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Us, A Duography

by Benedict Freedman

The story of how Benedict and Nancy Freedman came to write the American classic MRS. MIKE, still in print in the original edition after sixty-four years, an international bestseller, major motion picture starring Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes, and excerpted in high school classes all over the country.

Benedict and Nancy Freedman met in 1939, fell in love and were married in 1941. Over a lifetime of writing, they produced twenty-one books, three films, three children, and a flock of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Serial Killers: Most Horrific Serial Killers Biographies, True Crime Cases, Murderers, 2nd Book! (True Crime, Serial Killers Uncut, Crime, Horror Stories, Horrible Crimes, Homecides)

by Jeff Kramer

Serial Killer Book That You Have Never Seen Before! Analysis Of Criminal Minds, Patterns, Thinking, Reasons Why They Did What They Did!

It is not in the natural wiring of a man (or woman) to take another man’s life. It is even more unnatural when the person has a compulsion to keep taking lives, so that he satisfies some twisted craving. The psychology of serial killers is a bit difficult to explore. The reason is that it is not something that is set in rigid boundaries. It appears that after every murder, an extra layer is added to it. It also appears that the humane side of a serial killer dies a little more with every killing.

Do you want to learn more about serial killers? Are you interested in knowing what led them down that path? If you do, this book does a great job of looking at what drove the different people to serial killers. It is important to note that nothing justifies taking life but rather we try to look at what made sense in the eyes of the serial killer to do what they did and with no remorse for their actions.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What You Will Learn

  • Wayne Gacy, The Molester And Killer Of Boys
  • Edward Theodore Gein
  • Dr. Harold Shipman, The Killer Doctor
  • Compilation And Linking Of The Mental States And Tics Of These Serial Killers
  • And Much Much More Interesting Facts…

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True Crime Stories Volume 3: 12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Anthology)

by Jack Rosewood


Beware! Once you open the pages of this true crime anthology book, you will quickly find that is difficult to put down! You will be witness to twelve true crime stories from throughout the United States and around the world that invoke a variety of different emotions from deep within your soul. You will be shocked at some of the bizarre and senseless crimes, while at other time feelings of empathy for the victims and anger at the inhuman perpetrators will stir your spirit.

Follow each chapter as you are directed through the anatomy of a true crime, from the outset of the criminal investigation until the final resolution. You will find that shooting rampages are not a recent phenomenon and that some of the world’s notorious shooting sprees have been carried out in countries known for their peacefulness and low crime rates. You will also read about two different girls, from totally different parts of the world, who were randomly set upon and killed by strangers. All of these cases prove that no matter how much we may try, sometimes it is impossible to keep evil out! Truly, you will see why these twelve cases have become some of the most notorious true crime murder cases in recent world history.

Some of the pages of this book are guaranteed to trouble you, but make no mistake; you will find it impossible to put down this tract of true murder. You will be truly intrigued with this book’s collection of mass shootings, cold case murders, and other crimes that for many reason defy logic!

Magenta: Andrea Mazzei (Colores nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

Magenta, es mi primer libro.

Una nueva etapa que estoy descubriendo. Una nueva faceta que me atrevo a experimentar.

El libro, habla sobre los grandes cambios que he vivido en mi último año. Cómo los transformé y los superé.

Debo admitir, que me tuve que llenar de coraje para publicar mi vida en unas líneas y superar mis miedos acerca de esto. Sin embargo, lo que me llevó a hacerlo, fue ver que Magenta es una herramienta que puede ayudar e inspirar a aquellas personas que les toca comenzar de cero y no saben cómo hacerlo.

En Magenta, habló sobre varios temas importantes que no son ajenos a nadie.

Hablo, sobre emigrar. Decir adiós a lo conocido.

Hablo, sobre la muerte de un ser querido. Decir adiós obligatoriamente.

Hablo, acerca de la separación. Decir adiós aún amando.

Hablo, sobre paradigmas. Decir adiós a estilos de vida.

En mi caso, me tocó despedirme de todas estas al mismo tiempo. Fue una despedida prominente y enfática que dio inicio a escribir mi historia en unas cuantas páginas.

