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Wine Gift Baskets Business Book for Men for Women: Gift Basket Ideas that get You the Massive Money You Want Right Now!

by Brian Mahoney

Wine Gift Baskets Business Book for Women for Men will show you how to start making money right now!…in the gift basket business. You’ll learn how to buy high quality great tasting wine for less than $20 a bottle! You also get other great gift basket ideas on Candy Gift Baskets, Corporate Gift Baskets, Baby Gift Baskets and much much more! You will learn step by step how to set up your business and how to use Zero Cost Online Marketing to get started marketing your business without spending a dime!!! Then there’s the Web Resource Rolodex to give you tons wholesale gift basket supply sources, so you can start making a profit right away! Get the Secrets to Making Money Now with a easy to start Gift Basket business!

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Sample Essays for GRE® Analytical Writing: Society & Culture

by Andrea Schiralli

Studying for the GRE®? Essay-Girls provides students with sample essay responses for the Analytical Writing section of the exam.

Presented herein are 15 sample essays to aid in study for GRE®. As the essay prompts are property of ETS, they can be found on the ETS website yet are not presented herein. However, each sample essay’s thesis statement is in bold.

Now, get studying!

We are cool (smiles for kids. homemade Book 5)

by Patricia Fuentes

got glasses? do you think you look strange? we all are different from one another and that’s what makes us special

Grammatik: Alle Regeln leicht verständlich (Basiswissen) (German Edition)

Richtiges Deutsch muss keineswegs ein unüberwindbares Hindernis sein. Leicht verständlich und praxisnah vermittelt dieses digitale Nachschlagewerk das Regelwerk der deutschen Grammatik anhand lebendiger Beispiele aus dem alltäglichen Sprachgebrauch. Auch auf die Besonderheiten der Rechtschreibreform wird nochmals verwiesen. Sie werden erleben, dass Grammatik Spa� machen kann und keineswegs langweilig oder gar abschreckend sein muss.

Eyes Open Self Hypnosis: An Uncommon Guide to Getting Thin, Getting Happy, and Getting More!

by Jo Ana Starr PhD

If You Could Become Thinner More Easily, Would You?

If You Could Defeat Your Worst Fear in 10 Minutes a Day, Would You Do It?

If you answered “yes” to one of the above questions, Eyes Open Self Hypnosis is the book for you! EOSH is the 21st Century version of traditional behavior modification methods. Eyes Open Self Hypnosis is a quick-start form of Self Hypnosis that cuts your daily use to about 10 minutes a day, spread throughout the day in mini-sessions.

Although for some people, Eyes Open Self Hypnosis changes behavior more slowly than traditional Self Hypnosis does, the tiny Eyes Open Self Hypnosis time investmentr makes Self Hypnosis doable even for the most time-challenged individuals. The reward is the positive personal change that occurs for those who use EOSH regularly. In addition, the continued use of the Primary Sessions and Bonus Sessions build upon each other, causing Hypnosis to occur more quickly with each use. Eyes Open Self Hypnosis is like a mini mind-massage, allowing Self Hypnotists to experience a relaxing state of Hypnosis throughout the day, while maintaining focus on the primary goal.

As an experienced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer of 28 years and a lifelong student of the mind-body connection and associated technologies, Dr. Starr has access to most of the available therapeutic tools for personal growth and believes that Hypnosis stands alone as the most effective, most pleasant and easiest method for creating dynamic and permanent change. However, with traditional Self Hypnosis there can be challenges to getting started immediately. Recording a session and using it daily for about 45 minutes is totally worth the effort, but many never get to that point.

If you are a person who wants to use Self Hypnosis but who never manages to get started, then the Eyes Open Self Hypnosis version of Self Hypnosis was built specifically for you. This quick-start method will allow you to get started right away, causing you to begin to change those aspects of your life that you feel need changing. Because Eyes Open Self Hypnosis is time-conserving and user-friendly, getting started is as easy as reading a few pages silently or aloud and then supplementing throughout the day with the included bonus sessions. For busy people who desire important life changes, this method is ideal.

Eyes Open Self Hypnosis includes 88 Session-Topics, many ready-to-use right out of the book. In addition to the included Primary Session template and Bonus Sessions in written form, readers receive a Free Universal Primary Session audio download, valued at $29. to help them to achieve the ideal tempo for use with their Eyes Open Self Hypnosis sessions.

