”

Para Ryan Goth el haberse mudado a Terrance Mullen, California parecía haber sido la mejor decisión que su familia pudo haber tomado. Sin embargo, una serie de extraños sucesos adentran a Ryan en un mundo dónde lo sobrenatural y la fantasía abundan siendo conducido a un destino inesperado.

Ahora que sabe que es uno de los Cinco Guerreros pertenecientes al Círculo Protector, deberá encontrar a sus cuatro compañeros y cumplir con su llamado mientras que una ola de secretos sale a la luz y pone en riesgo la vida de su familia y amigos.

“Secretos del Pasado” es una novela de misterio y suspenso sobrenatural que te mantendrá atrapado y no podrás soltar. ¡Cómprala y léela ahora!

Amazing Black American Inventors

by Martin Brown

Throughout history, Black American inventors have contributed greatly to the development of the world.

The contributions of African Americans in physics, medicine, biology, and industrialization are tremendous and have improved our lives in many ways.

A great deal of the modern day equipment and machinery that make our life better, like the refrigerator, traffic signal, blood banks, mower, and clothes dryer, can be traced back to black inventors.

Download this book and discover some of the most famous black inventors who have made our world a better place.

Timmy The Turtle: I Can Do It Myself

This book was written by an autistic boy and his mom. Never let your disabilities hold you back! We thank you for purchasing our book and hope your little one enjoys it! This book is about a little turtle named Timmy who learns the hard way, that we all need a little help sometimes.

The Life and Times of Pearl S Buck: A Short Essay

by D. Weaver

The Life and Times of Pearl S Buck is a short essay about the life of Pearl S Buck and the work she did to encourage the adoption of Chinese orphans.

Ascended Master Readings: Limitless Potential (Reading 3)


“Ascended Master Readings: Limitless Potential (Reading 3)” is one of seven intuitively channeled readings by author and therapist Parama K. Williams (and dog); providing insight, guidance, and solutions to many of today’s most challenging issues, questions, and struggles.

The spirit is yearning to soar in an endless sky of limitless potential.

This is a message for those of you whose hearts have been broken and have bled from wounds, whether self-inflicted or by others. Divine and sacred vessels, we extend our hands down to you with the fullness of love from the One God who knows and sees all and whose spirit gives you life. Do not be discouraged.

Lift up your hearts to Godâ??the One who loves you unconditionally.

Indeed, many of you have become bitter and hardened your hearts toward one another. There is distrust, anger, shame, and fear. We recognize the suffering and wish to help you be freed from these limitations so that you can experience a fuller range of joy, peace, and love in your lives.

Life is a journey of love.

We understand that the human condition is one of great suffering, for that is what you’ve chosen and created for yourselves, the most impressive and demanding challenge to learn, grow, and triumph, even though there may be a crisis happening, both internally and externally, as a human on earth.

We witness your struggles and honor your sincerest efforts to achieve greatness, even while your surrounding circumstances would give you many reasons to relinquish, to remain bitter, to wallow in misery. We remind you, dear hearts, to hold fast to your faith, hope, and loveâ??for yourselves, for each other.

Coco the Bird’s Awesome Adventure: A Unique Story and Learning Book About Unusual Birds and Exotic Places

by Kelly Whitehead

Coco, an ordinary little parakeet who lives happily with her family in Australia, embarks on an extraordinarily large adventure. When Coco is unexpectedly birdnapped, she finds herself halfway across the world in an unknown land called South America. How can she possibly make it all the way back home by herself? It’s a long journey for such a little bird, but Coco is determined to get back to “the outback” and to her family. Luckily for her, the new strange and interesting bird friends from these faraway lands are more than happy to help.

Coco the Bird’s Awesome Adventure will entertain while teaching children about fascinating birds and exotic places from around the globe. A bonus vocabulary section at the end explains words used throughout the story as a fun way for kids to learn about new species of birds and foreign habitats. Coco is the perfect addition to the home or school library, with its’ colorful illustrations, story of determination, and its’ use as an ideal learning tool for children.

About the Authors
Coco was dreamed up by 7-year old Madison Whitehead. Obsessed with watching her pet parakeet, Madison told her mom Kelly that, “Kid’s will think a story book that teaches about birds is cool!” Working as team (Well as much as you can with a child who has the attention span of a nat!), they spent many hours researching. The authors would like everybody to know that this book wouldn’t have been even close to possible without the amazing talent of our wonderful illustrator, Krzysiek Dabek!

Cranky Crocodile Saves the Day: Short Stories, Fuzzy Animals, and Life Lessons (Karma for Kids Books)

by Norma MacDonald

Help When You Least Expect It

Wild Wallaby and Kind Koala decided it might be a good thing to have this crocodile along for the journey after all, even if she was a little cranky. They approached her and asked if she’d like to stick together for a while. She gave a full-toothed smirk. “It might not be a bad idea to always have a couple of plump snacks nearby.” Wild Wallaby laughed and hopped off. “You’d have to catch me first.” The Cranky Crocodile snapped her jaws at him. “Don’t tempt me.” Kind Koala couldn’t tell whether or not she was joking.

