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How to Buy Houses with NONE of Your Own Money: Buy houses without banks, get to keep the properties, and even get paid to buy them!

by Phil Falcone

No money, No credit, No problem!

You can buy houses now with NONE of your own money and without the support of banks. Your buying power is not limited by how much money you have, or by what kind of credit you have. You are in control! All you need are the techniques in this book and the willingness to acquire real estate, and you will achieve success in the rewarding world of real estate investing.

Documented Real Deals

This book is not make-believe. It’s filled with real life examples of deals that occurred in the real world. Most importantly, its not written by someone who only TELLS you how to do it. Phil Falcone DOES it everyday!

Get PAID to Buy Properties With None of Your Own Money

While acquiring a large real estate portfolio is every investors dream, imagine how much better it would be to actually get PAID to do it. This book shows you the unique home buying techniques that will let you BUY and KEEP properties with none of your own money, while providing you with CASHâ?? right from the start!

Phil Falcone – The Real Estate Addict

From his first investment property over 25 years ago, to his relentless search for the next great deal every day, Phil Falcone is a non-stop real estate investment machine! Phil is a Philadelphia area full-time real estate investor who started in the business at the age of 23, and whose portfolio today includes commercial offices, apartment buildings, and single family homes. Phil is also a noted author, coach and real estate mentor to countless successful real estate investors. Phil’s first book “Addicted to Real Estate – Why I Can’t Stop and Why You Should Start”, chronicles his addiction and shows you how you too can start controlling you own financial destiny through real estate.

Digital Product Fast-Track: How to Sell Digital Products Online via Affiliate Marketing & Information Teaching Business

by Dave Bass

How to Make Extra Income Outside Your Day Job!


Start Selling Digital Products Today!

What you’ll get in this bundle:

Untapped Niches Affiliate Marketing

– The exact step by step system that will help you go from newbie to a profitable online marketer

– How to determine good keyword and know if it’ll be profitable or not

– The “top 10 method” for finding keywords that will help you find “money keywords” fast

– How to create a website from scratch! Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge whatsoever!

– How to write a product review from A to Z

– How to ran your website by applying some simple seo backlinking tactics

– How to structure your backlinks so you’ll rank faster in Google!

Fast Track Guide to Info Marketing

– Pick a profitable niche

– Test your niche

– How to target the best niches and make sure they are profitable even before you create your product

– Learn to create a product lightning fast

– Product creation methods that requires no capital investment

– Know how to sell it easily online


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INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS: A Beginner’s Guide on how to Make Money by Investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds (investing, investing in stocks, investing in mutual funds,investing basics)

by Ryan Smith

Discover how to make invest and money by investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds

You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to earn money from investing in stocks and mutual funds. A lot of people plan for their financial goals. They make lots of short term and long term goals. In order to meet their lifestyle needs, they look at various ways to make money by investing in wealth building assets. Stocks and Mutual Funds are the assets which can help you to increase your wealth. Thus, a lot of people are thinking of going into stocks and mutual funds investing.

The book shares investing concepts to new investors and teaches about diversification which is essential for success in investing. The book shares important concepts in order to be successful in stock investing and mutual fund investing. The book would equip you with the necessary information in order to gain confidence in investing.

How investing can save money and maximize your profits

  • How to invest for long term
  • How to diversify your portfolio
  • How to earn from an investment
  • How to earn money from Stock dividends
  • What is the importance of a market index
  • What is a Mutual Fund?
  • How to analyze a mutual fund
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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INFORMATION VS. PHYSICAL PRODUCTS: Learn to Sell Info Products & Physically Import Items from China (Bundle)

by Graham Gus

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Go from Zero to a Consistent 5 Figure Income Per Month in 6 Months or Less!

Work Part-Time or Full-Time… It’s totally up to you.

What you’ll get:

Clickbank Commission Profits

– How to make money matching products to consumers

– How to choose a product to promote… this is crucial!

