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Street Stalker (Florida Heat Book 3)

by Rainy Kirkland

Halloween night has come and gone but evil still stalks the streets. Now, with the clock ticking, Detectives Kate Snow and Mitch Sullivan find themselves caught up in a web of deceit that reaches from the local courthouse all the way to the Ukraine. Children are missing. A maniacal killer is on the loose, and time is running out for everyone.

Accidental Detective – Book 2: Women Sleuths Romance Series

by Kate Benitez

Romanceâ?¦ Murderâ?¦ Mysteryâ?¦

Feisty Anneliese and her boss, hunky private investigator, Leo are hot on the trail of their next case â?? the suspicious death of a billionaire businessman and his heir.

As their investigation continues, the intensity of their attraction grows from flirty to flaming, but Leo’s still keeping the conflict he has with his wealthy and well-connected father from her.

They must catch the murderer before there’s another death, and a final twist in the tail turns this sizzling romance on its head.

Deadly Conditions: A David Wolf Mystery

by Jeff Carson

Rocky Points, a small town in the mountains of Colorado, has just been hit with an epic snowstorm, and while skiers at the resort are enjoying deep turns and face shots, the rest of the people in town are struggling to dig themselves out.

When a dead body is uncovered — brutally murdered and clearly marked with some sort of cryptic message — Sheriff David Wolf and his deputies are put on the clock, left scrambling to find a committed killer, and stop him before the corpses start piling higher than the snow.

In this fourth installment of the David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series, Wolf decides he’ll stop at nothing to halt the killings, and when his investigation leads him to corruption involving the highest authorities, he’s forced to gamble everything–life, limb, and his entire career–in order to unveil the truth.

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Hardened by Steel (Steel Corps Book 2)

by J.B. Havens

It’s been two months since one of our own was killed in front of us. Two months of training and waiting. Time is up and another new recruit is due to arrive any minute; the cousin of the man who betrayed us all. The guys aren’t going to like it, but my superior has overridden my protests.

Just when I didn’t think things could get any worse, my contact with Aunt Beatrice is discovered and my actions have put her in mortal danger. A hit was ordered from a cartel in Mexico. Led by the cousin of Diego Fernando’s widow, the Vega Cartel has a blood debt to settle and they have come to collect.

Jordon is becoming more attractive to me by the day; as my feelings for him continue to grow, our situation becomes even more complicated when our connection is discovered by one of the team. Events spiral out of my control, forcing me to face my demons and darkest fears. I find myself teetering on the edge of good and evil, poised to fall.

A sinister message has me racing to Mexico, trying to beat the dawn. What I find waiting for me there may spell the end of my life and Steel Corps itself.

I must decide; am I hard enough to make this choice? Is my soul a big enough sacrifice for the lives of innocents? There is no question. I am Staff Sergeant Michaels and I am Steel.

***Hardened By Steel picks up where Core of Steel leaves off and it is recommended to read the books in order.


by Bill WENHAM

A young man wakes up beside a murdered female body alongside a highway in rural Vermont. He has no recollection of who the woman is or how they got there – but is he responsible for her death?

Is death really necessary?

by Judi Moore

In 2039 the enormous potential of Nanonics has finally been realised. Now it can heal the terminally sick at a molecular level. But the tiny machines can manipulate any matter – and not necessarily for good: they have no conscience.

Gates Hanford is a disaffected scientist whose career imploded when Nanonics failed to appeal to the British public and was abandoned: the single estate of nano-built houses stands resolutely empty. Now he is using Nanonics secretly in an attempt to break the strangehold the petrol-based engine has on the world. His initial results are promising, but … In the USA a swarm of nanites has gone rogue and Nanonics – already unpopular – is immediately banned on both sides of the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, Teddy Goldstein is dying of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. All the resources of her father’s prosthetics company cannot save her. Nanonics was her only hope.

But Gates’ work continues. Will he achieve his goal? And, if he does, what sort of world will exist among the rusting hulks of the world’s automobiles?

And how long will Teddy have to enjoy it?

The Ice Ghosts Mystery

by Jane Louise Curry

Professor Jeffrey Bird, investigating unusual seismological disturbances in Austria while there for a conference, has disappeared in an avalanche while skiing with a colleague. Or so the news says. But what about the cable sent to Mrs. Bird by his hospitalized (and apparently off his head) friend: “IT WAS TCE GHOSTS”? In no time at all, Mrs. Bird has packed up her ouija board and bundled herself and Oriole, 18, Perry, 13, and Mab, 11, of to Austria to find their father. When the Birds arrive in Riesenmoos, the high Alpine village where he was last seen, not only does the Hotel Gappenwirt claim to be full up, with no reservation in the name of Bird, but nowhere are there answers about Professor Bird.

