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Photography: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online with Your Camera

by T Whitmore


Are you an amateur photographer or someone who wishes to turn a hobby into a professional career? Perhaps, you have studied and earned a degree in photography, but you have yet to find a job that allows you to make a full time income? If this sounds like you, then you have found the right book to help you generate income from your photography skills.

What galleries and professional photographers want is to see an established portfolio and online presence. They want to know you are capable of gaining attention from your target audience.

Things have also changed in the industry, where anyone can start to publish their work online and make a little income from it. Your goal to make a full time income is admirable and possible, even if there is someone with better artistic skills.

Selling any product is about marketing. If you truly want to generate income, then you need a marketing tactic that will get you noticed, have a good call to action, and ensure that you can make the sale final.

Think of your photography business as needing to make sales, which means you need people, and people want truth in advertising, with an interesting gimmick that gets their attention. It doesn’t matter if the product or service is brand name, when you have a decent product or service to sell.

In this book, you are going to learn about the top ways you can earn money full time with your photography skills. You will also learn the following:

– What to sell

– How to market your products

– Tips to ensure sales

– Mistakes to avoid

– And much, much more!

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You will also be given different ways to look at the methods of selling your photography, with benefits and disadvantages highlighted to help you determine the best method to start your business.

If you’re ready to learn how to generate money with Photography, then scroll up and hit the ‘Buy’ button now, or download through Kindle Unlimited.

You really have nothing to lose!

Model Trader: Nicolas Darvas: 20 Secrets How He Made 2 Million in the Market (and How You Can Too!) (Can You Trade for A Living? We are the Proof! Book 3)

by Steve Ryan

Do you know the BIG difference between good trader and great trader?


Maybe you have read the classics such as Edwin LeFevre’s Reminiscences of A Stock Operator or Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor. Both shows extremely profitable speculators (which include BOTH investors and traders) to consistently make profits in the market.

Speculating shouldn’t be that hard, yes? After all, price moves only up or down. This is supposed to be easy. Yet, most people lose money investing in the market.

However, the fact is 85% of aspiring traders quit after two years, and majority of long term investors gladly overpay their money managers (whose investing skills, despite their financial background, are probably not that different from them) to take care of their money.


On average, people take 5 years to become profitable and $50,000 lost to start showing some significant improvement speculating.


I believe the lack of reliable role models is the root cause. People learn faster when they have someone to look up to. Unfortunately, nowadays, the financial industry has become so commercialized that drama seems to have more value than reality.

People argue over StockTwits, analysts hate each other over a diet supplement stock, hedge fund managers tried to backstab their counterparts.

This battle has been going on for close to 2 years, but let me ask you this: In the Herbalife battle between Bill Ackman (bearish) vs. Carl Icahn (bullish), who won?

In July 22nd, 2014, Carl Icahn made $234 million on his Herbalife stake but so far in 2015, Bill Ackman was the big winner as HLF stock fell about 50% from the time Carl Icahn made his fortune.

Who won?

To be frank, no one knows since these investors were not required to disclose their holdings.

Despite the drama between two of the most prominent investors in our time, there were people who actually made fortune buying HLF in May 2014 and selling HLF in September 2014.

Sure, these people did not make $234 million. But wouldn’t you agree that $234,000 was not a bad amount at all?

I’d rather have those small, retail, yet consistent traders as my trading role models than all the CNBC analysts combined.

Trading is a respectable profession that requires commitment, determination, and persistence. The trading learning curve also requires your time, energy, and capital.

And humility along with desire to always be learning.

This book is going to be your easiest (and cheapest) way to learn trading!

How so? Because you will learn from other traders’ mistakes instead of your own money.

The market you are trading / investing in is irrelevant. The principles discussed in this book will work whether you are trading stocks, trading bonds, trading futures options, trading commodities, and even trading Forex.

It is my humble expectation this book can give you some additional insights and add an extra ammo to your vast investing and trading arsenal.

Whether you are investing for beginners, or investing for retirement, I am confident you will get some values from this book and hopefully, add your knowledge on how to make money in the market.

Advice For The Super-Rich

by Adam Sugar

Priceless advice for those who have eye-watering amounts of wealth.

Content Marketing Strategy Guide: Your Formula For Achieving Success Across Social Media, PR and SEO

by Jonny B Deviant

I looked at all the other books on content marketing and they were filled with history lessons and industry charts and all sorts of fluff.

I decided to write a succinct guide on what has worked for me. 6 years of trial and error and failures and successes distilled down into this guide. Pairs well with a Long Island Iced Tea. Enjoy.

I’ve been told it’s funny too. Why must business books be so dull?

Reynolds Income & Lifestyle Assessment: A tool for understanding the relationship between income and chosen lifestyle.

by Jonathan Reynolds

The Reynolds Income & Lifestyle Assessment (RILA) tool is a simple and straightforward way to make clear the relationship between our chosen lifestyle and our professional value. RILA is appropriate for any professional wanting to assess their income goals in light of the lifestyle they desire. The tool is also appropriate for anyone wanting to clarify answers to the following career-related areas and questions:

· Fee-Setting: What should I charge for my services?

