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The Sun Shard: Flint & Steel, Fire & Shadow 1 (Flint and Steel, Fire and Shadow.)

by Rob Bayliss

Once, men and neanderthals shared the Summerlands between the Cheama Sea to the South and the Hailthorn Mountains in the North. But from across the seas the Empire came, borne on huge clockwork-driven ships, their black powder alchemy proving stronger than flint axes, steel swords and naked courage. The old ways were lost as the new Fire God blazed; the tribes subdued, the Flint Folk exiled beyond the Hailthorns.

Seven generations later the Empire prepares for war with a ruthless and cruel enemy to the South. To fuel their war machine, the Empire demands levies of men and taxes from its northern provinces during the summer muster. One such levy is a young Gewichas warrior, Tuan Blackstone. Called to the banners, he faces a harsh future under the iron discipline of his Commander; but a brighter destiny is revealed to him that unites the cause of the peoples of the Summerlands in magic that predates the Empire’s alchemy.

Behind the light of his destiny long shadows grow, for war and treachery have come to the Summerlands.

Lynchpin (The Nexus Trilogy Book 1)

by Douglas Corriveau

Lieutenant Theodore “Tuck” Grayson lives and breathes the soldier’s code: Honor. Loyalty. Love of country. But when the North American Convex betrayed and murdered nearly half of Tuck’s battalion, they did more than lose his allegiance. They created the very enemy they were hoping to destroy.

However, justice must wait as Tuck hastily assumes command of the survivors in the aftermath. The Convex is on the warpath, chasing them deep into enemy territory and forcing the wounded battalion to fight on two fronts.

Desperate for help, Tuck begins searching for the mysterious rebel known as Crux, only to realize that their intentions may not be as pure as they claim.

Caught in a war of deception, Tuck must set aside the soldier’s code and fight fire with fire for the sake of his friends. That only leaves one question: when he uncovers Crux, should he expose them?

Or join them?

If you enjoy tales of fast-paced action, of wars fought in the open and in the shadows, and of the secrets that nations keep, The Nexus Trilogy is the series for you. Lynchpin is the beginning of an epic journey that starts with the rise of a leader amidst the clash of two empires. Set in the near future, The Nexus Trilogy melds subtle science fiction and thrilling adventure with a gritty political reality.

It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

Romance: A Bride For Wyatt And Colby

by Kristin Bateman


When Wyatt and Colby Bolton inherited their father’s cattle ranch at the tender ages of 22 and 23 they had no idea of just how much time the business would demand. The older of the two, Wyatt, finally he turns to a mail order bride website to try to revive his personal life.

Little does he know however, that the girl he agrees to meet up with has another date planned for the same day – with Wyatt’s very own brother!

What happens when the two brothers find out about her plan? Who will she choose? Or will she have to?

Romance: Mail Order Suspicion

by Stacie Duncan


Leila Rose had never been one for too much adventure. She lived a quiet life in Arizona where she tried to keep to herself as much as possible. Although she always dreamed of having a family of her own, Leila hasn’t been lucky in love, and it doesn’t help that her parents suffered a rocky relationship before both of them passed away. When Leila discovers an ad for a mail-order bride wanted in Montana, she wonders if this is the twist of fate she’s been waiting for.

At the encouragement of her friend Pete, Leila responds to the ad, sure that her letter will be denied. It comes as a surprising boost to her confidence to find that not only does the billionaire rancher in Billings, Montana want to meet her, he also thinks that the photo she enclosed is beautiful. Leila wastes no time in packing up and heading West to meet him.

When Leila meets Dusty Springer, the rancher, her heart is set afire. He’s handsome and polite, and she feels like theirs is a connection that was meant to be. However, Leila soon discovers that Dusty’s heart is still deeply intertwined with Emily’s, his supposedly deceased wife. Leila struggles with wanting to care for Dusty’s son Carter, and wanting to share in a relationship with Dusty, while simultaneously worrying that Emily is a ghost that haunts Dusty’s past. When Emily shows up unexpectedly at Dusty’s doorstep, a whirlwind of emotions flies among all involved, and only the test of time will reveal how it resolves itself in the end.

Romance: HERO Romance Collection Box Set (New Adult Steamy Suspense Protector Alpha Navy SEAL Romance) (Women’s Fiction Action Adventure BBW Collection)

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