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The Mighty (The Druid’s Guise Book 1)

by Michael J Sanford

First Novel Finalist- The Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards 2016

“The Mighty is a stunning opening to the Druid’s Guise series by Michael J Sanford, a book that will entertain and surprise young adults and adult readers alike.”

Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite 5/5 stars

He’s not crazy. Honest, he’s not.

He’s just Wyatt. Wyatt the Mighty.

Fifteen-year-old Wyatt has been sent to a treatment center for “disturbed youth.” No one understands him. He wants nothing more than to escape from it all.

And he does.

Through a magic he doesn’t understand, he finds himself in Hagion, a realm of fantastical creatures and immense wonder. He quickly finds himself in the company of a runaway warrior and two Children–a strange race of underground creatures that seem forever joyful. They claim Wyatt is a Druid, a powerful figure of myth and legend, sent to restore peace to all of the Realms. He doesn’t bother correcting them.

Finally, he can be the hero he’s always dreamed of.

But claiming to be a hero and actually being a hero are two different things. And it’s a lesson Wyatt may have to pay dearly for.

Dark Fire (Horse Guardian Book 1)

by Angela Dorsey

Nothing is going to stop Lisa from visiting her beloved Jupiter, the horse she was forced to sell, neither her unsympathetic father nor the cruel nephew of Jupiter’s new owner. Then a crime is committed that shakes Lisa to her core, and the police suspect Jupiter.

An Ordinary Knight: A Fairy Cursed Fable

by H. L. Burke

Stuck in a humiliating position as the Royal Kennel Guard, Sir Percy sees little hope for anything other than an obscure fate. After all, in the Kingdom of Ithelia, you need a fairy to guide you to greatness, and fairies just don’t bother with knights like him.

However, when Percy catches the eyes of the sheltered Princess Matilda, his world expands in new and frightening ways.

A victim of an ill-planned Christening, Matty has spent her life in a locked tower, hiding from pixie attacks. Now she’ll do anything to escape. And if that means dragging Percy along for a cross country search for Prince Charming, so be it.

But not all Prince Charmings are what they seem, and as Matty’s plight grows more desperate, Percy finds himself losing his heart. Does a lowly knight have what it takes to uncurse a princess?

TIME GAMERS The Chameleon Quest

by Lesley Reed

Mysterious shape-changing teacher Miss Brady transports children through time to play exhilarating time games, but overwhelming danger awaits when she launches 12-year-old Tim Carter and his friends into a game from her Slither Collection.

Tim and the Time Gamers find themselves hundreds of years in the future and on dark and forbidding Lizard Eye Island.

As Tim and his courageous Time Gamers strive to save lives, protect ecosystems and complete a mystifying and dangerous mission, Tim discovers ingenuity, magic powers and chameleon-like physical change are survival tools on Lizard Eye Island…yet they can also be deadly threats.

Embedded in Miss Brady’s frightening and secretive game, only time will tell if Tim’s leadership skills are strong enough to thwart his monstrous game opponents.

Tim will be tested to his limits because on Lizard Eye Island nothing is as it should be.

Here, the game rules have changed.

Conquer: A Pocket-Size Guidebook for Boosting Self Esteem

by Shahmeer Sehgal

How do you become the best you can possibly be in area of life?

How can someone have the people skills to talk to anyone they want?

What does it take to score that attractive girl/guy you want to date?

Behold! A proven guide that will IMPROVE your life today.

Your chance of succeeding in any area of life is mostly, if not entirely dependent on your self esteem.

“Low Self-Esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.”- Maxwell Maltz

Take the first steps to learn how to boost your inner confidence with a practical guide and strategies that are backed up by scientific evidence. If you are ready to conquer your success and start taking action today then look no further. Take initiative and start living your ideal life today!

In this book you will learn:

  • The Effects of Self Esteem in your daily life
  • Learn about the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
  • How to improve your self esteem with strategies some of the most highly successful people in this world follow
  • How to improve your self care
  • How to let go of perfection and why
  • How to set goals that incrementally increase your confidence
  • And much more!

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What a few people have said about this book

“Although short, this book delivers a unique perspective and delivers clearly and concisely, how to conquer your greatest enemy in life, which is self doubt.”- Samantha Wilton, New York

“This is by far a must read for anyone lacking the essential ingredient of a fulfilling life. Without it, nothing great can be accomplished.”- Amazon Customer

“I was a little skeptical at first, but after reading just the first couple of chapters I was greatly impressed on the quality and clarity of the information put forth in this quick read. Helped me greatly on improving my self esteem.”- John lee, Washington D.C.