· Negotiating: How can I negotiate when feeling put on the spot?

· Lifestyle: What annual salary do I truly need to support my lifestyle?

· Professional Value: What goes into determining my professional value?

· Business Design: When should I compromise and when should I stand firm?

Dirty Ways to Succeed in Business

by Jason Mcmahon

This eBook contains various tricks and strategies that you can use for your business. It will arm you with practical knowledge that can be of great help in different situations. The tricks you’ll find here range from startup businesses to online selling.

There are a lot of books about businesses out there. However, those books focus on the technical aspects of doing business. Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a great product and/or service. It’s not sufficient to have excellent business models, productive staff, powerful marketing, captivating mission statement, and all the good stuff. The market has become a battlefield that contains tricksters and wily warriors. If you want to survive, you need to know how to play dirty.

By reading this book, you will learn the following:

– How to get more online traffic for your business website

– How to sabotage your competitors

– How to dominate the App market of various device platforms

– How to earn more from rendering car repair services

– How to use various tricks to win negotiations

– How to ruin the websites of your competitors

– How to collect debt payments through nasty tactics

– How to attract financial investors

– How to sell more cars

– How to earn more from your car rental business

– How to succeed as a supplier

– How to become a top seller in the marketplace

This book will show you how to become a tough competitor in the world of business. It will explain the tricks, traps, and strategies that your competitors have probably used against you. It will also provide you with practical advice on how to use each dirty trick. If you have always wanted to become a successful businessman, devour the ideas you will find in this book.

Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? Read on.

The Effective Online Business: Two Online Business Ideas for Beginners… Garage Sale Online Selling & Information Product Marketing (Bundle)

by Kevin Haswell

2 Legitimate Work at from Home Jobs/Business

How to Start Your First Online Business and Make a Full-Time Income from Home!

What you’ll discover in this bundle:


* The entire process of selling garage items online

* How to choose the products to sell

* A list of the guaranteed hot items to sell

* How to find items outside your own garage so you can expand once you found a best seller

* Top Tips for a Successful Online Garage Sale Business

* The 2 best platforms to sell your product in and how to set up your account

* How to create your product listing an a step by step manner

* Examples of listing to copy

* How to get more customers via search engine optimization


* Pick a profitable niche

* Test your niche

* How to target the best niches and make sure they are profitable even before you create your product

* Learn to create a product lightning fast

* Product creation methods that requires no capital investment

* Know how to sell it easily online!


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Social Media Commerce (2016): How to Make Money Selling Affiliate & Physical Products via Youtube & Instagram (2 in 1 bundle)

by Jesse Neymar

Create a New Income Stream via Social Media E-Commerce Marketing

Quit Your Day Job and Work At Home!

What you’ll discover:


– How to find the best keywords and products to target

– How to create a video review that sells the product without being pushy whatsoever

– The exact tools you need to do a video review

– How to use these 2 cheap services to rank faster in Youtube and Google

– How to upload your video for maximum ON PAGE YOUTUBE SEO power… this is the secret to higher rankings on Youtube


– How to make money via Instagram ecommerce even without spending money on advertisement

– The entire process of finding products and selling them on Instagram

– How to choose a theme or main topic for your instagram account

– How to find the perfect product to sell to your followers

– Different types of content to create for your audience

– The apps and tools needed to do Instagram marketing

– The #1 mistake most Instagram marketers make and how to avoid it

– How to promote your product without irritating your followers!

Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Complicated!

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Successful Entrepreneur Bundle: How to Achieve More Success as a Newbie Entrepreneur

by Jeff Lively

Achieve Success Faster, Fail Less and Make More Money Fast!

Inside this bundle you’ll discover:


– Why entitlement is the start of unhapiness and growth

– How to NOT be entitled

– How to start taking responsibility

– What to do when you feel like comparing yourslef to others

– How this “one skill” changed the way I think about myself

– Why you shouldn’t do what you love

– How to know what to do in life

– How tu calculate your finances and the goals needed to acheive your lifestyle goal

– Why choosing progress means more happiness

– The rule that will get you faster results

Ask Me Anything: (Newbie Entrepreneurs Booklet Edition)

1 – Don’t Be Entitled

– Why entitlement is the start of unhapiness and growth

– How to NOT be entitled

2 – Stop Complaining & Start Taking Responsibility

– How to start taking responsibility

3 – Stop Comparing

– What to do when you feel like comparing yourslef to others

– How this “one skill” changed the way I think about myself

4 – Do What You’re Good At

– Why you shouldn’t do what you love

– How to know what to do in life

5 – Start Doing the Math of Success

– How to calculate your finances and the goals needed to acheive your lifestyle goal

6 -Choose Progress

– Why choosing progress means more happiness

7 – 10X Your Efforts

– The rule that will get you faster results

Read this book in less than 15 minutes and start taking control of your life.

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Publish a Kindle Book: 2 Ways to Make a Living Writing, Outsourcing & Publishing Kindle Books (bundle)

by Bradley Grant

Start Your Own Kindle Book Publishing Business Today!

