Free sports Kindle books for 25 Aug 16

Running: A Long Distance Love Affair

by Shawn Hacking

“What happens when a skinny, painfully shy, socially awkward, average kid with no fashion sense, an unmet need for orthodontics, a perpetually goofy home haircut, and a funny last name makes it in a high school sportâ??even an introverted ‘fringe’ sport like distance running? Well, let me tell you: my whole life changed.”

So begins this runner’s story. But Running: A Long Distance Love Affair goes far beyond the youthful, competitive side of running. Running isn’t just about the briefly young and fast. It’s about the life-long runners who, like running itself, keep going and going. Each of us plays a part in the story of running, and each of us has something to add. Running: A Long Distance Love Affair is a love story for every runner. In this story, we all run our first mile against an “unbeatable” champion. We all have our “dog days,” good and bad. We all run with deer on a snowy mountain trail. We all battle our own hill in a lightning storm. And we all run the toughest race of our lives, the “human race.” Lace up your running shoes, and let’s go . . .

Mental Toughness: A Guide to Developing Peak Performance and an Unbeatable Mind in Everyday Life (Mental Training, Sports Psychologist, Mental Strength)

by Richard Bond

Mental Toughness – A Guide to Developing Peak Performance and an Unbeatable Mind in Everyday Life

The concepts of Mental Toughness are simple to understand and with the right mind set, are easy to implement. My aim is for you to take the understanding you gain from this book and to train your mind just like you would in any other discipline. For example, you might know how to perform a Bench Press, but that alone won’t allow you to bench 500lbs. You need to train, rest, grow and adapt over time to get to that level.

I share the mental exercises I use to develop my mental strength, from my own research, experience and experimentation. I have sourced information from the best Sports Psychologists, Military Leaders, and Business Owners to create this book. Knowledge on its own is not enough though, you need to practice.

The benefits of Mental Training are not restricted to War or Sport. They can be utilized in everyday life – Doctors, Fireman, Nurses, Business Managers, or 9 to 5 office workers are all tested on a daily basis, and this book will show you how to develop Mental Strength.

Here’s a Preview of what’s inside

  • What Is Mental Toughness and Can You Have It?
  • Who Can Benefit From Mental Toughness?
  • Find Your Desire – Learn How to Find a Purpose and Strengthen Your Mind
  • Remove the Negative Thoughts from Your Mind and Build Self-belief
  • Change Your State Of Mind and Build Your Mental Strength
  • How Can You Manage Stress?
  • Developing Your Discipline with These Simple Methods
  • Determination Is a Powerful Tool to Build Your Mental Toughness
  • and much more!

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Bagua Zhang: the art of control

by Andrey Shvets

Martial arts techniques were forgotten. One hundred years ago, again revived interest in the martial arts and all the techniques were invented anew, but they were very different from the original techniques. Bagua – is no exception. This book describes some of the original techniques.

Bagua techniques were created to control the opponent. Control is carried out either in a stationary position, or while moving around.

Hands are always free. Grab an enemy with the help of the shoulders and arms. This feature makes the Bagua techniques are not similar to the known methods of struggle.

Demo video:

Keeping a Promise (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 177)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Keeping a Promise

There is a pleasant sweetness in the black

That silent place that lies between the stars

The wisdom we retain while looking back

So doing so can show us who we are

There is a grace that comes from taking time

To know there is a soul behind the face

A different point of view, another mind

A window to another place and time

And memories, they come from in-between

From in between the heartbeat and the notes

There is a joy that comes from being seen

From realizing promise from the hope

I lay the rose upon the altar stone

A promise kept to hearts that wept alone

Copyright: August 24, 2016.

When the Grid Goes Down: Survive When SHTF And Lowlife Criminal Scum Come After Your Prepping Supplies And Your Family

by Rick Sawyer

What will the first week be like after the grid goes down?

For one thing, the shelves at your local supermarket will empty out in a hurry.

Fortunately, many of your neighbors will feel sorry for you and give you some of their food…for the time being, anyway.

As hours turn into days, people will start getting more desperate and crime levels will start to rise.

People will start doing things they normally wouldn’t do.

It will start with minor things such as dumpster diving for food and quickly progress to burglary, looting, and other violent crimes.

At this stage, you will have to have some type of plan to protect yourself and your family, while still following the law, of course.

Download this practical prepping SHTF survival guide and find out…

* What you should do when lowlife criminal scum come after your prepping stash.

* The worst place you could be when the grid goes down.

* How to survive for an extended period without electricity.

* Should you move to a rural area? (Why not every rural area is suitable)

* How to get food and other necessities when money as we know it is worthless.

* How to get around in a world without electricity or gasoline for vehicles.

* Why this ancient profession will be in hot demand once again.

* Why infection will spread quickly after a disaster…and how to protect yourself.

* How will you communicate when the grid goes down? (Keeping in touch without the Internet or cell phones)

…and many more survival off grid secrets!




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