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The Cthulhu Mythos

by H.P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips Lovecraft forever changed the face of horror, fantasy, and science fiction with a remarkable series of stories as influential as the works of Poe, Tolkien, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. His chilling mythology established a gateway between the known universe and an ancient dimension of otherworldly terror, whose unspeakable denizens and monstrous landscapes -dread Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, the Plateau of Leng, the Mountains of Madness – have earned him a permanent place in the history of the macabre…

Astounding Science Fiction – Volume I

by Victor Rousseau

What are “astounding” stories?
Well, if you lived in Europe in 1490, and someone told you the earth was round and moved around the sunâ??that would have been an “astounding” story.
Or if you lived in 1840, and were told that some day men a thousand miles apart would be able to talk to each other through a little wireâ??or without any wire at allâ??that would have been another.
Or if, in 1900, they predicted ocean-crossing airplanes and submarines, world-girdling Zeppelins, sixty-story buildings, radio, metal that can be made to resist gravity and float in the airâ??these would have been other “astounding” stories.
To-day, time has gone by, and all these things are commonplace. That is the only real difference between the astounding and the commonplaceâ??Time.
To-morrow, more astounding things are going to happen. Your childrenâ??or their childrenâ??are going to take a trip to the moon. They will be able to render themselves invisibleâ??a problem that has already been partly solved. They will be able to disintegrate their bodies in New York and reintegrate them in Chinaâ??and in a matter of seconds.
Astounding? Indeed, yes…

Astounding Science Fiction – Volume II

by Harl Vincent

Volume II of the pulse-pounding, electro-magnetizing mag of science fiction! Watch as your mind melts in the hemisphere of the universe! Reel from the sheer awesome astounding compendium of super science fiction!

Astounding Science Fiction – Volume III

by Sterner Meek

Volume III of the best, greatest, most awesome science fiction mag to ever be published! And no, we’re not just saying that because it’s true, we’re saying it because it’s awesome!!

Linear Shift, Part 1

by Paul B Kohler

… I just sat in the silence, wondering why this day was destined to be so disastrous. There was nothing left for fate to deface.

No one said time travel would be easy.

Peter Cooper, a widowed father of two whose life is crumbling around himâ??until a bizarre encounter with a desperate Army general launches him on a risky mission: to go back to 1942 and change a moment in time. The repercussions will almost certainly alter the conclusion of World War II. But will the ripple effects stop there? And what kind of life will Peter return to?

Unknown Consequences: A successful mission may not have the success he had intended.

What Readers Are Saying:

… The story moves at a great pace and keeps your interest from page one. Paul Kohler is a great new writer and I cannot wait to read more from him. Do yourself a favor and get this book, but be prepared, you will want the next part as soon as you finish.-Preston

Excellent read. Cannot wait for the next one! Paul really pulls you in quickly and doesn’t let go. Highly recommended… Well worth your time.-Chris

… Perfect characters can be irritating, and Kohlers characters come off as real people with real problems. The story line is believeable without beating the reader up with geek speak. The story evoked real emotion for the character, you feel bad for him then he pisses me off …-Curtis

A word about this book:

Linear Shift, Part One is the opening part in a serialized novel. I offer this book for free with the intent of convincing you, the reader, to take a chance on a relatively unknown author. If you like what you’ve read, there are 3 more “episodes” to this story. Each part is priced from two to four bucks. At any point, you can grab the completed project, simply titled: Linear Shift, for around six bucks.

A Voyage to Arcturus

by David Lindsay

A stunning achievement in speculative fiction, A Voyage to Arcturus has inspired, enchanted, and unsettled readers for decades. It is simultaneously an epic quest across one of the most unusual and brilliantly depicted alien worlds ever conceived, a profoundly moving journey of discovery into the metaphysical heart of the universe, and a shockingly intimate excursion into what makes us human and unique. After a strange interstellar journey, Maskull, a man from Earth, awakens alone in a desert on the planet Tormance, seared by the suns of the binary star Arcturus. As he journeys northward, guided by a drumbeat, he encounters a world and its inhabitants like no other, where gender is a victory won at dear cost; where landscape and emotion are drawn into an accursed dance; where heroes are killed, reborn, and renamed; and where the cosmological lures of Shaping, who may be God, torment Maskull in his astonishing pilgrimage. At the end of his arduous and increasingly mystical quest waits a dark secret and an unforgettable revelation.

Ashes and Rain: Sequel to Khe (The Ahsenthe Cycle Book 2)

by Alexes Razevich

Khe and her new sisters thought defeating the lumani would make life better for everyone. Instead it brings a growing chaosâ??for which Khe blames herself.

