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Locking Trem Setup Guide: Setup your Locking Trem – the Right Way

by Andy Mann

This guide will save you frustration, aggravation and the often excessive costs of taking your guitar to a â??tech/luthier’ or buying new parts that you could have avoided damaging – by the end of the guide, you should have the knowledge and confidence to setup your own locking trem guitar and also learn about setting up other types of trem system and non-trem guitars too, as much of what you will learn is transferrable.

Shipping Container Homes: The Complete Guide to Building a Shipping Container Ho: (Shipping Container Home, build a container home, how to build a container … – Step by Step – Building Container Houses)

by Chad Christinsen

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Shipping Container Homes: (FREE Bonus Included)

The Complete Guide to Building a Shipping Container Home Quickly and Save Money

This book is for anyone who is looking for a straight to the point guide that teaches them everything they need to know about shipping containers! Learn how to get, construct, and detail your own shipping container home! This book is good for you, no matter what level of experience that you may currently have. Whether you are a hardcore Shipping Container buff or just wondering what this phenomenon is all about, you should really buy this book!

This book also provides an inside look at what shipping containers are being used for around the world. Highlighting in depth the efforts to that are being made to eradicate homelessness through the use of shipping containers, this book gives you some of the practical uses that these stainless steel freighters are being used for every day in order to make the world a better place. They’ve shipped the world’s goods and now they are putting a roof over our heads! Learn more about this wonderful piece of engineered commodity; shipping container homes!

In this book we will learn how to best:

  • What herbs are and how they are useful
  • The ten most common herbs and their benefits
  • The ten most potent medical herbs
  • Ten more herbs which can be alternatives to the conventional approach.

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Style: The Complete Fashion Guide to Beauty, Chic Style and Elegance (French Chic,Look Fabulous Forever, Charm and Style)

by Carrie Miller


The Complete Fashion Guide to Beauty, Chic Style and Elegance

Chic style can take you from the board room to the movies without missing a beat. It is all about an effortless core wardrobe, timeless makeup techniques, and confidence. The secret to a fabulous French Chic look has nothing to do with the latest trendy blouse or a pair of statement shoes and everyone can achieve a forever fabulous look and pull it off with charm and style.

This book is a guide for achieving a unique look that is chic and elegant; timeless and beautiful.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Creating a Chic French style.
  • Looking fabulous forever.
  • Charm and style.
  • Ageless makeup tips.
  • Achieving timeless elegance.

Using this book as a guide you can change your style and pull your look together with tips you can start using right now. With a few important changes to your wardrobe, some new makeup, and a dash of confidence, you will capture the essence of timeless charm and style.

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How To Create An Audio CD On Create Space To Sell On Amazon

by Bobby Key

The content of this book shows individuals how to publish audio files on Create Space. This valuable content is step by how to guide for anyone trying to upload audio files to sell on the Amazon Market place.

My Fifty (My Fifty Shades of Grey Book 27)

by M. Valasek

Part 27

FREUD IN LOVE: The women of Sigmund Freud (Perspectives on psychoanalysis)

by Lazaro Droznes

Fiction drama based on the clandestine relationship of Sigmund Freud with her sister-in-law Minna Bernays, who, to make things even worse, lived in the same house with all his family. This relationship has been lately confirmed with historical evidences and has been one of the best kept secrets in Freud´s life. Martha Bernays and her sister Minna lived together 40 years in Vienna with the 5 children of the Freud´s family and shared the love of one of the scientists that made the greatest contribution to the change of sexual behaviors during the XX century

Zen Doodle Cats: Drawing Zen Doodle Cats Made Easy (Unleash Your Zen Doodle Imagination Book 3)

by Daniele Ling

Zen Doodle Cats

Drawing Zen Doodle Cats Made Easy  

Whether you possess cats or not; you just cannot resist these adorable creations of God. No other pet can match the cuteness of these fur balls. You love them when they roll up around your knees. The added benefit to have cats is that they are not very demanding animals. Just food on time and love without time- these two things are sufficient to keep them happy. Cats are playful, charming, cute and loving creatures.

After dogs, cats are the most owned pets all over the world. Millions of cats have found their home in the houses of Americans. Cats are a little naughty but rarely troublesome. Artists always love drawing their life on canvas. As an artist, you would definitely want to take cats as your subject.

The following topics are discussed in this book:

  • Introduction
  • How to Draw Maggie
  • How to Draw Bella
  • How to Draw Casper
  • How to Draw Pumpkin
    • How to Draw Kiki

        How to Draw Callie

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    The Art of Charles M Russell Volume IV: 1899-1901 (25 Color Paintings): (The Amazing World of Art, Old West/Native American)

    by Unique Journal

    The Art of Charles M Russell Volume IV: 1899-1901 (25 Color Paintings)
    All of the pictures can be zoomed in and enlarge for full screen viewing,
    active table of contents for easy navigation

    How to Master Still Life Painting in 24 Hours!: A Seven-Step Guide for Oil Painting a Still Life Today (Oil Painting Mastery Book 3)

    by Jeremiah Jolliff

    Ever wanted to paint a fantastic Still Life? With this book now you can. Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff gives away so many secrets that the great Flemish Masters of the past would roll over in their graves! Really? This book is a simple and straightforward guide that helps the Still Life Painter gain instant fluency in painting the contemporary Still Life. It is designed with both the beginner and veteran in mind. It is simple enough for the beginner to gain traction and understand the process of Still Life painting immediately. The veteran Still Life Painter will find pleasure in the directness and potentially try out a new approach. The traditional Still Life painting process is broken down into seven-steps that can be utilized straightaway and with authority.

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