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ЯмбÑ? и дÑ?Ñ?гие Ñ?оÑ?еи: Ð?аписи из дневников 2014-2015 гг. (Russian Edition)

by Ð?ейбов Роман

Ð?аписи из дневников 2014â??2015 гг. в Ñ?иÑ?мÑ? и/или в сÑ?олбик, собÑ?аннÑ?е по пÑ?осÑ?бам Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?дяÑ?иÑ?ся. Ð?Ñ?бликÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ся в сисÑ?еме Ridero пÑ?осÑ?о Ñ?ак.

Beauty of Butterflies

by Lauren L Carpenter

Butterflies begin their life crawling upon the ground, searching the stars for their own dreams. Adversity transforms them from within and gives them wings. This is a story of surviving darkness to find a way to truly fly.

*Mature content includes themes of suicide, self harm and depression. Not suitable for young audiences.

How to Destroy

by Sara Clark

“How To Destroy” is the debut collection of award-winning poet Sara A Clark. Ranging in theme from the cosmic to the conversational, from mortality to modern life, Sara A Clark’s poetry poignantly captures the fading hopes and momentary beauties of a consumer-driven age. Sara A Clark is an award-writing writer from Scotland. A renowned performance poet who has read at some of the UK’s top festivals, she is also current editor of literary magazine The Eildon Tree.

My Poems

by Katie Skuse

A Chapbook full of short and long poems mainly talking about bullying and the effects of it and living in Wales.

365 Thoughts of the Year for You

by Black-Sheep M.A.D.

The purpose of “365 Thoughts of the Year for You” is simple. So you can believe in yourself the more, and go like hell (or heaven) after your dreams and aspirations. Not only to dream the dreams, but to stay awake – stay alive and accomplish them. What if you have no dreams? If you have never been inspired to a greater good in your life (which is virtually impossible), then the duty of “365 Thoughts of the Year for You” is to awaken – evoke a sense of purpose in you. For those who have laid their souls to rest before they are dead and buried, its bound duty is to resurrect your spirit and make you walk with happiness among the living again.
Make no bones about it; in this REAL life that we live; there are people who really don’t believe in themselves, and are only connected to life by eating and drinking, and watching T.V. They don’t know their worth and think they are just mere human beings, full stop. Of course, some may go to work, for that is the norm. After all, they see others doing it so why not, but that’s as far as it goes for them. They have more doubt in their full being than stagnant water in an unclean drain. When they open their mouths, failure and doubt comes out with great ease.
“365 Thoughts of the Year for You” seeks to raise your level of consciousness and assure you that you are worth it in this life, regardless of what naysayers may say. I leave you with a few quotes from my consciousness.
“Always remember. You are the measure of the man or woman you think you are in your head.”
“To start a work is good, to see that work through to the very end is great.”
“A thought is the creative seed of God in you. Speak it into being. Plan it into being. Believe it into being. Mould it into being. Make the first step and start the engine of faith in you. You will accomplish it.”

The End of Daze: Live From the Moonglow Coffee Shop

by William Blacksmith

It seems that history doesn’t follow the ground. It ebbs and wanes with the times (or against). With these cycles we have those that live it and they come in all flavors, right, left, middle, radical, conservationâ?¦etc. We certainly have a lot of one-issue worriers. The problem is who really knows the guts of an issue, if you barely know the facts? Clarity comes at a steep price and whoever is willing to pay the price is usually the one keeping the secret. I only hope that we come to our senses and kill the two-party system once-and-for-all. We live in an age where information is constantly bombarding us with point and counterpoints, opinion, and opinion disguised as fact. In comes on our phones, in our cars, our homes, and pretty much everywhere else you stop for more than a minute. If you think about it, it’s all a giant commercial, each side trying to get people to buy their “product” their “Brand”. Some of what’s in here addresses thatâ?¦everything else is just entertainment.

Have your Sex and Eat it too

by Black-Sheep M.A.D.

