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Sexy Women pictures

by JJ Graig

E-book featuring pics of hot and sexy women. Awesome pictures for your enjoyment!

Las Pruebas de Iván (Spanish Edition)

by Celso Montemar

Test your Spanish language skills:

Las Pruebas de Iván fue finalista en el Concurso de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil “El Barco de Vapor”, Chile, 2008.

Iván tiene diez años. Está viviendo el difícil divorcio de sus padres, en una ciudad nueva para él, Santiago, Chile. Sin embargo, conoce amigos y aventuras que le entregan la fortaleza para enfrentar su problema de familia. Por ejemplo, Iván conoce a Javier, compañero de quinto básico que le describe un grupo de valientes en el colegio: El Club 1. Aunque, para ser parte del club, debe pasar pruebas que le exigen audacia y astucia. Para conseguirlo, se inspira en el cómic El Guerrero de la Noche, personaje que le presenta su abuelo Serapio, y de quien sigue sus aventuras junto a Javier. Y mientras Iván intenta arreglar sus conflictos como hijo y alumno, también busca descifrar las interrogantes del cómic: ¿Es el Guerrero un héroe real o es otra locura más de su abuelo Serapio? ¿Si es real, podría tener alguna conexión con el profesor de gimnasia del colegio o con el mismo abuelo? ¿Tienen Iván y el Guerrero el mismo protector, Dios? Acompaña a Iván a develar estas y otras preguntas, en su camino de aventuras, cómics, amigos y nuevas experiencias.

Las Pruebas de Iván es una novela dirigida a niños de 9 a 11 años. Sin embargo, es un libro infantil y juvenil que puede ser disfrutado por todas las edades.

This is the book for you if you want to learn Spanish or you are seeking to improve your Spanish language skills.

Erstes Baby in sechs Stunden (Julias Ratgeber – Aus der Praxis für die Praxis 1) (German Edition)

by Julia Nastasi

Die Geburt des ersten Kindes – ein Mysterium, um das sich viele Theorien ranken. Als Schwangere hört man da so manche Geschichte, die man lieber nicht gehört hätte. Dieser Ratgeber gibt Ihnen Tipps und Tricks mit auf den Weg, wie es schneller und leichter gehen kann.
Fernab von mystischen Schilderungen und nüchternen medizinischen Abhandlungen gibt die Autorin Tipps aus der Praxis für die Praxis, wie Sie Ihren Körper in dieser wunderbaren Phase des Lebens auf den Marathon vorbereiten können, der sich Geburt nennt. Dabei kommen auch Wohlfühltipps und emotionale Hilfestellungen nicht zu kurz.

Esperanza (French Edition)

by Utopia

Romain, provincial d’origine, s’est installé sur les hauteurs de Montmartre qu’il considère être le plus bel endroit de Paris.

Convaincu que, comme le disait VOLTAIRE, “Plus les hommes seront éclairés et plus ils seront libres”, il s’est voulu journaliste afin de témoigner de ce monde, l’expliquer et l’éclairer.

Un jour, sa vie va prendre un tour inattendu puisque son père, qu’il n’a jamais connu, lui écrit pour la première fois afin de lui proposer une rencontre.

En proie à des sentiments contradictoires, Romain va devoir prendre une décision d’importance.

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Letting Go Of Breakups: How To Let Go Of Someone You Love With The Power of Forgiveness

by C. L. Grant


  • Do you love someone who doesn’t love you?
  • Are you hanging on to a relationship that ended a long time ago?
  • Are you struggling to cope with feelings of rejection?
  • Do you want to make your ex pay for what they did to you?
  • Is the need for revenge eating you up inside?
  • Do you feel bitter when you watch other couples being happy together?


If you are poisoning your life by holding onto feelings of resentment and rejection then you need to harness the power of forgiveness to set yourself free from the bitterness, pain and suffering of a breakup.

Every single day, thousands upon thousands of rejected partners find themselves trapped by the past and unable to let go of a traumatic breakup.


By practising forgiveness you will diminish negative feelings of anger, pain and depression. You will be able to forge loving relationships and have increased feelings of hope, peacefulness and self-confidence.


Letting Go Of Breakups: How To Let Go Of Someone You Love With The Power of Forgiveness. focuses on practical solutions that you can use for permanent results. You will learn empowering strategies that enable you to forgive and let go of the past. Feelings of hopelessness and resentment will be banished. You will discover how to leverage your inner strength and focus solely on the power of forgiveness.