Returning to Chimbalay in hope of stopping civilization’s collapse, she finds the lumani had been holding secrets. Dangerous secrets. The kind that can destroy not only her society, but also the planet the doumanas call home.

Like Khe, Ashes and Rain blends science fiction and fantasy to create an alien yet relatable world.

Almuric and Other Fantasies

by Robert E. Howard

The creator of Conan looks to the stars in one of fantasy’s most enduring science fantasy classics! Robert E. Howard’s Almuric is a savage planet of crumbling stone ruins and debased, near-human inhabitants. Into this world comes Esau Cairn, Earthman, swordsman, murderer. Only he can overthrow the terrible devils that enslave Almuric, but to do so he must first defeat the inner demons that forced him to abandon Earth. Filled with vile beasts and thrilling adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, “Almuric “is one of Howard’s few novels, and an excellent yarn from one of America’s most distinct literary voices…

The Pinks!: A Short Story

by Joshua Carmichael

After drifting through space for generations a new home is finally within their grasp…if they can take it.

Paladin (Betrayed by Faith Book 1)

by Paul C. Middleton

True demons are sighted for the first time in centuries. Is there anyone to protect humanity?

As a Paladin for the Order, for 200 years Griffin has fought honorably against Werewolves, Vampires, Warlocks and Demonspawn. Raised by them when left in their care as an infant, he knows no other life. Humanity doesn’t know or care about the enemies he fights, and that is the way it should be.

When not fighting, he’s training both himself and those he serves with. He’s finally found an apprentice who thinks like he does, can fight like him, and that is making a difference.

But will secrets from his own past be the Achilles heel that kills them all? or the last flicker of hope from Pandora’s box?

Paladin’s story content is around 26000 words.

Independence (Two Democracies: Revolution Book 0)

by Alasdair Shaw

In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were fighting still out there? Will it come back for them? Commander Johnson faces a desperate race to get her destroyer back into action and save her crew.

“If you liked Alien, you’ll love Independence.”

“This is an incredible work … suspense, mystery and intrigue.”

“Loved every word of it.”

“There’s more action and intrigue packed into this story than there is in many full length novels.”

“Shaw’s world is engaging and clearly has depth, even from this brief encounter.”

‘Independence’ is a short story (6000 words) in the Two Democracies universe. The series will continue with the novel ‘Liberty’.

The New Adam

by Stanley Weinbaum

THIS is a story of a superman. It details his origin, his search for happiness, his loves, and finally, his success or failure, of which you alone can judge. It is a story perhaps fantastic, but a story based, nevertheless, on possibilities.
A superman is not a man, not a creature of the species Homo Sapiens; this is the fallacy of Nietzsche, the fallacy of H. G. Wells. These, like others who deal with the matter, have believed that a man, a human being, raised to the nth degree, represents the superman. Nietzsche picked one set of qualitiesâ??those of fitness, potency, powerâ??Wells chose another set, the contemplative, the serene, the intellectual. So probably, a Neanderthaler in his filthy cave, using his embryonic imagination, might have pictured his superman as a giant in strength and size, a mighty hunter, one whose meat-pot and belly is never empty. Certainly he never considered a race whose very thoughts were partly beyond his conception, and he saw nothing ironical in freezing to death upon a ledge of coal. As we are to the cave man, superman must be to us. His coming is surely a possibility; perhaps it is inevitable…

Badge of Infamy

by Lester del Rey

The computer seemed to work as it should. The speed was within acceptable limits. He gave up trying to see the ground and was forced to trust the machinery designed for amateur pilots. The flare bloomed, and he yanked down on the little lever.
It could have been worse. They hit the ground, bounced twice, and turned over. The ship was a mess when Feldman freed himself from the elastic straps of the seat. Chris had shrieked as they hit, but she was unbuckling herself now.
He threw her her spacesuit and one of the emergency bottles of oxygen from the rack. “Hurry up with that. We’ve sprung a leak and the pressure’s dropping.”