Sex is very enjoyable – delicious even. It is best served after a wonderful meal and conversation. Others may disagree, they prefer the spontaneous, â??raw edge’ that it may bring to the tableâ?¦..or bed â?¦. or floor â?¦or office furniture and elevator as it moves from one busy floor to another in a building. Whatever your comfort zone, whatever you crave, make sure to enjoy as much of it as possible during your lifetime. Don’t be afraid to talk about the topic of sex or to laugh and humour others about it. This doesn’t mean you have to be vulgar and distasteful. Whatever is your wildest imagination on sex â?¦ yes, that image in your head that you have always wanted to try; I urge you to go ahead and do it at least once before you die, as long as you aren’t offending anyone in the process. But remember, in all your tongue wagging, breath-taking agility; protect yourself from HIV Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. Find your compulsive sexual disorder and anecdotes within these two hundred and fifteen poems. Multiple orgasm is allowed. Life is a beach.

The Age of Reasoning & Truth- Epistle 1.: The Shanique Myrie case.

by Black-Sheep M.A.D.

In order for man to advance his life he must have fixity of purpose.
A life without purpose is a life without a future.
A life without a future is lived recklessly. It also destroys other purposeful lives intentionally or unintentionally.
Love and forgiveness are two attributes that man must have to be at peace with himself.
He must also open the history books and rewrite his total humanity; setting right the lies and forced errors, according to the whim and fancy of those who were quick to deceive.
He must also tell of the heartbreaks he has put the world through, through the passage of time, including the destruction of the environment.
Man the created being must also forgive himself for his past mistakes, and open his life to full truth and reconciliation; while asking God’s forgiveness for individual sins, as well as for spiritual guidance, to the end of his days.
But if nothing else, man, the created being, must agree within himself that he needs the energy both passive and active from his fellow human beings to survive in his world. A world that belongs to all of us, not some of us.
These eighty-two poems deals with man’s historical walk through time, and his wretched, brutish self, while he tries to find himself and the meaning to life. Find your poems that contextualizes who you are and the world around you.

Poemario I (Spanish Edition)

by Luis Balada Ortega

Tras “Memoria de Cartagena” y “La poesía como aventura”, éste es mi tercer libro de poesía.
Poemas, sin coherencia alguna, creados al dictado de mi mente.

Ð?инея (Russian Edition)

by Ð?анила Ð?инÑ?енко

ЭÑ?оÑ? Ñ?оман â?? пÑ?ияÑ?ная для Ñ?Ñ?ения исÑ?оÑ?ия о пеÑ?вой, насÑ?ояÑ?ей, искÑ?енней и Ñ?исÑ?ой лÑ?бви междÑ? лÑ?дÑ?ми, в Ñ?Ñ?иÑ? жизняÑ? на каждом Ñ?агÑ? всÑ?Ñ?еÑ?аÑ?Ñ?ся пÑ?епяÑ?сÑ?вия, коÑ?оÑ?Ñ?е влияÑ?Ñ? не Ñ?олÑ?ко на одного из ниÑ?, а сÑ?азÑ? на обоиÑ?. Ð?Ñ?оизведение осÑ?авляеÑ? пÑ?ияÑ?ное оÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ение на дÑ?Ñ?е после пÑ?оÑ?Ñ?ения, ведÑ? Ñ?Ñ?о-Ñ?о подобное испÑ?Ñ?Ñ?вал каждÑ?й без исклÑ?Ñ?ения, пÑ?екÑ?аснÑ?й Ñ?оман, написаннÑ?й легким и поняÑ?нÑ?м язÑ?ком не осÑ?авляеÑ? Ñ?авнодÑ?Ñ?нÑ?м к исÑ?оÑ?ии геÑ?оев.

Benjamin Coakley

by Benjamin Coakley

A small guide on how to be better looking…

Perhaps Love

by Black-Sheep M.A.D.

What is love?
It is the emotional craving you have for another human being; in this case, your lover.
A rich, rewarding feeling swallows up your being, just by entering their presence. You feel mellow and overwhelmed!
Time whisks away when you are under the arch of love, and the passion that compliments it. Nothing could be more magnificent.
Yet this same lovely emotion that makes others dance in the sunshine of it, and praise God, and sing in the rain; has made many weep and heartbroken, and lose their very appetite for food.
‘Perhaps Love’ is realistic, and deals with not only the fantasies of love, but the treachery that follows it around. You are bound to smile, and be dipped in a trance time and time again- yet frown and become upset at the bewilderment of others.
‘Perhaps Love’ will school you and give new meaning to your intimate relationship – love, and lovemaking. You will be introduced to life outside of the ordinary love.
Of a certainty, there is a phrase, a verse – a poem, eagerly awaiting to embrace you, that you will happily call your own. Perhaps two poems, who to tell. You will want more. Take it.

