Free sports Kindle books for 24 Aug 16

Football for Player and Spectator (Illustrated)

by Fielding Yost

Football for Player and Spectator is a classic overview of football by legendary University of Michigan coach Fielding Yost. It includes the roles of positions, plays, and more. The original illustrations are included.

Perfect Putting

by Cameron Strachan

The “Astonishing Putting Secrets” of on of the worlds best putters and how you can apply this extremely effective technique.



Atomito tiene como objetivo principal educar y crear conciencia en los niños, sobre la protección del medio ambiente y los seres vivos, ya que ellos son el futuro de la humanidad. Está historia infantil se ubica en contexto de Planeta Global, por lo tanto la problemática mundial y ambiental del planeta es parte de su esencia, la globalización incluye poder superar las barreras idiomáticas. Como concepto virtual no tiene espacio ni tiempo, puede interactuar en cualquier lugar real o virtual, y en cualquier época de tiempo, pasado presente, o futuro.
Atomito toma la temática de los sentimientos humanos, en especial los expresados por los niños, sus fantasías la ambigüedad entre lo real y la imaginación que ellos desarrollan en su infancia. Los aspectos sociales y ambientales son tocados con especial sutileza atribuyéndole la importancia que estos merecen. Como ser virtual no tiene dimensión de tiempo, por lo tanto puede relacionarse con hechos y personas en el pasado, y ayudar a la comprensión de aspectos científicos muy complejos de manera sencilla.
Las historias se escriben utilizando el método de cuentos cortos, según la temática a tratar, desde su inicio se trata de representar diversas vivencias personales, emocionales y algunos aspectos importantes utilizando como medio a este personaje especial. Las vivencias de los autores también son fuente para el desarrollo ilimitado tanto de lo grafico como narrativo, los textos responden a la síntesis de la narrativa, con oraciones sencillas cortas y llamativas.
La función de Atomito va encaminada en disminuir la contaminación ambiental de nuestro mundo moderno, la cual consiste en despertar sensibilidad en el ser humano en especial los niños, con el fin de crear un lugar de vida diferente, y un medio ambiente cada vez mejor en todos sus aspectos.

The Magic Of The Left Jab

by John Nawn

This book is titled the “Magic Of The Left Jab” for a very good reason.

The Left Jab is the first punch all boxers are taught. It is used to control the distance between you and your opponent. It’s used to probe your opponent’s defences. It’s used to set up combinations. It’s used to control your opponent’s movements. It’s used to wear down your opponent mentally and physically. It’s used to set up knockout punches. It’s used to control the speed, tempo and intensity of the fight and much, much more. It is in fact the most versatile punch you can learn to use.


The left jab is a much under-estimated and under- utilised strike.

The left jab when used to effect with good footwork can be a fight winner.

It can be used in so many different circumstances including but not limited to :-










We will discuss all this and much, much more in this e-book.

Additionally, when you buy this e-book you will receive a link to two youtube videos that will demonstrate some vital exercises with the left jab.

Muscle and fitness book: Build muscle at 40

by Phil Morgan

this is a book that contains how to build up your body, weightlifting,exercise, the metabolic workout, cleansing and nutritional diet…. and so on…

muscle and fitness body building book: 12 food rules to get big

by Dave Joel

this is a book that will guide you through building up your body, 12 food rules to get big, meal timing plus latest research mud run fitness and so on…

Running fitness book: 8 easy steps,five minutes move

by Paul Astor

this book contains tutorials on how to run easily, run faster and run stronger, warm up for cool pd, five minutes move and easy steps to make your running smoothly…

Natural muscle building book: the phat on fats

by Jons Brown

this book contains training on building your muscles, making you to be fit and enjoying the kinds of food to eat during and after body building training and so on..

Zigzag,sport book: the reader issues

by Fredrick Raph

this is a book that contains issues about Localism,media,surfing and so on

The ultimate guide to marathon running book: 164 pages of marathon know how

this is a book where you will learn how to run with the kind of equipment that will help you to train, the book is very easy to learn and understand, and also the best nutritional diet to take at the right time during and after marathon running….

Flex, muscle training, weight book: Muscle builder

by John Brown

this is a body building book, muscle builder, training for strength, ways to build up your body, the kind of weight lift to use, kinds of food to eat during and after sports and many more….

Flex, buildup,weight building book: 15 ways to boost your diet

by John Brown

this is a book that contains the basics on how to buildup your body, what to do to make a healthy perfect buildup of the body, food to eat and a complete guide on both healthy diet to eat and the kind of exercise to do….