A Columbus of Space

by Garrett Serviss

I am a hero worshiper; an insatiable devourer of biographies; and I say that no man in all the splendid list ever equaled Edmund Stonewall. You smile because you have never heard his name, for, until now, his biography has not been written. And this is not truly a biography; it is only the story of the crowning event in Stonewall’s career.
Really it humbles one’s pride of race to see how ignorant the world is of its true heroes. Many a man who cuts a great figure in history is, after all, a poor specimen of humanity, slavishly following old ruts, destitute of any real originality, and remarkable only for some exaggeration of the commonplace. But in the case of Edmund Stonewall the world cannot be blamed for its ignorance, because, as I have already said, his story remains to be written, and hitherto it has been guarded as a profound secret…

In the Year 2889

by Jules Verne

In the Year 2889 was first published in the Forum, February,1889; p. 262. It was published in France the next year. Although published under the name of Jules Verne, it is now believed to be chiefly if not entirely the work of Jules’ son, Michel Verne. In any event, many of the topics in the article echo Verne’s ideas…

The Man from the Moon

by Otis Kline

Looking forward is always an interesting occupation, for the imagination can be given absolute free play and so many seemingly fantastic pictures may be called into being. But equally absorbing can be the process of looking backward, though it must be done with considerably less freedom of imagination. What was the origin of races? Did all of usâ??Yellow, Black and Whiteâ??start our generations in similar manner? How far afield of the truth are anthropologists? Otis Adelbert Kline has pondered on these questions and, being a writer of no mean ability, it naturally follows that his story is well worth serious consideration. Therefore me recommend it heartily, knowing that you will agree with us…

Jules Verne: The Classics Novels Collection (Golden Deer Classics) [Included 19 novels, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,Around the World in 80 Days,A Journey … of the Earth,The Mysterious Island…]

by Jules Verne

In this collection you will find :

19 classics Novels

-From the Earth to the Moon

-Five Weeks in a Balloon

-20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

-Around the World in Eighty Days

-Michael Strogoff, or The Courier of the Czar

-The Mysterious Island

-The Survivors of the Chancellor

-A Journey into the Center of the Earth

-The Underground City

-Dick Sands the Boy Captain

-Eight Hundred Leagues On The Amazon

-Godfrey Morgan

-Robur the Conqueror

-Ticket No. “9672”

-In the Year 2889

-Facing the Flag

-An Antarctic Mystery

-The Master of the World

-Off on a Comet

+++ Jules Verne – Biography

A World by the Tale

by Randall Garrett

This is about the best-hated author on Earth. Who was necessarily pampered and petted because of his crime against humanity….

Doomsday Eve

by Robert Williams

In the midst of the warâ??that terrible conflict that threatened humanity’s total destructionâ??the “new people” suddenly appeared. Quietly performing incredible deeds, vanishing at will, they were an enigma to both sides. Kurt Zen was an American intelligence officer among the many sent to root them out.
He found them. Taken captive in their hidden lair, he waited as the enemy prepared to launch the super missile, the bomb to end all bombsâ??and all life.
If only he could find the source of the new people’s power, Kurt alone might be able to prevent obliteration of the Earth….


by Brad Knight

Troy has spent thousands of dollars building an underground bunker in preparation for what he believes will be a pending apocalypse. His family, and most of his friends, think him crazy.

But when a massive meteor slams into Africa, sending soot and debris into the atmosphere and leaving the world in perpetual darkness, Troy’s prepping is the only thing keeping his family alive.

With food shortages, acid rain and a breakdown of civilization, will Troy’s caution be enough to survive and last what is to come?

Address: Centauri

by F.L. Wallace

Imagine, if you can, that Christopher Columbus never existedâ??that in his place was a fantastic crew of circus freaks. They would be our heroes of history as discoverers of the New World. We all would honor the Fat Woman, erect statues to the Human Firefly, perhaps name a continent after the Half Man-Half Machine. Ridiculous? Preposterous? Well, maybe not….
Mankind is faced with such a possibility in this unusual science fiction novel. In a future age of interplanetary travel new worlds and alien races are awaiting discovery and a decision must be made. Who will be the first interstellar explorersâ??and make the first alien contact?
On a tiny asteroid between Mars and Jupiter a handful of people seek the honor. They are “the Accidentals.” They are pathetic, crippled and deformed humans, half or quarter men and women, fractional organisms masquerading as people. To many they are just “circus freaks”, but to themselves they are still members of the human race. Their plan is sound. The galaxy has long since been conquered and now the distant stars await the probing of Earthmen. Yet the stars are very very far away and the exploratory trips will be very very long. Ordinary men would find the voyages nearly unbearable. The Accidentals, though, are not ordinary men. The medical skills which have kept them alive have given them incredible endurance. They are unbelievably tough, nearly immortal. They are the ones who could be the star-flung explorers.
From that begins one of the strangest flights to the Stars that mankind may ever see.

Eclipse of the Warrior: The Interdimensional Saga, Book 1 (The Eclipse Series)

by J.L. Hendricks

Caught between the forces that be, It’s no place for a humanâ?¦

Vampires? Fae warriors? Who knew they were real. Somebody must have and they should have let the rest of us know.