Poesias: Língua Delirante (Portuguese Edition)

by Carlos Rogério Cerqueira Junior

O amor é uma das manifestações mais genuinamente humanas: é sentimento (na figura da sensação provocada pelo ser amado) como também pensamento (resultante da compreensão do indivíduo acerca de seu próprio estado amoroso). O amor, inicialmente único, paradoxal, completo, hermético e sem qualquer importância para os outros, por meio da poesia, expõe seus contornos mais belos (e, por que não, trágicos?) permitindo aos leitores experimentarem a identificação com o escritor: desse modo, a poesia se transforma numa genuína ponte de comunicação entre os seres humanos. Nesse livro, explora-se o liminar entre o êxtase de amar e a dor do amor não concretizado. Afinal, a poesia é exteriorização de um desejo, sua realização sublimada: as palavras impronunciáveis que se remodelam na forma de arte. A obra é composta por 60 poemas escritos entre 2010 e 2012, que versam sobre o amor e seus desdobramentos mais imediatos como solidão, dor, felicidade e arrebatamento. Em diversas ocasiões, remete-se à mitologia grega, estabelecendo paralelos e releituras entre deuses e o ser amante, divinamente amaldiçoado. Referências diversas, de óperas a esculturas, permitem estabelecer diálogos com outras manifestações artísticas. E, não menos importante, trabalha-se com as múltiplas interpretações que podem surgir do uso da língua para racionalizar o sentimento amoroso. Dessa forma, essa coletânea de poesias procura explorar a universalidade do amor, permitindo que o leitor possa reconhecer nos versos, o reflexo da sua própria concepção e experiência amorosa.

el (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 121)

by Brian Randolph Wilson


Let’s celebrate a day of no “Noel”:

It’s not a double negative, at all.

It’s how to live a life, and live it well.

It’s how our human input – isn’t small.

When there’s no judge or jury in the sky,

Your kindness matters – and you have a voice.

You have to look inside, for reasons why:

There is no goodness – till you make a choice.

So dare to contemplate a life of L,

With love and laughter, living in your head:

You’ll worry less for heaven and for hell,

But strive for human decency, instead.

Behold midwinter, and its longest night:

You need a candle, more than you need “light”.


Dionysos-Dithyramben (German Edition)

by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Bei diesem Werk handelt es sich um eine urheberrechtsfreie Ausgabe und um ein Kurzwerk.
Diese Kindle-Edition beinhaltet die kostenlose, drahtlose Lieferung auf Ihren Kindle oder Ihre Kindle-Apps.

Declinando l’eros – 57 poesie erotiche (Italian Edition)

by Autori vari

39 autori per 57 poesie d’amore e di eros. Quest’opera non vuol essere soltanto una raccolta di poesie erotiche, ma una piccola emozione da regalare agli occhi. Ã? il risultato del concorso letterario indetto dalla pagina Facebook Declinando l’eros, cui hanno partecipato molte persone che ringraziamo. La casa editrice Eroscultura è stata incaricata della selezione, valutazione e pubblicazione delle opere, suddivise in tre categorie: Declinando l’Eros; Intimamente Eros; In_congruenze erotiche. Ve le offriamo gratuitamente, vi servirà anche per conoscere alcuni autori che pubblicano anche romanzi o racconti

Nachgefragt: Immer lächeln (German Edition)

by Alexander Weigand-Schoenherr


Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht. Man ist erstaunt und auch erschüttert, was man so googlet und auch twittert. Ein paar kleine aber feine Gedichte, welche man auf dem Weg zur Arbeit oder auf dem Nachhauseweg in Bus und Bahn eben mal schnell lesen kann. Wenn Ihnen die Gedichte gefallen haben sollten, bitte weitersagen, wenn nicht, Ruhe bewahren.

A Message to the World in a Season of Change

by Joyce Joba Johnson

From life, love, friendship, courage, world peace, power, war, politics, nuclear proliferation and much more, to the emergence of Barack Obama, with his “Change We Can” mantra, as the President of the United Sates loved by the whole world and seen as an epitome of change to all.

A Message to the World in a Season of Change is a captivating collection of motivational poetry written over a twenty year period inspired through personal experiences and watching the world and people evolve gradually and surely.

Joyce Joba Johnson puts together a positive and serious message with a compelling literary style tinged with hope and humour.

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