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Myrrh Essential Oil: Natural Remedies, Benefits & Uses – Recipes For Your Beauty, Health, Mind, Creativity, Aromatherapy & Oil Pulling Therapy

by Olivia Green


You wonder, what is so precious, so healing, so sacred, so intoxicating about Myrrh Essential Oil that made it one of the most valued and widely used essences all over the world? Having in mind that Myrrh Essential Oil is used for centuries in religious ceremonies and in traditional healing therapies, it is no surprise, that more and more people are willing to explore the history of it.

Therefore, in this book we take an incredible journey to discover Myrrh, as well as, its amazing therapeutic powers and miraculous benefits for our Beauty, Health, Mind, Creativity, Aromatherapy & much more.

Here you will find an amazing collection of unique recipes with Myrrh Essential Oil for beauty, detoxification, weight loss, skin, well-being & aromatherapy, as well as, various blends to boost the immunity, increase energy balance, manage stress and relieve pain.


  • How Myrrh is obtained?;
  • What are the real benefits of Myrrh for our health & body?;
  • The historical background;
  • How to use & apply Myrrh in your daily lives?;
  • Valuable tips and different techniques for any beginner;
  • How to detoxify your body and maintain natural weight balance?;
  • How to reduce pain and relax sore muscles?;
  • How to treat acne, soothe and exfoliate your skin with Myrrh?;
  • How to promote emotional, mental and spiritual health with Myrrh?;
  • DIY recipes for oil pulling therapy;
  • How to heal psoriasis?

So wear it, inhale it, smell it, spray it, bathe in it, ingest it, wrap it on your skin and experience the endless benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil.

Tags: aromatherapy, weight loss, natural healing, detoxification, relieve stress, reduce pain, essential oils, holistic healing, alternative medicine, acne, bath recipes, blood pressure, sleep disorders, body scrub, natural deodorant, face masks.

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