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330 Speaking Topics with Sample Answers Q301-330 (360 Speaking Topics 30 Day Pack)

by LIKE Test Prep

This book contains
-30 Speaking Topics
-30 Sample Answers
-120 Useful Expressions
-120 Practice Questions & Answers

Great for
-ESL Learners
-High School Students
-Test Prep Students
-College Students

*”330 Speaking Topics” and “330 Writing Topics” cover the same topics.

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CONQUER THE BAR EXAM: A Guide To A Stress-Free Bar Exam Experience

by Peter Bergan

This book will describe in detail all of the “other stuff” associated with the bar exam so that you have the least stressful experience possible. This short guide will take you through the practical steps you should be taking in the weeks before the bar exam as well as during the actual days of the test.

Any bar-exam taker will spend countless hours memorizing the various elements of torts and crimes. However, very few test-takers adequately prepare themselves for the actual test-taking experience. That is, they do not properly plan for the experience; and, therefore, they experience a great deal of unneeded stress during the actual exam.

This guide will take you step by step through the things any test-taker should be doing in the precious days before the exam. I am certain that following the steps in this book will lead to a better test-taking experience (and hopefully a better score!).

Unschooling – 7 Steps To Beginning The Journey

by Luminara King

In ‘Unschooling – 7 Steps To Beginning The Journey’, I aim to answer all those questions a family often has when considering unschooling their children. This book is the big hug you sometimes need when taking the lesser known path. I hope to dispel the myths around unschooling and show people it is not just for “New Age” types but is for all the parents who desire to live and learn with their children in a way that is freeing, joyful and respectful. For those who wish to work in partnership with children in exploring this amazing world and all it has to offer.

How to Be an Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Suck!: Top 10 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs… That You Can Copy Whoever You Are!

by Jeff Lively

These Are the Top 10 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs Who Doesn’t Suck!


What you’ll discover in this short book:

The Top 10 Commons Traits

1 – They Read Books

– Why reading books is a must

– The books that changed my life

2 – They Know What They’re Good At

– How to choose and find what you’re really good at

– Why you shouldn’t be a jack of all trades

3 – They Understand That Success is a Process

– Why there’s no such thing as overnight success

– Why the obstacle and the process is the only way to success

4 – They Set Goals

– How to set your goals

– The way I set my goals… it’s different than most people

5 – They’re Not Entitled & They Take Responsibility for Everything

– How to take responsibility and start growing your company and your life to unknown heights

6 – They Say No to A Lot of Things

– How to know whether to say yes or no to an opportunity

7 – They Have Mentors

– How to find the best mentor/s

8 – They Hustle & They Work Smart at the Same Time

– Why it’s important to have both if you want success

9 – They Know the Right People

– The absolute best way to know and befriend an entrepreneur

10 – They Listen More Than They Talk

– When to speak your mind and when to listen

– Why you should always decide based on your own judgement

Most entrepreneurs take action and make things happen

How about you? What are you going to do if given this opportunity to know the top common traits you need to have, in order to be a successful entrepreneur?


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Philosophy or Tao of Survival, and Survival Self Test with Answers: Book #3

by Douglas S. Hansen

Survival has to do with a number to things, the most important of which is, the mechanics or the foundation. With this understanding a person can use their mind, skill, and resources to improvise a way to continue to live, and move themselves from the extreme survival environment to a more comfortable one.

In this book I present the survival formula (A+P) x I = Survival and we go over how it works, and break it down into its various components. Also, to add interest and test the readers understanding of the survival situation, we have survival test prepared for you to try. At the completion of the test, I present the answers, and there is a scoring system to show how well, or if you survived the scenario.

The mere fact this gets a person thinking in a solution finding mode, will be worth the pocket change to read it and take the test.

Google Classroom: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

by Justin Gibbs

Whether you are a student, a classroom teacher, a school administrator, a principal or a parent, this book is for you. This is also for everyone who works in the field of education but has to use the newest technology tools in their daily lives. This book aims to introduce to you the Google Classroom and how it can positively change your perspective towards learning.

This book is a practical instruction and presentation of what Google Classroom and other Google for Education apps can do for you. The book will discuss to you how to set-up your Google Classroom accounts, the basic processes of adding students, managing the interface, creating your course, co-teaching, the latest features of the application and its’ various benefits to both educators and learners.

Google Classroom is the future of education along with other Google apps. Learn how to manage your class effectively and to stay organize with the help of this book. If you are a student, this book will help you understand the workflow and ease your workload. Grab your copy now and start promoting the student-centered method of learning. Deal with your homework better and be part of a collaborative work.

Farm Animals: Electronic Flashcards

by Dr Andy

Give your child a head start with flashcards for kids!