Some of the Session Topics include Happy Home, Great Sex, In-Law Success, Seeing the Good in Others, Attracting the Perfect Mate, Single and Loving it, Accessing Your Higher Power, Control Alcohol, Control Gambling, Lose Weight Now, Making Friends Easily, Balancing Work and Home, Business Prosperity, Dealing with Conflict, Confidence Builder, Ageless and many more.

Your mind is ready and willing to create the personal changes that you desire; only the increased focus that Self Hypnosis provides is needed to actualize them. Accessing the Subconscious Mind with Self Hypnosis is the most effective way to create change. Using the EOSH version of Self Hypnosis makes the process between deciding to start a program and actually beginning it absolutely seamless. There is no time lost figuring anything out; you decide and you start. Simple. Buy this book and reap the rewards

Imagine that getting what you want is easy to accomplish. Imagine that your ideal life can be achieved in 10 minute daily increments. It is and it can be with commitment on your part and regular use of your EOSH sessions.

The time is now. Read Eyes Open Self Hypnosis and begin the self-help ad

Fruit Is Yummy!

by Cassie Hagins

Children’s book. This book encourages children to eat and enjoy fruit.

The STAR Method: Healing Others with Therapeutic Touch (The STAR: Self-Healing, Transformation, Awareness, and Realization Book 1)

by Parama K. Williams

“Healing is the fruit of love. A healer must learn to love everyone, including oneself,” said Grandfather Jaguar.

For the past five years, I have lived in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexicoâ??the heart of Mayan culture and civilization. Within the past year I moved to a mountainous region in southern Mexico, where I met Grandfather Jaguar, a Mayan shaman, certified naturopathic doctor, and “curandero” (traditional healer). He invited me to be his apprentice and offered to teach me the Mayan healing techniques and teachings.

Since I have accepted my apprenticeship, I have dedicated myself to a process of self-healing and profound spiritual growth that feels both overwhelming and exhilarating. I have learned that self-healing can be a process of growth and discovery that requires time, dedication, and courage. I think that we should not be alone in this process: We need each other. Everyone can learn how to heal others.

“We need to learn how to heal ourselves without modern medicine,” Grandfather told me. “In the future humanity will go through a lot of suffering during a long period of purification. Modern technology cannot save us. We need something much simplerâ??healing with the handsâ??the most basic, simple form of healing.”

Module 2 of The STAR Method teaches how to heal others with therapeutic touch using a simple sequence of thirty hand positions. Each hand position has a connection to the body’s subtle energy system, also known as “chakras” (energy centers). The STAR Method is designed to result in a variety of physiological benefits.

“The STAR Method is something I have been waiting for,” Grandfather told me one day when I visited him in his ancestral home, where he likes to sit in his favorite rocking chair next to a bougainvillea bush, wearing a straw hat. When we visit, I am treated like his daughter, as he shares stories of his youth and apprenticeship with a Mayan elder in the jungles of Mexico.

“Healing with the hands has been used for millennia by many traditions around the world,” Grandfather taught me, “The STAR Method has its roots in many ancient traditions: Oriental, Hindu, Greek, North American, and Mayan. The STAR Method is based on techniques that we use in the Mayan healing tradition.”

Years before meeting Grandfather in Mexico, I created The STAR Method as a technique for stress management early in my career as an educator and consultant in private and public schools in the U.S. The STAR Method was originally published as an article in a peer-reviewed journal for educators. Throughout my career, I have found that children and adults benefit from therapeutic touchâ??the application of the hands on the body to promote health and well-beingâ??on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Scientific studies show that therapeutic touch can benefit patients who are diagnosed with many different many chronic diseases and medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Clients who have received a full treatment with The STAR Method share positive feedback:

“For 21 days I have applied The STAR Method, and my life has undergone a stunning transformation. The technique has taught me to discover within the depths of my being that which I cannot find anywhere else: Complete self-acceptance and utmost gratitude.” -Documentary Filmmaker, Monterrey, Mexico

The STAR Method goes beyond stress reduction and relaxation. It is a tool for personal achievement, designed to support the process of healing and self-transformation. The STAR Method is a practical, complete system for self-healing, developing self-awareness, transforming the body and mind, and self-realization of one’s unique mission on Earthâ??the fulfillment of one’s highest potential.

Author Parama K. Williams, MA, CMT, CYT, is a Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher with a Master of Arts in Education. She offers intuitive “Life Readings” on her blog at http://ParamaWilliams.word

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