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Muse: Descended from Myth: Book One

by Erin McFadden

The Brotherhood of the Guardians has existed for thousands of years to serve a single purpose: the protection of Talents, the mortal descendants of the original nine Muses.
Twenty-one year-old Daniel Lyoncourt has trained his entire life to join the Guardians. Daniel is prepared to risk his life in order to keep his Talent safe, but when he’s assigned to nineteen year-old Anna Saint-James, he discovers that his life isn’t the only thing he could lose. Anna has no idea how special she is and knows nothing about her abilities. He must teach her to control her gifts, keep her safe, and hope that he can find a place in her life as something more than just her bodyguard.
All power comes at a price. Like all Talents, Anna must one day make a choice: lose all of her powers, or ascend to a higher plane, leaving behind everyone she loves.

***Reviews for Muse***
” Simply put, I loved this book, from start to finish. I loved the characters, the story, the action, the sarcasm, the obscure references to television shows and movies of my youth. There were awwww moments, there were angry moments and there were moments that were truly laugh out loud. It was a coming of age story, a love story, an action packed roller coaster wrapped up in a neat little package. ” ~Michele, Book Geeks Unite

“I wasn’t ready for how fast this book sucked me into it’s gravitational pull. From page one I was hooked. The author seamlessly draws you into a world where being a Muse can be dangerous. I really enjoyed the storyline and plot of this YA novel, it was different than most of the young adult books out there. I’ve read lots of YA novels and this is one of the best I have read in a long time.” ~Jessica, Nerd Girl Official

Fire Above

by C. H. MacLean

For fans of Brandon Sanderson and Marie Lu comes an epic, action-packed fantasy.

I love her so much, I’d risk anything.

She and I don’t have names. We’re just slaves, after all. But our hearts don’t care, and we’re lucky, we have a chance at a scrap of happiness in our terrible lives. My father is the Queen’s pet.

But when my love discovers the lords’ newest atrocity, she lashes out, does the unthinkable, and attacks one of them. Her courage is heroic, but now they have stuffed her in prison, getting ready to slaughter her.

With nothing to lose, I dare to dream of a life far from the lords. I fight for our freedom, and escape to the woods with my love. We can do no less than free all of our people in the effort.

Our flight through the woods is only the start of our journey. The lords’ flaming attacks, their deception, the loss of so many of my peopleâ??I don’t know if I will survive, or if I even want to.

But for my love, I will do almost anything, even battle the fire above.

Even Witches Get the Blues (Wicked in Moonhaven~A Paranormal Cozy Book 1)

by J.D. Winters

Everyone remembers Haley Greco, except for Haley herself.
Haley is a witch with amnesia and she might be the most normal thing in the spooky town of Moonhaven.
She wakes up in a strange motel room, no idea who she is, with just the clothes on her back and, weirdly, the deed to a property in Moonhaven where everybody seems to know her. Back for less than a day she discovers, in no short order, that she has an entire missing family, a town history as a wild child, and a grandmother who seems to want her to prepare to save civilization. Not only that, she’s the lead suspect in a murder and Deputy Sheriff Shane McAllister knows more about her than he should. The real murderer is on the move. Can Haley clear her name and regain her memory before it’s too late?

Her Black Wings (The Dark Amulet Series Book 1)

by A.J. Norris

Amalya Rivers longs to die and end her lonely existenceâ??but it doesn’t work out that wayâ?¦

A former runaway turned criminal, Amalya is murdered and thrust into a treacherous world full of red-skinned, horned beasts under the control of the Demon Ruler, Abaddon, instead of enjoying peace and serenity like she hoped. But saving a young child from a certain brutal death in the last moments of her life has earned her a chance at salvation.

Elliott the Redeemer wants no part in saving another soulâ?¦

After one too many failures at redeeming lost souls, the nail-biting, self-pitying Elliot has had enough of his work and would prefer to live out his eternity on Earth drowning in bourbon. It doesn’t matter that Amalya has grown black feathered wings signifying the good that still dwells within her. He can’t risk failure again.

Amalya must save someone from her past in order to escape Abaddon’s ruleâ?¦

She has to prevent the now grown child she saved from committing murder or risk returning to Netherworld with Abaddon for good. She can’t do it alone, though. Amalya needs the help of the angel sent to guide her, but their emerging love might not be enough to convince Elliot she’s worth the risk.