Complete Survival Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Survive: Shelter, Food, Communication. Survive Any Wilderness!: (Big Book of Survival Skills, … disaster, how to survive in the forest)

by Mark Neely

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Complete Survival Guide:(FREE Bonus Included)

Everything You Need To Know To Survive: Shelter, Food, Communication. Survive Any Wilderness!

As you gaze out over your balcony, looking at the busy city below, you might start to believe that there are very few places left in the world to use survival skills. It would be extremely naïve to think this way, as there are huge swathes of land, all over the planet that are uninhabited for many miles around.

We’ve built and colonized, concreted and tarmacked much of the world and we aren’t likely to stop, but that does not mean that the time will never come where survival skills might mean the difference between life and death.

Any number of conceivable scenarios might occur to you at some point in your life and being prepared for them can assist you in both surviving the ordeal and damage limitation.

It would be far easier to know how to navigate across the land and into safety, than to sit in a tree shivering for a week. Similarly, depending on the situation, it might be advisable to collect firewood or forage for berries rather than walk without any energy.

Let this book mold you and evolve you. Let this book make you fittest to survive.

  • Learn how to assess your situation and choose how to survive
  • Learn how to use the things you have on hand to give yourself confidence in survival
  • Learn how to use the things you find around you in practical and helpful ways
  • “Planning and preparation prevents poor performance”

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Flex, build up,weight,exercise book: Perfect training, body power pro

by Steven Stone

this is a book tutorial guides on how to build up your muscles, weight lifting exercise, diets to eat and so on…

Fitness Pro, build up, book: fitness training and buildup book

by Jonh C

this book contains how to build up your body to have a good body shape to market yourself…. this book also contains nutritional diet to take during and after sport…

Bodyweight Training: 33 Useful Tips to Increase Muscle Growth and Boost Your Endurance in Less then 4 weeks (Bodyweight exercises, Bodyweight workout, Bodyweight training)

by Kathy Stevens

33 Useful Tips to Increase Muscle Growth and Boost Your Endurance in Less then 4 weeks is a complete guide book stating all the important facts required for you to achieve rapid and effective results from your body weight training. The book has compiled from extensive research and each of the guidelines provided are supported by scientific studies and factual data. These amazingly valuable tips will offer you an entirely powerfull yet simplistic routine. The tips are easy to grasp and each step has been explained in detail to avoid any kind of confusion.

Prepare yourself to witness an amazing change in your body’s fitness levels along with the increase in your endurance. Discover all the secrets to instant muscle growth. It will serve as a perfect road map to a wonderful journey of body weight training.

It covers the following aspects in detail:

  • How to kick start bodyweight training?
  • Best possible warm ups for your body building workouts
  • What diet to compliment your bodyweight training?
  • Utilization of supplements for building lean muscles
  • Boosting your body endurance rapidly

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Tai Chi For Beginners: Achieve the Complete Harmony, Boost Your Energy and Get Incredible Emotions by Discovering the Strength of Tai Chi (Tai Chi For … Books, Tai Chi for health, Tai Chi chuan)

by Sylvia Boyd

Have you ever seen people moving around in the park in a slow manner with their arms positioned in the air and standing on one or two legs in complete silence?

Would you like to know more about what they’re doing and the practice known as Tai chi?

Are you constantly stressed and need an exercise that doesn’t require a lot of physical movement but still benefits your emotional and physical needs?

Then you may want to try reading this book on Tai chi, a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know about this ancient practice. Tai chi has been around for centuries and is a well-known form of martial arts in China, but its appearance in the United States did not become well-known until the 1960’s. Psychologists and scientists agree that the practice of Tai chi is both beneficial to your emotional and physical health.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The history of Tai chi and the mysteries that surround it
  • The benefits to your emotional, mental and physical health if you practice Tai chi
  • The five different styles of Tai chi and how they originated
  • An easy warm-up to begin if you would like to start Tai chi
  • A few beginner moves to get you started
  • A breathing exercise that will help you balance your energy and destress your life
  • And much more!

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Pokémon go: potrebbe ispirare Michael Phelps uscire di pensionamento per 2020 Olimpiadi di Tokyo Pokémon go: Could inspire Michael Phelps out of retirement for 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Michael Phelps è ritirato e può giocare Pokémon andare a tempo pieno. Nessun problema. Niente stress. Nessuna distrazione. Nessun Olimpiadi. Non piove. Ma, il potere del Pokémon andare può assumere Michael Phelps dalla pensione e nelle 2020 Olimpiadi di Tokyo per il riscatto della squadra di nuoto e dimostrare ancora una volta che egli è l’atleta del millennio.