  • How to make peace with the past
  • How to let go of resentment
  • How to forgive and let go of your ex
  • How forgiveness improves your well-being
  • How to put the past into perspective

If you want to reclaim your sanity, self-respect and happiness, then you must read Letting Go Of Breakups: How To Let Go Of Someone You Love With The Power of Forgiveness. It will help you put the past into perspective and let go of your ex with forgiveness. It will painlessly guide you towards making peace with the past, help you begin living in the present and look forward to the future.


10 Years Younger: Simple Lifestyle Changes to Look Younger, Feel Better, and Turn Back Time

by Grace Bell

Aging Well

Have you heard people say that age is just a number? That perspective shows great wisdom. One’s age should not influence the way anyone feels about who he or she is as an individual. Really, you are only as old as you feel. By breaking some unhealthy habits and making conscious decisions regarding how you live, it is possible to slow the aging process.

This book will show you 16 habit-developing strategies to look younger, feel better, and turn back time. These strategies are not a set of rigid rules that absolutely must be followed, but rather, think of them as sensible, yet creative, ways to slow and change the way body and mind age. Those changes will impact how you feel physically and equally important, mentally and emotionally.

Step into a new way of aging and download 10 Years Younger!


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The Promise (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 120)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

The Promise

I’m sorry daddy, I can’t do it right

While mother nature’s working on my brain

I’m trying to surrender wrong to right

But in my mind they often are the same

I’m really not a good girl being bad

I’m just your daughter from another time

I know it takes a lot to not get mad

But not within my young, conceited mind

And more than just my dad you are my friend

I truly love the memories we’ll share

I send you love from this, the other end

The love I can’t conceive when I am there

A parent’s is the hardest job you’ll find

To make the world a promise over time

Copyright: August 20, 2016.

Being Son and Father

This story is about the pure connection and changing relationship between father and son and putting the relationship in perspective as the years progress(father pov).

Jack and the jellybean stalk: Funny stories from a father

by John Martin

Until a father can wipe his baby son’s piddle off his chin, he can’t call himself a man. At least, that’s what I tell myself — and anyone else who cares to buy this book of 51 funny stories that all parents will be able to relate to. Along the way I confess to being the trolley getaway driver at the teddy bears’ picnic, reveal the true story of Jack and the Jellybean Stalk, and take a light-hearted look at some serious issues, including childbirth, nappies, circumcision, pets, religion, Santa Claus and learning on occasions to cope without mummy.


. The rubbish bin rite of passage

. Jack’s world started the day the pizza died for me

. Here I come, ready or not

. Soothing the savage breast

. Keeping a lid on the early years

. Send in the clown

. Recipe for disaster

. Boogie days and nights with a boy and a cat

. My chills are alive again with The Sound of Music

. I hope God has a funny-bone

. Caution: men not at work

. Our jet-setting toddler finally hits the jackpot

. Daddy, there’s something coming out of my penis

. You can’t hide those lion eyes for ever

. Gone with the wind to the show

. Up in nanny’s room hanging on a nail

. Jailhouse clock

. Wake Up Daddy (in C shrill, er, sharp)

. When a nappy chappy becomes a man

. Pizza stops and unfulfilled poles

. It’s my party, and I’ll spy if I want to

. The root of all evil: communication breakdown

. Faster, stronger, higher, louder

. Ascending into heaven on a ski lift

. Never look a gift hanky in the mouth

. Ashes to ashes, dung to dung

. A big hand for the little hands

. Terror at 5000 feet

. A letter to Santa Claus

. Seventy-four candles

. Digging deep for God’s sake

. Missing at sea

. Like father, like son

. Brow-beaten at the hairdressers

. The tooth fairy revisited

. Scales of injustice on my holiday

. And everyone lived happily ever after

. A 10-star breakfast comes unstuck

. The young and the sleepless

. Flying too close to my son

. Quiet please, people here are trying to party

. Traffic lights, babies and taps

. A rival for my wife’s affections

. Jack and the jellybean stalk

. My hopscotch is on the rocks

. A lot of hot air about nothing

. We all have our crosses to bear

. Who let the ghost out?

. Letter on the fridge to my homecoming wife

. Officer, I want to report a birthday party

. Keeping the whiskers at bay

Televisão: Discursos Populares (Portuguese Edition)

by S. Alves

Televisão, faz bem para nos ou faz mal? Temos acesso de programas que nos concedem informação, e também programas cheias de brigas, uso de drogas, e de violência. Para nossas famílias a grande questão e: como possamos usar nosso televisão numa forma positiva pra nossa família.

Neste discurso Alves explica exatamente isto. Pega, e leia hoje. Tenha uma visão pela sua família, e como a TV pode ajudá-los.

Kunterbunte Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)

by Ruth Maria Hirschmann

Geschichten – wie aus dem wirklichen Leben.
Es könnte jeden treffen!

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