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ENVY: A Faces of Evil Short Story

by Debra Webb

DARK WHISPERS and STILL WATERS, two new full length Faces of Evil novels, are finally here! You don’t want to miss ENVY, the short story that sets a new path for Deputy Chief Jess Harris Burnett and her major crimes team!

Deputy Chief Jess Harris Burnett ended serial killer Eric Spears’ reign of terror eighteen months ago. Now someone is attempting to reenact his heinous crimes and sending messages to Jess. Like Spears, he wants to play and Jess is determined to ensure her family stays safe. But can she stay out of the line of fire?

The Power of the Pussy – How to Get What You Want From Men: Love, Respect, Commitment and More!: Dating and Relationship Advice for Women

by Kara King

Kara King’s controversial dating and relationship advice book, “The Power of the Pussy”, shares 12 powerful secrets that will transform any woman into the type of strong, desirable woman that can effortlessly obtain what she wants from men; including the love, respect, and relationship she desires.

In this book you’ll learn valuable lessons that will teach you how to…

-Flip the switch in your female brain, so you can beat men at their own game…

-Have men lining up to date you and desperate for your attention…

-Learn how to get over a break up, heal from a broken heart, and never be sad over a man again!

-Become the type of woman that commands respect from men…

-Get the proposal, the ring, and the man of your dreams!

Get what you want from men and have the time of your life while doing it! This book has empowered women and dramatically changed their lives and relationships by changing the way they think about men and datingâ?¦ and it can change your life too!

DISCLAIMER: This book contains strong language, sexual content, and subject matter that may be offensive to some readers.

Somewhat Scandalous (Brambridge Novels Book 1)

by Pearl Darling

Sometimes hiding is the best way of being foundâ?¦

Miss Agatha Beauregard has a theory about men. In fact she has a theory about almost everything. Rescued from the dreary confines of Hope Sands by the powerful Lord Henry Anglethorpe, and launched onto the ton as his sister’s companion, Agatha is determined to make use of her new found freedom by letting loose her scientific tendencies.

But Henry makes it clear he does not want the attention Agatha’s scandalous activities bring. As spymaster for the British government, he has been charged with tracking down the latest foreign agent to infiltrate London. However when the War Office also command him to take a bride, he finds he has only one lady in mind.

As Agatha hides from the results that her latest experiments have brought, Henry pursues her from one scandalous event to another. But before he can pounce, it becomes explosively clear that his future bride’s affections are engaged elsewhere, and she may not be all she claimed to beâ?¦

Dead Wake (The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series Book 5)

by Dawn Lee McKenna

DIY has a sinister component in historic Apalachicola, Florida

When the local florists find a dead guy in their wall, it opens up a decades-old missing persons case. It also opens up a Pandora’s box of secrets – secrets that might have ramifications for Sheriff’s Office investigator Maggie Redmond.

Maggie and Sheriff Wyatt Hamilton learn that local kingpin Bennett Boudreaux was the primary suspect in the disappearance of Holden Crawford almost forty years ago, but he had an alibi. The problem is, no one knows what that alibi was. The former sheriff won’t tell, and even Boudreaux himself refuses to say.

When a photograph of Maggie’s own father becomes an important part of the case evidence, learning Boudreaux’s secret becomes even more crucial.

When is going to jail for a murder you didn’t commit preferable to revealing the proof of your innocence? Who is Boudreaux really shielding?

It might be the same person Maggie wants to protect.

Reviews for The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense series

Okay, I confess – I’m hooked on Dawn Lee McKenna. If she writes it, I’m going to buy it and read it without much thought about it.

Love the stories in this series, and love the characters. I read all I could get and am waiting for more.

Ms. McKenna is a truly gifted writer, especially with her dialogue.

I hope the Forgotten Coast series continues for many, many novels. It’s a heck of a world to get lost inside of, and I really love these characters. But if McKenna kills the rooster, I’ll never forgive her.

Reminded me of HBO’s True Detective with its slightly ominous depiction of southern life.

I must add my praise for this unexpectedly complex book, which I bought because it’s set in a location I’ve loved for years and because I enjoy good mysteries. I’m surprised but very happy to report that McKenna gave me considerably more than I expected.

The dialogue is masterful and her description of Apalachicola is dead-on. You actually feel the humidity and hear the rustle of the palm trees. I was so drawn into the book that I read it in one sitting – I couldn’t put it down.

Taking a chance on a new author and falling in love with their writing style is as cool as discovering a musical group you’ll end up listening to for decades. That is how I felt when I discovered Dawn Lee McKenna’s book, Low Tide. I can see myself reading this author’s books for many years.

Green Velvet Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 16

by Susan Gillard

**This is Book 16 in the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series**

When Heather Shepherd hears that the friendly newbie in town, Bernie Belushi, has been murdered courtesy of one of Geoff Lawless’ rock hard fudge balls, she’s concerned.

That concern turns into determination when she discovers that Kent’s Aunt is the main suspect. Heather must bring Bernie’s killer to justice, with a little help from her husband, Ryaâ??nâ??â?? of course. Armed with nothing but her sleuth gene, Amy’s quick wit and Dave’s barks of encouragement, she marches off to Geoff Lawless’ store to investigate.

But things aren’t as simple as she’d like: Geoff is positively panic-stricken and â??â??a professional at getting in the way, a mysterious car tails Heather around every turn, and a rash of burglaries has set Hillside’s residents on edge.

Heather has to put the distractions aside and focus on the case, and her Green Velvet Donut creations, or risk another of her hometown’s residents, and a new business venture to boot.

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