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The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

The Call of the Wild is one of Jack London’s most famous novels. It is set in Canada during the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush, when strong sled dogs were in high demand. The central character of the novel is a dog named Buck. The story opens at a ranch in the Santa Clara Valley of California when Buck is stolen from his home and sold into service as a sled dog in Alaska. He progressively reverts to a wild state in the harsh climate, where he is forced to fight to survive.
A thrilling novel, and a classic about wildlife.

ROMANCE: REGENCY ROMANCE: The Passion Of A Gentleman (Duchess Historical Second Chance Romance) (Arranged Marriage Sweet Romance)

by Amy Field

Arielle Seabourn maybe of aristocratic lineage, but in the words of her sister, the wife of the Baron of Pelham, ‘a little boisterous with a heart for adventure and no time for etiquette.’ The handsome, eligible Earl of Pendleton may have caught her eye, but he is, so, so staid! But then again, she’ll do anything, but anything to escape the boredom of life as a young single woman stuck in a manor house, so she devises a rather wicked plan to save the Earl from himself, and net herself a husband in the process! But has she kept the consequences of the plan in mind, given the Earl’s sense of decorum, which stretches from dinner table to bedroom? Of course not. And that’s where the trouble startsâ?¦

Download and enjoy this riveting and inspiring story of honor, love and hope among the aristocracy during the glory days of England!

******* Includes thirty additional stories from the publisher’s library for you to enjoy! ****

At Agincourt

by G.A. Henty

The story of Guy Aylmer, a young 17 year old esquire and man-at-arms, whose leige lord, Sir Eustace, is a knight with castles and allegiances in both England and France during the Hundred Years’ War. Guy’s father is castelain over Sir Eustace’s lands in England when Sir Eustace is away in France. Guy is second-in-command over a contingent of 30 men-at-arms and 25 English longbowmen serving in defense of Sir Eustace’s castle in France during the disturbances following the Duke of Burguny’s murder of the Duke of Orleans, the brother of the sometimes-mad King Charles II of France…

Unraveling Secrets (The Secret Trilogy Book 1)

by Lana Williams

Victorian Romance. When her father’s murderer returns from the dead to threaten her family, Abigail Bradford attempts to warn him off, but soon learns chasing a ghost is no easy task.

Stephen Nolton, Viscount Ashbury, stumbles upon Abigail in the dirty streets of London’s East End. Able to read auras of good and evil after an electromagnetic experiment went terribly wrong, Stephen hovers on society’s edge, keeping secret his unique skill and personal mission. Despite his fascination with the lady and her unique golden aura, he intends to keep his distance.

Desperate to protect her family, Abigail turns to the one man she believes can aid her. In Stephen’s arms, she finds so much more than she hoped. Stephen tries to resist his desire for the independent beauty, afraid she’ll unravel his secrets. But when he discovers the murderer is linked to his own past, he must decide how much he’s willing to risk for love.

Romance: Menage: TAKE IT ALL IN (Alpha Male Threesome Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Threesome Short Stories)

Enter a world of powerful men and hot encountersâ?¦

Experience a new ride with four stories of men you don’t bring home to mama:





This eBook contains a collection of short stories with bonus stories added for your enjoyment.

WARNING! This eBook contains super hot and explicit scenes that do not leave much to the imagination AND MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME READERS! It is intended for adults only! DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!

The American Revolution- Diary of an Educated Stranger (The Beginning of the New World Order Book 1)

by Sobanan Narenthiran

What will happen in Fall 2018? It seems America is already beginning to crumble after what seems to be a horrific presidency. How will all of this prevail into the new world order?

ROMANCE: Taken by my Cowboy (Historical Western New Adult Romance) (Old Wild West Comedy Romance)

by Amanda Knight

What would you do to conquer his world?

Includes FREE Older Man Collection Romance!

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Willameena was not looking forward to moving from Boston to the Wild West frontier of Montana. Her husband was bent on being a grand cattle and ranch man, and so they packed up and made their way out west. Willameena knew it would be a harsh environment, but she was not expecting that their was already an elite group of polite society and a grand house waiting for her. Still she knows that she will spend a lot of time alone as her husband was not the passionate loving type, he was all business. That was until she met a true cowboy, Aidan Trumer. He is part of elite society but he grew up on the frontier and is a real cowboy with an arrogance and dark mysterious look that has Willameena hypnotized. When Willameena and her husband throw an elegant welcoming party at their elegant ranch house, Aidan barges into her room and shows her what passion really is. Her husband’s Wild West antics and gun slinging take a toll and ends up changing everything forever.

Taken by my Cowboy is a standalone novel with a happy ending.

This steamy novel is guaranteed to make your knees quake!

Warning: This book contains Explicit Erotic content and is intended for adult eyes only!

About the author:

Amanda Knight is the celebrated author of the best-selling shifter-romance “Bear Devil”. With several years of experience as with writing, Amanda is a seasoned writer who always deliver an engaging and exciting story and plot!

If you only want to read romance of the highest quality, Amanda Knight is your go-to author!

ROMANCE: BROKEN DREAMS : A Secret Baby Regency Historical Romance – Historical Bad Boy Regency Secret Baby Romance (Regency Historical Rake Pregnancy Victorian Romance. 6 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

by Elle Snow

Nina Collins thought that she had her life mapped out, but then the bottom fell out.

She had the world in the palm of her hand and then it was gone in the blink of an eye.

Losing him hurt me and broke my heart into a million pieces. I want to blame him, but there’s no way that I can under the circumstances. He was just a victim.

My options are limited and I mistakenly thought that I would be able to make it on my own.

Going to him was my last resort and not exactly my proudest moment.

Jonathan Flanagan was a widow with plenty of girls vying for his affection.

I knew that he had always had an eye for me, but I never gave him the time of day. I had a feeling that he would get a thrill out of seeing me grovel like some kind of peasant.

I wasn’t expecting anything real, but then Jonathan’s son Gabriel came into the picture.

He was a bit of a womanizer, cavalier with his affections and didn’t mind throwing money around like it was Christmas every day. I couldn’t help but to fall for his physique and the way that he carried himself.

What will happen when Jonathan finds out the truth?

I can’t help the way that I feel or how my body reacts any time I’m around him…

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language, and are intended for 18+ readers only.

Almas de hierro: (Novela histórica española) (Spanish Edition)

by María Afonso

«Todo comenzó cuando él llegó a la villa. Su presencia alteró para siempre el destino de cuantos se cruzaron en su camino. Ojalá solo hubiese sido un testigo más de todo lo acontecido después».

Toledo, primavera de 1617. Cosme Medina, un misterioso aprendiz de espadero llega a Toledo con el firme propósito de llevar a cabo su venganza, aunque sea a costa de su propia vida. De inmediato comienza a trabajar en el taller de Juan, el espadero real de Felipe III, pero a pesar de tomar todas las precauciones posibles para ocultar su verdadera identidad, el secreto de Cosme comienza a peligrar cuando conoce a Alonso de Guzmán, un joven de familia acomodada. Constreñido por el amor y la ambición de su madre, que aspira a convertirlo en el próximo deán del cabildo catedralicio de Toledo, Alonso disfruta de un amor correspondido, pero prohibido, mientras la amenaza de morir en la hoguera se cierne sobre todos ellos.

Almas de hierro es la sobrecogedora historia de dos jóvenes que lo único que tienen en común es la búsqueda de la justicia y de la felicidad personal y que al conocerse avivan el odio, el amor, la ambición, la lealtad y el rencor de todos aquellos que los rodean.

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