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Healing Herbs: How To Make Money Growing Herbs

by Pamela Barker

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Healing Herbs (FREE Bonus Included)

How to Make Money Growing Herbs

Within the pages of this book you will be taken through the world of herbal gardening step by step right to the point where you may decide that you are ready to make some money from your herbs. In the world today many people are turning to a more â??Green’ lifestyles which for many includes growing their own fresh organic herbs. People are finding many reasons to have an interest in growing their own herbs from culinary tastes, to health, and beauty. Whatever the reasons are behind you taking an interest in herbal gardening I can assure you that this book will cover the basics of herbal gardening and beyond.

If you are someone that is new to gardening then a great way to introduce yourself as a beginner gardener is to start yourself off with a herb garden and expand from there. I suggest this as in general most herbs are fairly easy to grow with minimal amount of care. Starting with herbs can help build your confidence to eventually try to grow more difficult plants. If you are an experienced gardener you will still benefit from the suggestions we have on how to design and plan your garden as well as types of plantsâ??culinary or medicinal that you may want to include in your garden along with ways that you can make money from your healing herbs.

You will learn:

  • About different types of herbs.
  • What the Top 10 Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Are.
  • How to keep your herbs, healthy and happy.
  • Ways you can make money from your healing herbs.

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10 Days to Superhuman Confidence: Cure Social Anxiety, Destroy Doubt, and Live Fearlessly (Self-Confidence, Charisma, Introvert, Self Esteem, Success) (SUPERHUMAN IMPROVEMENT)

by Adam Rockman


You can build indomitable confidence that gets you the life you want. You can face your fears, talk to attractive people you want to meet, take risks, and eliminate your self-doubt.

This isn’t just a usual self-help book. It’s a proven guide for changing your beliefs about yourself, happily facing your fears, and building the life you desire.

How many amazing opportunities have you missed because shyness or fear prevented you from simply starting a conversation or expressing yourself?


If yes, then you MUST read 10 Days to Superhuman Confidence! This is the first book in the SUPERHUMAN IMPROVEMENT series by Adam Rockman. It includes everything you need to completely transform everything that has been holding you back from unleashing your true, confident self.

This book includes many proven techniques for changing your inner beliefs. It can help you destroy the negative, nagging voice of self-doubt that prevents you from trying someone new you think you would enjoy. You don’t need to make up excuses to justify avoiding the life you really want. You can’t achieve the success you want in relationships, dating, business, and every area of your life if you don’t believe in yourself. The criticism of others, and your own negative thoughts may be preventing you from seeing your actual potential.

But that will all CHANGE TODAY when you Get this book!

How many of your goals could you have accomplished by now if you’d had the confidence to achieve them?

10 Days To Superhuman Confidence: Cure Social Anxiety, Destroy Doubt, and Live Fearlessly prepares you mentally for the challenges of improving your life and developing the real confidence that is the key to your success..

Inside you will learn:

  • How to Change Negative Beliefs
  • How to Love Taking Risks
  • How to Be Self-Reliant
  • How to Maximize your Potential
  • How to Be Assertive
  • How to Change Bad Habits
  • How to Deal with Criticism
  • And Much More!

This program has already successfully helped many people improve their life and it can help you too!

See what others are saying:

“I wish I had read this book years ago. I feel like so much of my time has been wasted just sitting at home terrified to talking to new people in even the simplest interactions. This book has helped me to finally realize what I have been afraid of. I don’t need to worry about making everyone like me anymore. And the amazing thing is, this realization gives me so much more freedom to go talk to people and socialize. I feel free every time I talk to a new person and it’s beautiful! As a result, I’m making lots of new friends and I don’t worry what people think of me anymore.” -Jeremy Cole

“I learned a lot more than I expected I would from this book! I learned what confidence and fear really are! It’s amazing how the brain works and how with the right tools I can actually change the way I think and communicate with other people. I used to be much more shy, but after reading this book and following all the suggestions, I have completely changed my life! I’m literally a completely different person now. People who knew me before can’t believe it when they see I can charm an entire room of strangers because I used to be scared of just asking directions! This book should cost much more for the value I got from it.” – Jan Soresby

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Poisonous Mushrooms You Shouldn’t Be Tricked With: A Must Have Book For Mushroom Hunting: (Mushroom Farming, Edible Mushrooms)

by Julianne Kilkan

Poisonous Mushrooms You Shouldn’t Be Tricked With:

A Must Have Book For Mushroom Hunting

30 to 35 Poisonous Mushrooms You Shouldn’t Be Tricked with A Must Have Book for Mushroom Hunting

Mushrooms are found in different parts of this world and these are frequently used for their medicinal and culinary purposes. You have to be careful about the consumption of mushrooms because along with healthy mushrooms, some poisonous varieties are also around. It is essential for you to identify these mushrooms to avoid any harmful varieties. This book is designed for your assistance so that you can forage for healthy mushrooms from gardens, jungles, neighborhood parks and the wild. With the help of ideas and guide given in this book, you will easily distinguish the healthy and poisonous mushroom. These mushrooms can cause health hazards. Recommendations and ideas of this book will be helpful for foragers. This book offers:

  • Tips to Identify Poisonous Mushrooms.
  • Poisonous Mushrooms in Jungles.
  • Poisonous Mushrooms in Wilderness.
  • Poisonous Mushrooms in Common Lawns and Gardens.
  • Identify Poisonous Mushrooms According to Season.