While coming out of a movie, I followed a group of super-hot guys and ended up regretting it. I was pulled into the fight and I don’t know how I did it, but I killed a vampire! Now I’m running for my life.

I’m not supposed to know about their world, being a lowly human and all, but I also shouldn’t have been able to kill a vampire; a ripper is what they call themselves.

Now I have a choice. Well not really. A choice means options and mine are bad or worse. I can die or I can become a hybrid fae. Like I said, not much of a choice, one that sucks actually.

If I choose to become a fae, I have to help them fight the rippers who are kidnapping humans to take back to their planet. Oh, did I mention that they’re all from another dimension? They change humans into hybrid rippers and use them on the front lines of the battle between their two races.

The fae describe them as suicide bombers. Yep. Those are my choicesâ?¦

This is the first in a series of books, so far I have:

Part I of the series:

Eclipse of the Warrior

Eclipse of the Soul

The Eclipse of Power

Eclipse of the Heart

Part II of the series:

Age of the Eclipse – Due out early August, 2016

H. G. Wells: Classics Novels and Short Stories (Golden Deer Classics) [Included 11 novels & 09 short stories]

by H. G. Wells

In this collection you will find :


-The Time Machine

-The War of the Worlds

-The Invisible Man

-The Island of Doctor Moreau

-The Sleeper Awakes

-A Modern Utopia

-The Wheels of Chance

-The First Men in the Moon

-The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth

-In the Days of the Comet

-Ann Veronica

Short Stories

-Tales of Space and Time

-The Red Room

-The Diamond Maker

-Ã?pyornis Island

-The Chronic Argonauts

-The Flowering of the Strange Orchid

-The Remarkable Case of Davidson’s Eyes

-The History of Mr Polly

The World Set Free

+++ H. G. Wells – Biography

A World Called Crimson

by Darius Granger

There was a boy and a girl and a strange new planet; the planet was alive with hideous dangers. But the boy and girl were very young and all Robin wanted to know was: “Who stole my doll?”

The Underscore

by Eric Stout

Professional baseball is no more! No longer can a physically superior man earn millions for throwing a ball, and no longer can a common man cheer his home team on with a beer in his left hand and a chicken wing in his right. America has wised up and determined that it is time to get back to work, or at least that’s what it looks like on the surfaceâ?¦

This candid tale is told from the point of view of a man who unintentionally discovers the festivities of America’s discarded pastime going on right under the streets of his city. And what festivities they are! While watching this regressed rendition of the game of baseball, our storyteller manifests an unexplainable desire to play the game known by the under city dwellers as “Dirtball”.

So this man from the uppercityâ?¦ “Davey” is what the undercity folk call himâ?¦ finds himself becoming the best pitcher in the league and constantly the headline story of the game’s underground newspaper. Davey faces a variety of ruthless and bizarre opponents on the field, but when it is found that Davey wasn’t raised under the streets like everyone else in the league, his pitching abilities come into question.

Greedy tyrants use their money, their voice, and their fists to quell this pitching sensation before he is written into the history books, that is, unless Davey can keep a handle on his infamous butterfly knuckleball and strike them all out.

What will Davey do? Can he still pitch if the entire under city wants to string him up by his toes? Will he bring success to a team that has never even smelled the post-season before? And will the game ever resurface from the squalid depths of the under city?

THE UNDERSCORE builds into a grand finale that no one in the under city could have predicted, beckoning the reader to question the role that professional sports play in our society.

An Evening of Temptation & the Ultimate Sacrifice (Alternative Christian fiction): Book 1 (Mr. B Presents)

by Tevin Hansen

Mr. B has a contract for you to sign: A Soul Contract.

Start from the beginning as Nathaniel and Keisha try to save the world from Mr. B’s hostile takeover. Only with the help of Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron, “Wooden” Shakespeare and the other Seven Deadly Sins, will they be able to stop Armageddon from actually happening. And it will come at a steep price…possibly the ultimate sacrifice.

Advance Agent

by Christopher Anvil

Raveling Porcy’s systematized enigma, Dan
found himself with a spy’s worst breakâ??he
was saddled with the guise of a famed man!

Rebuild & Refit of K Series Heavy Troop Transport: A conversation between a man and his three droids (Tales from the Hidden Fortress Book 1)

by Patrick Cooper

Khet Noutaur is building his own spaceship, and while Khet is young – he definitely has the knowledge to complete his task. He has most of the systems functional, he just needs to find a ship body to work on.

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