– How to create a video review from scratch

– What type of video to create for your review

– The exact guidelines to use when your creating your content/review

– How to properly upload your videos

– How to apple some SEO tactics to rank your video on Youtube & Google

– Examples of product review to copy for your own videos

Importing in China

– A 3 step process that will help you go from newbie to a full-time product importer

– How to find the best products to import

– How to confirm the product market size and easily know if it’ll make money or not

– How to find a supplier with the best quality products

– How to evaluate the suppliers and avoid scam forever

– How to negotiate the minimum order quantity and the price of your chosen product

– How to write a sales letter for your products

– How to create listing that converts into sales

You can “trial and error” your way to a profitable business or you can copy what I’ll teach you and get success faster.

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The Internet Entrepreneur: How to Make Your Money via Service Arbitrage & AirBnB Renting

by Eddie Ashton

Create an Internet Based Business Today!

What you’ll get:

– How the exact process of service arbitrage works
– How to find the best gigs to resell
– How to set up your Fiverr account
– How to write gig listings that sells your services fast!
– How to follow up so you can make 5x as much money
– The exact guidelines to follow to create a long term profitable freelance career

– How to get started with your new passive income business
– How to create a profile that builds trust an authority
– How to properly price your listings
– How to create a listing that makes your potential renters into guaranteed “booked customer”
– How to navigate some legal issues so you don’t get sued!
– Top tips for running a part-time AirBnB empire
– All the resources you need to get more traffic to your listing

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Success is not designed for any specific group of people, it is for everybody. All it requires is the basic understanding. This book “IF YOU MUST SUCCEED” is designed to provide informative, proven success plans for the aspiring reader and LEADER.

In it you will discover secrets to, GROWTH, LEADERSHIP, WINNING and EXTRAORDINARY ACHIEVEMENT that will shatter every myth and lie about personal and professional success.

IF YOU MUST SUCCEED, you must pursue your purpose because our fulfillment in life depends upon our becoming what we were born to be and do.

This book will guide you on what to do to awaken the champion and leader in you.

This book will also uncover some great quotes and biblical quotations that have been tested and proven over the years by different experts in the field of personal and professional development.


Help! My Wallet Is Too Fat

by Adam Sugar

What to do when having too much money is weighing you down.

AMAZON PASSIVE INCOME: How to Earn Passive Income via the Amazon’s Associate Program for Beginners

by Gary Harrisson

Learn to Make Passive Income While Working Full-Time In Your Day Job

Follow a 7 step blueprint to make money on Amazon

Inside this book you’ll discover:

– How to find the best products to promote via your website

– The exact criteria to follow so you’ll never have to wonder if your product is likely to sell or not

– How to search for keywords and what to look for… you can do this in less than 10 minutes!

– Why you shouldn’t sign up as an associate just yet…

– How to create a wordpress website from a to z

– How to write a compelling product review that not only sells the product but also help the right people

– How to outsource the whole “SEO thing” process

– Real life examples of websites to copy and model your own sites with

– and many more!

You can learn all of these on your own, make a lot of mistakes, waste time and a lot of money

Or you can learn from my own process, apply and achieve success faster.

It’s totally up to you!

If you’re ready to make passive income from home, then wha are you waiting for?

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Procrastination Cure (Procrastination why you do it, What to do about it now, Cure procrastination for good, A self-help guide to beat procrastination)

by Andrew Norton


To begin with, procrastination is a habit of delaying the work because of multiple useless reasons. Therefore, a need arises to find the ways to cure this deadly habit. This book includes the types of procrastination, the causes and how to deal with this habit. Moreover, the techniques used to focus the priorities are also added in here. Further, a massive action plan to optimize energy and time is added in here. The steps involved in this plan are also a part of this book. In the end, habits to overcome procrastination are included to help the individual.

Therefore, this book includes a deep analysis about procrastination. The tips involved are useful to create a happy and healthy life. The life resulted after following these tips will fulfill the life with positivity.