Magenta, es un libro mágico para volver a empezar.

Ivanka Trump: Her Best Insights (Donald Trump, Trump Family, Donald Trump books, Trump revealed, politics 2016, election 2016)

Ivanka Trump: Her best Insights


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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why she is successful
  • Her best insights
  • How she thinks
  • Things you won’t learn anywhere else
  • Much, much more!

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Tags: Donald Trump, Trump Family, Donald Trump books, Trump revealed, politics 2016, election 2016

Relatos de amores clandestinos (Spanish Edition)

by Christian Schneider A.

Es una recopilación novelada de relatos de amor, algo secretos, intimos y confidenciales, vividos por el protagonista y sus amigos. Los relatos han ocurrido en diferentes etapas de sus vidas, y corresponden a sus más valiosos, y preciados recuerdos. Como muchas historias, estas anécdotas surgen en principio, en medio de una conversación informal, en una reunión de amigos, en un café icónico de París; el Café de Floré. Se han cambiado los nombres para proteger la identidad de los involucrados.

Abraham – Father of Faith

by Michael Bell

It is evident in the Genesis account that Abram had a religious encounter with a new Deity that became a life changing and revolutionary experience. So radical was the encounter that Abram even heard the voice of his new God and his message challenged Abram like never before. How long this new found relationship existed is curious, but his new God appeared to him and said, “Get out of your country and from your people and come into a land that I will show you.” Thus the journey for Abram began.

The Cast of a Hand: Based on a True Story of Love and Murder in Second Empire France

by G. S. Johnston

At dawn on the outskirts of Paris in 1869, Hortense Kinck lies buried alive and surrounded by five of her children. Violently attacked, tormented and trapped, she sifts through the truths and deceits of her marriage to self-made industrialist, Jean Kinck. Why had he lied?

France, snug in the prosperity of Napoleon III’s Second Empire, is shocked by the vicious destruction of the bourgeois Kinck family. Under pressure from his superiors, the Chief of Police, Monsieur Claude, must unravel the baffling connections between the family and a mysterious young man, Jean-Baptiste Troppmann, a cold case, a famous palmist and France’s rising tide of dissatisfaction with the Emperor Napoleon III.

The Cast of a Hand is an unforgettable love story and a murder mystery based on one of the most shocking crimes of 19th century Paris. GS Johnston’s razor sharp prose interweaves and cross-pollinates the two narratives, both desperately trying to arrive at the truth.

I Have Cancer. And I’ve Never Felt Better!

by Tracy Krulik

Told with both frankness and humor, I Have Cancer. And I’ve Never Felt Better! is the everyman’s (or woman’s) Lance Armstrong story. It’s one woman’s wild journey from unraveling a medical mystery that took nine years to solve, to navigating the science and art of medicine in search of the right treatments, to finally awakening to a healthier, more balanced life — with cancer.

Just as millions of people live healthy lives with chronic diseases like diabetes and even HIV, Tracy Krulik shares how she learned to do the same in her fight against cancer — using her bike and a plant-based diet as weapons.

Unrequited Love Poems Of An Ageing Gay Man

by Joshua Ben Brisco

An Ageing Gay man writes about solitude and lonliness

Confessioni di uno psicopatico (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

by Michele Ponte

Provate a seguire Luigi Trampoli nel tempo scandito dalle pagine di questo libro, questo è il consiglio che vi do. Impararete a rubare, scoprirete luoghi sconosciuti e, se magari vi comporterete in maniera adeguata, forse non vi insulterà, ma ciò sarà difficile, quasi impossibile. Incontrerete gente di strada, gente famosa e gente, per voi, stravagante. Saranno giorni movimentati, i prossimi.
Quello di Michele Ponte non è proprio un romanzo, non è esattamente una biografia né una monografia. Non è, dunque, come lo immaginate. Non è una presa in giro, non del tutto; non è una pazzia, perché, diciamolo, è alquanto ragionato. Ma soprattutto non è una guida all’arte del furto.
Tra le tante cose che non è, ce ne sono alcune che è; a voi, cari lettori, spetta scoprire quali.