Kids love to learn and our job as parents is to make their learning fun and enjoyable. You will absolutely love the time spent with your child.

These cards were made for my own son and I started using them when he was 12 months old. Within weeks he had begun recognising the pictures and started repeating in one then two syllable words. It was so encouraging to see him learn. My friends who are also parents asked me to share my cards and methods with them so that they could teach their children. That’s why I’m sharing them with you today.

Simply have these cards available on your tablet or smartphone. That way your child can learn about their world through pictures, words and your voice- anytime and anywhere.

Six Steps to Flashcard Success:

1. Be enthusiastic and make it fun!

2. Show a card and say “(child’s name), what’s this?” Pause. Then say “this is a (name of picture)”

3. Spend only a few seconds on each card- children get bored quickly.

4. When your child starts naming the pictures, celebrate by giving them a hug and/or kiss.

5. Repetition is the mother of skill- flick through these pictures daily and whenever you have a chance e.g. waiting in line, travelling

6. Enjoy connecting with your child and watching their vocabulary explode!

I hope you enjoy sharing the learning experience with your child.

Dr Andy

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Cancel Kindle Unlimited: The Easy Way (How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited, Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription, Unsubscribe Kindle Unlimited, Unsubscribe … Subscription) (Digital Handbooks Book 1)

by C. Kancel

Read It for FREE With Kindle Unlimited Or Prime Membership! Don’t have a Kindle device? No worries! Read it on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone!

[Last Updated August 2016 ]


The clearest and easiest way to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription in easy steps.

This books provides you with info you need to know to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription. To make things as easy as possible the books contains clear screenshots with every step.

This book is the right pick for you if:

  • You want to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription quickly without any frustration.
  • You cannot manage to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
  • You don’t want to spend looking up or trying to figure out how to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
  • This book also comes with 3 free bonuses!

    1. A link to a free success audiobook by Anthony Robbins
    2. A link to a free motivational speech by Steve Jobs
    3. A part of my book Happy Brain: Train your Brain to get Happy, be Grateful and Develop Healthy Thinking Habits

    This book is available for free with Kindle Unlimited and you can feel free to share this work with your family, friends, and acquaintances.

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Männer in Marmor: Kurzgeschichte auf Englisch (Geister Book 1)

by E. Nesbit

Dieses Buch ist ideal für Leute, die auf der Suche nach neuen Methoden im Erwerb von Fremdsprachen sind, und stellt eine ausgezeichnete Ergänzung zu Grammatik-, Sprach- und Vokabelbüchern dar. Es ist als Paralleltext gestaltet und ermöglicht dem Leser, denselben Text in zwei Sprachen nebeneinander zu sehen und bietet dadurch einfache Referenz.
Diese Geschichte ist Teil eines Sammelbands namens “Geister: Englisch lernen: Kurzgeschichten auf Englisch”. Er umfasst sieben Kurzgeschichten, die jeweils dafür zugeschnitten sind, das Erlernen einer Fremdsprache auf eine neue und spannende Art zu erleichtern und auch das Lesen im Paralleltext zu erlauben.
Wie nutzt man dieses Buch am besten, um den meisten Nutzen daraus zu ziehen?
Für Anfänger würde ich vorschlagen, die Geschichte zunächst in ihrer Primärsprache zu lesen und dann zu beginnen, sich einzelne Sätze in der Fremdsprache vorzunehmen. Fortgeschrittene können direkt mit dem Text in der Fremdsprache beginnen und dann nur im Falle von Verständnisschwierigkeiten den Text in ihrer Primärsprache zu Rate zu ziehen.
Mit Motivation, Ã?bung, Beharrlichkeit und einer guten “Geistergeschichte” kann wirklich jeder eine neue Sprache erwerben.

Ms EXCEL 2013 Data Analyzing Pivot Table Subtotal And Consolidation

by Muhammad Taha Khan

Microsoft Excel 2013 Advance Version (Data Analyzing) Pivot Table Subtotal Consolidation

Get unlimited free books for life time on Ms Excel 2013, Anger Management, Cooking, Diet, Erotica Books and Many More

In this book you learn in detail about Pivot Table , Subtotals, Consolidation

Easy to learn Include Diagrams, Screen Shots and Easy Examples and details

This Book is suitable for those people who want to learn in detail about Pivot Table , Subtotals and Consolidation. The main areas which we cover in this book is

  • Pivot Table with Examples
  • How to Drag and Drop Pivot Table Fields
  • Tips & Tricks of Pivot Table
  • Pivot Table Terminology
  • Formatting the Pivot Table
  • Pivot Table Calculations
  • Modifying the Pivot Table
  • Copying a Pivot Table
  • Creating a Calculated Field or Calculated Items
  • Example ( For Calculated Field)
  • Create a pivot table and set the fields
  • Create a Pivot Table from Access Data
  • Subtotals
  • Removing Subtotals
  • Adding a Second Level of Subtotals
  • Consolidations
  • More Functions for Consolidations
  • And More Lessons Which You Want To Learn

Ask Me Anything: (Newbie Entrepreneurs Booklet Edition): One Man’s Take on the 35 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions from Beginner Entrepreneurs

by Jeff Lively

Know These Questions and Answers First Before Starting Your First Business!