This book intends to provide a detailed analysis of procrastination. This habit is a curse that hinders the individual from achieving the goals. Therefore, this book is an amazing investment, since it provides an insight about how to cure procrastination. The types of procrastination and its cure are included in this book which will immensely enhance the quality of work. This book includes in itself the following points:

– Types of Procrastination

– Distractions: Types, Causes and how to deal with them

– Focusing on Priorities

– Optimizing Time and Energy

– Creating a Massive Action Plan

– Breaking Your Massive Action Plan into Steps

– Habits to overcome procrastination for good

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Paisanologia Volumen 1 (Paisanologia Empresarial) (Spanish Edition)

by Mario César Ramírez

“Seguramente el corrector de palabras de su computadora o de su teléfono inteligente no le dará opciones cuando escriba la palabra “paisanología”.
Sin embargo, el propósito de este libro es que, cuando usted termine de leerlo, entienda que el término no se refiere a una ciencia exacta, ya que no posee un método científico, sino a una técnica empleada por migrantes mexicanos y centroamericanos para obtener el éxito en su vida personal y en sus negocios en Estados Unidos. Es una técnica nacida de la prueba y el error, que se refiere a acciones prácticas transmitidas de persona a persona para buscar oportunidades y saber aprovecharlas. Generalmente son prácticas aplicadas sobre la marcha y, a veces con métodos poco ortodoxos, que cada quien adapta a sus necesidades y que responde a las preguntas que todo migrante se hace cuando decide cruzar al otro lado: ¿Fue sencillo para quienes han cruzado antes que yo?
¿Hablaban inglés cuando llegaron? ¿Fueron acogidos con los brazos abiertos en Estados Unidos? ¿Fue fácil encontrar trabajo en un principio? ¿Vivieron tiempos realmente difíciles? ¿Qué tuvieron que hacer para alcanzar el éxito?”
Este es un libro escrito por un paisano, sobre y para los paisanos. Estas y muchas otras respuestas, serán entresacadas por el lector atento, de lo que nos transmiten esos hombres y mujeres reales, detras de cada historia. Hay un hilo conductor que conecta todas los relatos y se puede encontrar una constante de valores comunes. Con el apoyo de estos, pese a la gran diversidad de orígenes y arranque, los protagonistas realizan hazañas que pueden ser emuladas y â??¿por qué no?â??, superadas por aquellos que se acerquen a este libro. La única condición es que mantenga el lector la intención de descubrir en cabeza ajena, el mapa y la motivación para mejorar sus ingresos. Podrá así convertirse en el mediano plazo, en otro paisano emprendedor exitoso.

To Do Lists: 10 Steps to Raise Your Productivity and Self Discipline, Stop Procrastination and Chaos and Get Things Done! (to do list, productivity, extreme productivity)

by Roger Lee

Procrastination is often mistaken for laziness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Procrastination actually is a displacement of your focus. You begin to carry out small tasks, which are not urgent avoiding what really must be done. It is our human nature to seek out more pleasurable tasks, but there are responsibilities that we need to complete in order to have more time for our pleasure. Procrastination often leads to chaos, and that limits your efficiency. When there is an inadequate amount of time to get things done, it is important to focus and forge self-discipline.

Procrastination leads to unwarranted stress, loss of time and low productivity. When befuddled with procrastination, you lose sight of what goal(s) you are working to accomplish. It inhibits your motivation, causing a confusing chain of unneeded worry. There is a moment for everything in your life, it is important to cultivate habits that lead you to success. When you become accustomed to procrastinating, you give yourself all the reasons not to get motivated. Justifying your time wasting habits, you linger in a stressful place.

This stressful place can lead to a lack of self-confidence. When you know that you cannot depend on another person, it changes your opinion of them. This is exactly what you do to yourself, creating a constant feeling of self-doubt. This self-doubt, in turn, leads to another chance to procrastinate, because you begin to believe in your lack of self-discipline. It all becomes a very hard cycle from which to break free. You may give yourself excuses, such as disliking the task at hand, but in the end, it comes down to controlling your impulsiveness. There are many types of procrastination, all of them resulting in negative outcomes. Taking the time in your life to change is one of the most gratifying things you can do.