Download this book and learn about poisonous mushrooms and their properties. After reading this book, you will be able to find out poisonous mushrooms in wilderness, jungles, gardens and lawns. You should avoid these varieties and avoid any deadly risks linked with the consumption of these mushrooms.

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Animals: Meditation, Relaxation and Stress Relief with 45 Amazing Animals

by Anna Wilton

45 unique illustrations

This book is perfect for adults who want to relax, stress relief, or amuse themselves after a long day.

The world needs more anti stress methods. Coloring is the new way for relax and stress relief.

Coloring enthusiasts claim that coloring makes them feel calmer, mentally clearer, happier, and more relaxed. Some therapists believe that coloring provides the added benefit of taking us back to the simpler times of our childhood. They help us escape from the difficulty of daily life and worries.

You can color it anywhere and all you need is a design and some colored pencils. Just do it and let loose. Let coloring be your calm and have a great time!

Unique Stress Relief Designs For Your Coloring Enjoyment :

– 45 designs with animals doodle art

– Arouse your senses and creativity

– Funny gift idea for your friends

– Buy one today and get started!

Want to print this book?

You can also get a PDF version of these animals so you can print them out and get coloring!

Quantum Self Hypnosis: Awaken the Genius Within

by Jo Ana Starr PhD


This is a quick quiz to help readers determine if they can be hypnotized.

1. Have you ever started to drift off to sleep in your bed and startled awake?

2. Have you ever been driving a car and “awakened” to find yourself almost home?

3. Have you ever almost fallen asleep during a church sermon?

4. Have you ever almost fallen asleep during a class lecture?

5. Have you ever had a hard time shaking off the emotions that you felt during a show or movie after leaving the theater?

And now the good news! If you answered “YES” to 2 or more of the above questions, then you have demonstrated that you can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is really just the ability to let go of the current circumstance and to drop into a deeply relaxed state and you’ve shown that you can do that.

FREE BONUS: as a gift from the author, all readers receive a full length Audio Hypnosis download. Details are included in the book.

Quantum Self Hypnosis is designed to help readers to get what they want…..easily. This 250 page, power-packed book fully prepares YOU to take control of your mind and your life! Become empowered to make the changes you’ve wanted to make by learning how to maximize the hidden genius within!

Dr. Jo Ana Starr PhD, CCHT, CHI gives you all the tools you need to create dynamic life changes by giving you 5 client-tested Master Hypnosis Inductions and 20 Self Hypnosis full-length session scripts; these inductions and scripts combine to create 20+ 45 minute Self Hypnosis sessions, not mini-sessions as are often found online. With this book, you can duplicate the process that Clinical Hypnotherapists use to create professional sessions for clients by choosing the right Master Induction and combining it with the hypnosis session script of your choice.

You also learn how to create custom sessions by implementing a self-interview process that reveals your motivations and your pay-off triggers, allowing you to target suggestions that will produce your desired outcome. There are even recording device recommendations and a little-known software secret for recording your sessions on your computer for free.

Speaking of free, all readers of Quantum Self Hypnosis receive free access to a full-length, professional Self Hypnosis audio session valued at $59., that was designed to develop user confidence in the process of self hypnosis as well as to embed the hypnotic cadence used by professionals to induce hypnosis in their clients.

Users of this Self Hypnosis session download have reported an increased sense of well-being, easier sleep, and a more relaxed attitude that they attribute to the use of this audio Self Hypnosis session.

The ideal applications for Self Hypnosis are almost limitless. Maybe you’d like to lose weight, or just lose your love of donuts. Maybe you want to learn to stay motivated and working at your current priorities, or to stop smoking once and for all. For some folks, work or business-related challenges bring them to Hypnosis. Hypnosis used for Sales Success, for example, is a great application and one that has helped thousands of sales people improve their sales numbers.

How much would your life improve if you could quickly, pleasantly and easily gain focus and pinpoint concentration? Would you like to lose those “senior moments” that I’ve even heard 30 year olds complaining about ? We all have some aspect of our lives and our belief systems that could use a bit of upgrading. Self Hypnosis is the fastest and easiest way to give your life a quick and affordable facelift.

Quantum Self Hypnosis will help you to access all the genius abilities hidden in your mind and put that genius to work helping you to create the life of your dreams! You are a few dollars and a few hours away from improving your life in ways you can only imagine right now. Take the action that can change your l

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