Avoid the Same Mistakes I Did When I Was Just as Newbie Entrepreneur

What you’ll discover inside the book:

– How to easily find business ideas… not it’s Google research.

– The biggest mistake I made when I was just starting out… avoid this one like a plague!

– What to do if you don’t have any capital

– How much should you charge for your products/services?

– The rising markets to focus in right now

– When to quit your job and when NOT TO.

– Best books to read for beginners entrepreneurs

– The most difficult thing about running a business and how to prepare for it

– The thing I wish I would have known before I started my first business

– What to do if you’re young and no one takes you seriously….


Grab Your Copy Now and Start Your New Business Idea Today!

300 Speaking Topics with Sample Answers Q271-300 (360 Speaking Topics 30 Day Pack)

by LIKE Test Prep

This book contains
-30 Speaking Topics
-30 Sample Answers
-120 Useful Expressions
-120 Practice Questions & Answers

Great for
-ESL Learners
-High School Students
-Test Prep Students
-College Students

*”300 Speaking Topics” and “300 Writing Topics” cover the same topics.

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My Personal Philosophy

by Brian Randolph Wilson

A Philosophical Treatise. On Christian ethics, revised for greater kindness. On the mathematical power of collective consciousness, and the refocusing of fate as a thing spun rather than woven.

Garlic sugar (smiles for kids. homemade Book 4)

by Patricia Fuentes

when someone knows you well, it’s hard to hide your smile. There is always something that makes us smile!

The Long Gallery: Short Story, Learn German (Ghosts Book 1)

by E.F. Benson

This book is ideal for people who are looking for new solutions to further their study of foreign languages, and is an excellent addition to grammar, phrase and vocabulary books. It is designed in a form of parallel text, where the reader will find the text in two languages placed next to one another for easy reference.
This particular story is part of a book containing the whole collection of seven short stories titled “Ghosts: Learn German, Parallel text”, which is also available for purchase. Each of the seven stories is dedicated to aid in learning a foreign language in a new and exciting way, and through reading parallel texts.
How best to use this book to gain the most benefit?
For beginners, I would suggest they read the story in their primary language first, then begin reading single sentences in the foreign language. Advanced level students can begin by reading in the foreign language, and only reference the text in their primary language when they encounter a problem with comprehension.
With motivation, practice and perseverance, and a good â??ghost story’, anyone, absolutely anyone is capable of learning a new language.
The series of ghost stories contain the following titles: THE LOST GHOST, THE JUDGE’S HOUSE, KERFOL, THE LONG GALLERY, MEN IN THE MARBLE, THE TOLL-HOUSE, THE WHISTLE.

Disc Golf for Boomers A model for self-directed, active learning

by Edward Martino

Kindle format of eCourse for newbie Disc Golf players of all ages. The “et. al.” in the title is shorthand for “and others”. The Kindle edition is the Primer for the full eCourse of the same name which will be available this spring . If you are thinking about learning Disc Golf or seeking some structure for your learning, this eBook is for you. If you are an avid Disc Golfer and want to share the sport with your friends and relatives, check it out. Kindle version has all the text, images, and links from the full eCourse. As Disc Golfers like to hear the chains say “Ca Ching”

A primeira aula: trânsitos da literatura brasileira no estrangeiro (Portuguese Edition)

by Pedro Meira Monteiro

O que um professor – brasileiro ou não – pensa e faz quando se vê pela primeira vez à frente de um grupo de estudantes “estrangeiros” para falar de literatura brasileira?
Aparentemente simples, a pergunta que serve como ponto de partida para os ensaios reunidos neste livro abre caminho para uma série de outros questionamentos: Quem é esse professor? Como ele planejou sua primeira aula? Quais são os desafios de abordar a produção literária de um país que não é o daqueles estudantes – e em uma língua que, na maioria das vezes, lhes é estranha?
O resultado não é apenas um excelente conjunto de experiências e reflexões – é também uma homenagem, um elogio àqueles que transformam a produção literária brasileira em um personagem que, cada vez mais instigante, não se cansa de rodar o mundo.

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