Using to-do lists is a great way to clear away chaos and get things done. When you itemize your goals, you give yourself the opportunity for time management, the key to personal growth, you begin to notice that procrastination no longer rules, but self-disciple and success does. To-do lists are personal checklists that help you to break tasks down into manageable, attainable tasks. They allow you a sense of gratification when you check an item off.

In this book, you will find:

  • The Reasoning behind Your Procrastination, And How to let it go
  • Time Management – Eliminating chaos through micro ambition
  • Valuing your time – Expressing the importance of your time
  • Stress Management – Personal Growth through Stress
  • Using lists – The ins and outs of using lists
  • Combining the steps towards – A more productively managed lifestyle – Taking the leap forward
  • Combining the steps towards – A more productively managed lifestyle – Becoming the best you
  • Combining the steps towards – A more productively managed lifestyle – Being Kind
  • Combining the steps towards – A more productively managed lifestyle – Raising productivity

It is time to increase your productivity, cut out chaos and motivate yourself to be the most successful version of yourself you can be.

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PX Me (How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire)

by Abbe Diaz

Abbe Diaz, who spent several years as a maître d’ at some of Manhattan’s hottest restaurants, dished on their famous patrons (“from Affleck to Zellweger”) and the dysfunction that comprises some of New York’s most renowned eateries, in her 2004 restaurant-industry exposé: PX This – Diary of the “Maître d’ to the Stars.” Now Diaz is back with PX Me – How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire, an equally insightful and hilarious follow-up that resumes her star-studded anecdotes, skewers media heavyweights, and takes us further behind the scenes with a uniquely deep insider’s take on the illustrious multibillion-dollar celebrity-chef fine-dining world.

What do Jeremy Piven, Gawker, Jay McInerney, global über-chef Jean-Georges, Billy Joel (in St Barth), Graydon Carter, The New York Times, Puff Daddy’s birthday, stealing Leonardo DiCaprio’s luck, Sofia Vergara’s absence of rhythm, an exposé of NYC’s most renowned restaurants (aka the “bible of the industry”), and a stupefying lack of journalistic ethics all have in common? Read Abbe Diaz’s PX Me. (How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire).

PX Me, by Abbe Diaz, is already raising some eyebrowsâ?? not the least of which belong to our own publicist, who just recently enlightened us:

“Your story is about ethical breaches endemic to some of the highest ranking names at the most-read news sites in one of the most mediacentric cities in the world â?? and the media isn’t going to touch it.”

Abbe Diaz rubs elbows with Billy Joel and Puff Daddy. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Piven, Harvey Weinstein, Brian Grazer, Mike Tyson, etc etc all sweat her. She’s a best-selling author and the former “maitre d’ to the stars.” She’s married to a multimillionaire.

Then why is the media trying so hard to squelch her latest book?

– The New York Post, New York magazine, Gawker, The Huffington Post, and Eater have all published misinformation and/or engaged in other unethical deeds of varying degrees on multiple accounts about Diaz, her work, and even her husband’s businesses.

– Mounting evidence also gravely suggests that in 2004, the (then) foremost New York Times restaurant columnist, the head editor of Gawker, and a New York Times photographer colluded to misappropriate the nonfictional story in Diaz’s first memoir in an apparent attempt to garner a “book deal” and/or “screen option” for themselves.

– Diaz has gone so far as to offer up to $10,000.00 for any established professional journalist to debunk her dire allegations against The New York Times and Gawker.

– Gawker owner Nick Denton forbade any writers from accepting her investigative-reportage challenge, under threat of termination and/or blacklist.

– The New York Times has been notified several times of Diaz’s allegations that they misappropriated her work and then falsified a similar essay. Despite The Times’s persistent advocacy of “transparency,” they have issued an unequivocal and hypocritical “no comment.”

– Some of the most prominent names in the media have explicitly evaded Diaz’s monetary offer for an objective investigative account and her assertions of blatant journalistic transgressions.

Hmm, what are they all so afraid of, we wonder. Read the book “the media won’t touch.”

Stress-Free Retirement Planning: Safely Increase Your Retirement Income By 25%-40%

by Mark J. Orr CFP

Are you 100% certain that the retirement planning path that you are currently on is going to lead you to a great and worry-free retirement? Or do you have some doubts?

