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The Healing of Ayurveda: Ayurvedic Remedies for the Three Dosha Types

by Moe Alodah

Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient medical system. This holistic medicine was originated in India about 3,000 years ago

And it is still going strong as traditional health care system and expanding outside of India for its effectiveness of healing people through individual diet, herbal remedies, and holistic health approach.

My book The Healing of Ayurveda will provide you a precise guide on how

To design your individual holistic nutrition and health by recognizing your individual Dosha Body Type and then you follow the recommended holistic medicine and other approaches in the book so you reach your optimal health.

In this book you learn practical information for you to follow and try such as:

  • What Are The Three Dosha Types
  • Imbalance in the Vata
  • Some common practices associated with the imbalance
  • Balancing the Kapha dosha for a healthy living
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Determining the individual Prakriti
  • Determining the individual Vikruti
  • Dosha imbalance determination
  • The proven Vata dosha pacifying herbs
  • Herbal Remedies for Pitta Dosha
  • Herbal Remedies for Kapha Dosha
  • Adverse effects of some of the herbs for your Safety
  • And One Big Bonus”
  • Delicious Dosha Recipes
  • And other important details you’ll find beneficial

SHTF Prepping Basics: The Things You Need To Start Doing Right Now To Survive The Coming Post-Apocalyptic World

by Kevin C. Lund

Do you have the skills you will need to provide for your family when the society collapses and deranged mobs roam the streets?

This practical SHTF prepper survival guide reveals the things you need to start doing right now to survive the coming post-apocalyptic world.


* How to be prepared for a worst case scenario.

* How to develop the right skills to survive SHTF.

* The steps you need to take to make sure all your equipment and supplies are always ready to go when a disaster hits.

* How to discover roadblocks in your prepping plans so you can improve them.

* How an EMP attack can destroy life as we know it – and how to survive it.

* Bushcraft survival secrets that will keep you alive when the grid goes down and you have to evacuate.

* The most important bushcraft tools and how to use them.

* Valuable bushcraft skills that you must start learning now.

* Basic shelter building skills to survive in the wild.

…and many more prepping survival secrets that will save your life when society collapses!

The Ultimate Survival Box Set: Tips You Ought to Know for Setting Up a Home Security Safe Place and Concise Instructions That Will Get You Out Alive When … Survival Box Set, Ultimate Survival Guide,)

by Paulina Cross

BOOK #1: The Ultimate Survival Manual: Essential Checklists and Concise Instructions That Will Get You Out Alive When Disaster Strikes.

The Ultimate Survival Manual will put you in good stead when a disaster arrives. It is a succinct guide to preparation for the worst and how to prevail when the unforeseen and unthinkable happens. Several scenarios are outlined. Plus, the book covers the nature of survival and the steps necessary to increase your odds of conquering the worst possible conditions.

Within these pages you will find:

  • A definition of survival and how is likely to succeed
  • Why prepare in advance
  • Reminders and check lists
  • A checklist of supplies and actions
  • Ultimate survival situations and scenarios
  • Food and water basics
  • Seeking shelter at home
  • Evacuation possibilities
  • Self-preservation and protection
  • Self-defense and the need for weapons
  • Heat and cold: building a fire
  • Spreading the word: forming a neighborhood watch
  • Tips for survival optimization

BOOK #2: Build a Survival Safe Home: Setting Up a Home Security Safe Place to Be During a Tornado or Severe Storm

I repute nature to be awe-inspiring since it has made us what we are today but looking a little further, you may figure out that nature acts terrifyingly to hurt us. Do you know how risky a tornado or a severe storm can be? Can you stand before the Nature and override the consequences of the natural disasters? The answer must be â??Not at all’. You have any idea that a number of people die in America every single year due to tornadoes?

These are the packages rampant in this eBook:

  • Tornado safety check
  • Footsteps to survive tornadoes
  • Construction of tornado resistant homes
  • Tornado survival kit
  • Tornado survival drill

BOOK #3: EMP Survival: Shocking New Discovery Reveals Modern Combat Tips You Ought to Know to Survive an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

An EMP attack means the necessity of a survival contingency plan in the face of a catastrophe of a solar or nuclear kind. Yes, it can happen. This book is your basic resource and guide in succinct form. EMP Survival covers the nature of the devastating threat, how and why it is important, and what must be done in the face of the unforeseen but plausible. It advocates keeping abreast of world affairs that impact the prospect of such retaliation. Knowledge is the best antidote to widespread panic and it is readily available.

In the book, we will cover:

  • What is EMP and why can it happen: nuclear and solar explosions
  • Terrorist threats versus acts of nature
  • Internal threats and the role of self defense
  • What is the US government’s role in EMP preparedness: policies and programs
  • How can you impact politicians to take action: voting and speaking out
  • Basic home survival tactics
  • Food and water contingency supplies
  • Using emergency radios
  • How to live without electricity
  • Staying calm, learning not to panic
  • Access to medical supplies

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