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Into Focus (A Paranormal, Urban, Fantasy Novella) (Focus Series Book 1)

by Alex Bostwick

Into Focus, the first entry in the Focus urban fantasy series, sends readers head-first into a world of wizards, shapeshifters, and terrorist plots.

Set before the main events of Shifting Focus

For someone who can look like anyone he wants, espionage is easy. Set in modern-day America, Into Focus brings you along for the ride as Rick Torin, skinchanger and freelance spy, infiltrates a corporate mercenary office building full of armed guards and secrets. He’s supposed to steal some information, but finds a lot more than he bargained for, and is faced with a choice: let thousands die, or do something about it.

Fans of The Dresden Files will love the humor and action in this novella, a story of intrigue, magic, and espionage.

Who hired Rick?

What are their intentions?

Can Rick figure out who is behind a plot to kill thousands?

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by Matthew Keville

The banshee are spirits of death. Some were once human; some are of the Good Folk, come up from the darkest shadows under the hill. In the end, it makes no difference. The banshee sing death, and that is the whole of it. When the banshee come singing, death follows behind, and there is no fighting it. No appeal, no bargains to be made. But tonight, Bridget Flanagan has an offer that the banshee have never heard beforeâ?¦

War-Bringer: an Epic Fantasy Short Story (Twinborn Trilogy Book 0)

by J.S. Morin

To the sorcerers he was a failure. To the knights, little more than a squire. To the ogres, he was War-Bringer.

Rejected by his sorcerous family, Brannis Solaran sought to make a name for himself in service to the knighthood. Stationed on the border of the ogrelands, he and his fellow knights have been ordered to drive back the ogre incursion and put an end to their raiding. He was armed with a sorcerer’s education and a blade that bore a deadly magic. But the ogres aren’t simple creatures, and this is their forest. It will be up to Brannis to save the battalion when command falls to him.

War-Bringer is the free prequel short story to the Twinborn Trilogy, an Amazon bestselling epic fantasy series with multiple point of view characters. If you love Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archive, or A Song of Ice and Fire, you’re probably used to waiting years between books. The Twinborn Trilogy offers excitement, epic battles, and a fresh and interesting premise, all contained within a completed series.

Pick up your copy of War-Bringer, and watch a hero emerge!

Interview with the Author

Q – So, what made you decide to write the Twinborn Trilogy?

A – I wondered after waking up one morning: “what happened to the person that I was in my dream?” What if he kept on existing after I woke up, and I would see though those same eyes again the next night? What if he saw through mine the same way?

That was the birth of the concept behind the Twinborn Trilogy.

From there I expanded the concept to what I thought were its logical conclusions. The story evolved from one of simple self-discovery of a newly awakened twinborn into a sweeping epic fantasy saga. I developed the system of magic, the culture, the politics of two worlds based on how the twinborn concept might have influenced events in the background.

Q – Just what is “twinborn”?

A – The idea is that some people don’t dream, but instead see into a different world while they sleep. The connection works both ways, and it gives these “twinborn” special insights into scientific and magical ideas that belong to the other world. There is a great deal of intrigue revolving around the control of this connection between worlds, and the twinborn have to weigh carefully their alliances in two different lives.

Q – So, why should readers give these books a try (in four words or fewer)?

A – Hmm, four words makes it tough, but how about: “Fiery pirate ship heist”. Of course that happens in Firehurler, so for War-Bringer, I’ll go with “Action-packed, free & short”.

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