If you DO have some doubts about your future retirement, this book can help provide you with a simple and solid road map to a long and secure retirement. Don’t just download it, read it!

Retirement planning is the most talked about subject in personal finance. As a Certified Financial Planner since 2000, Mr. Orr says it is always the most frequent query that he gets from prospective clients across the USA.

This book will show you exactly how you can get 25%-40% MORE after-tax, spendable retirement income while slashing your investment risks both before and while enjoying retirement. Hence the title: “Stress-Free Retirement Planning”.

It can be read in about an hour. It’s easy-to-understand and comes with helpful 4-color graphics. (for USA citizens/residents ONLY as he is not familiar with investment/tax laws in other countries).

This compelling book is very different than 97% of the books about investing, building wealth and planning for retirement. It does NOT offer the same old, tired and failed advice of: work hard, live well below your means, save more money, diversify and buy “5 star” mutual funds. It is NOT about buy, hold… and keep praying.

No… this interesting book describes a foundational retirement strategy which provides many other important personal finance benefits – while saving for retirement and then during retirement.

These great benefits include liquidity, tax-free and penalty-free access to your savings, safety of principle, good potential annual returnsâ?¦ without stock, bond, real estate or commodity market risks – and a TAX-FREE retirement income stream in the future. You CAN plan to retire with real confidence and put this crucial planning on cruise control.

These proven financial strategies offer a safe and simple methods for building wealth over time. It’s not a get-rich quick scheme nor does it involve taking unreasonable risks. The strategy is completely recession-proof which is very important since an economic recession occurs about every 5 years. Depending upon how many years you have until your own retirement date, you’ll likely go through a few recessions while you are accumulating money to retire on. And once you are retired, you’ll likely experience another 5-7 of them while taking income distributions if you live to average life-expectancy.

The book also shatters five big retirement “myths”, providing some thought-provoking facts which should change the way you have thought about traditional retirement planning and building wealth. This information alone is worth the price of the book, but the simple “alternative” retirement planning road map and unique strategies are written in later chapters are incredible. The section on the 3 risk buckets should be required reading for EVERY investor.

You will learn how to easily avoid stock market risks and gain nice profits during stock market rebounds. You will also learn how to use your non-qualified retirement savings as your “personal bank” so that you can self-finance your own car purchases, children’s college education expenses and re-capture 100% of every single monthly car payment that you make.

You can safely enjoy tax-free retirement income with this powerful ROTH IRA alternative strategy and avoid so much stress. This personal finance strategy has been safely used by many Fortune 500 companies, small business owners and the wealthy for decades. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the same planning benefits that remove much of the risks and emotional stress out of planning for a long and prosperous retirement.

If you are looking for a safe, solid personal financial plan for both today and tomorrow, one that will give you the confidence to stick with it, read this book. The retirement strategies can also improve your financial life right now!

Client Bait: How To Use Content Marketing To Add Value, Build Trust and Get New Clients. (Content Marketing, Blogging, Vlogging, Article Marketing)

by Jeremy Jones

You’ve heard it before…people do business with those they know, like and trust. How do we build trust online and leverage our time so we are not on the computer all day, and even if you were, how do you attract those ideal clients you are looking for?

In this book, we uncover a simple 3 part strategy you can use with content marketing, or blogging, in a way that attracts new clients to you like fish to their favorite bait.

Order this book now and get it delivered instantly to your kindle or reading devise so you can start attracting more of your ideal clients today!

If you’re concerned about the steep 99 cent investment….here’s a guarantee: If you’re not 100% satisfied with the content I’ll refund your $1 and you’ll be still up a penny! Just email me with proof you’ve applied what I teach and I’ll gladly give you a refund….I’m that confident that this simple process works!

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Daily Forex Trading Profits

This book will show you, exactly the recipe for making daily profits from the forex markets, over 95% of forex traders fail at trading this means that the remaining few make all the profits, we are glad to let you know that we are among those few that make daily consistent profits in this market, you do not have to believe us, our performance speak for itself. Contact Us today and get a free trial!

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