What you’ll get:


– How to publish romance kindle books even without writing it yourself

– How to find outsourcers that will make the process smooth and easy for you

– How to find the best categories inside Amazon’s best seller list

– How to find keywords that will make you a helluva money!

– How to market your books without hassle and begging

– Some long term tactics for building your audience that you can implement today!


– How to find book topics that are guaranteed best sellers

– How to outsource the book and have the final product in less than a week

– How to choose book covers that turns bystanders into book buyers!

– 8 ways to market your books… the easy way

– How to upload your book and make sure you already win even before publishing the book!


Grab Your Copy Today!

Self Enhancement to Leadership: The Workbook

by Elroy Johnson

Self Enhancement to Leadership: The Workbook is designed to be an addition to the orginal title. In the workbook it allows you to make the experience personal for you. You will be able to formulate your action plan, establish your brand identity, and develop your leadership mindset.

What’s On Sale: Stocks!

by Jahnome McEwan


When the conversation of the stock market comes up, the topic of how the emotions of investors come into play is seldom ever brought up. Throw out all the fundamentals and charts involved with stocks and what remains is that for most beginner investors, emotion plays the biggest role in whether they buy or sell.

Learn how and why the elimination of emotion in investing, as well as the usage of Contrarian Investing brings greater rewards than doing the opposite.

You Will Find Out…

1. The importance of analysing the price of a share before purchasing

2. The power of being a Contrarian Investor

3. Why saving is advantageous to your overall profits

4. Why stock market history should be revisited


5. How to defend your portfolio from market crashes

At such a low price, you have no reason not to pick up this quick read! Stop thinking and take action!

Saving Money: A Complete Guide to Budgeting and Money Mastering With More Than 30 Useful Tips for Efficient Family Budget (Saving Money, Budget and Budgeting For Beginners)

by Carrie Dresden


If you have never set a budget for your family, you’re not alone. A lot of people have never simply sat down to make a budget for the family, but it’s something that each family not just needs to do but also something that they have to work out on a monthly basis.

Are you familiar with the saying that goes, “Save for the rainy days”? Of course, you are, but this is a practice that not a lot of people follow. It’s true that saving money is the best secret to building wealth. For anyone to meet financial freedom and financial security, having a great amount of saving is important.

You’re lucky if you were born rich and have a massive inheritance from the wealth of your parents (unless they decided to give it all to charities,) then you are going to be left without anything. Whether you wanted to be rich or not, saving money is important for the benefit of your family.

Grab a copy today and enjoy reading!

ComforTrust Marketing: A Simple Guide to Content Marketing

by Steve Nichols

This is a quick read about how business owners, marketers, and business development professionals can benefit from using content marketing strategies to promote their products and services. It gives step-by-step instructions on how you can use content marketing strategies such as blogging, social media, and more to develop relationships with clients. You’ll come away with an understanding of how to plan and implement an effective content marketing strategy for your business.

Cash Flow Now: How To Create Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income

by Jim Ingersoll

There is no better day than today to start building your future.

  Financial security, before anything else, is of paramount importance. The key to eliminating that financial pinch is to focus on Cash Flow!  Cash flow, when secured by hard assets, is the basis for creating multiple streams of diversified income that leads to security, options and finally, financial freedom.

Real estate has historically created more wealth than any other investment platform. This exchange or transfer of wealth has happened over and over again and most clearly during times of recession or depression. Understanding the dynamics at play in the current market and how to position one to leverage the voids in the market with low downside risk is the key to profits and wealth.

 Creating new income streams with no need for cash, credit, or even a bank–or taking existing equity and utilizing it to create passive income streams with great returns–make real estate the optimum vehicle to capitalize on today’s opportunities. There are a number of options available for those willing to put in the effort. These include wheeling and dealing with foreclosures and distressed properties as well as wholesale and flipping houses. You can also be the landlord or create great returns with joint ventures or private lending — the income stream choices are varied and provide a great degree of flexibility and possibility.

 Author Jim Ingersoll has bought and sold literally hundreds of houses in his real estate career, and by using his key concepts, investors can learn to generate passive income streams and wealth collecting real estate assets with great returns utilizing the power of compounding interest. Ingersoll teaches the number of profit centers and income streams available when using real estate as an investment vehicle and stresses the need to view the depressed economy as an opportunity, a rare chance to increase your income potential and overall wealth.

Full of sound strategies and methods for creating income and wealth for today as well as for your retirement and future generations, Cash Flow Now: How to Create Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income will put you on the road to financial freedom–today!

All You Need Is Gold: All You Need To Know About Investing In Gold… IT’S EASY

by Justin Patrick

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Who doesn’t love gold?

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced
at $9.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Wondering what to invest in? Wondering what will make the most gains in a long period of time? Your search is over, for THIS book will teach you how to earn money, where to invest, and why you should choose GOLD! Why is gold the best choice for a long term investment? …Getting excited?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why invest with gold versus other options?
  • Long term investment strategies for Gold
  • How to buy and choose gold… and much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

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