“Chi diavolo è lo psicopatico? Attento, lettore… La risposta potrebbe non piacerti!” – Simone Sarasso

Un pueblo de esperanza (Palabra Hoy) (Spanish Edition)

by John L. Allen

El cardenal Dolan es una de las figuras más singulares de la Iglesia de nuestros días. Arzobispo de Nueva York, Presidente de la Conferencia Episcopal de Estados Unidos, miembro del Consejo Pontificio para la Promoción de la Nueva Evangelización y una de las figuras prominentes en los días previos al último cónclave que eligió al Papa Francisco. En este libro comparte con los lectores su visión más personal sobre el presente y el futuro de la Iglesia en una serie de conversaciones íntimas con el afamado periodista John Allen, permitiéndonos así conocer de primera mano quién es y qué piensa Timothy Dolan.

Al hilo de las preguntas de John Allen, el arzobispo de Nueva York reflexiona sobre los temas candentes y los retos de la Iglesia de hoy, sin obviar ningún asunto, a la vez que nos hace partícipes de cómo es su oración y qué entiende por su expresión “ortodoxia afirmativa”: la necesidad de que los cristianos han de reflejar todo lo bueno y positivo, más que en condenar lo negativo.

En Un pueblo de esperanza contemplamos el cristianismo lleno de fuerza y vitalidad que mueve y guía al cardenal Dolan y descubrimos los rasgos fundamentales de su personalidad: su afecto hacia todas las personas y su entusiasmo hacia sus amigos.

“Francisco ha sido para mí un buen modelo de cómo asegurarme de que Tim Dolan no se interponga en el camino de Jesús, de que mis palabras y acciones no sean un obstáculo para que otros respondan a la invitación de Jesús”.
Cardenal Dolan
Arzobispo de Nueva York


by Inger Simonsen

En annerledes reise til Hollywood pÃ¥ sekstitallet. Turen starter fra en bygd pÃ¥ Norges vestland til London, og deretter videre til New York, San Francisco, New-Mexico og endelig landing i Hollywood i 1969. Men et minneverdig Ã¥r i London 1970 – 1972, pluss noen mellomlandinger i Irland, København, Amsterdam med flere. Forfatteren var en tid del av samme omgrangskrets som The Rolling Stones og The Pretty Things, og hadde senere et av-og-pÃ¥ forhold med trommisen i gruppen The Who, datet bl.a. eminente gitarist Jeff Beck, samt et par andre musikere som blant annet spillte sammen med Fleetwood Mac og Roxy Music.
For å tjene til livets opphold tok bokens JEG en masse underlige jobber.Fra å ta strøjobber som modell, og nesten spille inn plate, til samlebånd på en peanutsmørfabrikk, hundelufter i New York og servitrise, til resepsjonsdame på verdenskjente hotell i Los Angeles som The Ambassador Hotel (hvor Bobby Kennedy ble skutt) og The Chateau Marmont Hotel (kjendisenes hjem hjemmenfra). Hotellet som ganske sikkert må være en av verdens mest omtalte, og som jeg bidro til i en bok om hotellet.
Deltagelse i protestmarsjer og noen måneder på eventyr med backpackere i Europa på sekstitallet var interesante paranteser på reisen.
I 1968 ble min sønn født i San Francisco, og like etterpå flyttet vi til New-Mexico for å stifte hjem med min store kjærlighet, gitaristen Ruben Romero. Han var student og jeg var hippiehusmor på fulltid i adobehus blant kaktuser. Men vagabonden og kvinnesakskvinnen hadde problemer med å slå seg til ro, og Vestlandsjenta i meg savnet fjorder og fjell, og familie. Det har vært en underlig reise på to kontinent i en tid hvor internet, mobiltelefoner og kredittkort var utenkelige fenomener. En tid som sto i opprørets tegn, og endringer ble satt i gang som vi nyter godt av i dagens samfunn på så mange måter. Pluss, musikken som ble til i 1960 og 1970 årene er fremdeles noe av den beste musikken laget.

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