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Rags 2 Pitches: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

by Jessica Evans

They call me scum. They don’t know that I have plans, to make riches from the pitches!


I’m a thug because that’s what it takes to get respect in this life. Where I live, and on the football pitch, if you’re not a flat-out beast you get treated like a p**sy.

I’ve worked hard to get where I am. If I’m not training, I’m working and looking out for my family.

I’m not going to let anything get in the way of my dream.

Even the sweet, curvy girl from across the road. Nicola is too innocent to be a temptation, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about her in ways that would make her cheeks blush and her p**sy wet.

But there’s something not right about that house she lives in, and I’m not the kind of man to walk away from trouble.



I’ve tried to be a good girl; to work hard at school and pretend that the crap in my house wasn’t really happening, but it was…

I have a plan to go to University and leave this sh***y life that I’ve been born into behind. It would have been easy if it wasn’t for Ryan. He’s everything I should be trying to avoid; rough and with a mouth so filthy, that it should turn me off. Not on. It just makes me soaking wet below every time he speaks.

The thing is, behind all the gruffness, he’s got a heart of gold. He’s the first person that’s listened to me. The first to care enough to hear what I have to say all the time.

That’s what makes him dangerous. I have a dream to make it in this world and Ryan doesn’t fit in.

But when things in my house take a turn for the worst, I have to escape, especially when I find out thatâ?¦ I’m having his baby.

***Author’s Note:***

This book is steamy wet your panties hot and it is a love story. Have no fear there is no cliffhanger, no cheating and it has a happy ending. It is written in UK English.

The Wide Night Sky

by Matt Dean

Leland Littlefield thinks he has a happy family. But the cracks are beginning to show. His wife of twenty-three years, Anna Grace, is distant and drifting further away, his adult children are busy handling their own victories and disasters, and everyone is becoming increasingly alienated from one another.

But Leland’s struggles run deeper than a troubled home life. When he spends a pleasant evening alone with his son’s quirky, bearded piano teacher, Scott, he is forced to grapple with unexpected feelings. Leland has always considered himself bisexual, but he has never acted on his attraction to menâ??that is, until a spontaneous, awkward kiss with Scott brings to light many of Leland’s deepest fears and desires.

Leland is torn: Should he be true to himself and pursue a relationship with Scott? Or, would coming out finally push Anna Grace over the edge? Would his kids, so wrapped up in their own romances, careers, and emotional issues, be willing to accept him? Will their family, meant to be a refuge from the world, fall apart?

Dog Heart

by Barbara Samuel

A Lunch Hour Love Story….a short romance to read in an hour.

Marcus Stone was the love of dog whisperer Jessie’s lifeâ??until he broke her heart by joining the SEALS. She vowed she’d never speak to him again. And she hasn’t.

Until he shows up with Staff Sergeant Thor, a German shepherd who had been injured in the same battle in which his handlerâ??Marcus’s best friend– was killed. Thor has a bad case of PTSD, and Marcus knows only Jessie can save the dog. But can Jessie bear the close contact with the man who broke her heart? And can even she heal a dog so desperately wounded?

A tale of trust, second chances and respecting people for who they are.


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