Tempo di riposo. Pokémon andare a tempo. Michael Phelps potrebbe essere pronto per l’avventura di una vita con il suo go Pokémon. Olimpiadi del 2016 a Rio de Janeiro ha dato Michael Phelps la possibilità di mostrare il suo talento, abilità, e messa a fuoco. Ora, Pokémon andare può dare Michael Phelps la possibilità di testare le sue abilità medaglia olimpici e un gioco che potrebbe presto far parte delle Olimpiadi del 2020 in Giappone. Scarica il tuo libro oggi. Continua a leggere nel libro.

प���म�न �ा�: 2020 �� ���्य� �ल�पि� �� लिए स�वानिव�त्ति स� बाहर मा��ल फ�ल्प्स �� प्र�रित �र स�ता Pokémon go: Could inspire Michael Phelps out of retirement for 2020 Tokyo Olympics


मा��ल फ�ल्प्स स�वानिव�त्त �र प���म�न प�रा समय �ान� निभा स�त� ह��। ��� �ि�ता नह��। ��� तनाव नह�� ह�। ��� distractions । ��� �ल�पि�। बारिश नह�� ह� रह�। ल��िन, प���म�न �� श�्ति मा��ल फ�ल्प्स स�वानिव�त्ति �� बाहर �र त�रा�� ��म �� म��न �� लिए 2020 �� ���्य� �ल�पि� म�� ल� स�त� ह�� �र ए� बार फिर स� ह� �ि वह सहस्राब्द� �� एथल�� ह� साबित ह� स�ता ह� �ा�।

विश्राम �रन� �ा समय। प���म�न बार �ाना। मा��ल फ�ल्प्स न� �पन� प���म�न �ान� �� साथ ए� ��वन भर �� साहसि� �ार्य �� लिए त�यार ह� स�ता ह� । रिय� ड� �न�रिय� म�� 2016 �ल�पि� मा��ल फ�ल्प्स �� प्रदर्शन �� लिए �न�� प्रतिभा, य��्यता, �र ध्यान ए� म��ा द� दिया। �ब, प���म�न मा��ल फ�ल्प्स न� �पन� �ल�पि� पद� ��शल �र ए� ��ल ह� �ि �ल्द ह� �ापान म�� 2020 �� �ल�पि� �ा हिस्सा ह� स�ता ह� पर��्षण �रन� �ा म��ा द� स�त� ह�� �ा�। �पन� �िताब �� डा�नल�ड �र��। �ार� �िताब म�� पढ़ रह� ह��।

Buster McGavin’s Game-Changing Golf Model: For Juniors, Seniors, Women, and High Handicappers

by Buster McGavin

Open Champion Buster McGavin has been teaching juniors, seniors, women, and high handicappers at his driving range in Mt. Olinger, Pennsylvania for over 20 years.

Buster has developed a revolutionary golf model that will help juniors develop into scratch golfers in months instead of years, seniors regain the kind of ball striking ability they had when they were teenagers, women suddenly play shot for shot with men, and high handicappers get the most for their money out of the greatest game ever played.

Buster’s model is simple, yet elegant; powerful, yet easy to learn; and game-changing, yet true to the spirit, play, and practice of the all-time great ball strikers.

Buster’s Game-Changing Golf Model has been proven superior to all prior gimmicks, quick fixes, and professional advice. Buster’s model is currently in play in over 1000 country clubs, public golf courses, and driving ranges around the world.

Endorsements have been made by club pros, PGA pros, LPGA pros, golf equipment manufacturers, tour sponsors, Hollywood squares, TV networks, and anyone else who benefits monetarily from the game of golf.

You’ll want to spread the word to every foursome, threesome, twosome, and lonesome you know. Buster has received honors, trophies, and cash for years of dedication to the game. Now Buster wants to repay all the rabid fans and fanatical players of golf who have made the toughest game in the world the most monetarily rewarding.

Buster McGavin’s Game-Changing Golf Model contains golf tips, humor, andâ??of courseâ??Buster’s fabulous golf model. Buster’s model has changed the way golf is being seen around the worldâ??AND WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAY GOLF!

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Zoom Poker for newcomers

by Viorel Anghel

This is a book about playing Zoom on Pokerstars, a fast variant of poker cash games. We talk about micro/small-stakes no-limit holdem, targeting ambitious beginner players and trying to give clear instructions.

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