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Budgetary Thought for Budget Officers: A Practitioner’s Perspective

by Edward Lehan

In this comprehensive essay on best practices for government budget officers, author Edward Anthony Lehan discusses budgeting as a craft rather than an art requiring virtuoso talent. This distinction is important because “craftsmanship” implies that the intellectual and practical aspects of budgeting can be codified and that the requisite knowledge and skill can be taught and learned.

Lehan strikes a critical note in the opening paragraph by identifying the necessity to ration scarce resources as the focus of the occupation. Governments employ budget officers to help publicly accountable officials ration the resources made available to them by the society they serve. Because the rationing process is inherently competitive in nature, good budget officers are particularly concerned with equity. Their recommendations must rest on a deserved reputation for impartial analysis. Lehan explores in depth the prescriptive task of rendering judgments on the merits of public programs through the application of certain standards, concepts, and measurements that emphasize efficacy and reduce subjectivity.

In examining key concepts, defining various roles, and providing models of effective thinking and practice for an array of concerns within the typical budget cycle, Budgetary Thought for Budget Officers promotes a dynamic intellectual approach to budget implementation.

Life in the UK test – The ultimate revision guide includes 10 practice tests

by Pierre Martin

The ONE book you absolutely need to pass the Life in the UK test first time.

The book includes short notes covering all the facts and dates you need to know and 10 complete test, 240 official style questions with answers.

The SHTF Stockpile Box Set: Be Ready to Respond to an Emergency With Super Useful Safety Hacks and Essential Checklists and Concise Instructions (The SHTF … Box Set, SHTF Stockpile preppers guide)

by Paulina Cross

BOOK #1: The SHTF Stockpile: Don’t Waste Time! Go One Step Further and Be Ready to Respond: Emergency Preparedness and Protection Planning

Disaster can strike at any moment, and if you’re not prepared you’re putting your life into other people’s hands. If you’re anything like me, having control over your situation is important, and this book gives you the tools necessary to take back you’re personal power.Don’t let a bad situation turn worse because you decided to not read the signs of the impending collapse. Be the survivor you were always meant to be.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The survival pyramid
  • All the necessary skills you need to learn for highest chances of survival
  • The best location for your SHTF shelter.
  • The correct food and drinks to store
  • Bartering items and self-protection for increased resources

BOOK #2: The Ultimate Survival Manual: Essential Checklists and Concise Instructions That Will Get You Out Alive When Disaster Strikes

The Ultimate Survival Manual will put you in good stead when a disaster arrives. It is a succinct guide to preparation for the worst and how to prevail when the unforeseen and unthinkable happens. With the right mindset, as outlined in the book, you can purchase the necessary equipment and supplies for that dreaded “rainy day”. You can’t be overly prepared in our opinion. As such, the book provides the groundwork for most situations so you can “get out alive”. The basics must be addressed at the very least.

Within these pages you will find:

  • A definition of survival and how is likely to succeed
  • Why prepare in advance
  • Reminders and check lists
  • A checklist of supplies and actions
  • Ultimate survival situations and scenarios
  • Food and water basics
  • Seeking shelter at home
  • Evacuation possibilities
  • Self-preservation and protection
  • Self-defense and the need for weapons
  • Warding off hunger and thirst
  • Heat and cold: building a fire
  • Spreading the word: forming a neighborhood watch
  • Tips for survival optimization

BOOK #3: Prepper’s Hacks: Super Useful Safety Hacks to Improve Your Preparedness for What May Come

Prepper’s hacks is a concise but packed source of information on crisis and emergency readiness. It imagines “what may come” to foster awareness. You never know when the unthinkable will strike, but you can prepare well in advance. You hope your preparation will be in vain. Thinking ahead is the purpose as the book presents typical survival situations and what the consequences are likely to be. It offers sound advice on coping with the worst that can be imagined and understanding how to protect your family from disaster.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Drastic acts of Mother Nature
  • Why and how terrorism could happen
  • Emergency kit contents
  • What to tell your family about disaster survival
  • Dire straits
  • Why safety is an art and a science

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O controle de conteúdo da abusividade nas condições gerais dos contratos (Portuguese Edition)

by Mauricio Mota

O livro tem por escopo a análise do controle de conteúdo da abusividade nas condições gerais dos contratos, definindo nessas condições gerais dos contratos suas formas de aplicação, limites e possibilidades interpretativas.