What is making the villagers so skittish? What can the odd Herr Doktor Pfnür and his (also Doktor) wife, owners of the mountaineering school in its forbidding castle, have to do with the curious series of earthquakes, avalanches and floods throughout the Alps. Is there a scientific explanation for both Perry’s toothache and the Riesenmoos cows running dry? Is the handsome ski instructor with an eye on Oriole a hero or a villain? And are the frightening Ice Giants out of old legends who haunt the hillsides real? AND, can Mab and Perry (with the help of Oriole and her two young men) unravel the dastardly plot and save the world from the Fairweather Insurance Company?

Why do people shy away from their questions?

anished under mysterious circumstances, and a determined Mrs. Bird sets off with their three children in tow– and her ouija board in her suitcase– to find him.The professor was last seen in the high Alpine village of Riesenmoos, but when Mrs. Bird and Perry, Mab and Oriole arrive there, the villagers have never heard of him and the Hotel Gappenwirt has never heard of Mrs. Bird or her reservation. Not a room is to be found anywhere in the village. Deeply suspicious, the Birds search further afield, and find the Strumpf farm, where young Kani Strumpf rents them the two spare rooms– much to his mother’s distress when she finds out.

Mrs. Bird is right. Something is deeply wrong in Riesenmoos, but what? What are the Ice Ghosts the villagers dread?.

Nerve Center: A Novel

by Isobel Chan

Nerve Center

Nerve Center novel is a romance crime thriller full of love and mystery.

“She thought a confrontation was a bad idea. Without much exertion, the stranger

grabbed a hold of her with his other hand and clenched her body close to his.

He could feel the quickness of her heartbeat and she could feel the constraint of his

muscles as he kept her bound close to him.

He whispered an apology “I am sorry about this Jessica” followed with a gentle kiss on her forehead…”


5.0 out of 5 stars Totally love the story., February 16, 2014

By John S. (New York)

Verified Purchase

This review is from: Nerve Center (Kindle Edition)

I mainly love this story because it is well written and thoughtful story.

It was my 5th best story I have read this year ‘2014’

The character is the girl is tremendously played. Plus all of the secres are connected and are revelaed one after the other.

The story and its pilot caught my attention from start till end.

Highly recommended

5.0 out of 5 stars A Fantastic Novel!, February 19, 2014

By S J

Verified Purchase

This review is from: Nerve Center (Kindle Edition)

Isobel Chan truly has written a fantastic novel here!

Nerve Center had me hooked from the first few pages, the plot development is solid and the characters are well thought out and likeable, if you’re a fan of the romance genre you’re missing out if you don’t give Nerve Center a read.

Highly recommended! 🙂

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Core of Steel (Steel Corps Book 1)

by J. B. Havens

Staff Sergeant Bea “Mic” Michaels is the leader of Steel Corps, an elite group of the finest men in the American Armed forces. Commissioned by the United States Government to do what other units cannot, existing both above and outside the law.
A new recruit, Corporal Chris Jordon, has just been delivered, but before he can call himself Steel, he must pass every physical and mental test Mic throws at him. Orders for a mission have come down and Mic must train Jordon faster than ever.
Their team is thrown into a desperate mission to rescue an undercover operative in the heart of Colombia. Forced to take down the head of the Fernando Cartel and the mysterious Frenchie, their mission is complicated when Mic and Jordon are lost to their team.
Digging deep within herself, Mic will need every ounce of her strength to save both her team, and herself.

Romance: Suspense Romance: Murder in Cedar Falls (Hometown Second Chance Billioniare Romance) (Cozy Mystery Contemporary Romance)

by ML Michaels

Rose has it all. A beautiful home. A successful law career. A husband she loves. But her husband has a secret that jeopardizes their future and is destroying their marriage. Her new client, Jake Beauchamp, is a successful, handsome and rich businessman who is looking to buy some land in town. He makes no secret about his interest in the Cedar Falls and in Rose. As she finds herself torn between two very different men, the town is rocked by the murder of a local man. When Jake is accused of the crime, Rose is determined to get to the truth. She embarks on a journey that will lead her to question everything: her marriage, her town and her feelings for the two men in her life.

This is a short storyâ??a complete romantic mystery with NO cliffhanger. The publisher has included several bonus short stories as a thank you for downloading this book. Some of the bonuses contain mature themes and language and are intended for readers 18 years of age and older. Enjoy!

You will love this romance if you enjoy:

– Cozy mystery

– Romantic suspense

– Billionaire romance

– Hometown romance

– Law enforcement romance

– Legal romance

– Second change romance

This book was previously called Scandal and Murder.

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