Amalya loves her black wings. She knows she’s meant to be an angelâ??and she will stop at nothing to prove itâ?¦

Senseless: The Escape (Senseless Tales of the Four Kingdoms Book 1)

by M. Stone

From Amazon Bestselling Indie Author, M. Stone, comes the tale of 16-year-old Sienna, heiress to the last of the freelands.

Sienna finds herself weary of the heightened senses native to her tribe and only wishes for a moment of solitude away from the castle walls and prying ears. But she begins to fear she has gone too far this time and soon finds herself captive to the Waterlanders, a race of people at war with her own Desertlander tribe.

As she is forced onto a boat and into another country, she fears she will never see her family or her homeland again. Her senses are at once overwhelmed with the new scents and sounds of the strange land, yet she knows she must find a way to conceal her true identity from her captors and return home.

Will her heightened senses be enough to help her? Will she be able to outwit her captors? And who is Caleb, the giant Man Boy responsible for her capture? Can he help her or is he just another enemy intent on destroying her people?

Senseless: The Escape (Senseless: Tales of the Four Kingdoms Book 1) is a fast-paced adventure with vivid details and pages full of suspense that will leave you breathless for the next chapter.
M. Stone (Mirage Stone) is an indie author who loves nothing better than to stay up at night reading or writing a good novel.

If you like Sienna’s story and would like to hear more tales of the Four Kingdoms, please take the time to leave a short review: it really helps!

A Gift Freely Given (The Tahaerin Chronicles Book 1)

by J. Ellen Ross

Leisha’s father, the king of Tahaerin, bartered away her childhood with his failed invasion of a neighboring kingdom. She grew up a hostage, a guarantee of the king’s good behavior. At sixteen, she returns to a land and a throne she knows almost nothing about.

Her powerful and ruthless uncle plans to force her into a marriage or take her crown by violence. The nobles of her kingdom all expect her to fail spectacularly and are eager to fight over the scraps. But, Leisha has no intention of going along quietly with any of their plans.

As a boy, Zaraki watched as slavers butchered his family. Orphaned and starving, he was taken from the streets, trained to spy and kill. He finds a position with the new queen when he is forced to flee the only home he remembers. But the job is far larger than he anticipated and Leisha’s life is threatened from all sides.

Leisha will fight to hold her crown and her throne with the help of an unknown and unproven spy. Zaraki will try to keep her alive and to keep the oaths he took – to be loyal to her, to keep her secrets and never, ever fall in love with her.

Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles Book 1)

by Arial Burnz

What readers and reviewers are saying about MIDNIGHT CONQUEST:
“I went looking for free vampire romance books and stumble upon MIDNIGHT CONQUEST…and I’m so glad I did. I LOVED this new twist on vampire romance! I can’t wait to read book 2!” –Stephanie R., New York, NY

“I couldn’t understand the teen craze about sparkling vampires and craved vampire romance books for adults. I took a chance on this new author because the book was free. Now Arial Burnz is one of my new favorite authors! What a great find.” Meredith W., Chicago, IL

“Always out prowling for new free paranormal romance novels, I picked up MIDNIGHT CONQUEST by Arial Burnz and fell in LOVE with Broderick MacDougal. {{{swoon}}}. You won’t be disappointed! He’s the best book boyfriend EVER!” Jenny B., Orlando, FL

Masked in a Gypsy guise, BRODERICK MAC DOUGAL hides his vampiric identity while seeking to destroy the man who slaughtered his family. When an old Clan rival ensnares Broderick in a trap using an enticing widow, he is compelled to discover if she is bait or an accomplice, and the cinnamon-haired beauty is his next conquest.

Widow of an abusive husband, DAVINA STEWART-RUSSELL clings to the only image that gave her strength during those dark timesâ??the Gypsy rogue who stole her heart as a youth. After nine years, she is finally face-to-face with him again, but reality clashes with fantasy as she is confronted with Broderick’s passionate pursuit.

When Davina’s past returns to haunt her, Broderick is forced to reveal a dark secret worse than anything Davina thought possible. The challenge before them has fatal risks and neither of them is prepared for the sacrifices expected for the sake of eternal love.

Reader Advisory: This story contains explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language. This story also contains explicit, nail-biting scenes of violence and domestic abuse. (Don’t worryâ?¦the bad guys get it in the end!)


by Jefferson Peabody

A weird tale of sorts.

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