Six fun and interesting stories with lessons on:


Karma for Kids Books

We once knew a beautiful Labrador Retriever named Karma. Yes, Karma is a retriever. Whatever we threw out, Karma was happy to bring it back. It didn’t matter what it was, she always brought it back. It’s the same in life. Whatever we send out, is what we will get back. Our Karma for Kids Books hopes to instill this simple Law of the Universe into the lives of young children everywhere. Life can be amazing!

The Book of Bedtime: A Read Aloud Bedtime Story Picture Book To Help Children Fall Asleep (Ages 3-6) (Top of the Wardrobe Gang Picture Books 12)

by Melinda Kinsman

We don’t promise this bedtime story will send your little ones straight off to sleep,

but we do hope it will help encourage them to calm down and relax at bedtime, so that drifting off becomes more of a possibility. In fact, if your young child struggles to settle at night, this book may just make the whole bedtime routine less stressful for both of you.

>>> Told in rhyming format, the book is intended to be read aloud by a parent or caregiver at bedtime.

This will allow children to lie down comfortably while they listen to the adult’s voice. Each page is carefully illustrated in calm, muted tones, so that children can enjoy looking at the pictures if they are not yet ready to close their eyes.

>>> Quietening the mind, relaxing, slowing down breathing, and feeling safe and calm

are all encouraged by the text in the second half of the story. Based on simplified “bodyscan meditation” techniques, soothing words are included that will encourage children to concentrate on and relax different parts of their body one at a time. Repeating the story at bedtime will help teach your child this valuable relaxation technique.

>>> Teaching children simple meditation can:

  • Help them sleep better
  • Support their emotional development
  • Encourage a healthy immune system
  • Help them to focus better on their school work
  • Promote creative thinking and problem-solving skills

The first half of the story

talks about what leads up to Ollie, a young rabbit, being wide awake at bedtime. This is intended to allow children to start to think for themselves about what might cause them sleepless nights, and to open up future discussions with their parent or caregiver about how to set up a good bedtime routine, and what it might be helpful to do and to avoid.

And the end of the story? We hope that will be all about a child who is sleeping…your child.

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***This eBook in the series is written with English spellings and terms suitable for both US and British readers.***


by Paul Ian Cross

Engella is tired. After months on the run, she has finally found somewhere to call home. The problem is, it doesn’t take long for her past to catch up with her.

From the streets of New Shanghai in 2074 to Scotland in the late 20th century, Engella is a short story set across multiple universes.


by Linda Cargill

Jenny and her best friend are about ready to get back against her big sixteeen-year-old sister, Shari, big time. She has betrayed Jenny. It is Shari’s job to mow the lawn. But she has been pushing her chores off on her twelve-year-old sister lately because Shari is always out on a date. So Jenny and her friend are sneaking up on Shari down in the living room to throw Queen Anne’s lace on her right when she is kissing her new dream beau. The flowers land on her head. Shari starts to sneeze. The girls start to run. But the new boyfriend glares up at them. That is when Jenny freaks. The boyfriend doesn’t look normal. He has a weird light in his eye. His complexion is white and pasty. His nose is a weird shape. He looks at her like a hellion.

Has Shari become blind? Can’t she see what she is kissing? What is really going on here? Jenny had better figure it out, or things might get a lot worse than having to mow the lawn on Saturday.

Sister is brought to you by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC. If you liked Sister, you will enjoy other young adult thriller novels by Linda Cargill such as Dream, Haunted, Gypsy, Candle, and Bienville.

Warriors of Wonderland: Deliverance: War Has Begun.

by C.Z. Anderson

In a land ruled under the iron grip of an evil witch, a group of unlikely saviors will arise. These brave warriors must fight until the bitter end to destroy the evil witch queen and her dark servants; and restore freedom to the good people of Wonderland. They will face many perils: from giant ravenous beasts, to roaring dragons. In the end the battle to save the realm may very well take the ultimate sacrifice, and the price of victory will extract a personal toll upon the heroes.

This unlikely group of warriors may be the final hope for freedom. A human of mysterious origin, a veteran of war, a master of stealth with amazing powers, and a She-elf who carries a legacy from the ancients, will decide the fate of the world. While on this quest, dangers lurk around every corner, weapons of destruction are wielded, traps are laid, and alliances are forged. The fate of wonderland rests in their very hands.

This is not the Wonderland you remember. This is war. This is the epic legend of the Warriors of Wonderland.


by Caitlyn Duffy

High school senior Cassie Walters has attended more high schools than she can count as she’s hopped all over the country with her mother since freshman year. She’s passed through so many classrooms and hallways that she doesn’t even bother making friends anymore, because she considers it a waste of time. But everything changes when a teacher convinces her to attend a drama club meeting, and she meets a guy named Elliott with an incredible voice who aspires to become a contestant on a reality television show.

In this short novella prequel to Duffy’s latest full-length novel, Center Stage!, Duffy invites readers to return to the world of The Rock Star’s Daughter and its beloved characters.

Vegetables (Discover Series)

by Xist Publishing

Discover Series Books for Babies & Toddlers

Do your kids think that carrots come in bite-sized pieces from a plastic bag? Would you like to introduce your picky eater to the bounteous vegetables our world has to offer? Designed with young children in mind, this book is a perfect way to introduce your baby or toddler to delicious vegetables. Featuring familiar favorites like carrots, peas and cucumbers, this book also includes gorgeous images of parsnips, pumpkins and beets. Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a great way to introduce new images, words and concepts to kids.

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