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Migration Ready Tiny House: Patent Pending U.S. PTO 62231469 070615

This is my Patent Pending 62231469 070615 is search of a backer who will help me bring it to the final granted patent stage, and then on to the product stage. If you are such a potential backer please contact me on Facebook.

This books describes in detail how to build a migration ready tiny house, and how to migrate from one place to another with your house so if the polar vortexes are making you freeze and suffer and be sick you can be as smart as a bird, and leave one place when the brutal weather comes, and then return when the weather is nice again. Birds do it, bees do it, you can too. Migration involves picking up the phone and saying “Move me now.” It’s not complicated. Just talk into the phone, like when you order a pizza. This book explains how the entire system works. If you have a few billion to gamble on a new product, this might be the opportunity you have been looking for. Facebook — Robert Fenton Gary.

Zen Doodle Flowers: Unleash Your Imagination with Wonderful Zen Doodle Flowers (Doodling with Kathrin Davidson Book 2)

by Kathrin Davidson

Zen Doodle Flowers

Unleash Your Imagination with Wonderful Zen Doodle Flowers

This book will provide a step-by-step guide to some flower doodles, to make you comfortable with beginning to do your own doodles, come up with your own patterns, and place your own flowers.

In order to get the most out of this book, you will need the following items: pencil, paper, pen, and eraser.

The following topics are discussed in this book:

  • Introduction
  • Zen Flower Bouquet
  • Patterned Rose
  • Zen Doodle Vase
  • Flower Necklace
  • Flower Cake
    • Patterned Corsage

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Beautiful girl photo book Premium Volume Forty-seven (Japanese Edition)

by PremiumPublishing




Girls photograph collection
which only the really beautiful collected!!

â??Please be assured that wearing clothes!â??

â?»180 or more photograph
â?»We review the content in order to be registered in the normal category.

ã?»Cast is more than 18 years of age
ã?»Naked women has not been published in this photo collection.

Klaviersonate in F-Dur, Opus 46 No. 2 / Piano Sonata: Piano Solo (Bisel Classics Book 244)

by Friedrich Kuhlau

With his â??Three Sonatas’ Op. 46 Kuhlau has gifted us a collection of delightful and at the same time demanding music. The work is especially rich in enchanting melodies crafted by the Danish national composer and definitely invites to merry music making. The faster movements like the Allegro scherzando in his C-major Sonata contain several technically challenging passages. In the contrasting slow movements, like the Adagio patetico of his Sonata in F- major, there is an abundance of lyrical moments and a wide array of harmonies, shedding light on Kuhlau’s inventiveness.

Piano Sonata in F Major


Mit seinen â??Drei Sonaten’ Op. 46 schenkte Friedrich Kuhlau der Nachwelt eine Sammlung unterhaltsamer und zugleich anspruchsvoller Literatur. Der Reichtum an zauberhaften Melodien aus der Feder des dänischen Nationalkomponisten lädt zum lustbetonten Musizieren, und birgt dabei auch grössere Herausforderungen an die Fingerfertigkeit in den schnelleren Sätzen wie dem Allegro scherzando der C- Dur Sonate. Im Wechselspiel mit dem harmonischen Reichtum und der lyrischen Präsenz der langsamen Sätze wie dem Adagio patetico der Sonate in F-Dur darf man als Interpret die grosse Bandbreite kompositorischen Ideenreichtums Kuhlaus erleben.

Klaviersonate in F-Dur

Oscar’s Awesome Adventure

by Andrew Corrao

Oscar’s Awesome Adventure tells the tale of a ducks journey through discovery. As the ducklings set out on their first fishing trip with mom they were more interested in teasing Oscar than fishing, saying you look more like a chicken than a duck and everybody knows chickens can’t fish, this made Oscar very sad. I’m not a chicken, I’m not a chicken, I’m not a chicken, Oscar said repeatedly as he swam away. What happens next is nothing short of amazing. With thirteen beautiful photographs documenting this true life tale Oscar’s Awesome Adventure will speak to your heart and leave a smile on your face.

Inside a Typical Nigerian Home: Nkpor, Anambra, Nigeria

by Igwe Chiamaka

This book shows pictures of a Nigerian

middle class home

Cómo configurar Fotografía de Iluminación en un Estudio en Casa (Spanish Edition)

by Amber Richards

Descripción del producto para Cómo configurar Fotografía de Iluminación en un Estudio en Casa

Cómo preparar la iluminación para un estudio fotográfico en casa” es un libro que describe detalladamente todos los puntos básicos en la configuración de un estudio fotográfico básico en el confort de tu hogar. Contiene información sobre cómo usar iluminación de estudio continua y de cómo utilizar la iluminación estroboscópica fotográfica, así como técnicas que permitirán a los usuarios controlar la iluminación a su gusto. Tener el ambiente controlado te lleva a sacar bonitas fotos a la par que te da opciones para desarrollar la creatividad.

Este eBook también contiene información sobre la configuración de estudios fotográficos en casa y discute como el fotógrafo puede hacer ajustes para crear la mejor combinación entre iluminación y colores.
Finalmente, también ofrece conocimientos sobre la correcta puesta a punto y el almacenamiento para del equipo para maximizar su vida útil.

En pocas palabras, esto es todo lo que un fotógrafo principiante necesita saber sobre cómo configurar su propio estudio fotográfico en casa. Obtén tu copia ahora.

729 days and 24 hour: write by Max Kompanets

He begun to write this book as 14 year old boy, and finished it being already a father, just changing the last chapter.

This book is filled with sorrow and suffer of teenager from disfunctional family.

“The story called 729 days and more 24 hours”. Young boy, diagnosed with cancer, being told that there’s not much left for him to live. Being the child of a bad family, and having a bad life.

This story is about one lost boy, who have no chance to start everything over again.

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