Billy Bowen: The Search for Helmholtz

by S.R. Howell

Billy Bowen is a devilishly strange little boy and has learned early on that he doesn’t quite fit in. Whilst marking the one day of the year that a person celebrates entering into a world that hasn’t yet asked them to leave – his birthday – Billy wanders off from his family and stumbles upon an old abandoned well. When the crumbling well suddenly gives way Billy is thrust into a strange new world … and his family is nowhere to be seen.

Soon he meets Thistledoo, a bumbling old man, who informs Billy that he must seek out a certain Baron Von Helmholtz – the only one able to help Billy get back to his family.

But it won’t be an easy task, and in order to reach Helmholtz, Billy must first face the dreaded monster of monsters, the ogre of ogres â?¦ the keeper of the cane fields.

And so Billy sets out on a journey across a mysterious and foreign land – one that he soon finds challenges the rules of logic and common sense that he had previously always relied upon.

Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Alex Book 1: The Curse (An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book)

by MC Steve

Alex is a Self-Sufficient Loner Who Doesn’t Need Anyone. But Soon She Learns The True Value of Friendship by Working Together!

Alex is a loner in the ice plains. She prefers pigs to people. She’s a vegetarian. She starts in a small hut but moves into an igloo that she then renovates. She’s good at fighting mobs in the overworld, but not the Nether.

She meets Steve, who annoys her. He shares the legend that the villagers have: Herobrine put a curse on the area so that if a zombie ever kills a villager, zombie pigmen begin appearing and attacking in the overworld.

Alex returns home with the thought that this isn’t her problem only to find that zombie pigmen invaded her igloo. She rushes to find Steve, to figure out how to stop the curse.

Disclaimer: This book is a work of fanfiction; it is not an official Minecraft book. It is not endorsed, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or supported by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Blue Sky

by Brian Kindall

Wind, snow, rock, and ice are all Blue Sky has ever known. Raised in the highest crags of the Alps by a herd of ibex, her life feels mysterious and surreal.

Blue Sky’s father was a fallen alpinist, and her mother his beautiful dying dream. From this unusual and magical beginning, Sky is gifted in other-worldly ways. But she wants something else. When she rescues a young climber from a stormy peak, she learns of the world of humans that exists beyond her high mountain home, and longs to become a part of it.

“A fairy tale-like story about growing up and claiming one’s place in the wide, mysterious worldâ?¦ readers will be enchanted.” – Kirkus Reviews

Pokémon Go Unique Guide: Book for Every Level with Tips & Tricks, Secrets and Hints (Android, iOS, Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Hints)

by John Cooper

It’s Time For You To Become A Pokemon Master!

PLEASE NOTE: You DON’T need a Kindle to buy this book. It’s available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader.


After reading this book, you will be equipped with all the basics that you need in order to begin your journey as a Pokémon trainer. Most beginners often find it difficult to get started with Pokémon Go efficiently, and as a result, it takes them a longer time to reach higher levels.

Get ready to enlighten yourself, and to begin your journey towards being the ultimate Pokémon trainer!

Step by step, this book will enlighten you with all the basic information and techniques that you need in order to get started, and to surpass your friends in no time. This book will undoubtedly give you an edge over your peers, bringing you early success in Pokémon Go.

Each chapter in this book is written in an easily understandable language. After reading this book, not only will you be able to capture more Pokémon, but will be able to use in-game items and resources more effectively.

Here’s the real kicker

The POKEMON Go Uniqui Guide is a #1 Most Exclusive Guide Book Ever. Unlike other guidance and recipes, this Guide has been created to focus on All Level Players.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

*How to get started

*Heading out to catch Pokémon

РSome foundational advises on Pok̩mon

– The difference between XP and CP

РBeginning to catch Pok̩mon

РHow to get Pikachu as a starter Pok̩mon

*How to track Pokémon in-game

РTracking nearby Pok̩mon

РHow to find evolved and rare Pok̩mon

*In-game items in Pokémon Go

РGetting amazing items from Pok̩stops

– Usage of items in-game

РHatching a Pok̩mon from a Pok̩Egg

*What do you need to know before evolving your Pokémon?

– Keeping a track of your target Pokémon’s statistics

– Stardust and Breed-Specific Candy

*Level up and evolve your Pokémon

РWhy is it important to level up and evolve your Pok̩mon?

РHow to level up and evolve your Pok̩mon

– Joining a gym team and engaging in battles

*Tips to save your battery in-game

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Infinity Cats

by Joy Gordon-Blake

Through the pages of this book you will enter into the world of intrigue and mind-blowing encounters since as you read you will travel through the various supernatural exposures about which you are reading.

It is the intention of the writer to let you experience the various journeys through which the characters in the book travel.

Experience the joy of reading a short novel which is a thriller.

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