Destaca-se o tema em duas partes bem definidas: na primeira parte, trata-se da teoria geral das condições gerais dos contratos, cuidando da evolução da teoria contratual, da regulação das condições gerais dos contratos em ordenamentos jurídicos estrangeiros e da natureza jurídica destas. Na segunda parte, aborda-se o controle de conteúdo da abusividade nas condições gerais dos contratos, os fundamentos e técnicas de controle, o princípio da boa-fé como critério de controle, a especificidade desta extensão funcional e a abusividade institucional da liberdade contratual.

No estudo, analisam-se os contratos de adesão, suas características e natureza jurídica, a incidência do princípio da boa-fé nas negociações contratuais e a diferenciação destes de outros institutos jurídicos.

Na conclusão, o trabalho define a ideia de sistema totalizante informado pela boa-fé objetiva como parâmetro eficaz para o controle de conteúdo da abusividade nas condições gerais dos contratos e expõe a hipótese paradigmática de tal controle de conteúdo das cláusulas abusivas na contratação bancária.

Alpha Male: How to become an Alpha male, what being an Alpha male means, Alpha characteristics, and how to become the confident and powerful man that you want to be!

by Adam Lowry

Alpha Male

Download This Great Book Today! Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet!

Being an Alpha male means that you’re powerful, strong, respected, and confident among many other things. Almost all men wish to be Alpha, although only a small percentage ever truly reach this elusive status in society.

There are lots of misconceptions about what it really means to be an Alpha male. This book dispels the myths and misconceptions, and shows you what it takes to be truly Alpha.
This book explains all of the traits of a true Alpha male in modern times, and shows you exactly how to get there.

You will learn about the different features that an Alpha male possesses, and be shown step by step how to develop these characteristics in yourself.

Alpha males are not born, they are made. With the help of this guide you will be well on your way to reaching true Alpha male status in all areas of your life!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is an Alpha Male
  • The Modern Alpha Male
  • Alpha Male Characteristics
  • Alpha Male Misconceptions
  • How to Develop Alpha Male Characteristics
  • How to Develop an Alpha Mindset
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Eta to hinin to futsujin (Japanese Edition)


Agentes y lazos sociales: la experiencia de volverse comunidad (Spanish Edition)

by José Humberto Salguero Antelo

Cuatro manos pueden más que dos y con la suma de muchas voluntades es posible cambiar la realidad en que se vive, por más adversa que parezca. Así sucedió en la colonia Lomas de Polanco, al sur de la ciudad de Guadalajara, México, entre los años setenta y principios de los noventa del siglo XX, donde se generó un movimiento ciudadano, enraizado en las Comunidades Eclesiales de Base y la educación popular, que emprendió una lucha exitosa para conseguir los servicios de infraestructura urbana ante las promesas incumplidas de autoridades y fraccionadores.
La confluencia de actores, individuales y colectivos, de distintos contextos, contribuyeron a la reconstitución del tejido social y la creación de los lazos que dieron sentido de comunidad a los colonos y al desarrollo de su capacidad de agencia para la trasformación positiva de su entorno y de su vida.
Esta experiencia se recupera en esta obra, a partir de una serie de entrevistas con los actores del movimiento, mediante un análisis retrospectivo y desde varias perspectivas teóricas. Su estudio permite comprender mejor las dinámicas sociales acontecidas y posibilita su reproducción para enfrentar de manera organizada y con éxito problemas en contextos urbanos y sociales particulares.

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